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You Want To Know The Most Common Keto Question I Receive Daily.......

Where Do I Start When Eating Keto?

A Couple things to remember.......

  1. Keto / Low Carb is a journey. Let's not just focus on the destination, but more so enjoy the journey.

  2. Don't mess up GOOD for PERFECT. For example.... If you can't find the perfect Keto option, you can normally find the next best thing. Use the Good, Better, Best rule of thumb. We will discuss this more after we connect.

Here is a Great way to start this KETO lifestyle!

What are your Goals? After you finish reading the page be sure to message me on my Keto Mom Page. Looking forward to chatting. 

How We Eat 

This is what we usually eat:


If you drink coffee: (you don’t have to drink coffee! - only IF you do ) Keto//Kreme coffee aka Fat Coffee

• Eggs (over easy, hard boiled, omelettes)
• Bacon
• Sausage
• Egg bake
• Keto Pancakes

Go to PINTEREST and type in Keto / Low carb Breakfast options


• Salad - high fat dressings... we do Ranch, caesar or Blue cheese... with no croutons
• Tuna
• Chicken salad no grapes
• Any meat add some butter mct oil
• Veggies and dip
• Hamburger without bun
• Keto Pizza
• Ham cream cheese pickle rollups


• We eat meat and veggies cooked in butter and add cream cheese!
• Keto pizza
• We love breakfast for dinner -
• Keto pancakes
• Zucchini lasagna... just replace noodles for zucchini
• Salmon
• Fish
• Crack Chicken
• Keto Chili
• Grill up some yummy meat
• Cheeseburger Hotdish


• Macadamia nuts
• Beef sticks (DUKES are great)
• Cheese sticks
• Hard boiled eggs
• Nuts
• Pickles
• Veggies and dip

DRINK Mom Fuel (Keto//OS Nat) after coffee around 9 ish

A few staples - our shopping list:

• Kerry Gold butter
• Sausage in frozen food section -all natural golden brown fully cooked sausage links
• Bacon
• Avocados
• Heavy whipping cream
• Any meat
• Macadamia nuts (Costcos are so yummy-in purple tub)
• Coconut oil
• Almond flour
• Almond butter
• Pickles
• Lunch meats (nitrate free)
• Cream cheese

My Blog "Keeping Keto Simple", Pinterest, and google have lots and lots of Keto meals!!!! We keep it simple... make it a lifestyle using my Mom Fuel Keto//OS NAT


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