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How we got started in this Keto Lifestyle - Keto Q&A | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

We moved back to Minnesota to be near family, I lost my workout friends, and I gained carbs through the roof. I got to the point to where one day I was standing in our bathroom, I had to go to work and wear dress pants. I went to go put the dress pants on, and they got stuck. And I thought to myself, this is not good. I stepped on the scale just before putting these on, and the scale had this audacious number that I'd never seen before. I must be building muscles, I thought. But the reality was I was not working out. I looked at Stephanie when my pants got stuck and they weren't zipping up and I said sweetheart, did you sew my pants? And so it was in that moment where it became a reality for me that I needed to start improving my health.

Points to Ponder:

01:21 How my husband started

02:47 The realization

03:57 It's not a one size fits all

04:30 Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

04:47 Exogenous Ketones

05:15 Pruvit Facebook group

07:44 Mom fuel

08:19 Focus and Fat Loss

09:28 How to Get Started on a Healthier Lifestyle

10:10 What are you Eating for Breakfast

10:54 One Meal at a Time

11:01 What do you do with a Cheat Day?

12:07 People Over Eat good food

13:03 Don't Mess up Good for Perfect

14:58 Be Aware of the Choices that you're Making

15:08 Mindset Morning (

15:58 Keto is not Healthy for the Average person

17:29 How I used to Eat

19:19 Create the New System

20:06 "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

21:00 Do I have a background in Biochemistry?

22:31 You've only got one Life to Live

25:23 We have Ketones to get back on Track

25:45 How much water do you Drink

Full Episode Transcript

Hey, we've got Facebook friends and we've got TikTok friends, and so I asked on my my Instagram today, what Q&A questions do you have around Keto or Low Carb. We're a homeschool family, we've got four daughters and we've got four dogs. There's lots of things that we talk about. We love to talk about marriage, about finances, and business. So my husband is going to walk you through how we got started on this journey. How did the Keto Lifestyle start or how do you get started? Some basic Q&A... All of my questions on the Keto Mom page today, were like "How did you get started?", "How much water should I drink?", "Do I have to be strict keto", "I need to lose fat", "What are ketones?"... Awesome. "So, babe? How did you start this lifestyle?"... "Eight years ago, I knew the benefits of Ketones. I knew a lot about bulletproof coffee, fat coffee, and I just really needed to become a better dad, and a better husband. Why?"... "He wanted to lose some fat"...

Hi everyone, sharing with you our Keto Journey

"Well, here's the reality, we were living in Oklahoma. And I had some great workout partners, and I ate clean, and we worked out every day. I have anywhere from six to twelve guys join me in the gym every single day. We had a committed group of guys, it was unbelievable. And that shows you the power of relationships, community, and consistency. Then what happened was we left Oklahoma, we moved back to Minnesota to be near family. And I lost my workout friends, and I gained carbs through the roof. I got to the point to where one day I was standing in our bathroom, I had to go to work and I had to wear dress pants. I went to go put the dress pants on, and they got stuck. And I thought to myself, this is not good.

I stepped on the scale just before putting these on and the scale had this audacious number that I'd never seen before.

I must be building muscles, I thought. But the reality was I was not working out."... "And what did you say to me?".... "I looked at Stephanie when my pants got stuck and they weren't zipping up and I said sweetheart, did you sew my pants? And so it was in that moment where it became a reality for me that I needed to start improving my health. I knew a big part of that was with nutrition. So what I did was I started following a Keto diet. And this wasn't just what we hear from everybody. Oh, I'm doing the keto diet. No, like I was measuring my food did it"... "He did it like it was supposed to, he did it right"... "I was tracking my calories. I was pricking my finger to take blood, so I knew the ketone millimolar leader and what level I was into ketosis"...

"Can I say something really quick? Because most people that tell us they're starting the keto diet. They don't. They're probably eating lazy keto, let me know if anybody on here is lazy keto. I hate that word, I hate the word lazy. Some people say dirty keto or low carb. But most people think they're doing keto, and they're really not doing the actual Keto diet. Low Carb is great, drinking more water is great. But it depends on your goals if you're going to be really strict or not strict. The keto diet started for medical reasons. And then they figured out all the applications of why it helps with fat loss, focus, energy, better mood and sleep. It is great, but everybody does it differently. It's not a one size fits all"... "It's so true. I had people join me on this keto journey, and they lasted for a week. One of my good friends lasted for a couple months, and then the reality is I'm all by myself. Unless you need it for medical reasons, it's really challenging to do for the rest of your life. So you got to find the Lifestyle, eating habit that really works for you. And I'll never forget, as I was talking to Dr. Dominic D'Agostino. We're going back and forth, Dr. Dom called me and I was so afraid to talk to him that I didn't answer the phone".

