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Keto On A Budget

   As harvest season is coming around, there are farmers markets, you can grow a garden, there are coops, there are different things you can do to help save as you are budgeting to eat healthy. 

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. Today we're going to talk about groceries, little tips and tricks to help you save money on your meals, and how to eat healthier.

"How to do Keto/ Low carb on a budget?"

I want to talk about some meal ideas for you and your family. Let's chat more about kids, food, and taking them on the journey with you. And I'll be sharing with you about a 10 day challenge that I'll be starting with in my customer group. It's around ketones and helping you on your journey.

"What did you have for lunch?"

Share it with us because it gives other people ideas. We had egg salad, super simple. I had some mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and mix it up to taste. I had it on a low-carb wrap, very easy.

I absolutely love egg salad, and I'm also going to have one of my favorite cans of ketones. I'm going to talk about ketones and our October challenge after we talk about budgeting.

"How do I eat on a budget?"

I want you to share if you have any budget secret. There are things that I could tell you right off the bat like, in the spring, summer fall, or as harvest season is coming around you might see things like farmers markets.

Every Saturday we have a farmers market here, and that's where we get a whole bunch of vegetables and different things. You can also grow a garden or there are coops. There are different things you can do to help save as you are budgeting to eat healthily.

The biggest concern for most poeple...

  • How do I do this?

  • How do I feed my family?

  • How do I not spend so much money on groceries?

So we have the farmers markets, growing your own garden, or even raising your own chickens. All those things are great, and you can do these in your own land and you can find people that can help you with that.

There's also Costco and Sam's Club, or places where you can buy in bulk, which can make things cheaper. If buy in bulk, you might be spending a larger amount of money, but you can save knowing it's life for a whole month's worth of supplies.

I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons why people feel like they spend so much money is because they're making two meals.

A long time ago, it was just my husband who was on this journey. And so he had to make his own meals because he was eating different foods. I did not join him because I thought he was crazy, and I was not on board.

I was making a meal for our four girls and myself and my husband was making his own, and we spent too much money. So one of the challenges, as you're learning how to eat healthily, is the feeling that it's only you. Your husband won't join you and your kids don't like your food.

And so we are going to figure some family meals that all of you can eat. Just one meal and not two, something that can be low-carb. If your family isn't going to join you, then they can have their own version of that same meal, and that will help save money immensely.

It's also having an awareness of how much you're buying.

Oftentimes we go to the store with our list, but we end up buying way too much. I actually also do that. I'll be like, "All I need is butter, cheese, and five things". But I end up walking out the store with a grocery cart.

Some would say in order to save, don't take your kids with you. I like to take my kids with me, because I like to help them understand shopping, doing the groceries, and costing. But if you can't do it without your kids putting extra stuff in the cart, maybe you don't need to take them with you.

You can also order your groceries online so that you can stick to the list and the budget. So you order it, drive up, pick it up, and you avoid buying all the extra stuff. That will surely save you money.

If you feel like you're struggling or strapped financially with food and money. There might be things that you're spending extra money on. Some people ask me, "Why don't you get your nails done?"... I hate having my nails done and I don't need it. I shouldn't bite my nails, but sometimes I do so that's why I just don't get them done.

There are things that maybe extras in your life. And I'm not saying don't get your nails done. I'm just saying maybe there are extra things that you're doing in your life, which are not a priority. Maybe, right now the priority is to eat healthy food, better food, eat at home, or eat more veggies and salads.

Try to give up some things for a little bit.

This morning I talked about our mindset, and how sometimes we just have to cut things off or rip the band aid off. If you looked at all of your extra stuff, imagine if you didn't have all of those extras? You might not feel so stressed out about buying groceries. If you're not planning your meals, you might end up at the store spending too much money. You did not stick to your list, you end up not making anything and then you still go into the drive-thru. That's definitely an extra.

