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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 4 "Total Carb Vs. Net Carb"): | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Everybody's a little different. It depends on how strict or not strict you want to be. How more of a diet or lifestyle you want to have. But basic understanding of Total Carbs is subtracting fiber and sugar alcohol, which will get you a Net Carb. And the Net Carbs should not spike your insulin and should not knock you out of Ketosis.

Points to Ponder:

00:32 What did you have for lunch?

01:51 Keto Tip: Total Carb Vs. Net Carb

02:01 Everybody's Keto, Low Carb Lifestyle is Different

02:31 What is a Total Carb

03:08 How to Calculate a Net Carb

03:49 Packaged Keto Treats Hinders Fat Loss

04:05 Total Carbs Help You Stay On Track

05:21 Allulose is a Sugar Replacement

05:42 Total Carb versus a Net Carb

07:31 Strict Keto Diet vs Low Carb

08:24 Keto Nat: MEXICO VERSION

09:23 How to Drink the MEXICAN VERSION

10:41 Benefits of Ketones

11:01 Flavor of the day: "Ohabisco"

12:40 When Starting Keto or Low Carb

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, it's time for your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. I'm going to shake up something that you've never seen before. You've probably seen it on my pages at some point in time, but I'm going to shake up something fun for you this afternoon. We're also going to talk about Total Carbs and Net Carbs. What is the difference and why does it matter? So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your afternoon? What did you have for lunch? I'd love to know, so please post below. You have to actually tell me what you had for lunch...

Do you want to know what we made? One of my daughter's made some keto, low carb chicken nuggets in the Air fryer.
Welcome to another Tasting and Keto Tip!

All it was was some shredded chicken, an egg, Parmesan cheese and some garlic. She mixed it all together, put it in the air fryer and those were good. We also made some Buffalo Chicken dip. So we got some Rotisserie chicken, you can simply use buffalo dip with some cream cheese and some garlic. You mix it all together, use some low carb wraps and turn them into little chips, or even put them in a wrap or use celery. So we had some buffalo dip and we had some low carb chicken nuggets in the air fryer. I actually think I shared the video, so you have to check it out in the stories.

That is what we had for lunch, it's super simple. What did you have? The reason I asked is because it gives other people ideas of what to make for lunch. So ours was super simple. I want to know what you had?

And how is your day. Alright, I'm going to talk to you about carbs. A Total carb, what that looks like, how do you get a Net carb and why does it even matter? I want you to know something. Everybody's goals and Everybody's keto, low carb lifestyle is different. You're not going to physically take how I eat and make it exactly how you eat. You're not going to eat the exact same way that your coworker, your best friend or your spouse does. Everybody's body is different, and so it's important that you figure out what works for you, the things that you feel good eating, and you don't feel great eating...

I want to give you a very quick understanding. A Total Carb is simply looking at something, like this treat, and I would say the tip is to flip. So flip it over, and then look at the servings. A serving size is half a pack and if you look at the Total Carbs, there's 12 grams. If I did not tell you what the net carbs are, I'll tell you that in a second. But a Total Carb for half of this bag is 12 grams, which means 24 grams if I ate the whole thing. That's a Total Carb... How in the world do we calculate Net Carbs and what does that mean? First of all, I'm not a doctor or a scientist. I am a mom that has learned from a lot of other people over the last six and a half years.

Keto snacks are not to be eaten every single day

Everybody's different... If your goal is to lose a hundred pounds, or dive head on in, no treats, need to get this fat off. If your goal is to lose forty or fifty pounds, even ten pounds... I oftentimes will say, I think that having some Keto treats, is great. But these things don't need to be eaten every single day.

So first of all, a tip for you is, we're not going to live off of packaged Keto treats because this can actually hinder your fat loss. These are only considered a better option when you're going to a party, when you're traveling, or when you're in the car a lot, back and forth to help get you to your next meal. But you do not need these Keto Snacks every single day.

Second of all, Total Carbs help you stay on track, because you will not end up over eating good food. But then somebody would say that you can get the Net Carb, so you won't feel as guilty eating some foods... A net carb is when you take a look at the back, look at the total carbs... Total carbs is twelve, you then can subtract fiber and sugar alcohol. Why? What I have learned from the experts is it does not spike your insulin. It will not wreck your low carb or keto lifestyle.

Everybody's different, some people are super sensitive. So if you were to be tracking your glucose or your Ketones, and you were to eat something like this Keto Treat. It might knock you out of Ketosis, but for most people it will not. I'm just giving you a brief overview of the average person... So you take the Total Carbs, and there's five dietary fibers in here. That brings it down to seven Total Carbs. It also says less than one gram of sugar, I was looking at the ingredients, and I really couldn't figure out what it was. So that would give you seven carbs. It also says sweetened with four grams of allulose. Allulose is considered a sugar replacement, which would give you three net carbs. So this Keto treat would give you approximately three Net Carbs per half a bag. So six Net Carbs for the total bag, if you were go crazy and eat these things...

Net Carbs does not kick you out of Ketosis

The reason somebody would want a Total Carb versus a Net Carb... Net carbs is if you're getting really laser focus. If you really don't want to have a lot of cheats. If you're going to do more of a really strict Keto, to get this fat off, and make it more of a lifestyle to where you have some different Keto treats when you want something sweet. Or maybe you're like "This is a better option for me", "I still love to have a treat here and there", "I'm going to count Net Carbs", "My goal is just to do Low Carb", "I'm going to choose the best that I can with my food" or "I'm going to stick to fifty carbs or under"...

Everybody's a little different. It depends on how strict or not strict you want to be. How more of a diet or lifestyle you want to have. But basic understanding of Total Carbs is subtracting fiber and sugar alcohol, which will get you a Net Carb. And the Net Carbs should not spike your insulin and should not knock you out of Ketosis. But again, everybody's different.

