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Meal Plans that fit the entire Family | Keto Mom

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Keto Mom here!

What I do is I think of our favorite meals and like, "How can I swap them to make them better, but I'm not making two separate meals". Tacos are the easiest thing, we have them every single week, Chicken tacos, Beef tacos, Steak tacos, whatever you want to have tacos right? Because if your family wants to have regular Taco shells, that's fine or the chips, you can have a low carb wrap or a lettuce wrap or quest chips.

Points to Ponder

01:35 The Answer to the contest

02:10 Winners of Mom fuel

03:08 Winners of "Rain or Shine"

05:00 Meals I can make that my family likes

05:34 Grilling season

06:05 Low carb Lasagna

07:02 Parents should pay attention to their words

08:11 Teach your kids to fuel their minds

09:37 Picky eaters

10:29 Try new things as a Family

10:51 Encourage your kids

11:11 Children watch and mimic everything you do

12:02 Share to win "24HR FAST KIT"

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are going to talk about a couple things. But the main thing we're going to talk about is how do you make one meal for your entire family? That is the question of the week. How do I not have to make more than one meal, or how do I get my family to eat the same way I'm eating, or just make healthier options? That's what we're going to talk about.

How do we make meals for the family

I do have the winners posted, we threw the names in a bowl, we drew the names, I feel like this week is going super fast. But as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? If you were wondering how much money I spent on the Costco haul... First of all I'm hiding in my closet, well not really, my bedroom hence all the knotty pine. If you've been following our story, if you're not brand new here, our family lives in Minnesota. Where are you from? We bought a house on a lake a year and a half ago, the whole house is full of knotty pine, I love it. My husband doesn't always love it, and so I'm hiding in my closet because my kids are out watching something.

And so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from... The conversation today is "I need some meal options that are going to fit the entire family". That's what we're going to talk about, but until we get to that real quick...

A lot of you took a guess, the guess that I spent, the guess that we spent, the amount of money that we spent at Costco the other day, which I did say was the most I've ever spent in my life was $830.19.

That's a lot, usually it's about $400, maybe $500 but anyways so I posted the winners. This is what I did, we took everybody that had guessed $800 and above and then all the shares, put them in a bowl drew out some names. And so if you had guessed $800 or above, because I don't think anybody guessed it right on the dot. So we said $800 or above goes into a bucket and the shares, here are the winners... So the winners of I call it "My Mom Fuel" is we've got three, we had a Courtney, Kristi and Suzanne. The names are in the header of this video, then my kids drew two more winners and we are going to give away one of our favorite books. If you know me at all, you know that I love to read.

Choose to Fuel your mind right
A lot of you asked, "Why do you talk about books so much and the power of your mindset?". Because if this (mind) isn't right, then guess what, this (mouth) and this (body) probably isn't working quite right. It is so important to fuel this (mind) right, and it will help with everything else.

A lot of you have been watching our girls, so we pay our girls to learn we pay our girls to read. And so today I actually shared a ton of books of what we have read and what our kids are going to read. Our oldest is reading, "She's flying through the books", and so a lot of you have asked for that list, just go to my stories and you can have that list. So check out the stories, otherwise we also have a Jessica and Michelle, you won "The Rain or Shine" book.

So Courtney, Kristi and Suzanne, you won Mom Fuel, and Jessica and Michelle you won books.

We are going to do a another contest so don't go away. I don't have anything for you to guess, but we're going to do something else. And so I'll do lots of fun things because I love Ketones, and if I can get more people to trial them to see what they think, it's so powerful. So I'm not going to talk a lot about this at the moment, if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel or even why I share it or why I drink it, just post "Mom Fuel" below and we can chat.

Who wants to win a 24 HR FAST KIT

So let's dive into the conversation. Well have you guys seen me talked about the "24 hour fast?" I am going to give one of these away. I ordered a couple, kept one for me and my husband for next week and I have an extra. Do you think I should give it away? I'm going to.... So this is what we're going to do, I don't have anything for you to guess but if you share the video, press the share button sharing is caring. Let me know when you share by posting "Share" and your name will go into drawing.

