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Pruvit Black Friday SALE 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The whole breakdown is below with #s and flavor descriptions!

Walking you through PRUVIT KETONES flavors!


My whole website is 25-30% off, we’ve brought back dozens of limited-stock products and flavors that people have been missing so much, plus we have a NEW 7-day variety pack you can add your order for over 50% off! 

This is YOUR chance for you guys to try or stock up on this group’s favorite products for energy, fat loss, hunger control, good mood, and focus! It changed me from a cranky, exhausted, overweight, binge-eating mom to a happy, productive, lean, excited mama who finally has control over my eating and has completely changed the shape of my body! 


Here’s a guide to explain what the products are/do, the flavors and your savings:

Let’s start with the best! NAT is by far our most effective and popular product! It gets you into deep nutritional ketosis in under 30 to 60 minutes (whether you’re keto or not), achieves consistent fat loss without plateaus, effective hunger and craving control, amazing, lasting, clean energy, mental clarity, focus, younger-looking skin, better mood, digestion and sleep and less puffiness, bloat, swelling and pain! NAT is simply shaken up in water and is available in charged/caffeinated or decaf and comes in these mouthwatering flavors:

TOP PICKS VARIETY PACK- out five top voted flavors of all time: snowcone, hibiscus lemonade, watermelon sweets, groovy grape and blackberry pineapple, all in one box, four of each flavor, charged or decaf.

10 DAY DRINK KETONES CHALLENGE - A variety of mystery flavors, half charged and half decaf

Scroll to the NAT section for these mainstay flavors:

Heart Tart- sweet tart

Swiss Cacao- hot cocoa

Splash- watermelon pink grapefruit

Berry Blue- blue shlushee

Strawberry Peach

Blueberry Açaí

Lime Time- lemon lime

Raspberry Lemonade

Tru Passion- mango passionfruit

COCKTAIL COLLECTION- 4 cocktail-inspired flavors (Mojito nights, fresa freeze, Miami vibes and banana daiquiri) all in one box, half charged/half decaf

Fresa Freeze- strawberry daiquiri, a beautiful blend of frozen strawberry with a squeeze of lime

Miami Vibes- delicious blend of strawberry daiquiri and piña colada, marrying together strawberry, pineapple and coconut!

Banana Daiquiri- Beautiful light blend of banana and coconut, to me this taste just like a banana runts candy!

Mojito Nights- refreshing blend of lime, mint and sugarcane

Green Apple- light smooth delicious, green apple, just like biting into a granny Smith

Watermelon Sweets- watermelon jolly rancher Fueled by Female- light pink grapefruit with added ingredients for womens health & happy hormones

Groovy grape- like purple grape Kool-Aid or Popsicles

Hibiscus lemonade- One of our most popular flavors, sweet, tart and floral, for some reason this taste like gummy bears to me!

Prickly Pear- The fruit of the cactus, which literally taste like a mix of cotton candy and bubble gum!

Sno Cone- like a frozen red shaved ice

Wild Tiger- soft mellow cantaloupe with a touch of apple

Pudding pop- frozen chocolate jello pudding popsicle

Rainbow Candy - Skittles!!!

MEXICAN (LIQUID) NAT- (save $33-39) (same amazing benefits as powdered NAT in a salt free, instant-active concentrated sour liquid formula)!

Available in:

Kiwi Limon- refreshing blend of kiwi and lime

Pera Dulce- creatively delicious blend of pear and honeydew melon

Dulce Agrio- strawberry sweet tart candy

Limonada Dulce- sour Lemonheads candy

Scroll to the NAT section for these two permanent flavors of Mexican NAT:

Naranja- sour orange candy

Hibisco- sour hibiscus blackberry

BLACK LABEL-(save $40-47) looking for Nat, but stronger?? Black label is the same amazing energy, fat loss, better mood, hunger control and mental clarity of NAT but 30% stronger! It’s our most patent formula with 1/3 MORE ketones, caffeine and amino acids for all day long impact! Available in:

Blue Ocean- blue Hawaiian / piña colada light blue pineapple coconut

Ruby Rush- Ruby red grapefruit with zero bitterness or sourness, super delicious!