I discovered exogenous Ketones
"So needless to say, Dr. Dom was talking about exogenous Ketones. Imagine if you can get all the benefits of the ketogenic diet but not have to follow the diet.

You just have to drink what's inside of the shaker bottle. That was Six years ago, it's so funny. I hopped on the phone, talked to a really great friend named Michael. And we just chit chatted about our story, where I was at, and then that day I pulled the trigger because I found the Pruvit Facebook group. It had ten people and ten likes and I thought, I don't know what this is but I just need it. And so Stephanie was sleeping, because it was midnight, our time. I ordered it, and at that time, we were legitimately living paycheck to paycheck, we never went without when we weren't able to truly live and give like we wanted to. And when she woke up that next morning, I was so excited. And she's like, Steve, is this one of those things? Did you join one of those things? And I said, I don't think I joined one of those things. I just, I think you're going to love what I just ordered. And what's funny, three days later package show up, this big canister shows up, I handed one to her. I said, sweetheart, you don't have to talk to anybody about this. I don't want you to, I just want you to drink the product because I truly believe this product is going to help change your life and it's going to make you better".

"That day she was going to a homeschool conference and she took this packet. And she said to me, I will drink this packet but I'm not going to share it with anybody. And I said, sweetheart you don't have to, just drink it that's all you have to do, is just drink it. So she took the package to her homeschool conference. And what happened that day, sweetheart?"... "Well, I want you guys to know something after he's done sharing his incredible story. I am going to give you some basic one on one tips on a low carb keto lifestyle. Because there's no such thing as a magic pill, and there's not a one size fits all diet. Because how you were eating is different how I would do the diet. I do more low carb, you were super strict keto, we've got people that we help on here that are paleo and vegan and whole thirty and healthy. The point is, I've heard this saying before, the diet that will work for you is the diet that you stick with long term. So some people will argue back and forth that it's better to eat this way or this way. Let's just be real and say it's better to get the processed sugar and junk out of your diet, and it's better to drink more water.

He started with the diet for two years, the actual Keto diet. Tracking everything, weighing his food, pricking his finger, he was able to lose his fifty pounds that he wanted to lose. But I started with this little packet that I have actually right here".
I feel younger now than I ever felt my life

"This little green stuff, and at the time it was orange, then it turned to purple. I started with something called Mom fuel, and what I loved about it is that day I went to a homeschool conference, I called my husband and I said I don't know what you gave me in this little packet. I don't know what it is, but I feel incredible. My energy's unbelievable, and I'm the only mom awake at three o'clock in this conference. Not really, but I felt like it. And to this day, six years later, after drinking this once or twice a day, I don't take a nap. I joke about how I used to take a nap every day, but it's been six years of no nap.

My brain is incredibly turned on, Ketones help with focus and fat loss. I was able to lose the last ten pounds of baby weight and do things that we can do. I feel better today, I'm almost forty, than I did when I was in high school".

.. "Almost forty, and I think about what helps turn you on, I think it's me"... "We're on our Keto Mom page. Okay here's the deal, If you want to know more, I call it my mom fuel, he would say dad fuel. If you want to know more about Ketones, I just want you to post ketones in the comments. If you're on tik tok, I need you to message me on Instagram, it's way easier to talk to you that way. Here's how you start the lifestyle. I'm going to give you a couple different tips"... "Okay, somebody is asking where do I order, it's simple. Go to"... "That's, I also do different trial packs"... "If you want the trial just go to"...

"I'll send you a message, post mom fuel below. It's incredible. But here's the deal, this is what it looks like. Okay, here is the basic tips of how to get started on a healthier lifestyle, whether you want to do keto, or low carb. Number one, what are you drinking? If you find yourself drinking a whole bunch of pop, soda, or coffee with your sugary drinks. Then let's drink more water less sugary drinks. Number two, I want you to look at what you're eating for breakfast. What are you eating for breakfast? Do you intermittent fast or eat breakfast? It truly does depend. I love intermittent fasting. That's just basically skipping breakfast"... "But I also love eating breakfast. So for breakfast, it's pretty simple and we've done this for a long time. It's eggs, sausage, bacon, and avocado. Any carnivore people out there. I love vegans, but I'm letting you all know, you will never see me go without meat"... "Here's what I want you to know. It was one day at a time, one meal at a time. One of the questions I got today was, what do you do with a cheat day? I hate to say cheat days because everything you do is a choice. So you're choosing to do better for breakfast if you eat breakfast. Less sugar in your coffee, bacon eggs or sausage. Get out the bread and the pancakes in the cereal. For lunch, buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap. You just did that you ordered a salad Caesar salad, and he actually ordered two meals because we were getting blood drawn today"...

