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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 26) "Time To Talk About FATS" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

     Oftentimes, people think they can eat all of the Keto snacks they want, all of the butter and cheese, or a pound of bacon for breakfast. "I can eat that, because it's keto", "I can eat it, it's not a big deal", or "It's keto, so I can eat it". That is the type of mindset that will probably cause you to eat too much fat.

Points to Ponder:

00:31 What's for Lunch

01:24 Press That Share Button

03:37 Flavor of the Day: Strawberry Peach

04:12 Benefits of Ketones

05:11 Living off of Kids' Food

05:47 Trial Pack with a Variety of Flavors

06:08 Measure Level of Ketones with a Blood Meter

06:52 Good Fats

07:55 You Can Easily Go Over 20 Carbs a Day

08:31 The Mindset of, "It's Keto I Can Eat It"

09:13 My Carb Hand

10:31 Overeating Good Food

11:11 Sample of Good Fats

12:00 Almonds or Macadamia Nuts

13:08 If You're Not Hungry, Don't Eat

13:50 It's An Awareness

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and we're going to dive into your three o'clock tasting and the Keto tip. The Keto tip today is going to be based on "Fats". What Fat do I eat? When do I eat it? How much Fat am I supposed to eat?... That is what you're going to talk about today. A couple of things real quick, where are you tuning in from, and how's your day? If you want to answer a question, what did you have for lunch? If you follow me in my stories here on Facebook and on Instagram, which is ketomomsecrets (all one word), we made homemade pizzas. It's very simple, you don't even need a recipe for that. We used low-carb wraps, some of you like them, some of you don't, but we do.

Time for your Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!
So we used the "Low Carb Mission Wraps", and pretty much any store has them, some RAO's marinara sauce, sprinkle it with garlic add whatever toppings you want. Shred your own cheese, because it tastes better that way. Pop it in the oven until it's crispy, it's that easy, and we all love them. That's what we had for lunch, and the reason I'm telling you is to give you some ideas, so you can also share with me what you had. It gives other people ideas...

Alright! We're going to dive into talking about my Mom Fuel. We do it every single day, and we're going to talk about "Fats". Why should we eat so much fat? By the way, if you pressed the share button, let me know that you shared in the comments below. I wasn't able to do a draw yesterday because Facebook was being funny. I can't actually press on the shares to see your name. I had to scroll through to see who said they "Shared" so that I can put your name into a drawing. If your name gets drawn, this is a special one, you are going to win a trial pack of my Mom Fuel with three different flavors. I'm going to walk you through how to take it, and we also have a fun little water bottle. So in order for your name to go into the drawing, you have to press the share button and you have to let me know in the comments that you shared. I will scroll through the comments and put your name in the drawing for my Mom Fuel. If your name isn't in the comments, your name doesn't go into the drawing. This will be done tomorrow, it's going to be so fun!...

Press that share button, and get a chance to win these items

Okay, here's the deal. A couple of things, who is doing super strict keto. and who's doing more low carb? Either way is fine, but that is going to depend on how much fat you eat. Let me ask you this question, "Anybody here who felt like when they were doing keto, and be honest, you said to yourself that you can eat as much bacon and butter as you want?".

Maybe you told people you're doing keto, and they were like "Oh, you eat bacon and butter?"... Oftentimes, people think they can eat all of the Keto snacks they want, all of the butter and cheese, or a pound of bacon for breakfast. "I can eat that because it's keto", "I can eat it, it's not a big deal", or "It's keto, so I can eat it". That is the type of mindset that will probably cause you to eat too much fat. And you and I might be chatting in a little bit because you're either going to hit a plateau, or some of you might be gaining weight. It's not funny at all. I'm going to talk to you about why you might be gaining weight when you're eating all of that fat if you are not strict with keto.

