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Keto Mom here!

If you're preparing, then you're going to make better choices, long term. Our family has been doing this for six years, just been taking one day at a time, one meal at a time. Helping people on their journey, sharing what works for us and helping you do the same. I think people over complicate all of this. We're going to work on things like drinking more water, moving your body, intermittent fasting, low carb meals, buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap or let's not eat if we're not hungry.

Points to Ponder:

00:35 Are you preparing for your meals this week

01:18 If you fail to plan you plan to fail

02:11 Have Your Breakfast Ready

03:07 People Over Complicate

04:10 Crock-Pot Season

05:10 Stop Over Eating and Snacking on Good Food

05:27 If You're Not Hungry, You Don't Need to Eat

06:12 I want you to Plan Today

06:46 Macadamia nuts

07:47 Set Up for Success

08:03 My Kids Aren't Keto, but they Eat Better

09:09 There is Not a One Size Fits All

10:02 Make Swaps

10:43 KetoKrate

11:03 Keto snacks on the go

12:46 Drinking Ketones

13:40 Food is Fuel

14:06 Trial Packs of Mom Fuel

14:56 Tracking Your Food

16:35 Better Choices

17:27 1% Better or 1% Worse

Full Episode Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we are going to dive into preparing for the week. What does that look like, meal planning, I've had a lot of people ask about kids and low carb options for lunches for school. Which you don't have to, your kids don't have to be keto. It is a question that has come up, talking about snacks and my mom fuel too, that's what we're diving into. So I'm talking to Facebook, I'm talking to TikTok, I don't really know how TikTok works, I just started it. And so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Are you preparing for your meals this week? That is the question. Are you getting ready? Are you going to the grocery store? Have you gone through your refrigerator in your freezer? Have you taken inventory on your food?... I just sent my husband to the grocery store, so he's getting all of the groceries for this week. We're going to fill up the fridge so that we are prepared. If you are brand new to my page, we have four daughters and four dogs, it's kind of like having eight kids. It's a little crazy and usually loud in here.

Planning for the week is a good way to set up for success
And so anyways, we're going to dive in... So first of all, I want to know, are you preparing for your week and what does that look like... "If you fail to plan you plan to fail".

To me, that means that if you don't have your meals planned, if you don't have things ready for breakfast, if you are a breakfast eater... For instance, we use our air fryer every single day, if you don't have one, put it on your Christmas list. I use it every morning, I throw in sausages from Costco, which is my favorite store. I go about my morning, and when they're ready I plop them on the counter and the kids eat them. Sometimes they have eggs and sometimes they don't, it just depends.

But I just want you to know like if you have things ready, planned and prepared, then you're not going to go through the drive thru. You're not going to grab the donut as you're grabbing your coffee, like you do probably every single morning, or the muffin, the cake pop or whatever you grab.

So for instance, "Breakfast"... If you have your breakfast ready, and you have it in the freezer, the refrigerator, or maybe you're intermittent fast, then you're set. "Lunch"... If you stay at home like I do, I homeschool, I am a homeschool mom. Is there any other homeschool moms out there? For those of you who are asking questions on Facebook, I will get to your questions when the live is done, but on TikTok I think it disappears. So if you are on any other platforms, you can follow me on Instagram, it's ketomomsecrets, all one word, or Facebook, just go to ketomom. You will find my video, I would love to connect with you and help you on your goals, set goals and figure out how in the world you can make this a lifestyle. Our family has been doing this for six years, just been taking one day at a time, one meal at a time. Helping people on their journey, sharing what works for us and helping you do the same. So with all of that said, I think people over complicate all of this. In the very beginning when we first started eating this way, we took one meal at a time, one day at a time. We drink more water when we weren't hungry. We weren't snacking, or eating and that is the biggest thing I will tell you.

