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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 23): Pre-portioned Keto Snacks on the Go

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Keto Mom here!

So two simple tips... "I always keep a snack in my car for me and the kids". And the second tip is "Pre portion these babies out". Put them in little snack baggies. Almost every single nut, if you look at the back of the bag and look at the serving size, it says serving size is about 1/4 cup. Both of these bags have a serving size of 1/4 cup, so I keep 1/4 cup in the bag, or you can pre package them and put them in your car.

Points to Ponder:

01:03 What Did You Have for Lunch

02:12 Winners of my Mom Fuel & Water Bottle

03:02 Flavor of the day: Strawberry Peach

03:13 All about Ketones

03:40 Benefits of Ketones

04:25 Trial Kits

05:56 Crock Pot Meals

07:51 Tips of the Day: Pre-portioned Keto Snacks on the Go

09:10 You Can Overeat Good Food

12:06 October Challenge

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. Somebody thought it was funny that I didn't sing the other day and they were like "Hey, you didn't sing your tune?". So as you're tuning in, my name is Stephanie and welcome to the Keto Mom page. We've got a whole lot to talk about in a short period of time, because I am blessed to be a taxi mom in the afternoons. I joke about this, but for real, we have all afternoons filled. It doesn't matter what it is, it's a great day! And so I am tuning in because I'm going to shake up some Mom Fuel. I've got winners from a video that we did, the one that I asked for you to share, share, share because I'm going to give away some Mom Fuel and a water bottle... I have a Keto tip for you and something super awesome. You can go ahead and join us for the October challenge if you are interested. So number One, where are you tuning in from? And number two, what did you have for lunch? The reason I always ask questions is because I love to know and it also gives other people ideas. We had taco salad, pretty simple and pretty basic.

Congratulations to the winners of my Mom Fuel!

So I hope you're having an incredible day, I feel like it's a great Monday. We finished school with our girls, I've got one meeting with a tutor, we've got volleyball, and tennis and all things... Let's get down to business. First of all, I'm going to show you who the winners are. So I said last Saturday that if you pressed the share button, let me know because your name will go into a drawing for some Mom Fuel or a water bottle. I have the three Winners already picked out. And we'll do the same thing here, if you press the share button on this video, you have to tell me that you shared. Post that you shared below and then share with me what you had for lunch or your favorite low carb lunch. Do that because it gives other people ideas. Make sure that you press the share button, and tell me in the comments that you shared it so your name can go on the drawing. I'll be doing another drawing on Wednesdays, so that will allow you guys to share.

Alright! We have Katie Hills! Katie Hills, you won the water bottle, so I need your address. And then we have a Charlotte Buniger and Diane Underwood. You both get some Mom Fuel, this will be in the mail for you.

And Katie? I'll throw one of these in there for you as well. All three of you are going to get a trial pack of my Mom Fuel. This is what it looks like, I'll talk about it in just a second. It's super fun, you open it up and you trial it. And Katie also gets a water bottle as well. So congratulations! That was super fun! All right! Here is your tip of the day, as I'm shaking up my Mom Fuel. I'm going to shake up a pack of caffeine free. So we have caffeine and caffeine free. I really wanted to Strawberry Peach, I didn't have caffeine so I'm having this one. It's afternoon so I don't really need caffeine... Just so you know, I'm a pretty optimistic person. I always have been my whole life. And I'm also a mom that needed something to keep me going throughout the day.

Revisiting Strawberry Peach! Delicious!
So I've been drinking Ketones for six years. I call it my Mom Fuel, my husband drinks it and he calls it Dad Fuel. All of our grandma's drink it so they can call it Grandma or Grandpa Fuel. It doesn't matter, whatever you want to call it. It's Ketones.

All right! So you drink it, you shake it or stir it. I should shake it, but I prefer to drink out of a straw, so I stir it and it puts you in Ketosis in under an hour. It gives you all of the benefits. By the way, your body can make Ketones or you can drink them. It helps you with your energy, which I love.

It's Brain Fuel, so it turns your brain on and it helps me homeschool our four daughters, which is a choice. We choose to homeschool our kids, and for those who are asking "You're still homeschooling?" We've always homeschooled, I love it. And then Ketones also helps you with muscle preservation. Y'all should see my muscles, they're getting so big. That's my goal for real, to get big muscles. Ketones also helps with your appetite control, cravings, and all of those things.

So if you want to know more about my trial kits, and how to try a variety of flavors, just post five in the comments and we're going to chat. Otherwise, just press the share button, and let me know that you shared it so that I can put your name into a drawing. We're going to do a drawing every day, so I'll draw tomorrow. Press the share button, tell me that you shared it and then let us know what you ate for lunch. Okay! So as I'm shaking this up, I have a really great tip for you and I'm going to give you a really good visual. My daughter just did this, I was measuring out some almonds. As I am the taxi every single day during volleyball season, I sometimes get hungry. Because what I have to do is, I've got to go pick one up, then I have to drive all the way across town because her volleyball starts first. And I have to go all the way across to the south end of town, because my first daughter has volleyball. After that I'm going to come home and then our two younger ones start tennis.

My days being a taxi mom can get pretty crazy!

But what I'm going to have to do is, they have to go to tennis for their first practice. And then I have to go get the oldest daughter first, because the second daughter's got to come home and eat supper really quick. She's got one hour and she goes back to volleyball for two hours. My oldest daughter wants to go to another volleyball game to watch her cousin, and then we have to go pick up the tennis players.

