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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 21): "Don't Mess Up Good for Perfect"| Keto Mom

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Keto Mom here!

We gradually learned how to eat better. I was like buns off the burgers I'll try to eat something green. I learned how to open up an avocado. I tried celery for the first time five years ago with some peanut butter on it. And I was like "If I can do it, we can do it as a family. In every single meal, what is my best option? Not perfect! But what is the best option?

Points to Ponder:

00:55 People Get Overwhelmed

02:07 People Get Stuck

02:28 First Overwhelming Experience

05:25 How I Started Keto Lifestyle

05:44 One Meal at a Time

06:17 I had Ketones to Help me

07:02 My First Ketone Pack

07:33 Flavor of the day: Horchata

09:53 My Mom Fuel

10:17 Tip of the Day: Do Mess Up Good for Perfect

10:30 One Meal at a Time

11:35 We Learned How to Eat Better

12:33 What is my Best Option?

14:04 Food is Fuel

14:21 The New Flavor: Horchata

15:26 Different Trial Packs

16:19 Benefits of Ketones

16:49 Ketones are Brain Fuel

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are doing our three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. As you're tuning in, I am going to shake up a brand new flavor of my Mom Fuel that's not even available yet. So how is your day? I hope that you have been joining the two, three or four o'clock tastings.

I've been coming on every single day shaking up some Mom Fuel, and just giving a quick Keto tip, whatever the tip may be.
Ready for another Keto Tip everyone?

And I want you to know something. One of my biggest, biggest tips, I mean there's a couple of them. But I talked about it this today, in my mindset mornings going over the book that we're reading. If you don't tune in the mornings, or you don't watch the lives, it's okay if you don't like to read. But oftentimes, people get overwhelmed with the thought of doing everything perfect all at once. So here's my question for you. When you started Keto or Low Carb, was anybody of you overwhelmed? Overwhelmed with thoughts like " I've got to switch all of my sugar and all of my flours" or "What is the substitute for this?"... You tried to gather all of the information and get all of everything perfect.

Oftentimes, when we try to do everything so perfect, like the cupboard has to be perfect, right timing, must have the right drinks and all of that... It paralyzes people.

It's no different than if you've got all these big dreams, goals and aspirations. And your Focus isn't on one thing, but on all of it. Oftentimes people just get stuck, "I know what to do, I just can't do it"... So here's the deal, just so you know, I come on here every day and I shake up something called my Mom Fuel. If you like me, had gotten any teeny tiny bit of overwhelmed in any type of this process. When we started over six years ago, I remember going to the grocery store.

And I remember saying "Yes! I'm going to do this", "I'm going to make Keto foods", "I'm going to cook so great for my husband", "I'm going to make all these recipes", "We're going to do Keto", "My husband's going to lose fifty pounds because he wanted to", "I'm not going to feel so tired because I learned that Ketones or the Ketogenic diet helps with mental clarity and energy and it's a clean fuel source".
I was so overwhelmed, I cried!

And I remember packing up our four girls, we've got four daughters, okay. I remember at the time Annie would have been two, they were two, four, six, and eight-ish. So I remember walking into our store Hy-Vee, I placed Annie in the stroller and I had the other four year old in the big part of the grocery cart, while the other two are walking.

I remember being like "Girls! We're going to eat healthy! We're going to do this together, we're going to try vegetables and it's going to be so great"...

Did anybody else prior to trying to eat healthy, eat everything out of a box, or a can? I had no idea I didn't eat anything green ever in my life, until I was thirty two. No salads, no vegetables, nothing. Nothing! And so I remember walking in the grocery store and I thought "I have no idea how to cut up vegetables. No idea how to open an avocado, never even tasted one in my life. Not guacamole, nothing. I don't like dressings, I don't like anything that's not a mac and cheese or pizza".

And so I thought "This is ridiculous, of course I can eat broccoli! What in the world is a broccoli or cauliflower head? How do I get this off of the head? don't get it"... So I'm just saying all of that because when you dive into a lifestyle and you want to feel better. When you walk in the store going "Yeah! I'm going to change everything. I'm getting the almond flour, I'm getting a monk fruit, and I'm doing all the things"... I walked around the grocery store, and I didn't know how to put meals together.

I was so overwhelmed. I'm sure two kids are probably screaming, maybe eating food out of the grocery cart. I walked out and I know almost all of us were crying. I came home and I was crying, I was like "I don't know. I don't know how to cook, I don't know how to open an avocado. I don't like anything green. I don't want to do this. I can't do it". And my husband said "All right!"...
I helped my husband fail at Keto before

So honestly, here's how I started this lifestyle. First of all, I was coaching myself. I would be standing in the kitchen and I'm like "I cannot do this if I dive headfirst, one hundred percent everything has to be perfect. I can't because I don't understand it. I'm going to learn as I go".