Stop overthinking, and complicating Keto

If you are familiar with somebody called Joseph McClendon III, he was at one of our company's events and he teaches a lot on mindset. And one of the things he said was "Listen, we all know what to do"... I would love to know "What are your goals for the season?". I feel like summer is done, and we are officially starting school tomorrow. We've got all things, volleyball and dance. We've got horse, and we've got everything. We're just taking a new chapter, turning the corner and we are doing something new. For me, that means we still grill a lot, but it's Crock-Pot season. I'm going to start making some new Crock-Pot meals, so make sure you pay attention to the page. Make sure you're following along, and tune into the stories. I'm ready to dive into chilies, soups and all things that are ready. So that when we're done with school, with volleyball, horse lessons and all of those things, we can come home and we have a meal ready to go. I don't want you to overthink this, whether you're just starting or you've hit a plateau, or maybe you need to restart...

This is what Joseph McClendon III said this last weekend, "If your goal is fat loss, you want to know something? (don't be offended, I'm just repeating what he said) You need to stop putting so much food in this hole (mouth)"...

And I thought that was so funny and I've heard him say before. But for real, the number one thing that I truly feel like people need to understand is "Stop over eating and snacking on good food". I'm going to show you a couple snacks and I'm going to give you some ideas for lunches. But you can overeat good food, I say this every single live and probably every single day in my stories... "If you're not hungry, you don't need to eat". You don't need to force feed yourself, even if it's a keto snack. I'll give you an example, let's say that I'm walking around my house this afternoon, and snacks are on my counter. And I'd think, "Oh, these are just fine. It says it's a keto snack, no added sugar, and I'm bored". So if I grab these little snacks to eat, I'm not hungry, I eat the entire bag, then I just over ate good food and I over ate calories. You don't have to be obsessive about calories, but when you're constantly eating, you do.

Macadamia Nuts will get you through to the next meal
You have to pay attention to it and I want you to pay attention to a couple things. First of all, I want you to plan today. If you are not a planner, it's not a big deal. Go look in your refrigerator, and take inventory of the food.

What meals do you want to have? We're going to grill burgers, we've got salmon burgers, and my kids want chili. We grill a lot until it gets super cold, and even then we will still continue to grill. Grab some vegetables, grab some snacks, make sure you're set up for success. So that when you're living in the car and taking your kids to all of their activities, you won't have to go through the drive thru. I keep things in my car, and in my purse at all times. I have Macadamia nuts with me at all times. We just got back from our last summer hurrah, it was so fun. We just ended the summer and we went to Wisconsin Dells. It was so fun, we stayed at the Wilderness Resort. It was incredible, and you want to know what I had my backpack? Macadamia nuts! There were some other random snacks, but when the kids said they were hungry and we weren't ready for a snack, I'd go "Give me your hand". I give them one little handful because Macadamia nuts keep you full, or Almonds.

I keep things in my purse or in my car so that if we're in between, and kids are crabby, or maybe you're "hangry" and you need a snack to get you to your next meal, then this will sustain you for the afternoon or for the early evening.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", so are you ready for this week?... If you're not, then take inventory of your refrigerator. Figure out what you're going to have for your meals. It's not hard, you can you can eat the same meal every single day. Head to the grocery store, you will be set up for success and you will not go through the drive thru. Number Two, I have a lot of people saying "I'm going to pack my kids their own food"... Great! That's awesome! You can't control what they eat at school, but if you make them something and you want to make a healthier option, don't overthink it. My kids aren't keto, but they eat better. They still eat plenty of fruits, my kids love grapes and apples. But they will eat raw vegetables with dip, and they eat a lot of low carb wraps. So if you want to swap out a couple things, don't give them the rice Krispy bars and all of the pre packaged snacks. Instead, grab some low carb wraps, you can put some peanut butter on there. You can do some meat and cheese, or some cheese sticks...

There are so many simple ways to prepare
Don't overthink it. So I would love to know if you pack your kids their own meals or yourself, like maybe you bring your own meals to your office. What do you pack for lunches?

A lot of people are asking what to make... Hard boiled eggs, egg salad, low carb wraps, veggies and dip. Fruit is fine for the kids, but if you're an adult, and your goal is fat loss, and you're asking me if you can have fruit on the keto diet. The answer is it depends on your goals, and No, it does not work on a Keto diet. But if your goal is to just eat better, so you're going to stick to more berries.