Did that make sense? What happens if I don't get everybody fed or maybe I didn't eat dinner in this craziness, because I did not plan crock pot meals? Which by the way, continue to tune in, because I'm going to get you a whole bunch of crock pot meals, I promise. We made a roast the other day in the crock pot, super simple roasted veggies, easy peasy. All I want to say is I should have made a crock pot meal for today and I didn't. So we're just going to have some leftovers, and it's fine. I say all of that, because if you were sitting in a pickup line or if you're driving back and forth across town.

Or if your days fall into like "Oh my goodness! This is a little bit crazy, I'm so hungry. I don't have a snack in my car, what should I do?", and then go like "There's the drive thru, I'm going to eat like garbage. I'm going to regret it and feel really mad".... So this is what we do. I grab some low carb Keto snacks, these are my go tos. Sometimes I'll put a cooler in the car, especially on our really busy volleyball days. Put in some pickles, string cheese, beef sticks, and sometimes we'll all have some jerky. But I'm going to give you a visual, I always have something in my car to grab on the go. Not just for me, but for my kids. So my daughter is getting ready to go to volleyball here very soon. She was laughing because she grabbed these small packed nuts off the table. And she said "Is this a serving?" And I said "Yes!"... It is my keto Tip of the Day. She's like "Oh my goodness!".. If we throw this entire bag of Almonds in the car, how easy is it to grab this and sit while you're driving. Even if I were to just grab a handful, it would fill up my hand and it is bigger than the portion on the container.

Pre-portion your Nuts!
So two simple tips... "I always keep a snack in my car for me and the kids". And the second tip is "Pre portion these babies out". Put them in little snack baggies.

Almost every single nut, if you look at the back of the bag, I haven't seen one yet. But if you look at the serving size, it says serving size is about 1/4 cup. Both of these bags have a serving size of 1/4 cup, so I keep 1/4 cup in the bag, or you can pre package them and put them in your car. And this little baggie is 1/4 cup. How easy is it to overeat these delicious little nuts. For real, if I'll sit down somewhere and have these on the table while I'm homeschooling the girls, I could eat cups at a time. So the simple tip is, whenever you grab bags or containers or buckets of nuts, wherever your nuts come from, put them in the bags. All right! Pre-portion, your nuts and put them into bags.

That's all I'm going to say, that's your tip of the day. Otherwise, you are going to overeat these little nuts and it's not going to be good. So that is your tip of the day, here's your Almonds and here's your macadamia nuts. You should never be going through the drive thru out of hungriness.

Because you could go "Oh, I am already planned. I listened to Keto Mom the other day and I pre-packaged my nuts. They're sitting in the compartment of my van and I am totally fine. I will eat one snack bag and then I will get myself held over till dinnertime". That is your tip of the day, I hope it helps you. It seriously helps me when I started seeing visuals of what we were eating. First of all, it doesn't make me very happy, because I love to eat a lot of them. But in all reality, this is Good Fat and this really should help sustain you for a little while, even your kids. When my kids are crabby and they're hungry, I actually have one upstairs right now that says she's starving, although she just ate a taco salad. I told her "Listen, go grab a handful of almonds". She does not like that answer, but I'm like "I know. But Food is Fuel, and you really shouldn't be hungry. Drink some water, grab a handful of almonds, go upstairs and then come back down if you're really hungry". So anyways, that's kind of a long answer, but that is your tip.

It is very easy to over eat these Nuts

Does anybody do this? I hope you do. Otherwise, today's flavor is Strawberry peach and I would say it's one of my favorites. But I think I say that about everything. So you can drink this and not be on a Strict Keto diet. I actually started drinking Ketones before I changed the way that I ate because food stressed me out.

The Ketones give me the energy, helps me with my appetite and my cravings. I am not a snacker by the way. If I need a snack, I will grab a Macadamia nut or just a string cheese. But between drinking water, drinking Ketones and eating my meals, I'm really just fine. So I love this! It's not a magic pill, it is a tool.

If you want to know more, post five in the comments. If you want to possibly win some of my mom fuel, like Charlotte, Diane and Katie did. Here are the winners, ladies, make sure I get your address. I want you to share the video, so press the share button and tell me that you shared. And then I will do another drawing for tomorrow to send out to those who want to try Mom Fuel. It's pretty amazing!... Okay! That's your tip of the day! I need to get ready and go pick up some kiddos and drop all the kiddos off.

I've got one more thing real quick, just think about it and send me a message. If you're curious, we have an October challenge going on, we're going to start October 7.

What it is, is it's an actual bundle. It comes with a challenge box, which is 20 packs of my Mom Fuel. So with 20 packs of a variety of flavors. It also comes with a 60 Hour Keto Reboot, and a 24 Hour Fast. You're going to get plugged into an accountability group. So if your goal is like "Hey, I really don't want to wait till January to restart and take over my health. I'm going to start right now. So that I don't get to the holidays and go way out of control, and then really suck it up and then have to start way over in January"...

Join our October Challenge!
So we have a super cool community wide, October Challenge. Where you're going to get a challenge kit, it's 20 packs of Ketones, you're going to get a 60 Hour Reboot and a 24 Hour Fast. We're going to walk you through how to do all of them in sync. We're going to start with a challenge, dive into the 24 Hour Fast, finish the challenge and then dive into the reboot all together.

If you want to know more about the October challenge, post October in the comments and I'm going to send you a message about what it looks like. Even if you just want to know what it looks like, you might already have some of the products. So you can join us on the private Facebook group, you'll get a whole bunch of coaching and accountability. Post October in the comments, and we're going to chat. So I hope you guys have an incredible day, thank you for tuning in. I will make sure that all of the people that share this video, your name goes into the drawing. Otherwise make sure to portion out your nuts. I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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