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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 28) "Tools To Help You On Your Journey" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

   Here are some really great resources. it's called "PRUVIT TV", spelled P-R-U-V-I-T, PRUVIT TV. You will learn everything there is to know about the science behind this product, including the Keto cream, and MCT oil or coconut oil. Also the "Ketogenic Bible". This book not only has some great recipes at the back,  but there are some incredible information all about Keto.

Points to Ponder:

01:02 I Can Answer Your Basic Keto Questions

02:02 A New Product: Keto Up

02:13 Benefits of Ketones

02:18 How It All Started with Ketones

03:22 My Mom Fuel

03:47 Winner: Marcia Day

04:43 Ketones In A Can


06:48 Ketogenic Bible

07:33 The Book Talks About Ketones

09:29 Before and After Pictures

11:08 The Power of Ketones and Our Community

11:17 This Is Meant To Be A Lifestyle

12:09 Get Back On Track And Keep Going

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we're going to dive into our two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. I'm going to share something completely different than I've ever shared with you before. Mainly because the flavors are not available at the moment, but hopefully it will be very soon. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your day? It's the weekend, and if you're tuning in to this live video, it's a Saturday. Today, I want to talk about the different resources to help you on your journey.

Time for your Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!

I have two specific resources that could help answer your questions. If you have been here for a period of time, you would know that I can answer a majority of your questions that have to do with your lifestyle. I'm a mom, and if you're brand new, I'd love for you to post "New" below. We've shared and we've given you recipes since 2015, so I can basically answer questions that have to do with water intake or the difference between a net carb versus a total carb. Other questions like, how to get started, and what are some good fats. The other day I showed you some good fat. What to eat for breakfast or lunch? I can answer all those basic questions. But there are also some questions that I cannot answer like the medical questions.

I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I've been blessed to have been able to sit with a lot of them and ask them questions. Right now, I have two resources for you to learn from... Also, this is my Keto tasting today. You might be asking what this is? So prior to the pandemic, we had an incredible product called "Keto Up", it's an already pre-made ketone. I talk about my Mom Fuel, I shake this up for you every day, and I also try out new flavors. I tell you how incredible I feel, my energy, focus, and appetite control... I will tell you this, years ago in 2015, my husband handed me a packet and he said, "Here, try this product and let me know what you think". I asked, "Does it taste disgusting?", and I just had all these questions. Then he said, "Stephanie, just go try it and let me know what you think". So I tried one packet, I was at a homeschool convention and I felt incredible that day. I told my husband, "Babe, I feel amazing! My energy is incredible, and I just feel good"...

Congratulations to the Winner! Marcia Day!
I didn't really know what it felt like to actually have Ketones in your system. We had just started eating better, I didn't really clean out the pantry in one day. Instead, it was like a one-meal-at-a-time, one-day-at-a-time for us, I also tried this product and I felt great. I felt like whatever this product is, I wanted it every day.

It made me feel like I can sustain a lifestyle. If I ever slip up, I've got something to get me back on track, and I also didn't want to go through the Keto flu. There are just so many benefits to the product, I shake it up every day for you, it's got different flavors and the product is amazing. I call it my Mom Fuel but it's basically ketones, and it's the only naturally fermented ketone in the market. It also matches the Ketones your body creates. Your body can make Ketones if you do the strict keto diet, or you can just drink them. You can also do both because the benefits are unbelievable...

So we've got a winner of another pack of my Mom Fuel. Congratulations to Marcia Day! You won a three-pack of my Mom Fuel, I need your address so message it to me.

If you want to be in the drawing for tomorrow, tomorrow's a Sunday. Usually, Sundays are a little crazy, so if I don't do it tomorrow, then it'll be on Monday. Just press the share button below, and then let me know that you shared it. You have to say "I shared", or "shared" in the comments, because Facebook is funny and I can't click on the shares. So press the share button and let me know. If you want to know how to use them, or you want to see some of the science behind them. I want you to post "Five" in the comments, so I can share with you what it is and how it works. I can share the tools and videos, so you can learn from the doctors and the scientists that created them. You might say, "This mom is so cool, but I want to see some research", I get it...

Press the share button, so you can win some Mom Fuel

Okay! Do you want me to try this? I have been saving this flavor. Actually, prior to the pandemic, we had these flavors, but then when the world went crazy, these became harder to run. The machine is different, clearly, it's a liquid and then this is a powder. And so we have not been able to make these at the company, but hopefully, they're coming back in December or January...

