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How to Eat Well & Think Well | Keto Mom

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Regardless of your past, you have to say my past doesn't define me. I'm in control of my future, and I get to decide what happens from today moving forward. You have to decide, there's no more blame shaming or justifying anything else. If you are an adult, here on here, you get to make the decisions every single day.

Points to Ponder


00:52 Learn how to eat well

01:22 Your mindset is right

02:10 What is one thing you're thankful for

03:16 "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews

03:40 Accept the responsibility for the past

04:11 Blame, shame and justify

04:38 My past doesn't define me

05:37 Controlling your thoughts

06:13 "Winning the war in your mind" by Pastor Craig Groeschel

06:44 How our thoughts shape our lives

07:07 Power of our words

08:20 Your thoughts

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, I just got done working out. I want to talk about the idea of not only do we want to learn how to eat well, but we want to learn how to think well. We on the page every single day, share recipes, tips and tricks with you, to help you with your Keto lifestyle. There's no shortage of recipes, or how to... so if you just want to go look for a whole bunch of recipes, go to

We have a blog there where we put everything, super simple. If you're looking for food, visit our blog,
First thing should be get your mindset right

Every single morning, I'm also going to be on here reading a book or going through a book with you, because you can learn how to eat well. Somebody said this to me yesterday, she said I didn't realize you would teach me how to eat but also think, and so I thought, that's a good way to say it. I think oftentimes people say I have to read a book or, I should listen to a podcast...

The way that you're going to grow as a person, feel better as a person, and make better decisions is by making sure that your mindset is right. And if your mindset isn't right, then you're probably going to spiral out of control, make those decisions that you don't want to, and constantly starting over. But if you can get your mindset right, then everything else will fall into place.

So if you're brand new, post new below. Also where are you tuning in from? Who worked out this morning? I did, clearly. Do you do your workouts in the morning or later in the day? I prefer morning workout because it helps set my day. And we always say where are you tuning in from and what is one thing you're thankful for? I am thankful for the sun, the sun is out. My husband has some outside work to do, so we're thankful for no rain. Isn't it funny how there was no rain for a long time and others have rain, it's totally fine. I'm also thankful for books, I love them. I love learning from other people, I'm thankful for mentors. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do something that completely pushed me out of my comfort zone. My daughters got to watch me, it's going to help stretch me and it's going to help stretch them. I got to learn from somebody who I think is incredible. So I have four dogs, four daughters, and we are living in Minnesota. It is a beautiful day here and we live in a lake.

"The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews
And anyways, we're going to be diving into "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews, on Monday. We just finished with "Atomic Habits", we also did the "Miracle Morning", and "Rain or Shine". And so "The Traveler's Gift" is going to be a storytelling book to give you perspective in life.

It's incredible, and I'm going to go through chapters one through three on Monday. But the ending of the chapter says I accept the responsibility for my past, I control my thoughts, I control my emotions, and I am responsible for my success. I think oftentimes, and rightfully so... You were not in control of the environment that you were in. The parents that raised you, you were not in control of your past when you were younger, or the food that was in your cupboard, you were not in control of a lot of things. But oftentimes as adults, it's easy to blame, shame and justify your past, and you take it into your future. Like, I didn't have this when I was younger, I wasn't taught to eat healthy. I wasn't taught to move my body. I wasn't given a gym membership, and all the "I didn't" or "I wasn't"... I get it, and there comes a point in life where you have to draw a line in the sand.

Regardless of your past, you have to say my past doesn't define me. I'm in control of my future, and I get to decide what happens from today moving forward. You have to decide, there's no more blame shaming or justifying anything else. If you are an adult, here on here, you get to make the decisions every single day to hit the snooze or get up to pack your lunch or to go through the drive thru. To go to the gym or skip your workout, to drink more water or drink more pop, you decide all of those things, not your past, not your emotions. I love that, because every single chapter from chapter three on, is going to give you a thought provoking perspective question for you to take action on. There's a story, and then there is a thought. So chapters one, two and three, are going to set that pace for you in this book. It's accepting the responsibility from your past and moving forward, controlling your thoughts. Because if you control your thoughts, then it's going to help control everything that you make the decision on the rest of your life. All right, this book, "Winning the war in your mind" won the votes, so this is going to be our August book. It is going to be a great read.

You control your future

For those of you who want to tune in and just watch here, I will be reading every single morning. But we're starting "The travelers gift" by Andy Andrews on Monday. To purchase the book, you can go to his website. And so for this other book, "Winning the war in your mind" by Pastor Craig Groeschel, my husband used to work for this church. We used to live in Oklahoma, we lived there for five years. It was an incredible season of our lives, it was something that was needed.

And pastor Craig Groeschel is one of our pastors. He's incredible, he has a church called online. So for his book, I'll just read a couple things from the very first chapter, where he talks about how our thoughts shape our lives.

Everything that you think, the words that you speak, he said in the next ten years, we will each look in the mirror, and someone will stare back at you. That person will be shaped by the thoughts of today. The life we have is a reflection of the things that we think.

And then we can also talk about the power of our words. He says, Do I like the direction my thoughts are taking me. Decide to change your mind, and you will change your life... I think sometimes people think that you can just simply change the food that you're eating, and it's not a big deal I'll go to the gym. Your health and fitness... One hundred percent, sometimes I'll say it's eighty percent food and twenty percent fitness. But we should say it's a hundred percent thoughts and words that you speak over yourself. And then it's eighty percent food and then twenty percent Fitness. Or maybe we should say it's Ninety five percent of your thoughts, four percent of your food, and one percent of your fitness and that's a hundred percent.

Thoughts and things, and your words are powerful. Food comes next when we're talking about health and fitness.
Your food and thoughts are more important

We could talk a lot of different ways with relationships and finances and things like that, but it's your thoughts. It's what you're putting in your mind and the words that you're speaking. Then it's the importance of food, and fitness. Fitness is great, but sometimes people think you can out eat a bad diet. You can't out eat a bad diet, or outwork a bad diet, you cannot outwork negative thoughts.

The gym isn't going to do that for you, the gym is going to help you get motivated, help you get toned, or stay in better shape. Your food and thoughts are more important than that. So with all that said, we're going to talk about blame, shaming, justifying the power of your words. The power of your thoughts, that will ultimately decide the food that you put in your mouth. The lack of fitness or going to the gym, and ultimately the decisions that you make every single day.

So thank you for tuning in, I hope the book club is helpful. It helps me stay accountable and I love to read.

I love to share what I'm learning, and so we're going into "The Traveler's Gift" on Monday, and "Winning the war in your mind" come August. So tune in here because I'll be reading to you every single day. If you've got questions at any point in time, post your questions below, I will come back later and answer your questions. I hope you guys have an incredible day and incredible weekend. Always reach out with any questions that you have. Private message me I would love to help you on your journey. Again, tune in to the page for recipes, tips and tricks. I hope you have an incredible day, and weekend, we'll talk to you soon.

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