Here's my biggest thing on this page, "There is not a one size fits all"...

You're not going to buy a seven week keto course from me, but I'm just going to give you recipes and tips and tricks to help you. The biggest thing is how is your body reacting to food? Everybody's different. So we're going to work on things like drinking more water, moving your body, intermittent fasting, low carb meals, buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, let's grab a lettuce wrap or let's not eat if we're not hungry. If you're preparing, then you're going to make better choices, long term. This is not a six week program and then you're done. Most people that messaged me they say "I did this a year ago. I did it till I reached my wedding, the vacation, or until this time and then I stopped. I gained all the weight back and I need some help"... We're going to make this, so that this becomes long term. Make a couple different swaps, pay attention to your body, drink less sugary drinks, eat less sugar and processed junk. And I promise you, you will be completely different. You'll feel better if you give yourself a year of doing that, one year, can you commit to one year? I bet you can. So don't overthink it, plan today for your meals all week, so you're not going through the drive thru.

Stop over eating good Food
Number two, don't overthink lunches, simple swap outs, low carb wraps and not all this pre pack and sugar. You don't need to pack juices, juice boxes, soda or pop but water is just fine.

And then I get a lot of questions about snacks. So I get this in the mail, this little KetoKrate. I think it's fun and a lot of people ask me about snacks. And I talk about keto snacks a lot, because these are things that are fine in a pinch. These are things that are fine to eat, like if you were going to the waterpark that we were at all weekend. So these Keto snacks are great when you're on the go, but I don't like to have these things for snacks in my home all the time because they're still prepackaged.

For those of you who are really working on fat loss, then you're not going to want to eat a lot of these Keto snacks, because it's still processed. Is it better? 100%! Is it a better option, a healthier option? Yes, but in smaller portions.

So I think the KetoKrate is fun to get because it allows me to try lots of different things, but I'm not a big snacker. I would be fine with just having Macadamia nuts in my car. If we actually are hungry, we grab some Macadamia nuts and on we go till we get to the next meal... I would love to know what keto questions or low carb questions or what questions do you have? If you're on TikTok, I can't read them. So you're going to have to go to Facebook and ask. I promise you, if you send me a message on Facebook or Instagram, I will message you back that day before I go to bed. Whatever questions they are, or if you need help getting started. I have a basic foods list, if anybody wants to know how I got started, I really want an eight step process. I made a video, I have it already and I'm not going to charge you for it. You can just have it and it's like, here's some lunch options, here's some supper, here's some breakfast and here's some snacks. So if you want that, post food in the comments, and I will send it to you, it's very basic.

My source of Fuel and Energy, Ketones

And then as you continue to tune in, I'll give you different recipes every day, we share different tips and keto tricks every single day. So just continue to tune in. Lastly, I will tell you this, I started my journey with drinking ketones. Some of you agree with it, some of you don't, but it works for me and it's a tool.

Some of you get up in the morning, you drink a pot of coffee and that works for you. It does not work for me, but Ketones works for me. So I take a packet of ketones, I put it in my water when I wake up, and I'm in Ketosis in under an hour.

For me in the very beginning, six years ago, I was able to lose the last ten pounds of baby weight. I've had four daughters, and I had to get it off. Some people say "Show me your fat loss picture and then I will let you help me". And I want to say just so you know, eating healthy isn't always about fat loss, it's about feeling good. For me, it was a ton of brain fog that I had prior to switching to the way that we eat. It was my energy levels, I was always exhausted and I needed a nap every single day. Whatever your goals are, food can either fuel your body or hurt it. Food is fuel or the lack of can make you fall asleep.

I love to share what works for me, and Ketones works for me. I've been drinking them for six years, it helps me with my energy, I joke and say I haven't taken a nap in six years. I love the appetite control. I'm not a snacker, but it really helps me not to snack and I just feel incredible.