As you know, I don't drink energy drinks, but I've been saving this flavor since we were in Texas months ago. I was given a couple of them, and I saved them for today because it's so special. Oh my goodness, I love it!... It's like a freestyle ketone. So ketone, salts, freestyle ketone, these hits your system quite quickly, like within fifteen or twenty minutes. It's amazing, it's bubbly, and this one tastes like pineapple. It's so good! If you've ever tried this flavor, you should let me know if you've got a favorite flavor below. I really need them to come back very soon, because they're so good. Ketones in the can, it's so good...

Alright! Here's something I want to share with you. Here are some really great resources. I included in the header of this video, a free app that you can download, it's called "PRUVIT TV", spelled P-R-U-V-I-T, PRUVIT TV. You will learn everything there is to know about the science behind this product, including the Keto cream, and MCT oil or coconut oil. You will learn that there are so many videos and different tools. It's PRUVIT TV, a free app that you can download, check it out...

Now, often I also get asked medical questions, mainly about the keto diet, like "Should I be doing this?". I would always say, "I'm not a doctor". But I do have a really great resource for you today, it's the "Ketogenic Bible". This book not only has some great recipes at the back, very pretty pictures by the way, but there's some incredible information all about Keto. If you need this book, and you want a tool to learn from, I would highly recommend getting this book.

Powerful resources: Ketogenic Bible & PRUVIT TV
You can probably get it on Amazon, I would assume at any bookstore too, so just go check it out. It's a really great resource, there are things from "What is ketosis?", and the basics. Things from the past, present, and future ketogenic diet, and it talks about well-formulated ketogenic diet supplements.

They talk about ketones, and the authors talk about the product specifications, which is our Keto NAT. It's incredible! The author talks about the science, recipes, and some frequently asked questions like how to kickstart your ketogenic diet. There are a lot of medical questions too, so if you really want to understand ketosis, keto diet, and crazy things, it's all in here. By the way, did you know that the ketogenic diet started for medical reasons? And then along the way, they learned that this is incredible for fat loss.

When your body doesn't have as much glucose or sugar, your brain actually turns on. Your brain prefers ketones like I didn't realize I would have such great appetite control if I'm not eating such garbage. We've learned so much along the way. All of the benefits, but it wasn't just for fat loss, Ketones are truly a brain fuel and so much more. So if you have medical questions, here's a great book for you to grab. It's a great tool and also, go download PRUVIT TV... Does anybody have this book? What do you think? If you have questions about ketones, let me know. If you just want recipes, you can scroll through the page. Whatever questions you have, just reach out, I am always here to help... Otherwise, I'm going to drink my Ketones and we're going to take the girls bowling today. Anybody doing anything fun today? I love it!

These are my amazing friends, with amazing stories

All right, that's all!... Oh, you know what? Do you want to see something I found? I probably had these, because I was doing a table one day sharing ketones. We have some friends that use ketones, and I have some "before" and "better" pictures. They did either a low-carb keto diet or just eating better.

And I just found these pictures in my book. This is my friend Ana, and this is the "After" picture. This is incredible! Ketones help with fat loss. This is my friend Danny, I hope they don't care that I'm sharing these pictures, but I had them in my book. My friend Danny is incredible...

A lot of you ask, "Will this help with fat loss?". Yes! We're going to work on it together. This is Chris and Danny, and they have an incredible story. Guess what? They eat paleo, or maybe they call it plant-based. Here's our friend Bobby, I totally forgot I had these pictures, this is so fun. Here's my friend Ashley, and my amazing friend, CJ, and Jenna. You guys love this! This is my incredible friend Jess, one of her incredible pictures.

Come on! And there are thousands of stories where that came from... Is fat lost what most people want? For sure! But what they come to find out is the power of the ketones and all of their benefits. It's the power of our community, and how you feel overall. This is meant to be a lifestyle that you can sustain forever. Oftentimes people say, "I can't wait for this diet to be done", "I can't wait to reach my goals so I can go back to eating what I want". I want to say, "Are you kidding me?". Where do you think you're going to end up in a year? You can't do all this work, like changing habits, working on yourself, and then going back. That just doesn't make sense. And just because you enjoyed yourself on Thanksgiving, or on a family vacation, at the wedding, or any other occasion, doesn't mean that you failed.

This is meant to be a Lifestyle and not just a Diet
You have to be able to create a lifestyle so that you do great the majority of the time. But on those special days, maybe you enjoy yourself and then the next day you get back on track and keep going. That's how you reach your goals. That's how you get to where you want to be and then you stay there. Don't fall back next year and restart.

So anyway, that was totally random but I love that I found these pictures. And here are your tools for the day, the "Ketogenic Bible" and download the PRUVIT TV free app. Reach out with any questions that you have, I'm always here to help. We Marcia Day, you won the Mom Fuel! To everybody else, press that share button, let me know that you shared, and I'll add your name for the next one. Otherwise, I'm always here to help. I hope you guys have a great day, and we'll talk to you very soon.

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