Keep your meals super simple

"That's not fair, we had to fast till three o'clock"... "We did, we fasted all day, which isn't bad. I actually felt great"... "I got steak and eggs, and we're up in the city and the reality is it was like a tiny piece of meat and two eggs"... "So he ordered a salad as well, but he ate the meat the eggs and a salad.

Anyways croutons off the salad, and for dinner, get rid of the pasta, bread, potatoes and eat a protein and veggie. You can keep it so simple, so you don't have to track everything.

Not everybody likes to track their macros and the one major thing I want you to take away if there's one thing you take away about getting started. Ask yourself before you eat, Am I hungry?"... "I've heard you say that to about a thousand ladies"... "I say it to a bazillion women, you want to know why? Because people over eat good food, all the time. Maybe you find yourself at a birthday party or a barbecue and you'll say it's fine, it's keto. I can eat it, it's fine. It's veggies, it's berries. Look at all those keto cookies, it's not a big deal. But you're not hungry, you can overeat good food. You just end up eating too many calories.

That's why so many people hit a plateau when they don't feel good. Stop overeating, you don't need to eat every two hours".

"You don't need to eat tons of snacks. You can honestly make it through your day by eating meals, and drinking water. Okay, so the basic concept of getting this lifestyle started is first of all it's about choices. Second of all, don't mess up good for perfect. Drink water, you don't have to wait for your cupboards or your pantry or whatever you call it to be perfect. You don't have to wait for the perfect time, the perfect meal or the perfect date to get started. You can start right now. You still have a meal sometime today, make the better choice"... "How many of you wait till Monday? Don't be a Monday waiter"... "Don't wait for Monday or the first of the month, start right now. Or I've got to wait till next month, I'm going on vacation. You can totally take the buns off the burgers, those spongy little buns you don't need to be eating them anyways. It takes the flavor away from your food. Okay, I have a video and a basic foods list of the easiest things that we did when we were first starting. If you're on the Keto Mom page right now, post food in the comments. I'll send you a video that gives you an eight step process of how we started and just a basic foods list. If you're on TikTok go to Keto Mom, on Facebook just Keto Mom, and post food in the comments of this video and I'll send you a getting started video"...

Please reach out to me if you want to know more

"Or go to, there's a whole bunch of stuff"... "You guys we share recipes and tips and tricks every single day to give you some ideas, but I need you to be okay with eating simple, and when you have time, you can try some meals. But oftentimes people get bored, and they quit"... "I agree"... "All right, I don't want to keep you super long and I want to honor your time. But if you've got questions about mom fuel, post mom fuel below.

If you want the little foods list of how we started, posts food below. I would challenge you to pay attention to the rest of your day and just be aware of the choices that you're making.

And I'm going to tell you one more thing that it super important. Every single morning, we do a mindset morning. Which means I just come on in here and we going through books. If you don't have your mindset right, then the food that you put in your mouth, the way that you think about yourself, the choices that you make are probably not going to be great, because you don't believe that you can do it. And the way that you get your mindset right, and your positive attitude, instead of a negative attitude and all of those things is by reading with me"... "I agree, Mindset Matters. So if you want to, go check out set these brand new page called"... "I'm working on that one. But we are going to start adding more value to that if your goal is just mindset. All right. Did anybody have a question, before we go?"...

"How do you respond when somebody says keto is not healthy for the average person? So here's the best answer that I would say if you came to me and asked me. I would say what is Keto to you? Because if you tuned in earlier, my husband talked about most people don't do the Keto diet. Most people do a low carb lifestyle, and if you're testing your ketones, most people aren't going to get their body into ketosis nutritionally, all the time"... "Like I don't want to eat keto, I want to eat McDonalds"... "Or they eat too much broccoli, or there's lots of things that will kick you out of ketosis. This is my mom explanation, I used to live off of pizza chicken nuggets, corndogs and Debbie snacks. I mean, I probably made a frozen pizza every day, I ate so much junk. And when somebody says Keto is not healthy for me, I say this. I hear what you're saying, you don't think it's healthy for me. I do believe that the keto diet can be hard to maintain, if you're not drinking enough water, you're not using electrolytes, it can be harmful because you're not doing it right. Now, what I hear you telling me is I should go back to the way I was eating before? Like Debbie snacks, frozen pizzas, Burger King, like I ate those things all the time"...