So for those of you who've been asking, I do different trial packs of mom fuel. If you want to know more just about Ketones in general, just post a five in the comments and I'm going to send you a video to watch. You and I are going to chat about your goals and what you're looking to work towards. I want to help you with your food, I'll lock arms with you and I'm going to say "Where's your water intake?", "Are you moving your body?", "What does your food look like?", "Are you tracking, are you not"... We're going to work together, and if you want to know more about my mom fuel, which is incredible, post five in the comments and you and I are going to chat. Otherwise, I want to help you, so ask any questions below. I'll come back and message every single person that has a question.

Let's keep the Keto Lifestyle simple and Easy
That's it, don't overthink this and don't overcomplicate it. For those of you who are tracking your food like down to the macros, I think tracking is great.

If you track your food on My Fitness Pal, or a carb counter, it's a really good visual. This is what I did years ago, I tracked all of my food in My Fitness Pal because I thought I knew what to eat. Without trying to be very strategic, I would track it and at the end of the day it's either I can't believe I ate so many carbs, or it would be that's great. I actually feel great, it was more low carb. So I think tracking gives you a good visualization until you get a handle on your food, how to eat and how much to eat. Keep it simple. Every single day you have choices... In the morning, you get up, are you going to intermittent fast or eat breakfast. If you're going to eat breakfast, what are you going to have? Bacon, egg sausage, something low carb, grab some water, you don't need juice. You don't need a whole bunch of stuff full of sugar in the mornings. You don't need to have a little bit of coffee with your sugar, instead you need to have some better cream with your coffee.

For lunch, same thing, buns off burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap. For supper, protein and a veggie or protein and a salad. Get rid of the pasta, bread and potatoes. Keep it simple. Like Joseph McClendon III said, "If your goal is fat loss, then you need to put less food in this hole (your mouth)"... And let's make sure that the choices that we're making are better choices. Has anybody ever read the book, The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins? She talks about making decisions and giving yourself five seconds. You can say five, four, three, two, one and make the decision. I kind of internalized it, and if you take the five second rule, and you put that towards your food before you eat anything, or before you drink anything. All you do is count five seconds, what is my best option? Before you have breakfast or lunch, or even when you 're going through the drive thru. Is there a salad, or you can take the buns off the burger. Five seconds, I think this is a better option or count five seconds, I don't think that's a great option.

1% Better or 1% Worse, the choice is up to you
Every choice that you make is going to either give you a one percent better or one percent worse on your health journey.

That means, let's say you eat a doughnut tomorrow. Are you going to gain twenty five pounds? No. Let's say you eat a bacon and eggs for tomorrow morning, then you make a better choice. You don't overeat, but you eat what is sustainable to your body. Are you going to feel healthier? Are you are you going to say yes! I lost twenty five pounds? No. Every day, you're going to make choices. And your donut choice, your donut over the course of the rest of the year. We've got four months, and if you keep making that choice, like "Oh, it's not a big deal, I'll start tomorrow. Not a big deal, I'll start on Monday or I'll start next month"... It's going to make a curve.

So on January first next year, your good choices will either add up and you're going to see progression over the course of time. Maybe you'll look thinner, you'll feel stronger, you'll feel better you'll drop weight. Or it's going to be the opposite, you're going to get to January and you and I will really have to have a conversation.

Because you chose the one percent worse, like "Oh, it's not a big deal, I'll start tomorrow", "It's one brownie, it's one cookie, it's one doughnut".... You choose one percent better or one percent worse, and where are you going to go with it? You're not going to see it overnight, but over the course of four months you will see it. So with all of that I've kept you long enough. If you have not planned for your meals this week, go to the store, or go to your fridge first and figure out what you have. Go to the store, take thirty minutes of your day. Get the food you need and get ready to go. For lunches, don't overthink it. Swap some low carb options out for some better options. And then lastly, I'm here to help send me a message and I will always answer your questions. If you want to try my mom fuel or just want to know more post five in the comments, and we will chat soon.

I hope you guys have an incredible day and we'll talk to you later.

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