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Where Are You At With Your Goals? Time For A Check-In!

Welcome to the Keto Mom page! Welcome to my kitchen, we're making lunch. We just finished with CrossFit.

What are you having for lunch?

My husband just made some tuna fish and used way too much relish. Share what you're having for lunch, because it gives other people ideas of what to make. We also just finished with CrossFit, we did a crazy workout today. We did 160 situps, we had to do a partner workout. We did 12 rope climbs split, and then we did 120 wall balls.


We keep it so simple in our home, we're having tuna fish. My husband has canned salmon, with mustard, mayo, and relish. We're having some low-carb wraps with some tuna fish. We got these wraps at Costco, and they're a bit bigger.

We keep it so simple, especially after CrossFit. Intermittent fasting is going incredibly. Are you intermittent fasting? How is it going? If you have any questions about intermittent fasting, you can message me.

Did you pack your lunch, or did you go out for lunch? If you went out for lunch, share what you had. Oftentimes, people think that if they go out for lunch, they can't make their own meals or it's too hard to eat low-carb, but it's actually the opposite. When you eat out, you can order anything that you want. You can substitute anything that you want and make a better option.


We've got two calls coming up tonight, the first zoom would be an interview with a doctor. I've interviewed Dr. Ryan Lowery before. Dr. Ryan Lowery and Dr. Jacob Wilson wrote the book called The "Ketogenic Bible". So if you're ever looking for an incredible keto resource that would really help you understand Keto or low-carb, I suggest you grab the book. It has a lot of medical questions and answers, and even keto recipes. The ketogenic Bible is a great resource.

I interviewed Dr. Ryan and Dr. Andi a couple of weeks ago. Today, I'm going to interview Dr. Jacob Wilson. If you want to be a part of that interview, message me. He's going to talk about different things...




So if you want to hop on zoom to learn about ketones and intermittent fasting, send me a message and I'll invite you to that zoom.


I also have another zoom later this evening, which is all about the company behind the product that I drink. This company is an opportunity if you're ever looking for something to do from home. I was just talking to a mom at the CrossFit gym, and she was looking for something to do from home so she can homeschool her kids and stay home with her kids.

I've got people that would love to have a side job to help pay off some debt. Some would just love to just have some friends and a community. If you scroll through my FB stories throughout the week, I hop on a zoom to lead a team and we get to meet with people at events.

These ketones are amazing and the first zoom is going to be all about how Ketones work. We're also going to talk about intermittent fasting and how incredible it is. The second zoom we're going to be hearing from our team, what the team aspect is all about, the opportunity, and the community. So if you want to be on that zoom, send me a message.

If you already love ketones and you're looking for something to do on the side and would love to hear more about the business opportunity, comment opportunity below, or send me a message. I'll send you the link for both zooms, or if you can't hop on I'll send you the replay.

I just want to hop on here and just check in with you. I wanted to see, how you are doing as you're going into your health journey.

How are you doing with your keto goals?

How are you doing with your health goals?

How are you doing with anything that you placed on your vision board?

How are you doing with the goals you set for yourself this year?

If you're not doing okay, I can help you get back on track or get moving in the right direction. Whatever it is you're looking for, you can always ask questions in the comments, or send me a message and I will answer you. Whether you need a kick in the booty to get going.


Oftentimes, people say they don't have anybody in their sphere of influence. They feel like they don't have anybody that can hold them accountable.

So at CrossFit, we were talking about how incredible the community is. It's easy to give up on yourself if nobody knows what you're doing. It's easy to say "I'm tired", or "I'm going to quit at four reps instead of 15".

It's easier when you have other people knowing your goals and knowing what you're doing because they won't let you off the hook that easily.

At CrossFit, I know that they're counting my reps. Today, it was a team workout and we each had to go back and forth. If I was working out from my home, after so many reps, I could have told myself "I'm tired", "That was good enough", or "I'm done". But because we were working as a team and counting each other's reps, we knew what we were doing. We held each other to a higher standard, you have a higher standard where people know what you're doing.

If you've never had an accountability partner or people don't know your goals, throw it out on social media, and tell your mom, your sister, your friend, or your coworker. If you need an accountability partner, check in with somebody or you can check in with me. That will help hold you accountable to a level that will help you not quit when it gets hard when you get tired when you don't want to do it, or when you've got cravings.

I see it in my gym performance because I'm getting so strong and so buff. I wouldn't be getting this strong if I gave up on myself. So, I hope you guys have an incredible day. This was really more of a check-in, I want to know how you're doing. Ask any keto questions below, if you want to hop on the zoom meetings post zoom below, if you want to know more about the incredible business opportunity, post the opportunity below.

It's going to be an incredible afternoon. I look forward to chatting with you later, we'll talk to you soon. Bye!

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