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Keto Lifehacks - Sleep, Water, Food and Working out | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

So we're gonna give you a couple hacks around sleep, water, food and working out. Well, I think people don't realize this but the importance of your mattress...

Points to Ponder

00:26 Your biggest challenge

01:02 Sleep

01:17 A great bed

02:05 A cold room

02:16 Drinking too much water before bed time

02:25 Shut your phone off (read a book)

02:51 Working out

03:20 Discipline and Commitment

03:50 Food

04:11 The five second rule by Mel Robbins

04:42 Overeating Good food (Eating habits)

05:25 Food is fuel

05:43 Invest in yourself, you are worth it

06:20 Water

06:29 Always keep your water bottle with you

06:54 Use the rubber bands

07:02 Drink your water hours before going to bed

Full Episode Transcript

Hey Everybody! Happy Thursday! Okay! We just did our workout. How did you? How do you feel babe? Well, feel accomplished, "Accomplished" would be the word.

Sharing some Life hacks with you

It was kind of daunting for what we did, but it was super great. So we're gonna give you a couple hacks around sleep, water, food and working out. So if you took the poll last night... so I put a picture up and I said, "What is your biggest challenge around, is it eating? is it getting enough sleep? is it drinking enough water? or is it just working out? right?". So what is the challenge for you, it kind of was all over the place most... I mean, there wasn't like one thing that I felt like people dominated on. So as you're tuning in, while you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Have you worked out this morning? And for you, If you did not comment on the picture I posted last night...

What is the biggest challenge? Is it working out? Is it getting enough sleep? Is it drinking water? Or is it your food?

So let's start with sleep, right? So babe, what would be one hack to help people either get better sleep or more sleep? Well, I think people don't realize this but the importance of your mattress...

Oh good, a good bed yeah. A great bed, a mattress is so important. I remember when we got married, we said we're going to be spending you think about like you spend almost a third of your life in the bed. But yet, usually that's the one thing that either gets handed to you or handed down or it's not necessarily the greatest. And I realized it's an investment so I'd say you're worth the investment.

"Invest in a good bed, it will be worth it"

But what we did when we got married is we went to the furniture store and we didn't look at the price we didn't even look at brands. We didn't let any of that stuff bother us.

What we did is we just basically closed her eyes laid on the bed, said we're getting a good bed. I think at the end of the day we didn't get the most expensive one.

I think it was like somewhere towards the middle and that one has lasted a long time. Another tip though that a lot of people...(So we're doing tip for sleep right now) Tip for sleep, mattress is so important.

The next tip I'd give you, cold room. A cold room is really... Oh yes, the temperature in the room, temperature in the room. Most people wake up so often because they just get too hot and they start moving around. And then the other thing is they drink too much water before they go to bed which means that they have to wake up and go to the bathroom multiple times.

Right, so I would say yes mattress. So as far as getting enough sleep, if you can shut your phone off an hour before you go to bed. We like to listen to an audio book or read in bed. It's super helpful where red light or blue light glasses that block things, block the ray, what is it called?... I'm trying to think of the last time I read a book before going to bed. Usually we listen to something but there's just lots of things you can do. Some people need noisemakers, but whatever it is if you're not sleeping, well use some of those tips. If you are a great sleeper, what helps you sleep?

"You have make that decision and do it"

Okay, so we talked about working out the last couple days, we've talked about just preparing, finding accountability, finding something that you love just moving your body, right?. Any other tips for working out? You have to do it, make that decision and do it. We talked about setting your stuff out, having everything ready to go if you're an early morning worker out person. I know this, one big switch for us and I commend the people who can do it at the end of the day or in midday. But like once I get going, it's really hard for me to just say "Alright, I'm gonna stop everything and go to the gym".

At the end of the day I think it's all about discipline and the commitment to yourself.