So, does that make sense for the total carbs and net carbs? What do you do? Are you a Net Carbs person or are you a Total Carbs person? Either way, it's completely fine. The biggest thing is, I want you to not feel like your lifestyle is going to look like your co workers or your neighbors. I often have people say "Hey, can you tell me how many calories I'm supposed to eat?", "Hey, can you tell me how many carbs I'm supposed to eat?", "Hey, my husband is this or I am this", "Can you tell me what my macros should look like?"... And I always say No! I cannot. You have to physically go to a tracker, you have to enter all of your information. You have to enter your weight, height, gender and your activity level. And then it's going to say "Hey! Here's how many calories you should be eating", "Here's what your macros will look like"... Everybody's different, it's just a broad overview.

Are you a Net Carbs or a Total Carbs?

If I were to say "Yeah, if you're doing a Keto diet, you should stick to under twenty carbs a day". That is a very strict keto diet when you're doing approximately 80% fat 15% protein and 5% carbs. That is a true Keto diet, but most people are Low Carb. So if it's Low Carb, I would say it's fifty, forty or under. Buns off burgers, croutons off the salad and if they're going to grab a snack, they're going to grab a Keto bar versus a Snickers bar.

They're being mindful, like drinking more water and eating less sugar. So I hope that makes sense for your Net Carbs versus Total Carbs. What do you do? Tell me what you do, is it Net Carbs or Total Carbs? Are you more strict Keto, like under twenty carbs a day? Or are you more Low Carb?... I hate saying Lazy Keto or Dirty Keto. I would just say, are you really Strict Keto or are you Low Carb? Because Lazy Keto, Dirty Keto or all those things fall underneath Low Carb to me...

Okay! I'm going to shake up my mom fuel real quick. Has any of you seen this? We call it our "Mexico version". It's a Mexican formulation and I'll tell you why in a second. If you've been seeing me at two o'clock, shakeup Ketones, it's usually in a pack. It's called Keto Nat, so I'm going to shake up the same thing and get it's package differently. It's a liquid versus a powder. And so we pack this one up, because in Mexico they actually have to have a different formulation. They can't have the powder. We have a different version that does the same thing, but it's liquid and it's sour. These are more sweet, you put it in water the same way. I'm going to show you how it works, it pops open hopefully. Sometimes I have to cut them. I might have to cut this one. I always get nervous that I'm going to crack it open, so they're supposed to pop but if they don't pop I just get scissors and cut off the top... We have a few different flavors in this one but it's not available at all times. In Mexico, they get it first and if there's extra, we get some.

Flavor of the day: "Ohabisco"

So you take this little ampule, just like I take the powder every day, and you put it in some water. It's so sour! Wow! But so good, it's like an airhead. Do you guys ever eat those when you were young? So you take it, and you squeeze it into your water bottle, you shake it up just like the powder. It's so sour! But it does the same thing. It puts you in Ketosis in under an hour and I actually think the liquid is a little bit quicker. It's kind of like our carbonated Ketones. So you do the same thing, I'm not a sour person but I do like these. You shake it up, you drink it, whether it is an ampule or whether it is a Keto NAT.

I've been drinking these for six years, I call it my Mom Fuel, it puts you in Ketosis in under an hour. So it gives you the benefits of energy focus, fat loss, appetite control, huge appetite control, huge energy, I don't take a nap. I haven't taken a nap in six and a half years. I've got lots of people that I coach on fat loss. This is a helper, not a magic pill.

Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to order this flavor. It's called "Ohabisco"... I think it's kind of like our Hibiscus Lemonade if you've been drinking the Keto Nat...So if you love the Mexico ampules, and you want to know when are they going to launch it again, I need you to post a Purple Heart below. I'll let you know when they have this one available. Otherwise, I may do some trial packs. Who would want a trial pack of these ampules? If you just want to know more about my Mom Fuel in general and what it is, I want to show you some research, so post five in the comments. If you're actually interested in the Mexico trial packs, because I've got a couple other flavors, post Mexico below. I don't want to get anybody confused. I don't like to send anybody information who doesn't want information.

Reach out to me if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel
So if you want to know more about the Mexico product, either post a Purple Heart or Mexico below. If you just want to learn about my Mom Fuel in general, I'll show you some research just post five in the comments.

All right! It is sour, you can use as much water or as little water as you want. I had some people that dumped that whole thing in their mouth. It's good, but it's way more sour than sweet. So for those who were asking if we have a less sweet ketone? You can add more water to make it less sweet or less water to make it more sweet... But anyways, let me know what questions you have. If you're just tuning in, we talked about Net Carbs versus Total Carbs and that was your tip of the day.

The tip of the day is, it's not one or the other, it's really whatever works for you. Most doctors, when somebody is just starting a Low Carb or Keto Diet, they would tell them not to eat a lot of Keto processed treats until they get their food under control. These are a better option, not an always, every single day option. But they do follow along the lines of a Low Carb treat... So I hope you guys are having a great day! If you want some of the Mexico ones, I have a couple other flavors I can throw in for a little pack. Whenever I can order them, I'll order some extra so that I can give you trial packs of these. Post Mexico below or purpleheart, either one. If you just want to know more about my Mom Fuel, just post five. I'd love to give you some information, some videos, we can chat about your goals and what you're looking towards...

All right! I hope you guys have an incredible day. I'm going to let you go, we've got volleyball today, two girls and different cities. It's going to be great! We just wrapped up school here and I hope that your day is amazing. If it's not, then you choose to make the rest of your day amazing. It's a choice! Put a smile on your face, go make somebody smile and laugh. It'll make you smile and laugh too. Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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