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How To Eat On The Go? (Keto Travel Tips)

We are in Florida, it's beautiful, it's sunny, and it's super nice. And so I would love to chat with you a little bit about eating on the go, whether you are a carpool mom or dad, or if you're constantly living in the car during times when your kids are going back and forth from sporting events or activities.

We talk about eating out during your lunch breaks, going out with friends, traveling, or when you're physically not in your home. You are in charge of the food you're eating and making better choices.

You can also go to, and check on recipes, tips on how to get started, and my mom fuel (ketones). If you're just looking for recipes, there are recipes there that go back almost eight years. Besides recipes, I'm also going to give you some tips and tricks on how to eat the best that you can when traveling.

We've also been going through books together to understand the power of your mindset. Your greatest asset is your "Growth Mindset". It's how you think and if your mindset isn't right, your decisions or choices might not be what you want them to be. I realized that a couple of years ago, so I started reading books with you. We just finished the book called "Your Divine Fingerprint".


Are you here for recipes?

Are you here to be told what net carb and total carb are?

Are you here for some keto tips?

Are you here for inspiration?

Why are you here?

I actually know, deep down in my heart, what people need. But it's not always what people want. My heart wants to talk about a growth mindset and helping people get out of the gutter. I want to help people think right and understand the power of their mindset and words. But not everybody wants that, nor do they want to acknowledge it or have awareness around it.

But if you want to change your life forever, you need to work on your growth mindset and pay attention to things that you're reading and listening to. This will help you lose fat, lose weight, and make you feel better. This will feed your soul, and help you become a better person. This will help you make better decisions about your health and fitness.

What are you watching?

What words are you speaking?

What are you listening to?

"Your thinking will limit you, or make you unlimited"...

Most of the time when we have barriers that come up against us in our life. It's not due to anybody else, but our own thinking and our thinking put up those barriers.


All right! So we're in Florida for vacation slash work. Here are some quick ideas for you. Oftentimes, people will send me messages saying they're very busy.

I like to say I'm productively busy, only because I'm working on saying "Yes" to the right things, and "No" to the things that are not serving our family.

So here's what I want you to think about when you're traveling and you're out of your home. When you're physically not making your food, you can still make the best choices possible. Let's talk about driving the kids around, or you're at work and you forgot to pack your lunch, if you're on the go, if everybody in your office is going out to eat.

While it's vitally important to take a little bit of time at least once a week to plan your meals, prep, and have some ideas for dinner. If you didn't do it, it's totally all right. Let's say you've dropped off your kids and have McDonald's over there.

If that's the closest that you can have, what can you eat at McDonald's to make you feel like you did not completely fail?

  1. You can take the buns off the burger.

  2. You can grab a double burger or an egg sandwich.

  3. You can have some salad.

So if you're out and about, and you did not make your food or pack your lunch, just try to make the best choices possible.


Also, you should always have water or ketones. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. It will make you feel good because your body comprises 70% water. So if your goal is to just get started, or to get things back on track to feel good. Try to evaluate what's in your shaker bottle, or evaluate what you're drinking. A majority of people actually overdrink sugary drinks, so make sure you drink your water!


The simplest tip ever is to take the buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, or grab a lettuce wrap. It's being mindful of what you eat. I know everybody else might be eating the french fries, but just try to remember your "Why"...

Remember your goals and stay focused. If you do that, then going out to eat, even though it's fast food, doesn't have to stress you out and make you feel like you completely failed. Do the best that you can when you're traveling.

We do the same thing. So we have an Airbnb and our own kitchen where we can make some food. But when we're out and about, we can order protein, veggies, and salads.

Do I have control if the meat is organic? Absolutely not!

Do I have control over which oils they're using on the vegetables? I don't! y

Do I have control of the dressings? No, but you could do oil and vinegar, or ranch or blue cheese.

"Don't mess up good for perfect".

When you're not at home and you did not plan, you're going to have to grab something on the go. Just don't mess up good for perfect.

If you've chosen not to pack your lunch and you're not set up for success, just try to choose the best option that you can.

  1. Dressings on the side.

  2. Croutons off the salad.

  3. Protein and veggie.

  4. Protein and salad.

  5. Eat when you're hungry, not when you're bored.

  6. You don't need to be snacking while waiting for your kids.

I coach people every single day about how much food they're eating. I believe most people are just overeating. Whether it's on vacation or sitting at your office desk munching on food, even if it's healthy food. The amount of food we're consuming is usually the problem.

There's the sugar, the crazy processed foods, and the number of things people are drinking. Ask yourself...

Am I hungry?

Am I bored?

Am I hungry?

Am I just snacking because it's in front of me?

Am I drinking water?

Am I moving my body?

Be mindful of the food you're eating and how much you're eating. This will help you on your journey, whether you're at home, going through a drive-thru, or on a vacation.

All right! I hope that's helpful. If you have any questions, send me a message and I'll answer you.


You can also go to our blog if you've never tried my ketones. Every day, we're mailing out ketones, they come in trial packs and they're incredible. I've been drinking them for almost eight years. And if they didn't work? I wouldn't be drinking them for eight years.

I call it my mom fuel, but it's not just for moms, it's for anybody. So if you've never tried them, ketones actually help with your energy. I haven't taken a nap in over eight years. It will also help you with your appetite control so that you're not snacking all day.

So if you've never tried them, message me, I want to have a conversation with you about how they work. I'll show you some videos about how they work, and we'll chat about your goals.

Alright! I hope you guys have an incredible day, and I look forward to chatting with you later!

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