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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 11): "Intermittent Fasting" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

I want to talk about Intermittent Fasting. Most people do a sixteen-eight, they fast for sixteen hours after supper, till the next day lunch. So they don't eat their lunch until sixteen hours later. It helps you with fat loss, and it helps with your brain focus throughout the mornings. It also saves you money, time, and it helps with your skin.

Points to Ponder:

01:00 My Goal every Morning: Own my Morning

01:51 Flavor of the day: Black Label Unleashed

02:14 All about Ketones, a.k.a My Mom Fuel

04:17 Intermittent Fasting

04:57 Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

05:46 Different Ways You Can Fast

06:05 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

07:43 Can I Drink anything during Intermittent Fasting

09:34 A Keto diet isn't a One Size Fits All

10:57 New Broth Flavor: Everything Bagel

11:47 Everybody's Different: Depends on your Goals

13:19 Benefits of Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page and to your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. We're going to talk about a new flavor today, it's not really new but it's new to you. And we are going to talk about intermittent fasting. What is it, how does it work and why do you do it?... As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your day? My day is great! You should speak that, even if your day isn't the greatest, right. It's great, it is! We're done with school, we have four daughters, we homeschool by choice. And so for me, I feel like every single day is almost the same. Because we get up early, we work out, we read and get our mindset right. For those of you who tune in, in the mornings, we go through a book and we talk about it. Right now we're creating a vision board, and we're going to be diving into a new book in October.

So my goal every morning is to get up and own my morning. Because if I own my morning, I own my day. If I own my morning, I'm more likely to choose better options and to choose better throughout my day.
Flavor of the day: Black Label Unleashed

So if you need help on your mindset, or if you need help getting up and being motivated or inspired, then join me in the morning. It's usually between 7:00 and 7:30 Central. If you're tuning in right now, I'd love to know where are you tuning in from and what did you have for lunch? I'd love to ask that, and if you continually watch these two o'clock lives, you will see other people post their lunches below. So try to get some ideas, and I'd love for you to also share. I also would love for you to scroll through and get some ideas for your own low carb or keto lunch...

Going back, what we're going to do is, I'm going to shake up a packet of ketones. This one's called our "Black Label Unleashed".

For those of you who just watch me talk about my mom fuel all the time, I drink something called NAT. This is basically the same thing, but it's amped up, it's got 30% more Ketones and a little bit more caffeine, it's a bit stronger. So it's the same but just a little bit stronger, just so you're aware. Ketones, it's my Mom Fuel and puts me in Ketosis in under an hour. I've been drinking it six years now and I love it. I drink one or two a day, it comes in caffeine or caffeine free. You shake it up in a shaker bottle, but I like to use a straw with a cup, because I love to drink out of a straw.

So it's as easy as that, you put in some water, you drink it, you're in Ketosis in under an hour and you have all of the benefits. This does not have your body make Ketones, your body can make them or you can drink them...
You can also research the benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Also, I'm going to talk about Intermittent Fasting. By the way as I'm shaking this up, if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel post five in the comments and we're going to chat back and forth about your goals. Like what you're looking for and all of those things, we're going to do it together. So if you want to know more, just post five down below. Now! Intermittent Fasting! The question is "Who Intermittent Fasts? If you know what it is and you already do it, do you Intermittent Fast? and if you do, do you do it every day, how many days a week?...

So for me, if my goal was fat loss, I would be intermittent fasting probably every day or maybe not on the weekends.

I love breakfast, I don't love breakfast right away in the morning, but I usually will, depending on the workout, that's really hard workout. I will have a protein shake after I'm done working out. I love our protein, it's called protons. It's actually right here, so I drink this Protons. I love breakfast, and I'll drink a protein.

But anyways, I want to talk about Intermittent Fasting. If you want to learn more about it, first of all, I'm not a doctor. So if you want to learn more from an actual doctor's perspective, or if you want to look at an expert's perspective, head on over to a search engine and just search the benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Because you're going to see some medical stuff, or more things that I can't talk about because I'm not a doctor. But what I can tell you about Intermittent Fasting, the easiest concept about it is you stop eating dinner, like let's say I stopped eating dinner tonight. Maybe around seven o'clock, latest would be eight o'clock, but I prefer seven. I'm going to go fourteen, usually sixteen hours to the next day. That should bring you to about lunchtime, and you're not going to eat in that time period. What it's going to do is help with fat loss. It's going to help some of you get started. Like I'm not going to eat breakfast and some of you don't even naturally eat breakfast anyways...

"But what do you mean? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!".
Is Breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Who do you think you created that saying? I'll give you two seconds. Who do you think created the little saying, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?"... I'll give you a hint. These people have an entire aisle at the grocery store full of colorful boxes. A cereal company silly!

You think that if you eat a box of cereal in the morning, it's going to actually make your brain think well? It is silly, and we all were duped by it. Okay! We're not going to talk about cereal.

So Intermittent Fasting, sixteen hours and there's different ways you can fast, just so you know. I'm going to give you the basic and easiest way. Most people do a sixteen-eight, so they fast for sixteen hours after supper, till the next day lunch. So they usually don't eat their lunch until sixteen hours later.

