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Keto Mom here!

Most of the time, besides little things, like not eating when you're not hungry, moving your body, stress and sleep play a factor in it. Most of the time, people just lack patience, I know sometimes this can be harsh, but you didn't get here overnight. You're not going to get there overnight. It takes time, it takes your mindset. That's why I love to read every single morning to you, because the biggest factor in in any lifestyle choice and any lifestyle that you're going to keep long term, is in your mindset. If you don't believe in yourself, if you're not fueling your mind right, if you're not in an accountability group, if you don't have people that believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself, then you're going to quit. You're going to quit, over and over again.

Points to Ponder

00:34 Six years of the Keto Mom page

01:00 Six things that could be hindering your fat loss

02:03 Number One: Do not just look at the scale

02:26 Fat Loss is Vs. weight loss

04:00 Muscle weigh more than fat

04:18 Number Two: Stress and Sleep

04:29 Things you can do to destress your life

05:13 Number three: Moving

06:00 Number Four: Too much butter

06:33 Overeating

07:17 Do not eat if you're not hungry

08:19 Ketones in your system

09:46 "The Traveler's gift" by Andy Andrews

10:02 A fun drawing of names

11:24 24 hour fast

12:15 60 our keto reboot

12:34 My mom fuel

13:33 One day at a time

14:47 You didn't get here overnight

15:45 A perspective shift

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great day, I am back and we are going to talk about What hinders fat loss, and drawing some names to give away one of my favorite books, a 24 hour fast and some trial kits of my mom fuel. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? If you were expecting me to do this an hour later, it's my day just got shifted, and it's totally fine, you can watch the replay. We are celebrating Six years of the Keto Mom page being launched. Basically, we started this page just to simply share what we were doing on our journey. We are not doctors, we are not anything but moms and dads, and we've just shared our journey over the last six years, starting July 1st 2015.

Things that might hinder Fat loss
So I've got six things that could be hindering your fat loss, most of you are here for that. And then you usually stay because you feel incredible, and you want to make a lifestyle out of this.

I am going to be doing the drawing after I walk you through, I just want to give you a basic concept of what might be hindering you from your fat loss journey. I'd love for you to also press the share button, sharing is caring. We've got so much going on, and our weeks have been great. We've got four daughters, we've got four dogs, you might hear them behind me. Our girls, we had horse camp and ballet camp today, we've got some friends that have a baseball game, so everybody's out of the house. That's why I'm doing this right now. I've also got a team zoom in a little bit. All the fun things, I love to be busy, so that's a little bit about me. Here's the deal...

Six things of what might be causing you to not get the fat loss that you are wanting. Number one, "Do not just look at the scale"...

Do not look just look at the scale, because fat loss is inches loss. I wish I would have grabbed my five pounds of fat. Have you guys ever seen that? It's like a big chunk of fat, sometimes it's in our kitchen, in our in our office or in our bedroom. It's disgusting, it's like this big blob of fat. Fat Loss is different than weight loss... When people go on a diet, they restrict themselves and usually don't eat enough calories, so they start losing muscle. Fat loss, you're going to notice it in inches lost, how your clothes are fitting, maybe you'll notice it in your face. You might notice things like you can walk further, you're not breathing heavy. When you're at the gym, you can do more reps, and you can stay up longer. You don't need naps, and you can think clear. All of those things are benefits that you're probably not seeing right away, and the scale might not catch up right away. But you will see it eventually. Think about it like this, if you are drinking more water and less sugary drinks, cut back on the processed sugar and carbs, made better choice and you're moving your body, then it takes time. I know you don't love that, but you're going to notice it because your body's going to change. I talked about this in my stories today, whether you're on Instagram or Facebook, click through the stories. There was a certain number that I wanted to hit. I don't think I'll ever weigh that number because as I was losing the last little bit of baby weight after I had our fourth daughter, I was weightlifting.