Okay! I'm going to shake up my Mom Fuel, we have "Strawberry peach" today. I haven't done this flavor in a while. You simply throw it in some water, and this is what you're going to win if you press the share button. So you shake it up, drink it, and you're in ketosis in under an hour. Which simply means you've got ketones in your system. Your body can make ketones, or you can drink them. I've been drinking them for six and a half years. I call it my Mom Fuel, my husband uses it, also my grandma and so many people use it, so it's not just for moms. It's an incredible fuel source, it is a tool and not a magic pill.

Flavor of the Day: Strawberry Peach

I will always drink it because it helped me in the very beginning. I did not go strict keto, and we took it one day at a time, one meal at a time. I had the energy every day, I didn't need a nap, I didn't have the cravings, and I wasn't going through the Keto flu. I could focus, and I could choose better because I already had ketones in my system, even when my body wasn't making them. You don't have to be strict keto, you can do low carb, and I've got people that are paleo or whole thirty too. It's amazing and it tastes great.

There are different ways you can try them, if you want a trial pack or if you just want to talk about it, post "Five" in the comments. Press the share button and let me know that you shared in the comments, just say "I shared" or post "Five" if you want to chat about it. This tastes amazing, it's so good... All right! This is how I actually made it through the overwhelming, stressful illness of trying to switch over to eating better. Because if you were like me, who used to live off of kids' food, everything in a box, or prepackaged, I had no idea what I was doing. I have never eaten an avocado, or anything green until I was thirty-two.

It can be overwhelming when you just eat whatever you want, and then all of a sudden you decide that you need to eat healthier. Where do I start? That's why I needed a tool, and oftentimes most people do. Even if I wasn't strict keto I often eat too much protein, but I've got ketones in my system, and I feel great...

Your variety pack will look something like this, it might be ten or three, and you'll get a variety of flavors. We're going to talk about it, let me know if you've got questions, just post "Five" in the comments... Okay! We're going to talk about "Healthy Fats". I need you to know this one thing, and you might answer below "I'm low carb", or "I'm strict keto". The way that you would know is most people that are strict keto, are tracking their food and their ketones, to see if their body is making ketones, with a blood meter. The pee strips are inaccurate, and the longer you eat low carb or keto, the less accurate they'll be. There are lots of ways to pee off the strip, sure you can still pee on the strip and turn it into different colors. I did it six and a half years ago, and I thought it was so fun, and eventually, it didn't work. So if you really want to test your ketones, you're going to have to use a blood meter. We have a mojo off Amazon, I don't have a link, but it's spelled M-O-J-O, super simple. You can get those, test your blood and see if you're in ketosis. Awesome!

Good Fats, keep you fuller longer
So here's what I want you to know about "Fats". Good fats are good for you. Why? Because they keep you fuller, longer.

Good fats are our satiety, it helps you stay fuller. The point is, I'm not going to eat a pound of bacon because I can, or put butter or heavy cream in my coffee, or eat all the fat bombs. I'm going to show you the list of foods for that. When you add those foods into your meal, like you eat some avocado, some good fatty meats, or some fish or sardines, these foods should keep you fuller for a longer period of time. That way you're not snacking, or overeating. That's how fat works.

Now, this is the kicker... If you're low carb or lazy keto, you're not tracking your food and you don't really know if you're under twenty carbs a day. A very basic overview of the keto diet is eighty percent (80%) fat, fifteen percent (15%) protein, and five percent (5%) carbs. That's under twenty carbs a day, and it's very easy to go over.

So if you want to eat the eighty percent (80%) fat, and you're saying, "It's keto I can eat it's not a big deal", or "It's butter, bacon, and cheese, I can eat it". But you're not eating under 20 carbs a day, and eating only low carb. Let's say you're eating fifty to sixty carbs or under, and you're doing great. If that's you, then you do not want to eat the eighty percent (80%) fat. You cannot have the mindset of, "It's keto I can eat it", or "It's not a big deal, it's fat and I can eat as much fat as I want" unless you're under twenty carbs a day.

There are Calories in Everything, so you have to be aware

Because there are calories in everything. I'll explain it as simply as possible. There are calories in carb, and there are calories in fats. We're not really counting calories, but let me draw this for you. Let's say this is my carb hand, and I think it's four to five calories. How would I do a nine, okay just pretend that's a nine. All right, so this is a carb hand, let's say there are four to five calories in a carb, that's approximately nine calories in a Fat.