If you don't plan and you're unprepared, you might go running into the gas station 5 days a week grabbing snacks and stuff for your kids.

Healthy food on a budget can be simple. But you have to be okay with simple, and you have to be okay with having the same meals.

"What are some meals you can do?"

What are some low-carb family meals you can make, that your family can still eat how they want to?


Tacos are easy, they can have chips and regular tortillas. You can have a low-carb wrap, lettuce wrap, or a salad.


You can grill meat and vegetables, and your family can have it too. If they want to have a potato or some bread, they can have that on the side. You can have burgers with the bun or no bun.


You can have different types of spaghetti or any type of pasta. You can put yours over broccoli and they can have the noodles. You can use a carb-conscious noodle and they can have the regular noodles. You can use zucchini and they can have the regular noodles.

Think about your 5 top meals. You could do breakfast for dinner, like some simple low-carb pancakes or a protein waffles. I make those all the time, it's bassically two eggs and a scoop of protein. You can also grill any meal.

So if it's stressing you out and you're making two meals, just stop making that fancy keto, low-carb meal that has 20 ingredients for yourself. While it seems great, and I know you really want to eat it. Sometimes we just have to eat as simple as possible. Even if that means that you don't get to try all those incredible Keto recipes or keto dessert.

Don't make those things right now because you're the only one eating them. Adapt and choose to eat a family meal that you can make low-carb and something that also works for everybody else. That's a budgeting thing, and that's something you can do. Make one meal and look at the things you're snacking on.

People ask me, "Why do you drink ketones?".

I feel incredible and I've budgeted it in. Why do you go to Starbucks every single day? Priorities are never in conflict. What is your priority? Your nails or your food? I know it's easier said than done. I only get my nails done on special occasions, and it frustrates me to do them. I just hate how they feel, even though I like how they look pretty.

So those are a couple budgeting tips. If you have anything that truly helps you stay on track, or some family friendly meals that can go for everybody, share them with us.


  • "Do your kids eat keto?"

  • "You've got four daughters, do you give them a complex?"

  • "Your kids hear you coaching women, do your kids have issues?"

  • "I can't believe you don't let your kids eat donuts".

I get these questions all the time.Here's what I want you to understand, if you were taught how to eat healthily back when you were a teenager or a young kid, you might be able to stop saying "I'm fat and ugly".

But if you're constantly griping about your weight and how you look, your kids are internally hearing you.
  • "Oh, my mom is fat"

  • "Am I fat?"

  • "My mom doesn't like how she looks, should I also not like how I look?"

  • "She's eating a salad because she's on a diet"

  • "So that means if I'm on a diet, I'll eat a salad, but I don't have to eat that right now because that's mom and dad's food".

Your actions and your words are powerful. If you have children or if you've got people around you, be aware of the things you're saying and your actions. Take other people with you on this journey, take your kids with you. I have four daughters, and I'm very well aware of girls, social media, comparison, clothes, and the expectation of looking a certain way. I have that conversation with my kids all the time.

In fact, we took our 15 year old daughter off social media for a while and we had a great conversation. It was both our choices, because comparison is a real thing. Just think about that, as you're diving into being healthier.

Take your family with you even if they gripe about not liking the food. But who doesn't like tacos or grilled meat? You can make one vegetable at a time to encourage them to try it. We did that with our kids from a very young age. My husband never used words like, "Dad needs to lose 50 pounds", or "I'm fat".

Even today, I joke about getting super strong, but I like to say that we're all getting healthy together. When I decided to join my husband and help him on his journey, we sat our girls down. They were very young at that time, and I said "Listen, we're actually not going to have junk in our house. We're not going to buy the extra cookies anymore, and I'm going to stop being friends with Little Debbie". "I'm all done, I'm not going to drink the orange juice or the pop", "We're going to treat those things as a special treat. When we go to other places, we're going to do the best we can so that we can all be super healthy".

