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COSTCO FINDS - Keto Snacks made Easy | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

I'm going to talk about snacks, but I'm going to talk about snacks in a little bit of a different way, because oftentimes people bring up Keto snacks and "I'm eating all these Keto snacks and what Keto snacks Can I have?". So there are snacks that are better options to support your Low carb, Keto lifestyle.

Common Questions answered by Keto Mom

03:36 Coconut Keto Clusters

04:06 Are these Keto options?

05:31 Good, Better, Best

06:15 Strict Keto Diet

06:39 "Snacker" tips

06:59 Serving Size

07:50 Keto Nut Granola

08:44 Overeating good food

09:30 Duke's Beef sticks

09:59 Macadamia nuts

10:41 Greenwood Green Ridge Farm natural beef snacks

10:57 Keto Brownie Mix

11:51 Keto Friendly bread

13:10 What are your favorite Keto snacks

14:41 Some helpful Keto tips

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Welcome to the Keto Mom page.

"What are your favorite Keto snacks?"

My name is Stephanie and we are going to talk about a couple snacks that I found at Costco. So I went to Costco today I have not been to Costco for a very, very long time. It is one of my favorite favorite stores. Who else loves Costco? I'm going to talk about snacks. But I'm going to talk about snacks in a little bit of a different way, because oftentimes people bring up Keto snacks and "I'm eating all these Keto snacks and what Keto snacks Can I have?" And so we're gonna talk about snacks in just a second (sorry, I had to fix something). But as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Maybe I should ask you this question. Depending on where you're tuning in from, it might be Friday night where you're at. If you're on the other side of the world, it's Saturday. If you're watching me, you're probably like me and you're at home on a Friday night. I went to Costco earlier today with some of my girlfriends, it was super fun. We just had a great time we went out for lunch, we actually had to go dress shopping because our church is celebrating their 40th year so we're having a formal dinner tomorrow. All the fun things, but as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from Happy Friday night.

I hope you're having a blast like I am, now my kids are playing. I just had one that we picked up from volleyball the other girls if you follow my stories, which I did not post a lot today I was present with some friends. But they are playing partially Laura Ingalls Wilder partially Anna Green Gables. Does anybody like those shows? So if you follow my stories, at least I should be on Instagram and Facebook, we got these cute little dresses. If you do not know my family, we have four daughters. We live in Minnesota, we homeschool and we share what works for our lifestyle with you every single day.

So how are you doing? I'm going to share with you some some Keto snacks. Some things I found at Costco, but I want to give you an idea real quick. How many of you snack throughout the day? So do you consider yourself a snacker? This is a question I get all the time. What can I snack on? Am I overeating? Or the question usually comes in the form of I feel like I've reached a plateau or I feel like I'm stuck. And my question back is

"Have you been snacking a lot? What are you snacking on? Are you eating when you're not hungry?".

That's usually where snacks fall into place... is in that timeframe where you're bored, you're sitting in front of a computer, it's Friday night, you're watching a movie. And so I'm going to show you some snacks, some of these are even labeled Keto, low carb snacks but I want you to know something, okay? Because I already know, I'll post a picture of like a low carb wrap, a missions wrap, things that are labeled Keto and it never fails. I get somebody or a good handful of people that go, "That is not Keto, I can't believe you're promoting that product". And what I want you to know something, "There is no one size fits", right?. So there are snacks that are better options to support your Low carb, Keto lifestyle. So for example, and I'm going to walk you through something.

These were at Costco today, who has tried these? If you're watching on Instagram, guess what? it's backwards, I'm sorry. But who has tried these? So they say Coconut Keto clusters. They have pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, all organic, like very appealing for net carbs per serving. I'm going to give you an example of something so you understand why they are keto. Because if you actually look at the back of it, you can subtract the fiber, so if you're trying to look at the carb count remember you can subtract fiber and sugar alcohol. So... but there still is a little bit of cane sugar in here. It doesn't say how much, is this a Keto option? Many people... it depends, it's about 50/50. People that are dirty Keto, Low carb lazy Keto... "You know what? I'm doing the best that I can". Those people would say, "Yeah, that's it! that's a great option". For those who are saying, "No way, I am strict Keto. I've got serious goals". (I don't know why it's so dark on this camera. So please forgive me, and I'm talking to another camera. It's just how I have to do it, so Instagramers super sorry. I don't know why my face is so dark, but they can follow on Facebook).

So I want to tell you something... When you tell people especially that are starting on a Low carb Keto journey, and then all of a sudden they go to the store and they see something like this? and they go "Oh my goodness! it's a way better option".