What does that mean? That means that when you're eating higher fats, you're eating more calories. But when you have fewer carbs, it's going to even itself out. As long as you're eighty percent (80%) fat and under twenty carbs a day. We don't have to be obsessive with calories. But what happens if you bring your carbs up a little bit? You're still doing low-carb soup, but you're adding more calories, and all of a sudden you're eating all of these high fats because you tell yourself you can eat whatever you want. Do you think you're going to overeat calories? Can you overeat good food?

My question to you is, "Do you think you can overeat good food?" One hundred percent, Yes you can! Be mindful. If you're doing low carb or lazy keto, you can have some avocado with your egg, or put it on your taco salad. You can have some coconut oil in your coffee. Avoid the mindset of, "I can eat that because it's keto", "I can eat whatever I want", or "I can eat all the fat bombs".

No! The point is, you can eat that fat if your carbs are really low. If you're going to equal them out, then you've got to bring the fat down a little bit, because you're going to have a low carb. That's all I want you to be aware of... Now, here are some good fats for you. I drew them out using very colorful markers because we had our class today. All right! We've got some Kerrygold butter, and the best prices are at Costco, I just love organic butter. You can use that in your coffee, or on your vegetables. All of my veggies have some butter and garlic, it just makes everything taste better. Avocados and avocado oil are great, fatty meats are also great. You can have the bacon, but you don't need to eat a pound of it. You have fish, salmon, tuna, and sardines.

These are examples of Good Fat

My kids eat sardines for a snack, sounds gross, but they do like it and it's great for you. You have Nuts, which we've talked about a lot. Don't overdo them, measure them before you eat them. They are a great source of fat and they keep you full. I think Almonds or Macadamia nuts are the best snack you can have, or a hard-boiled egg because it gets you through your next meal. If my kids get hungry, and they're snacky all day, I would tell them "You don't get anything else besides some Almonds". Then they won't complain to me until dinnertime. All right! You have coconut, MCT oil, coconut oil, these are also great because these keep you full. You have eggs, the whole egg, not the egg white, and cheese.

But remember, you can overdo dairy, especially women. So if you feel like you've reached a plateau, the first thing I'm going to ask you is, "How much dairy do you eat?".

There's like a give and take. You want to eat these full fats, I get it. But not just dairy fat, not a cheese for every snack or every meal. Not three cups of heavy fat cream coffee, you pretty much just drank your calories, don't do that. This is just a guide, if you have something that I haven't added, or you feel like it's a really great snack, post it in the comments. I just want you to be aware, you should never tell yourself that you can eat that, just because it's keto. My number one tip is, "If you're not hungry, don't eat". You don't have to eat to fill in your little circles. If you track your food, this is like Keto. The blue is the fats, the Teal is the protein, and the purple is the carbs. If you look at it by the end of the day, and it's not quite filled in yet, oftentimes people would say "I got to the end of the day, but I didn't fill in my circles. I still can eat about nine grams of fat". I'm like, "Are you hungry? If not then you don't need to eat".

My Number One Tip: If You're Not Hungry, Don't Eat
Don't eat just to fill in your circles, don't eat because you have some calories left, that's overeating. Your body will tell you when you're hungry. It's an awareness, so if you're hungry your body will tell you. If you're not hungry, you don't need to snack. You don't have to force-feed yourself every two hours. It's just listening to your body, and then following along with it...

I hope that was helpful, and let me know if you've got any questions. Send me messages, I'm always here to help. I'm going to go drink my Mom Fuel. For those who pressed the share button, your name will go into a drawing for tomorrow. So hop on tomorrow if you want to watch live, watch out for your name. Maybe I'll drop two of you, press that share button, and let me know that you shared. Otherwise, post "Five" in the comments if you want to learn about my Mom Fuel, or send me a message, I'm always here to help. I hope you have an incredible day, and an incredible afternoon. We'll talk to you later.

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