We told our girls that we're going to get healthy and strong. Our brains need good fuel, and I pointed out how we want our brains to feel. Then that's what we did over the course of seven years, we've taken our kids along with us. I want them to understand what food does for them. If they eat too much junk at a birthday party and they get stomachache, I explain to them the consequences of their actions.

  • How many cupcakes did you have?

  • How many donuts did you have?

  • Do you think too much sweets is what's causing your stomach to get hurt?

  • Do you think that might be the reason you don't feel good?

So now my girls have learned that one cupcake is fine, and you can enjoy yourself with your friends. But they don't need excess stuff.

I need them to figure this out for themselves, so that when they reach college and adult age, they're not starting over trying to figure things out.

  • I'm going to take my kids with me.

  • I'm going to be open minded.

  • I'm going to make a meal for all of us.

  • Even if they give me pushback, I'm going to let them see.

  • I'm going to do the best that I can.

  • I'm going to say I want them to be healthy like me.

  • I don't want them to have the same challenges that I do now.

  • I want to help them understand food.

If you just say stop eating certain things, but you don't actually have the understanding of why you're doing it, it will never work. Figure out what triggers the behavior. What caused you to be overweight? Is it emotions? Was it environment?

If you can't get down to why you're grabbing the food, then you might never change.

You can also help your kids go further faster if you help them to understand the power of food. My kids are not strict keto, but we do the best that we can. Usually if they go to the refrigerator for a snack, I'd tell them to grab a cheese stick or a beef stick.

Take that for what it's worth, and we keep it super simple. For the first year of us doing low-carb keto, I made the same basic meals for an entire year. It was cost effective and I knew everybody liked the meals I was making.

I told them, "It's supper, it's dinner. Let's enjoy and eat it. Let's move on with our day, we've got stuff to do"... That's just how straight and to-the-point person I am, but I'm learning to be super empathetic now.

Lastly, I'm starting another 10 day challenge group, and it's going to be in October. I'm going to give you a tip a tip to help you on your journey. We're going to start with eating low-carb, or we're going to start by being carb conscious. We're going to start by drinking water and evaluate all of the things that we're drinking and eating. We're going to do our best to move our bodies, and we're going to do it together.

So if you need some type of fuel source, Ketones incredible. I've budgeted it in, so if you want to know more about the 10-day Challenge, it's a box that has 5 different flavors, 10 Caffeine, 10 Caffeine-free, and it's an incredible fuel. I've been drinking ketones for seven years. So instead of getting my nails done, I drink Ketones and I feel great.

Benefits of Ketones...
  1. Fat loss

  2. Energy

  3. Focus

  4. Better mood

  5. Better sleep

  6. Appetite control

We work through how to help you with your goals. If you want something different, you keep your meals family-friendly, you're doing the best you can, you're not snacking, and you and I are working together, then this would be something that can help you go further faster.

You easily take one packet, add water, shake it up, drink it, and you're in ketosis in under an hour. You get a variety of flavors with one box. If you want to know more about my challenge and what it looks like, post challenge in the comments, and we'll chat.

Your body can make ketones but it might take a couple of days or even a week for you to do that. You have to cut down really low on carbs, cut out the junk, drink your water, move your body, and hopefully your body will make ketones on its own.

Ketones are a fuel source, there a long sustained energy, and you will feel great. And so I drink the product, I'm in ketosis, I have all the benefits, I do the best I can with my food, and I plug into an accountability group.
I will help you, if you want to join me for the next challenge.

I'm going to help you get started. You might be a coffee drinker, energy drinker, a caffeine pill taker. But ketones in general are an incredible fuel. If you stop drinking the product, you don't gain all your weight back.

Ketones are a brain fuel, your body takes them up and you're brain turns on. We have tons of science to help with that. The product is incredible and I'm here to help. I hope you guys have an incredible day, and that is all I have for you. I look forward to chatting with so many of you. We'll talk to you soon, bye!

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