Portion Control

Because there was something... have you guys ever tried the Cashew Clusters from Costco? they're incredible and they are not great for you. So they're sitting right next to the Cashew clusters, if you compare the two bags there is a better option, right? This is a better option. If somebody says... you know "Either I'm going to run through the McDonald's drive thru or I'm going to run home real quick and I'm going to grab a lettuce or a low carb wrap. I'm going to grab the low carb wrap". It's a better option, right? Sometimes you're going to have people that give you a really hard time, "That's not Keto, you should not be eating that".

"But what I want to encourage you, is there's a Good a Better and a Best, right?"

So when you're choosing food items or choosing snacks if you have to snack, choose a better option. If this is going to keep you on track, you're not going to get frustrated, you're not going to eat the entire bag. But it helps you because it's better than a Snickers bar, it's better than a chocolate frosty from Wendy's. If this is going to keep you from spiraling out of control and grabbing the donut in the office, this is a better option right? I'm not saying that this is 100% Keto because let me tell you, when you start buying processed snacks there's nothing 100% Keto about this. A Keto diet is eating whole foods 80% fat under 20 carbs a day, you have to measure your broccoli. Like if you're doing a strict Keto diet, a lot of people do it for medical reasons.

Most people are here for better fat loss or better energy and they want to fit their swimsuit. I just had somebody say I have to fit my wedding dress, "Why are you here? What are your goals?". And if you are a snacker I'm going to give you some tips. I'm not a big snacker but I grabbed some things at the store today because I wanted to try them. I like my kids to have different options, so we grabbed this. My daughters that play volleyball, I would love for them to snack on this and then a candy bar, right? it's a better option. Now, here's something you need to pay attention to, the serving size. You don't put this in your car, you don't put this in your backpack. You don't set this on your office desk, you don't set this at the desk at home when you're working from home and constantly grab into the bag. You either pre portion this all tonight, if I came home from the store, you can either pre portion or just know that a serving size is about a fourth a cup. I'm going to show you something else that I measured already, it's one ounce it's about 1/4 cup. So either keep a measuring cup in the bag, or a lot of people just go home put them in snack baggies, grab one snack baggy out and on their way... "Who pre-portions their snacks?". And who has tried this? Do you like it? I actually think it's really good, I already tried it so I wasn't munching on the camera. So here is an option that we found at Costco, let me ask you this Yay or Nay? Do you like em'?.

Always pre portion your snacks

Another option that we found my kids used to love granola, I have not tried this but I grabbed it same concept as this one, right? They're both labeled Keto, if you are a super strict Keto dieter, you track every single thing, you probably are not going to be snacking on processed snacks. Okay, if you are Low carb, a "Choosing a better option, this is going to keep me from going to the drive thru or from the gas station", it's a better option. Does this makes sense?, so a lot of these I just got for my kids. Same thing, this measures 1/3 cup. So you're going to measure it out, you're going to have your snack if you're hungry. The key is if you are hungry, not if you're bored, not if you're emotional, not if you're watching me and you're going to go sit and watch a movie on a Friday night and munch on something. If you're hungry, snacks come if you're hungry.

Most of the time people overeat, you can even over eat good food. So measure out your food. Here's the thing for you, "What gets managed, gets measured".

Some of you measure all of your foods. Some of you like me... if you, like me don't want to measure everything. If you don't want to be tracking it all, and I did it years and years ago, then I will just say the tip is to flip. I'm going to flip it over, I'm going to look at what the serving sizes. I'm going to look at the options of what's in it, this is actually really a great product. Actually better than the Keto cluster, so I don't know what it tastes like, should I try it? I'm not hungry, that was a trick not hungry.

Okay, same thing for these... Duke's beef sticks, my husband likes these. So if he gets hungry in between meals, he'll grab a couple of these. Some of you might say if you look at it, it says less than one gram of sugar, but it's less than one. So somebody might go "That's not a Keto option". It might not be a Keto option, it's a better option. So these are another thing that my husband snacks on pretty often. Here's my favorite snack, and again "What gets measured gets managed". I love Macadamia nuts, I already measured them out for you. It says 12 pieces, it's about one ounce, it's 1/4 cup. So what I'm going to do is I would grab a fourth cup,

measure it out, take this with me to my desk to the table, I'm homeschooling my kids. While I'm going to the car to grab my kids from volleyball if I needed a snack, like that's what I would do, or I would pre portion them.

So keep it super simple, don't overthink it, the tip is to flip and realize that a lot of the processed snacks that you were buying that say Keto on them are probably not a Keto option, but a better option.

