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"THE TRAVELER'S GIFT" (Chapter 5): You are a Person of Action | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

You're going to have to do a little bit of work to get to where you want to go. There's no overnight success, and I can help you on your journey. I can give you suggestions and tell you what to eat and not to eat. But ultimately, you've got to take the action. The only way you fail is if you quit. If you had a bad day, get back up and keep going. The only way you fail to lose that weight, or not reach your goals is if you quit. We're going to have those days where it doesn't go our way, but there's a new day, and you're just fine. You are a person of action, you make a decision and you make it now

Points to Ponder

01:23 Boils down to your mindset

02:07 Keto lifestyle

02:46 Consistency and taking action

03:36 Being a person of action

04:21 Seven key decisions

04:56 Not blaming shaming or justifying

05:21 Five people you hang around with

05:57 Chapter five

06:53 Creating a new me

08:20 I am a leader

08:45 It's easier to pull people down

09:08 I make a decision and I make it now

10:05 There's no overnight success

10:47 Do something to better yourself

11:19 Failure is a myth

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! I'm going to talk loud because I am outside, and I think the farmers are in the fields. So welcome to the Keto Mom page, how are you doing? I am super excited, every day. Why? Because I'm alive, and so are you, and you're watching me. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, how is your morning? I worked out, I owned my morning, I got up and I did all those things, and I feel great. I'm excited to share the book with you. But I didn't pick a winner from yesterday, so alright, I'll pick two winners for tomorrow. We picked a winner, and announced Tammy yesterday.

I'm going to pick a winner every single day, so for those who just simply shared their biggest takeaways from the book. I did not pick one yesterday, I'm super, super sorry. I'll pick two tomorrow, so I don't have to restart.
Welcome to Day 3 of our Book 4 session

But here's the deal, if you have been tuning in at any point in time, you know I love to read. I truly believe that the way to getting healthier, stronger, happier, going after your goals, reaching your goals, and all those things, boils down to your mindset.

So we talk about lots of different things about the Keto diet, and there's only so much somebody can tell you before you have to take action.

Which is quite funny because today's chapter is all about being a person of action. And you're going to hear me say the same things over and over again. You're going to hear me say, don't mess up good for perfect. You're going to hear me say, the only way you fail is if you quit, or don't eat if you're not hungry, you can overeat good food.

You're going to hear me ask you questions like how much water are you drinking? Are you being mindful? Are you eating out of habit?... There's really not a lot to this lifestyle. Some people can get so overwhelmed with what's in their life and all the things that have to be perfect that they do nothing.

And if I were to simply say, I want you to eat eggs and bacon in the morning. I want you to take the buns off the burger, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap for lunch, get rid of the pasta, bread and potatoes and have some meat, protein and veggies for supper. Drink water, get rid of your sugary drinks, get some sleep, go move your body read something... I bet you're going to be a completely different person in one year. Because in order to get your health and fitness to where you want it, you need consistency and it is taking action. It is being okay with being bored. We talked about that in the last book, "Atomic Habits"...

There is no such thing as LUCK
Oftentimes when we live in a fast paced society, we live in instant gratification. I want this, I want that, and if I don't get it, I'm going to move on. Well, that's not how it works, there's no such thing as luck. You look at somebody's life and say they got lucky. No, they worked hard for it.

Whether it was their relationships, their business or their health, you don't see people's years of their stories. You don't see the challenges they went through. You watch people say I wish I had that. You can have it, but just put in the work that they put in. And so today's chapter, if you're reading with us, it is about being a person of action. If you're brand new, I'm reading a book every single morning. We went through "Miracle Morning", which you should read. We went through "Atomic Habits", you should read it too, it's incredible.

All of these books help you get to your goals, and "The Traveler's Gift" is a mindset book. It's a story, and the character in the book in each chapter, is visiting somebody from the past in history. Today he visits one of the colonels from the Civil War. I think his name was Chamberlain.

The character is going through a challenge in life. He's doesn't have a job, doesn't have insurance. And so he's given seven key decisions, that he can make in order to have success in his life. I love it, it's just different. So I want to know, share your biggest takeaways, and then tomorrow I'll draw two people, for some mom fuel. We read about seven decisions that you need to make, in order to have success. And this is what the author, Andy Andrews, feels is important. But we read about the buck stops here, not blaming shaming or justifying anything from your past. But instead, owning where you are today and moving forward. No more blaming anybody else. The second decision was I will seek wisdom... So it's important on who you spend your time with, who are you listening to, who are you allowing to speak in your life. You are like the top five people you hang around with the most. So if most of your friends or family are lazy, if they're constantly dragging you down. You want to get healthy, but they are asking you to come to McDonald's.

