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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 6) "How To Get Your Spouse on Board" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

You can't force anybody to do anything, and I think we know this especially with our older age. The way that we all get stuck in the ways that we do things. We should all be open to change. You can't force it, and it's going to take time and patience. But they will join you when they're ready. So just be the encourager, be the support, and lead by example

Points to Ponder:

01:01 One Day a Time, One Meal at a Time and Learning As We Go

01:43 To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected

02:31 All About Ketones

02:48 Benefits of Ketones

02:57 Keto Tip: How To Get Your Spouse on Board

04:16 Post 5 in the comments for my Mom Fuel

04:44 How do you change somebody?

04:56 The Tilted Tree

05:48 Lesson: "You can't force anybody to do anything"

06:01 We Should All Be Open to Change

06:45 Be a Supportive Role

07:12 Tips to Help Somebody Join You

08:20 Simply Share, Don't Bark

09:15 Be Positive About It

10:13 Encourage Them To Try It With You

10:58 Find Inner Strength to Keep Going

11:14 Plug Into a Community with the same Goals

13:19 Lead by Example

13:27 Vision Boards and Little Post It Notes

15:45 I Coach Our Girls

16:12 My Fourteen-Year-Old is Very Focused

17:10 The Power of Food

18:37 Flavor of the day: "Elderflower Blackberry"

Full Episode Transcript

All right! It's that time again! Welcome to the Keto mom page. I'm calling this an afternoon Tasting. If you watch my live this morning, I look the same. I just got done working out, and I really wanted to come on here and pretend like I had my life altogether. I have not changed after my workout, but we did get some school done. So that's a positive and also some yard work done. For those of you who are brand new to the page, welcome! My name is Stephanie, and we have been on this Keto, Low Carb journey for over six years, just basically sharing with you what we have learned. Whether it's recipes, different tips or tricks, or anything along the way. We just say "Hey, here's what we've learned. Here, try this!"... There's no Pinterest perfect looking lifestyle. It's been one day at a time, one meal at a time, and learning as we go. So oftentimes, you will get me, all of my workout glory, my homeschool glory, and non showered glory. Good thing this is not a scratch and sniff because I have been doing yard work.

Welcome to another Tasting and Keto Tip!

And just so you know, we live on a lake. We have been putting all of our water toys away. We have a 40-acre lake that we've been super blessed with, and we love it. We had an entire water system of toys out there, and we've been pulling them in, cleaning them, and deflating them. It has been a lot of work.

But to whom much is given much is expected, and we are expected to take care of the things we are blessed with.

So as you're tuning in, I know you're laughing. Good thing this is not a scratch and sniff, and I am going to shower because my girls have volleyball games tonight. And I probably should be the mom that's not stinky. But anyway, I'm coming on here because every day I've been shaking up Ketones. I'm going to shake up a flavor I found in the cupboard today, it was just on a shelf hiding.

And so I'm going to shake up a flavor that was more of a spring-summer flavor. Maybe you've never seen it, but you can't get it right now actually. So anyway, I'm going to shake it up because I thought it would be fun to shake up a new flavor for you.

I have been drinking these Ketones for six and a half years. They're incredible! It is a tool, it puts you in Ketosis in under an hour. It's just a matter of putting it in some water, shaking or stirring it up, drinking it, and then you've got Ketones in your body or in your system. Which helps with energy, focus, appetite control, better mood, better sleep, it's incredible.

As I'm sharing with you, I'm going to talk about "How to get your spouse on board". Or maybe it's a friend like often I have people ask "How do I get somebody to join me?", "How do I get my mom to do this with me? She really needs some fat loss, or she really complains all the time. And she just needs some help"... The question is "How do I get somebody to join me?".
Flavor of the day: "Elderflower Blackberry"

Usually, it falls under a spouse or somebody that you're living with. I had a really great story told to me today by one of my friends. I had a great conversation this morning with my friend, Jolene. She had some great coaching from one of her mentors, and she told me a story that was used in a general sense. And so I'm going to use it right here on your health journey. I thought it was an incredible analogy, and I have to share it...

Did you know that if you take something that you've learned, even if you don't understand it perfectly yet, but when you take something that you've learned and you reteach it, you're anchoring it into yourself, even more, therefore you're going to use it or remember it? The sooner you take what you've learned, and reteach it, use it and put action behind it, you will remember it, anchor it and utilize it.

So I thought I have to share this story because I love it... And by the way, as I'm stirring up my Mom Fuel, if at any point you want to know more about my mom fuel in the future, just post five in the comments. I'll send some videos for you to watch the short videos from some of the doctors and scientists. I would love to know, connect with you on your goals, what you're looking for, and make sure you understand it. So post five in the comments and I'll tell you more about my Mom Fuel in a second...

But here's what I want you to understand, my friend was coach this morning and the question was "How do you change somebody?", "Can you change somebody?".

Like when you when you feel you're going this way and this person's going that way, you're not quite meeting together. And so the story was, right now let's say you walk outside, and let's say you have a tree in your yard. But the tree is tilted funny, and it's not supposed to be growing sideways. But what happens if you go outside, you grab the whole tree and you try to make it straight? What's going to happen to the tree? It's going to break, or it's going crack. Because the tree is already growing sideways, it's implanted, it's embedded, and it has its roots way down. It's an older tree. And so the advice my friend's mentor gave her is, "You can't force anybody to do anything"... And I think we know this, especially with our older age. The way that we all get stuck in the ways that we do things. We should all be open to change... So if you try to move the tree, you're going to crack it, you're going to break it or you're going to sever the tree.

Be the encourager and be the support system
Same thing with the people that are around you, if you are being boisterous about your diet, your lifestyle, or you're being angry or mad and you keep wondering why they are not supporting you, why aren't they helping