KETO KREME-(save $21-25) The best-tasting coffee creamer on the planet, whether you’re keto or not! This perfect blend of MCT oil, collagen, cream, and keto-approved sweetener mixes easily in hot or cold coffee, Frappuccinos, shakes, yogurt, whipped cream, fat bombs, and recipes for the perfect burst of flavor and creaminess!

Better Toffee- buttery toffee with a hint of caramelized sugar and vanilla, it tastes like the inside of a health bar

Caramel macchiato- just the right hit of caramel drizzle

Pumpkin Spice- Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

Dairy Free Maple- pancakes and syrup in a coconut milk-based dairy-free formula

Scroll to the keto Kreme section for these mainstay keto Kreme flavors:

Sweet Kreme- like fresh from the dairy cream with just the right touch of sweetness, almost like a French vanilla or Italian sweet cream coffee creamer

Latte nut - amaretto

Convenient ready-to-drink liquid shots of ketones, nootropics, and caffeine for an instant kick! The amazing energy, fat loss, hunger control, good mood, and focus of our NAT ketones, plus the extra brain benefits of nootropics and just enough caffeine to give you an instant kick in the pants! Available in 6 packs in:

Lemon drop- like squeezing fresh lemon and lime wedges into your mouth

Strawberry kiwi- like a slightly sour candy

KETO OS PRO - (save $33-39) The world’s first complete ketosis-inducing ketogenic shake! Not only does PRO contain a dose of high-quality dairy-free or whey protein and energy-inducing, craving-crushing, brain-healing MCT’s also got pure therapeutic ketones to provide fast-acting, 2x longer-lasting ketosis! This shake has perfect ketogenic macros, stops hunger & cravings, helps muscles recover, and provides fat loss, sustained energy, and better body composition! I love this shake as a way of breaking my fast, post-workout recovery or a quick meal or snack on the go! It’s amazing in just water or shaken or blended with unsweetened almond milk… or you can pop it in the freezer and enjoy as an ICE CREAM! PRO is also SO good in tons of recipes like scones, waffles, fat bombs, and treats! KETO PRO is available in:

Vanilla Dream- dreamy delicious French vanilla

Lemon Shortbread- buttery lemon cookie

Creamy Mint- mint chocolate chip ice cream

Carrot Cake- fluffy spice carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Chai Nights- spiced tea with cream

Scroll to the keto OS pro section for these mainstay flavors:

Dark chocolate - like Nestlé Quik

Banana Cream-  like a banana diner milkshake

Orange Dream (whey)- creamsicle orange popsicle with vanilla ice cream in the middle

Chocolate Swirl (whey)- like chocolate and vanilla swirl soft serve, this one also tastes like Tootsie Rolls to me

KETO UP save $27-20 on 12 packs or $34-41 on cases of 24) remember keto up is now half the price that it used to be so you’re actually saving a ton)

The worlds first and only canned, carbonated, ready-to-drink instant super ketones! Experience the same benefits of NAT: energy, fat loss, hunger control, better mood, and focus in a heart & brain-healthy energy drink. The free cell ketones acid hits you instantly and has just enough caffeine to give you a nice boost.

Available in:

Tangerine Sun- bright juicy tangerine

Kiwi Melon- like kiwi watermelon candy

Scroll down to the keto up section for these permanent flavors:

Unicorn Slam- Cotton candy sour patch kid

Orange Vanilla Cola- like a Coca-Cola and a Creamsicle had a love child, taste just like an orange vanilla Coke but better

Cherry Lightning- Cherry limeade, reminds me of a cherry 7-Up

Toucan Tango- sour pineapple coconut

Big Apple- Green apple jolly rancher

Root Beer Float

Here’s how to take advantage of this amazing sale:

New Customers -

Existing customers: login into your account and head to the STORE button Https://

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