If you've got people in your life that aren't cheering you on, then it's time to find some new friends or a new peer group.
Find people who can encourage you to do better

But that doesn't mean you leave the old one, it just means you need to find somebody that's going to uplift you and encourage you. You want to strive to be better, so you will seek wisdom. Today we're talking about I am a person of action. This entire chapter, chapter five was a story. He was in the war, and in a scene where they were at battle.

He was following the colonel round, watching the battle go on, had the opportunity to leave, decided not to leave and instead took action.

So it's in story form, and he's learning a lot. At the end of his conversation with every character, or every leader, he's handed a piece of paper. And on that piece of paper, it tells him it's the third decision for success. So each character gives him a thought provoking question, or an action step. The colonel gave him this piece of paper and today he says,

"I am a person of action"... He says "Beginning today, I will create a new future by creating a new me. No longer will I dwell in the pit of despair, moaning over squandered time and lost opportunities. I can do nothing about my past, so many people live in their past. I can do nothing about my past, I can't change it and I can't go back".

Stop blaming others, and take responsibility

There's no reason to blame my parents. There's no reason to blame the people in your life. That's where the first one is, the buck stops here and start owning your future. A lot of you still sit and say I chose those bad habits years ago, or it's because of this situation, or I'm where I am today, I'm the heaviest, because of the last two years. Well time to buck up and own it.

He says "My future is immediate. I will grasp it in my hands and carry it with me running, carry it with my running feet. When I'm faced with choices of doing nothing or doing something I will always choose to act. I seize the moment, and I choose now"...

Today might be the day that you say no more coffee shop, no more doughnuts, no more going out to eat with my staff or my employees until I can get my health under control. "No more, I'm a person of action. I'm energetic, and I move quickly. I am a person of action. I inspire others with my activities, I am a leader".

People will follow you. You might not feel like a leader. But if you're doing something to better your life, people can't help but notice and they will watch you. They might not try to drag you down. Because as soon as you go after better, as soon as you make better decisions, as soon as you say no to whatever it is everybody else is doing. Then guess what? It makes them feel guilty and it makes them say I should probably work on myself. But some people don't want to, and so it's easier to pull people down.

That's why it's important to watch who you hang around with, and not let people pull you down. You can say, I still want to be your friend, but you keep pulling me down and not encourage me. I've got goals, so I'd love to hang around you, you're my best friend but I'm going here, maybe you want to join me?...

I'm a person of action, I make a decision and I make it now. Not in six months, not when the pantry is ready. Not when I have my Keto diet all perfect. Not when somebody hands me a pre made meal list and says here you go.

Some of you asked for that every day. And I always say, your body is different from my body. Your body is different from your spouse's, your best friend, or your co worker. So I'm not going to hand you a readymade, here you go eat this, remember you are different than your best friend. So Alright, you're going to have to do Little bit of work to get to where you want to go.

You are a person of Action, make the decision now

There's no overnight success, and I can help you on your journey. I can give you suggestions and tell you what to eat and not to eat. But ultimately, you've got to take the action. Not in six months, not after the vacation, or not after the wedding. I often hear people say, I'll start next month, I'll start on Monday, or I'll just start today.

Put the pot down and grab the water, take ten minutes and make your lunch. Take ten minutes today, and plan the rest of your week's meals.

When you get home from work, and you might be extra tired, go right to your bedroom, put on your workout clothes and go move your body. Go for a walk, pick up a book, do something to better yourself. Not when the time is perfect, but right now.

"I am a person of action, I am daring, I am courageous. Fear no longer has a place in my life, for too long fear has outweighed my desire to make things better for my family. Never again. I have exposed fear as a vapor, an imposter that never had any power over me in the first place. I do not fear opinions, gossip, or idle chatter of monkeys for all of those are the same to me. I do not fear failure from my life. Failure is a myth. Failure exists only for the person who quits"...

The only way you fail is if you quit. If you had a bad day, get back up and keep going. The only way you fail, or lose that weight, or you don't reach your goals is if you quit. We're going to have those days where it doesn't go our way. But there's a new day, and you're just fine. "I am courageous, I am a leader, I seize the moment, I choose now, because I am a person of action". That is chapter five, we've gone through the "Buck stops here, I will seek wisdom". I am a person of action.

There are seven decisions that this character is going to learn and read through, to help get him to success. So super great book, I hope you're enjoying it. Share your takeaways below, and I will pick two names tomorrow. If you're brand new, and if you just need a foods list, post food below. I'm going to share with you a video and how I got started. If you want to message me your goals, about here's where I am, how do I get here? I will work with you on your goals. I'll give you some suggestions and pointers. You can always reach out, and the questions are always answered. Otherwise continue to tune in, there's lots of things we share every single day. So I hope you guys have an incredible day, take some action, make a decision, and if you don't quit, you won't fail. Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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