Second of all, I'm starting with one meal at a time. All I said was "If all I do is I get up and don't drink orange juice or strawberry pop (I use to drink a lot of that). I don't eat a box of cereal like Cocoa Puffs and Captain Crunch. If I don't do those things, and instead I can just drink more water and I can eat eggs. I can do that. Yes, I can do that"...

Okay, so pause for a second. You guys, the only way that I started that way is because I wasn't going through the Keto flu. I wasn't feeling deprived, because I legitimately had Ketones. My husband tried this diet for two years when I just had our last baby. And I was like "Yo babe, this is ridiculous. You're weighing everything, pricking your finger to see if you're in Ketosis. I'm out!"...

I helped him fail, because I always cooked all the lasagna and the garlic breads. And I was like "I'm not helping you figure it out".

I was a terrible wife back then, way better now. It's just been like this roller coaster of learning, and my husband found these Ketones online. He's said "Stephanie, I found something and I ordered it. If it truly works, it's going to help thousands of people around the world". And I was like, "Whatever! You and your supplements"... The only reason I ever tried it is because Steve handed me a packet. And he was like "Listen, try it". And I was like "Does it taste like dirt? I hate when you buy all that grassy disgusting drinks. I don't want a nasty protein shake. I don't want any of your mud, I don't want to drink it". It's funny now, but I remember I was like "Oh babe! Not another one"... I went away to a homeschool conference. I took a packet, it looks like this.

Flavor of the day: Horchata
Hey! Has anybody ever heard of Horchata? Who in the world, I need to know? Who knows what Horchata is? It's a Mexican drink. Apparently it's super delicious.

If you drink Horchata I need to know like for real, no more being shy in here. If you're on here, you need to say hi, or tell me yes or no. Tell me how your day was... Okay! This is the flavor that I'm trying. I will get back to my story, I know exactly where I paused. So my husband handed me this packet of Ketones. I tried this packet. By the way, Yes! It's in rice, it's a rice milk but a Horchata. It's like a Cinnamon milk. So they're making this fancy Horchata NAT. But there's lots of different flavors, the Berry Blue is my favorite...

Anyways! Going back, my husband said "Stephanie, take this packet and go put it in some water. Drink it and let me know how you feel". So that's what I did. I took some water, I took a packet and it was only orange at the time.

As I'm telling you about this, if you want to know more, I'll message you later tonight, just post five in the comments. We do five day trial kits, you can give it a shot and see what you think. But I took this packet of Ketones and I put it in some water. I was at a homeschool conference, we homeschool our kids by choice. Yes, we do it and I love it. I shook it up and I drank it, this was six years ago. I was sitting in a homeschool conference.

By the way this smells good, it's a brand new flavor. If you drink Ketones, you'll have to let me know what you think of this is. Who loves Horchata or rice milk?... Okay, going back! Anyways, I shook it up and that day I felt incredible. I was sneaking in the bathroom, anybody ever pee on those strips and make them turn purple? Who's turning their Ketone strips purple? They don't always work by the way. The longer you do Keto or Low Carb, the less likely they'll work. So it was in the very beginning, I was like brand spanking new.

My first Ketones were Incredible! It changed my Life

I was not eating Keto, but I was like Low Carb. Remember? Just breakfast at that point, so I did not got overwhelmed and cry. I went to this thing, I shook up this product I drank it and I went into the bathroom I peed on a stick it turned purple.

I called my husband and I said "Yo, what is this?. First of all, I made this stick turn purple, that's what you want me to do. Second of all, I think I'm the only mom awake at three o'clock in this conference and I feel incredible"...

And I kept going throughout the day, hence this is my Mom Fuel because this is what got me through the year of learning Keto. One hundred and ten percent, I get why people send me a message and they say "This is too hard, I've got the Keto flu. I feel like garbage, I've got too many cravings"... I get it, one hundred percent I get it. Is it a magic pill? No! Did it help me the entire year?

As I said the tip for you today is "Don't mess up good for perfect".

Some of you are like "I've got to be all in or I'm done", "I've got to do it all or I can't do it". No, no and no! I started with one meal at a time, breakfast. So back to the story, I drank more water, I didn't drink the orange juice, strawberry pop and I didn't eat the cereal. If I did that, I was like "Yes, I can do that!". Alright! Because I got up every morning I drank my mom fuel. Oh, that's good! Guys! This is brand new, Horchata for the win. Okay! So that's what I did, I drank my mom fuel. Post five in the comments if you want to learn more. I'll talk to you later, about more of it. And then I did the best I could with my breakfast. I felt great every day, the Ketones gave me the energy. The Ketones helped me with my appetite, and I wasn't snacking as much. And then I was like "Alright! I can do lunch". Okay! So Low Carb wraps, I can eat lettuce which I had never eaten lettuce in my life. I was like "I can do it, I can eat this rabbit food". I learned to love it, put some mayonnaise, meat and cheese on it whatever.