I mean, you're not working out for anybody else other than yourself. Or if your why goes to your kids, like for us we want to be grandparents someday that can actually play on the floor. And that's why a functional fitness is important to us. And that's why we're focusing on our health and a healthy lifestyle, not just critical care, but healthy lifestyle. Find something that you love and is fine, and we're loving CrossFit. It's fun and competitive, and don't push yourself to get hurt, but just having fun.

So, food. I talk about this all the time on this page. I think my biggest tip around food if you feel like you constantly get to the afternoon or get to the evening and binge, is the number one question I say to ask yourself no matter what, is before you eat take five seconds... If you've never read the book, "The five second rule by Mel Robbins" it's a phenomenal book, with anything that you do, right?

So like getting up in the morning five, four, three, two, one out of bed. Five, four, three, two, one go to the gym.

Five, four, three, two, one press play. I do that every day when I'm about to pull this bar up, that weighs more than me, I always count down and go five, four, three, two, one lift. Go! And then I go. Right? So same thing with food, but it's kind of reversing it.

Use the 5 seconds Rule

Give yourself five seconds before you grab something to eat. I don't care what it is whether it's healthy or not, and tell yourself "Am I hungry?". Because oftentimes even healthy food, even Keto food, even however you eat, people overeat, right?

They eat out of emotion, they eat out of habit, they eat because they're bored. And so if you just simply ask yourself before you eat anything "Am I hungry?", and then "Is this the best choice I have?".

It's not about perfection, right? So it took us a year to kind of clean out our fridge, stop buying the white flour and the sugar and really transition our family to eating better, right? We're not strict Keto, we're Low carb, sometimes we eat more protein. It just depends, but the point is what is the lifestyle that's going to work for you? And five, four, three, two, one " Oh, that's not a good choice", put it down.

What do you think about food, anything else? It's important, Food is fuel. If you owned a Ferrari, you wouldn't be putting sledge in it like put the best gasoline in it. And just think of your body as a vehicle, your body is worth it, it's worth the investment. And sometimes you have to give up some things like maybe you don't go to the movie theater, maybe while you can't right now anyways, but maybe look for ways to pull some money from things that are just more material items, and invest them into yourself. Because I learned this from my grandparents a long time ago, they taught me two things, always pay yourself first, and if you have your health, you have everything. And if you have your health, you have everything. Right, because oftentimes, people go through life and they do all the things... you know, they work hard, they work hard, they work hard, get to the end, they maybe retire. And then they are on the couch because they're hurt or they're not taking care of themselves so they're overweight. So your health is super important. Continue to tune in to the page, because we'll give you tips and tricks and hacks around food and recipes.

So we had one more Water. How to get water, and so I give people this little tip. Grab your water for the day, and like this is my water bottle for the day. And all I'm going to do is continue to fill it up. So keep it with you, I swear by the end of our day, we probably have 15 water bottles around our house or glasses. My kids are always grabbing different glasses, and I don't care because there's water on counters and tables and at least people are drinking it.

Keep your bottle always with you

And so you can do something fun, here's a hack is figure out you should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water. So calculate that out however many water bottles it is.

So if I need five of these, put five rubber bands on there. Every time I'm done drinking one, I take a rubber band off by the end of the day that should be gone.

Try to drink all of your water an hour or two before you go to bed, so you're not waking up. But that's it, so we gave you some tips on sleeping, some tips on how to eat better, tips on working out and drinking your water.

If you have any phenomenal tips share with us. Yes. Where are you tuning in from? Does anybody here do CrossFit? We're loving it. We're almost done with our week four I think right? Today was a little bit hard, I just heard about tomorrow's workout. Yeah, my goodness, I'd squeeze them but my hand would probably break. We had a fun time. And it's way more fun to work out with somebody. So if it's not your spouse or somebody in your home, find a friend or a co worker or somebody and go. Hey, community matters. Do this with me or join, join a gym and get to know the people there. We've made a lot of new relationships, it's been really fun. It's been great.

So have a great day. Drink your water people. Ask your questions below.

We're here to help and we'll talk to you soon.

Bye, everybody.

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