So why don't we do that and then I need you to also do one more thing. I need to know what your favorite family friendly low carb dinner is, what is it, because here's what we're going to talk about right now. How do you eat? What if you're the only person that's eating right now, Low Carb? Maybe your spouse isn't on board or whoever you're living with? It's okay that your kids are not on board. But how do you stay on track when everybody else is eating anything that they want?.

And so what I wanted to walk you through is simply this, here are some quick simple swaps and you've got to think about it like "What some meals I can make that fit for both of us". For example Tacos... Tacos are the easiest thing, we have them every single week, Chicken tacos, Beef tacos, Steak tacos, whatever you want to have tacos right? Because if your family wants to have regular Taco shells, that's fine or the chips, you can have a low carb wrap or a lettuce wrap or quest chips. There are so many different things in one meal, Tacos are super easy.

I think of our favorite meals, "How can I swap them to make them better, but I'm not making two separate meals".

So grilling... It's grilling season! Well it is where I'm at remember Minnesota, we just got uncovered full of feet of snow, it's actually beautiful where I'm at. And so grilling, you can grill lots of different meats, lots of different veggies. If your family needs a potato, you don't need the potato, but you could grab a salad and the meat.

Replace ingredients with low carb options

That's one meal, right? Currently, this was not six years ago or eight years ago when our family started this journey. But there are a lot of noodle replacements, and so different noodles and different things that you can try. So if you love lasagna, just make it a low carb lasagna. If you've watched any of my lasagna swaps, had any of you tried those egg thins? Costco has them, Walmart even has them they're like these little crepes, and I use those for the noodles.

And so I make the same stuff I put in lasagna, the meat, the sauce, the cheese, the whatever, and I just use the noodles I don't do anything with it. I take the little egg thin put it right in between the layers, and that is the noodle, you can't even tell.

I did made it for our family, like grandparents one time and they were like, "This is great", I'm like "It's a low carb keto lasagna". So I would love to know what are some meals that you make that work for you if you're doing Keto and low carb, but also work for your family.

And something I really wanted to stress to parents, is if you want your family to eat healthier, you've got to pay attention to your words. Because if you're constantly saying I'm fat, I'm on a diet, nope this is mommy's food, nope this is daddy's food. You know what I mean, if you're shaming yourself in front of your kids, your kids are going to go, "I don't want to eat that, that's mom's food", "Oh mom's on a diet, she's eating that I don't have to", "No mom and dad are on a diet, that's what they're eating. So my number one challenge to you as a parent, is to pay attention to what you're saying about yourself, what you're portraying to your kids even about food, food is fuel. So if you're talking as a family, and you're working on getting healthier together, nobody's on a diet. But like, "Hey guess what, we all are going to get healthier, we're going to work on drinking more water, we're going to work on eating less sugar". "Hey, this is what mom's eating", "Hey these belt vegetables are great, you should try some". And you don't talk about the diet or being fat, think about how much further your kids will be when they're your age.

Encourage your kids to learn together

I was just talking about the same conversation this morning with one of our friends, and we were talking about teaching our kids to read good books fueling their mind, right teaching them things that we know today.

So that we elevate them, so they're learning from our mistakes, and they're just going to exponentially grow faster.

Isn't that what we want as parents, we hit the ceiling and our kids started our ceiling. So it should be the same with your health, so anything that you're learning you should want to teach your kids in a positive way. So that when your kids are adults, they're going to grow up not starting all over again, or having the same struggles or challenges you do.

But they're going to start at your ceiling and they're going to grow, they might not have the struggles that you're having right now, they might not have to go through losing 50 pounds, or the 40 pounds or whatever it is, or trying to get in shape are trying to not have a food addiction. Because if they're taught the understanding and the power of food and not controlled by food, but understanding when I'm hungry I should eat, I really should drink more water. Hey, why don't you go play instead of playing video games, why don't you go move your body for 30 minutes it's so good to go move, and you encourage your kids, guess what?

