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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 7) "Tips When Eating Out"| Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

	Here is a simple fun little thing I often say, "Take the buns off the burgers", "Take the croutons off your salad, get the dressing on the side". Because the dressing that comes on your salad is usually like the equivalent of five servings. So buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap and get veggies on the side. Super simple, just a protein and a veggie makes a happy face. 

Points to Ponder:

00:48 What Do You Eat?

02:02 Leaders Are Learners

02:29 Flavor of the day: Maui Punch

02:52 Benefits of Ketones

03:05 Trial Packs

03:46 Create a More Sustainable Lifestyle

04:00 When Eating Out: Take The Buns Off The Burgers

04:46 Choose the Better Option

05:22 Don't Mess Up Good for Perfect

05:35 Don't Overthink it and Keep it Simple

05:51 Better Options on the Menu

06:03 My Husband vs. Culver's

07:46 The Tip: You Are In Control

08:13 Who Loves Hibachi

08:54 I Am Not Perfect Keto

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to your three o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. All right! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we're going to dive into my Ketones and, how to order, or what to eat when you go out to eat. So if you're tuning in, it is Friday! It is a Friday night and it is homecoming in our town. Lots of people are going to be out and about and we are going to go to the football game for a little bit. We're probably going to take our kids out for dinner. We also have a volleyball game up, it's in the city, but we love it. It's in Minneapolis, St. Paul area. If you know Minnesota, we are going an hour away. We're going to be at volleyball all mid-morning, afternoon, and we'll probably take our kids out again.

And so what do you eat? Where do you go? How do you stay somewhat on track when you are eating out?
Welcome to another Tasting and Keto Tip!
As I'm sharing with you, I'd love to hear about your favorite restaurants and what you normally eat. Most people get so frazzled at the thought of going out to eat or going to a party. Many don't know what to order, and I really have to say it's very simple. It's very simple when you have the basic idea.

Here are a couple of ideas and stick with them. Remember, you're ordering the food, therefore you can order it however you want to. So real quick, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Happy Friday! We are going to dive in and talk about restaurants. Normally, I shake up a pack of Ketones while we're talking. But I already had it shaken up, I shook it up a little while ago. I'm actually on a virtual event and it'll be done before the football game tonight. So I'm on a virtual event today and tomorrow, but I'll be tuning in a little bit from the volleyball game. On Sunday, it's leadership so it's with my business and with our company. I get to help lead some of it. Leaders are learners... I say all that because I already had my Ketones shaken up, I'm drinking my mom fuel. It's pretty pink, but don't worry because there's no coloring in it. It's colored by beet juice, but it does not taste like beets, which I think are most disgusting...

Alright! I shook up Maui punch, and it's one of my favorite flavors right now. I drink it every single day, sometimes twice a day. I call it my mom fuel. It's not a magic pill but it's a tool. It puts you in Ketosis in under an hour, and it gives you the benefits as soon as the Ketones are in your system.
Flavor of the day: Maui Punch

You have the energy, the focus, the appetite, control, and all of those things. It's incredible! I do different trial packs, in fact in the last few live videos, I've been saying that I'm out of trials. But I got a box in the mail! So I do have a variety of flavors now. I still do have the mainstay ones, which are the ones we have all the time. I just got them and I have been running low because Ketones are incredible...

So I want to talk to you and walk you through what your goals are. What your lifestyle looks like, what you're working towards, and how to help you create a lifestyle. So if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, just post five in the comments. I am going to ask you questions like "What are your goals?", "Do you track your food?", "How much water are you drinking?", "Are you active or not?"...

We're going to talk about what your lifestyle looks like and how to help you create a more sustainable lifestyle.

Alright! So post five in the comments, I'll give you a couple of videos to watch and we'll chat back and forth. It's amazing!... Now we're going to talk about going out for dinner. Here is a simple fun little thing I often say, "Take the buns off the burgers", "Take the croutons off your salad, get the dressing on the side". Because the dressing that comes on your salad is usually like the equivalent of five servings. So buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap, and get veggies on the side. Super simple, just a protein, and a veggie make a happy face. That would be your happy face. So let's think about where you could be going if you're going to dine out. If you're going to dine out, go sit somewhere. Not like fast food, McDonald's, Wendy's, or whatever.

Don't Mess Up Good for Perfect!

If you're going to go somewhere, (obviously more expensive) you have better control over what you're going to eat. You cannot be picky if the dressing's got zero sugar, because it might have a little bit. But you can choose better dressings like a Ranch or Blue Cheese versus a Vinaigrette or Oil and Vinegar. So you get to choose like meat, fish or protein. I'd like veggies instead of french fries or veggies instead of a potato "Can I get veggies and a salad?"...

So you get to choose that, and it's just up to you to actually order that option. I get burgers quite often and I just say "Leave the bun off please". Super simple! And so I love to say "Don't mess up good for perfect"...

Don't mess up good for perfect, like it's not going to be homegrown, all organic, exactly what you want. But you're choosing to go out to eat, so a simple protein, a veggie protein, and a salad. Don't overthink it! If you're going through a fast-food restaurant, I say the same thing. Is it perfect? No! Do we always know what the meat is made out of? Let's pretend that we do. But you can get grilled chicken or you can get burgers with no buns...

Do you want to know what my husband did when we went to Culver's in the past? If we're driving out of town or at a volleyball tournament, he goes through Culver's. He will say "Excuse me, all I want is five burgers. I just want the burgers, no cheese, no nothing. Put them in a container"... And he goes "Our town only charges me $1.80 per burger"... Sometimes they like to charge us $5 a burger, that doesn't work. And so he'll order five burgers and just eats it like that. Big chunks of meat, it's very funny. But you can do that. I know, it's not perfect, but it's a better option for sure. So I need to know, what are you having for dinner tonight? Are you staying in or going out? I homeschool, and we're going to the homecoming in our town, just because it's fun to watch a local football game. My girls also play public school sports, but we homeschool in general. So I do want to know, where do you like to go? Do you like to go to Chili's? Do you, like our family, love Mexican? We often order the Fajitas, and you can get that without the Tortillas. We don't have a lot of restaurants in our town, we live in a small town.