This is the question "What does it do?"... It helps with fat loss. I have a little visual for you, so if you look below (I am a teacher to my children) it will help you with fat loss. It helps you with your skin actually, and you're not going to be eating all that sugary stuff in the morning. It actually helps your brain think and process better. Because if you truly look at it, I give the example of kids, a lot of you send your kids off to school. If you pay attention to what they're eating in the morning, if they're consuming doughnuts, high carb foods, cereal, lots of sugar juice, and they head off to school.

I would challenge you, and this would be so interesting, try to eat what your kids eat. Then go to work and see what how your brain focuses.

That would be interesting! I know you're saying "No way! I'm low carb". I don't think that kids have to be Keto, but I do feel that food plays a big part in our children in how they learn, how they sit and how they focus. So if you don't think that's real, eat what your kids eat. Then go to work, and pay attention to how you feel, how you're thinking and your mood. And then you might go "Oh my goodness! I should probably pay attention to what I feed my kids before they go to school!"...

There are so many things you can get with Fasting

Anyway, so it helps with the way that your growing brain focuses. More of the benefits online, because I'm not covering the doctor stuff. I'm not covering the medical reasons why to do intermittent fasting. You're going to have to go search that for yourself. Somebody said it saves money, Yeah it does! You're not eating as much, it's that simple. You don't have to think about it. Now! Here's the question that I get often.

What can I drink? Can I drink anything during intermittent fasting periods?

Everybody has a Yes and No answer, it varies. The most basic answer that I've seen people say is if it has calories, you can't drink it. You can't consume it if you're fasting, all you can have is water. That's answer number one. Answer number Two is, if it doesn't spike your insulin, if it doesn't raise any levels, if it's very, very low calorie...

The phone is kicking me off! I don't know what's going on on the internet. But I'm going to try to finish this live. So we were talking about different answers that people will give you of what you can drink during intermittent fasting times. By the way, here's what the Black Label looks like. It's not out at the very moment, but hopefully it'll be out very soon. It looks kind of clear, but it's black because it's got folic acid in it. I sound so smart, I don't know, the black stuff. It's good for you, it's Ketones, mom fuel.

New Broth Flavor: Everything Bagel
Alright! Going back, "What would somebody drink during their intermittent fasting period?"... Everybody had a different answer, and rightfully so. People have different answers for different people's bodies. Because remember, a Ketogenic diet or a Keto diet isn't a one size fits all...

This is the flavor that I'm drinking, it's called Black Label, you cannot get this one at the moment, but hopefully very soon. It's got 30% more caffeine and ketones in it. It's my mom fuel, and I drink it every day. It's just a little bit different, but same concept. So going back to Intermittent Fasting.

I was listening to a doctor and she was said "People that I need to lose a hundred pounds, or even sixty, seventy, or eighty pounds. I have them intermittent fast and I have them only drink water and Ketones during that intermittent fasting period"...

Some people will ask "Can I have coffee?", "Can I have cream in my coffee?", "Does that break my fast or can I have a broth?"... Again, everybody's different, and everybody's goals are different. So for example if somebody is maintaining, one of the doctors said "If they're maintaining, they've already got their fat loss, and they wanted to add something like cream in their coffee, not a sugary creamer. Then I'll let them do that, because it sustains them longer. Something to help them get through that whole morning till they reach that sixteen hours"... Some people have asked if you could have broth during your intermittent fasting, which by the way, we have a new broth flavor. We actually have this one available, it's called "Everything Bagel". If you do our 60 Hour Keto Reboot, or our 24 Hour Fast, and you would like to have something like a broth during your fasting period. Same concept, some people would say "No! Only water", but I'm going to say not everybody has to or can do that.

Because the point of it is, something that would be in the broth or the cream. For sure the Ketones helps sustain your appetite so you can actually make it to lunchtime or make it to the sixteen hours or even longer. So don't think it's only a water for sixteen hours, because everybody's different.

Now if your goal is a large amount of fat loss, then you're going to be a little bit more strict during that timeframe, until you eat your low carb or keto meals. And you do not go and eat the same amount of food, or you don't get to just go eat more because you didn't eat breakfast. It's not like "It's okay! I can double my meal because I didn't get to eat breakfast"... Intermittent Fasting doesn't give you an excuse to eat more snacks.

So the question I asked was, "Do you intermittent fast, and how often?... If I do, I like to drink protein a lot after my workout. I don't do it often, I would say it's probably because I didn't have a super hard workout. I do it probably three times a week maybe, you don't have to Intermittent Fast every single day either, everybody's different.

Always feel free to reach out, I'm here to help
The benefits that I said, as a non doctor, was fat loss. It helps with your brain focus throughout the mornings. It saves you money and time, and it helps with your skin.

So those are the things that I would say, but you can do some more research on it. What are the benefits of fasting, and just go look it up. There's lots of things that you can read and learn about, it's very helpful. I would love to know if you intermittent fast and what your goals are. How's your day? I hope you're doing great.

And I talked about my mom fuel earlier, I drink this every day. I have been drinking Ketones for six years and it puts me in Ketosis in under an hour. It's incredible! It helps with energy, focus, fat loss, better mood, better sleep, and all of the things. It is a tool and not a magic pill. They tastes great and it's pretty incredible.

So, post five in the comments so you and I can chat, I'd love to know your goals. Otherwise continue to tune in every single day for your Two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. I'm always here to help, reach out with any questions that you have. We'll talk to you soon, bye everybody!

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