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Black Friday SALE Starts Now!

    There's even a sale on one of my favorite boxes called the "Top Picks Box". These are 5 different flavors of all our favorite flavors from last year. We've got a fun challenge kit that's got a variety of flavors. 

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and we're going to talk about a Black Friday sale that's happening right now. You don't want to miss it!

Do you participate in Black Friday and have fun shopping?
Are you an online shopper, or do you like to go to the actual stores?
Is that something that excites you, or would you rather get a deal online?

I am an extrovert, so I do like to go to the store. But I also like to look for a deal in the comfort of my home by the fireplace on the couch.

So with that, we actually have a "FUN BLACK FRIDAY SALE" on my mom fuel. Ketones are not actually just for moms, it's for anybody.

What do Ketones do, and how do they work?

I did an interview with two different doctors, Dr. Ryan Lowery and Dr. Andi. Dr. Ryan talks more about athletics, performance, muscle preservation, or ketones in general. While Dr. Andi works more with women, hormones, and fat loss.

They both are incredible. If you have not seen those interviews post interview, let me know and I'll send you those interviews. They're going to talk to you about what ketones do, and how your body makes ketones. How these actually work in your body from a doctor's point of view.


We have a Black Friday sale on my mom fuel, dad fuel, or people fuel. I've got nurses, doctors, teachers, moms, dads, dog moms, and athletes. They're all using this product to put them in ketosis.

If you understand ketones from my point of view, or from a homeschool mom's view. Your body can make ketones, but most people don't do the ketogenic diet. Other people are more good at doing a low carb, carb-conscious way of eating because it creates a lifestyle.

So they also drink the product, doing better on their food, drinking more water, and moving their bodies. This product puts ketones in your system, and you can also have your body make ketones if you did the diet.

But the majority of people just want to do low-carb diet. They want to do the best they can, but they want to feel good. When you put this in some water, you're going to shake it up, you're going to drink it in under an hour, you'll be in ketosis.


We have mainstay flavors, or flavors that you can get all the time. We have seasonal flavors that are available on sale.

We have things like our Keto Kreme, which people have been asking me about because we are in the season of people wanting some warm drinks. So you put this Keto Kreme in your coffee, that way you're not drinking all the sugar.

I love to drink our protein. I drink it after I work out because protein is super important. Whatever it is that you're looking for! We have a fun Black Friday sale for you. If you want to post Black Friday, message me and I will send you the information so that you can check it out.