They'll create healthy habits, they'll create consistency, they'll create these amazing steps moving forward so that when they're adults, they don't have to start where you're at right now.

So I hope that was helpful. I want you to share your meals that you make that your whole family loves. Some of you were like, "I have the pickiest eaters in the whole world". So what we did in the very beginning and let me tell you this you guys, almost six years ago, I was the picky eater. My kids will eat anything and I'm like "It's green, I hate vegetables". Because I started that way, I hated anything green, I had never touched lettuce or salad or anything in my life until six years ago. And so I've changed what did we do? We went, "Oh my goodness, there's a vegetable called asparagus". I used to make all veggies out of a can, I don't know what I'm doing but let's try to do this, I would go to Pinterest and type in. "How do I make asparagus?" and then I would make the asparagus and we all would try it. And I was the last one to try it, and guess what? I learned that if I add butter and garlic to every vegetable they're great.

Try new things together as a Family

And so we all would try one thing, let's try cauliflower. Let's try this vegetable, let's try this salad, let's try this and we would all learn together.

It wasn't like, "Well, mom's on a diet let's go", but instead we all are going to get healthier together and learn how to eat better.

And so that's what we've done as our family, I would encourage you to do the same. Watch your words, encourage your kids to join you, drink more water, don't be negative about it, be positive, and then your kids will learn from you and they're watching you. Have you guys heard "A lot more is learned, a lot more is caught than taught". "Caught" meaning they're watching you versus like barking at them.

They're watching everything you do, they are going to learn everything you do, and mimic everything you do. And so I just wanted to encourage you don't get frustrated if you feel like you're on this journey by yourself.

Just say, "Hey, family, this is where I'm at I would love your support and then work on making meals that work for everybody". So there are tons of you who shared meal ideas, check the meal ideas below, I said grilling and tacos, we say hot dish in Minnesota. I don't know if you guys say hot dish, do you say casserole or hot dish? What do you say? So there's little things instead of using mashed potatoes, you can use cauliflower crumbles, just depends on where you're at. I know not everything can be made of cauliflower, but almost everything can be made out of cauliflower.

And so I hope that was helpful, I look forward to reading all of the different ideas that you have that you make for your family. Again, if you press the share button, you have to tell me that you shared it because then I can go through and grab names and put them in a bucket. Your name is going to go in for a drawing for a 24 hour fast, I'll talk more about this later this week, because it will be available on Sunday again. So it's available Sunday and Monday of every week, otherwise Congratulations to the winners of mom fuel, which I posted in the header of the video. It's Kristi, Suzanne and Courtney and then Jessica and Michelle won the books.

Encourage your kids to read books

Again, go check out my stories, I shared a ton of books with you. I'm really challenging our kids to read books that are going to grow them as a person, and I'm not saying me my husband, my husband and I, we, us that is going to grow them as a person is going to challenge them and make them think.

My daughter who's 13 shared today, just something really simple off the top of her head of why she reads and she's actually loving the books.

And so even all the way down to our seven year old, our seven and our nine year old listen to them on Audible, and then our other two are reading and listening at the same time.

So I hope that was helpful if you have a great book that you think my children or myself should read because I'm reading an incredible book right now as soon as I get more because we ordered a whole bunch. I'm going to give those away as some prizes because it is ranking at one of the top of my books. So the guess was eight, somebody just said how much was your Costco bill? It was $830.19. I took everybody that was 800 and above, and then the people that share and I put you in a drawing. It was the most expensive Costco trip I had ever taken, and well worth it.

And so I hope you guys have an incredible day, go make some dinner, I need to go make some dinner and then we're off to church it's Wednesday. So please reach out if you have any questions. I'm always here to help, whether it's about food or where to get started, or how much water should I drink or what is a net carb or what's the total carb, I'm here to help.

So I hope you have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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