Does that make sense? Here's another option that we got at the store, some of you asked about beef sticks, because a lot of them that you find even jerky and things are filled with sugar.

Costco had these great Greenwood Green Ridge Farm natural beef snacks, no sugar, they were in the cold section by the dairy, the cheese. These are great, if you've ever tried them, my husband likes those. Here's something new that I found I have not tried it yet, you're gonna have to let me know if you... and I don't even know if they're going to be good. I honestly grabbed it off the shelf. We had to climb... my friend Kelly had to climb up the shelf to grab them. I don't know what they taste like, I'm actually just going to make them for a little party that we're going to. And if they're great, they're great if they're not, they're not. So I got suckered in and I was like, "Okay! they make a great syrup, I can't promise you they're gonna taste great". It's a better option if you're going to go to a party, and if you want to bring something to share and you don't want to grab something else, right?. You can bring your own. So I will make these and I'll let you know how they turn out. If you've made them, you let me know what you think of them.

And then the last thing I grabbed, my kids still like to have peanut buttery toast in the morning. I don't often buy bread ever unless it's like the zero carb bread, or sometimes I'll get the kids zekiel bread, the one that sits in the freezer. But we saw this at Costco, do your guys' cost about Costco have this?. So my kids can have some peanuts, and it's again, it's processed, right? And it still has wheat in it. So for those of you who use those low carb wraps, who uses the low carb wraps?. The mission ones or there's some other ones that still have wheat, but they can say they're Low carb because they have a ton of fiber, right? So the carbs that are in it are all dietary fiber. So it gives you the Keto qualifications of falling in line with your macros, that does not mean that there's not wheat in it does not mean that there's not gluten in it. So I haven't tried it, I have not tried it. I told my girls they could make some toast in the morning to see what they think, we'll update you on the stories.

Keto Friendly Bread

So all of these things that I grabbed are a better option, and everybody has different goals. Somebody who's looking to lose sixty, seventy, eighty to a hundred pounds might not be snacking on these things right? Because they might not fall in line with their goals, or maybe you're just maintaining, right? Everybody's on a different journey and a different story. If you're just maintaining, and you want to stick where you're at, but you want to have some better options. These are some better options. These are some better options. Make sure you measure it out. A couple other snacks. "What are the snacks that you eat on this low carb lifestyle?" I love pickles, I usually have beef sticks a cheese stick, hard boiled eggs or macadamia nuts. I'm super simple, I don't need 100 different options. I honestly will have a hard boiled egg pickles, or protein shakes sometimes. So what do you snack on? Do you snack often? Is this helpful? And does this makes sense that these are not 100% "Hey, I can eat all of this that I want, because it's Keto?".

Please hear me on this because the question that I get so often is I've hit a plateau. I'm not going as fast as I want, I'm not seeing the scale move. And my biggest question to every single person when they send me a message and it's every single day, is I say "Are you eating when you're not hungry? And are you snacking on a lot of Keto snacks, like pre processed Keto snacks?" and if you're not hungry, and you're still eating, like, if you're not hungry, and you're still eating some good, better snacks, you just can overeat, right? So for example, my girls made some supper, I ate a late lunch. They were snacking on some sausage and some Low Carb Pancakes didn't turn out very good. And they're sitting right here, and I could easily eat them because they look good. But I'm physically not hungry. I have to remind myself that too, I'm not hungry I actually made a protein shake. I was like, "Ah... I'll drink a protein shake before it gets too late", and I'm actually good for the night.

So if you think that you're hungry here's a couple tips and then I'm gonna let you go.

Go drink a glass of water, and then ask yourself if I'm hungry.

Go brush your teeth, oftentimes you're eating out of emotions or eating out of habit again or eating because it's a Friday night and we're all sitting around going "What are we supposed to do? I'm gonna go eat and watch your movie", right? So, shut the kitchen lights off. I'm going to drink my protein shake and I'm gonna go brush my teeth and then I'm done for the night, go drink some water, drink some electrolytes. If you do need a snack or a treat, grab something, measure it out, and then put the entire bag away so you don't have it sitting on your lap. Because before you know it, you will get through your entire movie and what will happen, you'll eat the entire bag. You cannot... you do not want to overeat even good food. So I hope that was helpful, I got a whole bunch of other stuff from Costco to. I'll tell you this, Costco is my favorite store, if there's one store to go to it has got incredible organic foods, all the produce all the meats. Anything that you want, they take all my money... Costco. Anybody love Costco, so that's it.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Friday night and we will talk to you soon.

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