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Dinner Ideas and Macros! Keep it Simple.

Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie Mielke. I want to have a quick conversation with you about dinner and macro.

I get a lot of questions about macros, and dinner ideas. So as you're tuning in, where you're tuning in from? I want to do accountability real quick...

Did you work out today?

How was your day going?

Did you intermittently fast?

Did you eat breakfast?

How is your day going?

How has it gone?

Did you choose a good option for lunch?

What is on your menu?

What is in your crock pot?

What are you making for dinner?

We have a roast in our crock pot, we have great grandma and grandpa coming over, and we're going to have a great dinner with them. We also have a free event tonight called Keto Academy. It's where you get to tune in and watch some science and research about our company, products, ketones, or anything in the Keto space.

My family and I went to CrossFit this afternoon, it was actually really hard, my legs are still wobbly but it went great.

We're doing a really cool five-day intermittent fasting program where we're helping people understand the power of intermittent fasting, the power of ketones, utilizing some tools, and we have an accountability group. If you want to start intermittent fasting or help with just the process of getting started.

I challenge you to Google intermittent fasting and its incredible benefits. You can also reach out to me and I'll chat with you about some options to get you started.


I think it's probably the number one question I get, "I need some new ideas for food"... Sometimes dinner can be crazy, so make sure you plan your meals once a week. On Sundays, you can plan, write, and go to the grocery store. Have everything ready so you're not overwhelmed and end up buying fast food.

What's on your menu for tonight?

I want others to get ideas from you. We love chicken or beef Tacos on Tuesdays. In the spring, summer, and fall, we love to grill, or any type of meat, veggie meat, or protein. I love to make anything simple in our crock pot, like chili.

There's really no shortage of low-carb, keto recipes. You can go to our blog,, we have hundreds of recipes there. You can also search google or Pinterest for low-carb, keto dinners.

Some of you can't have any dairy, so go to Pinterest and search for dairy-free keto meals. Information, the amount of knowledge, and things that you can get at your fingertips are endless. You have to do some planning and figure out what you want to make.


keep it as simple as possible. You can do a veggie, protein, and a salad. Drink your water, and don't overstress or overthink it. I didn't actually have something planned last night after we got home from CrossFit, so we had eggs. We usually have eggs in our refrigerator because I love to make protein waffles. We also had a couple of little steaks that were on thaw. So we made a little breakfast for dinner.

We also love chili, tacos, or any type of protein. Anything I can throw in the crock pot, or breakfast for dinner, is usually what we're going to do.


If you're doing keto, tracking all your food, and you get to the end of your day, you still have room for a certain amount of calories that you can eat. The number one challenge or problem that can mess up somebody who is working on losing fat, or getting healthier, is overeating. You don't really have to fill in your macros.

For those of you who are simply making better choices, and you're not actually tracking your food. Do not eat just to eat! A lot of people are snacking every couple of hours only because the food is in front of them, at their offices, in their desk drawers, or on their countertops. Some get to the end of the day and feel like they have to eat the rest of their protein.

No, you don't! Your body will tell you when you're hungry!

If you feel like you're hungry and you just had a meal, drink some water. If you feel like you're hungry and you're about to have dinner in an hour, then be okay with waiting for dinner.

Work on not snacking so much or not eating in the evenings. Be aware of when you're overeating, even overeating good food. You can get to the end of the day and you don't have to fill in your macros. You also don't need a snack before bed because you just ate dinner.

I'm not yelling or condemning you. I usually just get intense, because I also just had the awareness for myself. I'm a stay-at-home mom, I work from home, and we homeschool our girls. So it gives me the opportunity to go reach the fridge at any point in time.

I don't need to eat just to eat, even if it's meat and cheese, a better snack, or half an avocado. I used to say to myself, "It's keto I can eat it".

If you find yourself saying that, I want you to switch it and ask yourself...

Am I hungry?

Am I bored?

Am I hungry?

Am I emotional?

Am I hungry?

Am I eating because it's in my eyesight?

"Out of sight out of mind".

Don't get to the end of your day and eat, to fill in your macros. You don't need to eat all day. Be mindful of when you're eating and when your body needs food. Use food as fuel!


How is your intermittent fasting going? For those of you who dove into it with us, let me know how it's going and how you feel. I woke up this morning, shook up my ketones, drank a little bit of water, sat down, and my stomach actually growled for probably five minutes.

So I grabbed my shaker bottle and drank my ketones because I really want to continue intermittent fasting. If you want to know more about fasting or our fasting kit, send me a message and we will talk.

I fasted for 16 hours and I got to the point where I feel good. I got my mind off of the food, and that's why I want to intermittent fast. All you have to do is Google "Intermittent Fasting benefits". Or if you want help and you need a tool, ketones are a tool.

I tell most people to start with our fasting kit because it has our electrolytes, ketones, and protein. It also doesn't break your fast. And then I also have them grab one of our challenge kits to dive into drinking ketones on the weekends. This is the best place to start and get your mindset around paying attention to not eating just because you're bored.

Do not let food control you!

Control when you eat, be mindful of the food around you and drink your water. It took me a few years to try it, and I feel so good now. Ketones preserve muscle and help with your appetite. They help with fat loss, focus, and so much more.


My Ketones

My crock pot

My air fryer

My water bottle with a straw

Doing CrossFit

These are things that I've set up to help me stay successful and hit my goals. I'm just here to help. I hope you guys have an incredible day.

I look forward to chatting with so many of you. Have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you soon, bye!

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