"I mean, I remember when Emery was born, she would snatch up all of the quarters, and every day she would go for chocolate pies"...
I was eating very poorly before
I was eating so poorly before

"For nine months, I would look for a dollar and seven cents, and I would hide it. I was going to Burger King every morning with our second daughter, and I used to go to the gas station to get the breakfast pizza every morning. And then for lunch, I would bring corndogs. So I would warm up two corndogs and Debbie snacks, and then I would leave the office, I used to work for Big Brothers Big Sisters as a social worker. And I would go to Burger King down the street to get a Hershey's pie, for a dollar and seven cents. But usually he wouldn't see it because it was change, I just ate so bad.

Now, I say what you're telling me is if I'm intermittent fasting, and I'm eating more proteins and good healthy fats and veggies and salads, you're telling me that's bad.

Doesn't that give you perspective? It's basically eating whole foods, if you do the keto diet, awesome. Make sure you're doing it properly, lots of water, you need electrolytes, you need to monitor all of those things. But the average person is doing low carb and it is incredibly good for you. It's basically whole thirty except for some of the curvy stuff like if you don't want to eat the potatoes and things like that"... "So Donna on Facebook said thank you for helping her stay on track. But she said that she felt great when she did this, then she fell off. So that's another thing I hear quite frequently. I just hear stuff because Stephy's the one answering questions all day. And so often people feel fantastic when they commit to a healthier eating lifestyle. But then what happens is a special occasion comes or something happens where they hit their goal. But then they have a tendency to fall back to their old predictable patterns"... "They didn't create the new system"...

"So if you haven't created a new system and you're you find yourself on this roller coaster of just up and down. What would you do to encourage the person who's possibly fallen off the wagon?"... "Alright, so guess what? It's okay. It's a new day. You can do it. You can start whenever you want. You can start as many times as you need to. The only way that you fail is if you quit, the only way you fail is if you quit. Don't get overwhelmed. Don't feel like you got to create all of these keto meals. I want you to think about bacon, eggs or sausage, veggies and dip. It doesn't have to be complicated and if your goal is fat loss then you have to be okay with eating the same meals all the time to get to your goals. So he introduced me to the book called "Atomic Habits" by James clear, we've gone through it on here on the keto mom page. The author said, you don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. If you started this diet, and you've got to get to the swimsuit season, to the vacation, or to the wedding, and you did it because you were just doing it till that date. This needs to be a lifestyle that is long term, because you're going to feel great. I have somebody that messaged me and said I did it, I lost all the weight, I got to the vacation got to the wedding, and I gained it all back last year. You didn't have the systems in place. It's getting up in the morning, It's not hitting the alarm clock snooze button. It's working out, moving your body, drinking water, being aware of your choices one day at a time"... "That's funny, another great question. Do you have a background in biochemistry?"...

There is no one size fits all in this Keto Journey

"Do I have a background in biochemistry? Do I sound like I do?"... "I don't know. She's asking about carbohydrates. But aren't carbs just good, so is it low carb or no carb?"... "Everybody's different. So no, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a biochemist, but I am a mom. I'm a mom that has had the blessing to be around a lot of doctors and scientists in the last six years with our company.

And again, if somebody says just buy my keto diet for $28, I'm going to say that's not going to work for you. Because you don't just buy the same diet for everybody"...

"People like recipes. I feel like there's a small group of people where, if you gave yourself freedom from not having to have four hundred different types of meals, and just focused on less being more, and you just focus on eating healthier food"... "Food is fuel, how are you feeling? Stop eating out of emotion or because you're bored or if the clock says to eat"... "What's your nice vehicle? For me, it would probably be that blue Ferrari I drove around in Atlanta one day, with the top down unbelievable. But in that vehicle, I wouldn't shove the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in it right and say good luck. I would put the best fuel in that vehicle to keep it running. Truly put other things in priority other than their body.

You've only got one life to live, and honestly you don't want to live a junky life. Take care of yourself, fuel yourself. This is not a dress rehearsal, you get to do over"...