We all learned to eat better, and we did it as a family
We gradually learned how to eat better. For lunches, I was like buns off the burgers I'll try to eat something green. I learned how to open up an avocado. I tried celery for the first time five years ago with some peanut butter on it. It wasn't that bad, although I don't love celery. And I was like "If I can do it, we can do it as a family".

So I went to the grocery store and I don't know what these Brussel sprouts are, but I'm sure I can find a recipe. I'll throw some butter and garlic on it, because that fixes everything. And then I'll make them and we will all try them. I think they're disgusting, but I did learn that I love asparagus. So it's a trial and error. "Don't mess up good for perfect", in my head I said "If I drink ketones, I feel great". I'm going to drink more water, nothing else goes in my cup besides water. I don't like coffee, I don't like tea and so I felt like that's a win. Number two, if I'm not going to eat cereal and doughnuts all morning, that's the second one.

So Ketones, water, no cereal and then I just walked myself through the day. Okay! In every single meal, what is my best option? Not perfect! But what is the best option?

If I'm at somebody's home, what can I remove to make it a better option? Like maybe I don't need the chips but I can have extra salad. That's all I did, I was like "Don't mess up good for perfect". There's a good option anywhere I go, I just have to choose the good. I have to choose to take the buns off the burgers, I love burgers without the buns. The bun is disgusting, what a spongy gross way to wreck your burger. And then I had to choose to take the vegetables instead of the French Fries. I'm going to choose to not make the pasta and the potatoes, instead have more veggies and more protein. That's how I started and that's how a majority of people can do it. If you don't mess up good for perfect, you can use one day at a time, one meal at a time and you can choose.

Tip of the day: "Don't mess up Good for Perfect"

This might not be perfect, home grown, organic and all of the things. But I bet you there's a better option I can choose in this moment. So the tip is simply "Don't mess up good for perfect". Take one day at a time and one meal at a time. And in that moment when you're choosing your food, your snack or what to drink, ask yourself "What is my best option right now?". Choose it! Look at Food as Fuel and drink your water. So the tip is don't mess up good for perfect.

Continue to tune into the page. I share lots of different things, to give you ideas. If you're already drinking Ketones, hopefully this will be out soon. Maybe this weekend, I have no idea, I never know the exact time. But if you like Horchata, that's what it's called it's a Mexican drink. It tastes like not milky, it's not milky but it's very light. Horchata is like a rice cinnamon milk, I can't explain it but it's really good. It's not like the fruity sweet like a lot of the Ketones that we have.

I shook this one up yesterday, it's on my floor. I have a little office on my floor sometimes, don't make fun of me. So I had the Cotton Candy yesterday, we have Life's a Peach and so many fruity ones, those are my favorite. We have a chocolate one, but this one (Horchata) we've never had before. So if you've never tried my Mom Fuel ever, I do different trial packs so you can just try it. Give it a shot and see how you feel like me. So I'm going to work one on one with you. I'm going to ask "How do you eat?". You don't have to be Keto, most people are. What is your healthy? I've got people that drink the product and they're vegan, whole 30, plant based and some are Keto. It just depends, So I'd love to know if you do drink Ketones, what's your favorite flavor? Post that below. Listen, it's not a magic pill but it is a helper. We've got lots of different flavors, you can trial them without committing to anything.

If you want to know more, just post Five and we are going to chat
I can work with you on your goals. What are you working towards? Are you tracking or are you not? Are you eyeballing it? I'll just give you some pointers. You can try the product and see what you think. It's pretty incredible and I love all of them. I love them because I feel great. It's a tool to help with my appetite and my energy.

We got our friends over this week, and I talked about them this morning. They're great! And so many people are nappers, who's a nap taker here? Maybe if you're at work, you can't take a nap. But even on the weekends, who's a nap taker? I am not a nap taker, I don't have time for that. I used to nap years ago, but I hated it. I would hit that three o'clock wall and I'm like "Oh, I have to lay down". I love Ketones, because they turn my brain on. Ketones are brain fuel. I feel unbelievable even six years later. It helps me be a better mom, I feel it legitimately helps with my cravings and my appetite. Unbelievable! You don't have to wait ninety days to feel it. Like my first packet, it changed my life.

For some people it takes five or six days, some it takes a week or two. It just depends on your goals, but we'll chat more about it this. People keep asking what I'm trying. It's a new flavor, it's called Horchata and it's not even out yet. I am blessed to be great friends with our CEO. We've got a great little leadership team. And he is just a blessing to our family, so we get to try it. This is what I'm trying, it's super great. If you've heard of Horchata, it's like cinnamon rice milk. Alright! This has gone really long, so sorry. I think you guys are great and here's a couple things I would say. Number one, always message me if you've got questions, I'm here to help. Number two, don't mess up good for perfect. And number three, I'd love for you to press that share button below, because it allows other people to find the page and to have accountability, even if they just tune in to help with their mindset. So anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day, and we'll talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody!

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