"So my encouragement to you is, priorities should never be in conflict and your priority should be your health. So if there's one thing in your life that you know, that if you took one step towards better, you know what that is. Each and every one of you have a different life, different story, different background. But you know one thing today that doesn't need to start on Monday can start right now. What is that thing today, right now that you're going to improve in your life"... "It could be drinking more water could be shutting this off and going for a walk, it could be making a better choice instead of going out for supper tonight. You either make a good choice or you don't go through the drive thru. But I do want to answer her question. There is a difference between eating a sweet potato and a doughnut. People think carbs... There's processed junk and there's a sweet potato, a sweet potato is not bad. So there are better carbs to eat, and there are different goals people are going after. Some people need extreme amount of fat loss, while some people are working on gaining muscle and all of that is dependent upon you, your goals, and how you want to feel your body"... "And I'd say just to answer I just saw the last end of it. I don't think carbs are essential, I don't. But that's just my personal opinion"...

Do what you think works best for you

"But tell them why, because your body is different than my body. His body functions off of protein and that's about it. Otherwise, he turns into a cow. What I mean by that is this, he regurgitates everything that he eats if it's not more of a protein. I can look at him and he'll be chewing his lunch three times over again because it comes up and he's going to chew it. That's what a cow does.

That's because he knows his body, he listens to his body, and it's how his body functions best. Even recently, when he's eating carnivore, I think he's down twenty pounds from when he switched to keto, because his body works better that way"...

"It is, but at the same time I did just eat a salad"... "Well, maybe it's more veggies or certain things that you chew, but you haven't been chewing it"... "It's also the amount of food that you eat. We're all learning here. So, any other questions?"... "Okay, if you do have questions that I can't see them, we'll come back later and answer them"... "There's tons of people who have asked about mom fuel, tons of people have asked about food"... "The one thing I would say is when you fall off the wagon, what's great is is we have ketones to get back on track. Because they help with your appetite, your cravings, your energy and your focus. And so every morning, I drink this, we get up after we drink this and go workout. So you can start over, it's not a magic pill, but it helps. So anything else you want to say? I think our friends are on their way?"...

"How can I get it, it's so expensive. And do you drink half your body in ounces of water?"... "You should drink approximately half your body weight. I shoot for about sixty ounces of water. That would be half my body weight. Anyways, I hope that was helpful. Anything else you want to say? Posts in the comments, and I'll message you a video to watch and we can chat"... "Hey, I would also love to know what kind of questions do you have or what kind of content would you like to see Stephanie create? What are some books that you're reading? How are you becoming better in your life? What are some questions that you've been asking your mentors? I think that's important. It's important to have mentors in your life. What do you want to tell them we're getting ready to do this weekend?"... "We're going to a marriage conference. Do you guys want us to share with you what we learn? It's going to be so great. Seventeen years of marriage in November, we have four daughters and we have a great marriage, but we're going to go learn from some other people and collaborate. I don't know what we're going to learn, it's going to be great"...

We are both going to a marriage conference
"Do you have an outcome?"... "Just to hang out with you". "What's your outcome?"... "To hang out with you.

This is what's funny, so Stephanie is tremendous. She helped so many moms all over the world. She's on her phone a lot, and the one thing I would love to learn some communication tips. Because sometimes I think she's talking to me, but she's actually talking to her phone. And then sometimes I think she's talking to her phone, but she's actually talking to me. And so we're working on that, we have to figure some of these things, putting the phone down"... "There's so many great questions, and you can get discounts to get samples. I have smaller trial kits. So just send me a message, and I'll chat with you about different options to try out the product"... " or just send a message. See, I'm all about just going directly to the source"... "But I like to know people go so I want to talk to everybody, too".... "Christine lost a hundred and twelve pounds! Congratulations!"... " I love to hear people's stories. It's pretty amazing because she was disciplined, she had a reason and a why and she made the decision to do it"...

"This has been fun. So our friend should be here in about two minutes, this is your last chance to ask question"... "We love all our Keto Mom friends. We are going to be going through a new book in September. We're going through a book right now called Winning the war in your mind. Every morning tune in. If you're on TikTok, you can go to Keto mom on Facebook, we're going to be going through a book called Dream it, Pin it, Live it. We're going to be creating vision boards, and we're not waiting till January to do it, we're going to do it now. So we're going to be going through a super cool vision board book in September. And I think that's it, so reach out with any questions, we're always here to help and I'll come back later tonight after our date. Send me a message here on the Keto Mom page, so you should be able to go to the page on Facebook and press message and send me a message and I will answer it"... "Yeah, I think we're going to set up some text messaging service too, with some shortcut codes because I think that'd be great"... "Okay, this was we appreciate you all. Thank you guys and if you want to see more of my husband, tell him you love this because I like it when he comes on and chats with me. Thanks for letting me know. Thanks for hanging out with me. Okay. We'll talk to you guys soon".

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