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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 20): "Let's talk about FATS" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

If you are Strict Keto or that person who is tracking all of your macros, you've got under twenty carbs a day, and you're pretty focused. Then you can eat the seventy five to eighty percent Fat. Why? Because the fat is a majority of what you're eating. So when you eat good fats like avocados, organic butter, fatty meat, the yolk in the eggs and even nuts. When you eat Fats, Fat keeps you fuller longer.

Points to Ponder:

00:43 What did you have for Lunch?

01:06 Low Carb is Easy

01:53 Flavor of the day: Cotton Candy

02:35 Ketones

03:32 Strict Keto or Low Carb?

04:20 Fat Keeps You Fuller Longer

04:49 Over Eating Good Food

05:21 My Advice on Starting Low Carb

06:44 Eat When You're Hungry

07:27 Good Fats

08:12 Be Aware of How Your Body's Feeling

08:19 Tip for the day: Listen to your Body

09:05 Mindset Mornings: "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy

Full Episode Transcript

Good afternoon! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, I'm doing a four o'clock tasting and a keto tip. Why not two o'clock? because we were at the sunflower patch today for a field trip. We've got some friends in town, and so we went to an incredible sunflower farm. We took some really cute pictures, so if you want to see my children, go to my stories on Instagram or Facebook and you can see some really sweet pictures. That's what I was doing at two o'clock, with no internet service. I could not shake up my Ketones earlier, but I'm going to do it for you right now.

Shaking up Cotton Candy Flavor! So Good!

So as you're tuning in... Number one, what did you have for lunch? We have friends here from Oklahoma, and they are amazing. We love them! We took them out for Mexican and I got Fajitas. That's it! So we went out, usually we have steak, chicken or veggies. You can not have the chips and you cannot have the tortillas. Very easy!

I always love to say it's pretty easy to eat out low carb, because you choose what you want to order and you take things off and you add things on that you want.

So what did you have for lunch? And the reason I always ask is because collaboration is important. I don't want you to think that I'm just barking at you all the time or sharing. But I'd love to know because it gives other people ideas. I'd love for you to share what your lunch was. It gives other people ideas of what to eat if they should pack a lunch or go out. Number two, I really would love it if you'd press the share button. Sharing is caring and it allows other people to find an accountability group. So press the share button and share your lunch... Today I am shaking up "Cotton Candy" mom fuel and as I'm shaking this up, I've got here a sixteen ounces shaker bottle but my husband does twenty four. So if it's too sweet, just add more water. I drink this every day I have for six years and I love it. I just feel really great!

We have some of our friends that are here, and his doctor actually just told him he has to go Keto. So I gave him some tips, tricks and pointers. He's trying some Ketones right now, which is great! And he's actually really excited for his journey.

It's always fun to help people around you, they live in Oklahoma, but we talk so it's great! Anyways, I'm shaking this up, and it's not a magic pill but it is a tool. It puts you in Ketosis in under an hour and there's tons of benefits. If you want to know more, I've got different trial packs, just post five in the comments, and we can chat. Now for today's conversation, the Keto tip is... Or let me say this because I often get asked this question. "How much Fat can I eat?", "Can I eat any Fat that I want?", "What types of Fats should I be eating?". Or I'll have people that say, "I've reached a plateau", "Hey, the scale isn't moving, I want it to move" or "I'm really bloated"...

How much Fat can you truly Eat?

So a lot of the conversations that I have is around this concept or idea of Fat. You've got two things, you can share if you want or you can answer to yourself. "Are you Strict keto or are you Low Carb?"... Low carb to me is Lazy Keto or Dirty Keto. You're either Strict Keto, like tracking all your food, your macros, and making sure you're under twenty carbs a day.

If you are Strict Keto or that person who is tracking all of your macros, you've got under twenty carbs a day, and you're pretty focused. Then you can eat the seventy five to eighty percent Fat. Why? Because the fat is a majority of what you're eating. So when you eat good fats like avocados, organic butter, fatty meat, the yolk in the eggs and even nuts. When you eat Fats, Fat keeps you fuller longer.

So don't ever use the excuse "Oh, it's Keto! I can eat it!, "It's not a big deal it's Keto, I can eat it", "I'm going to grab an extra fat bomb, it's Keto I can eat it"... Because oftentimes people ask "Do I have to pay attention to calories?" and I say "Not if you're eating when you're hungry"... But if you are going to start making this excuse that you can eat whatever you want, you can eat as much bacon and butter as you want. You can eat all of the keto snacks that are labeled keto on the shelf at the store, because it's Keto. Or that you can eat all of the cheese and all of the Fat... Then that means you're overeating, good food.

Just so you know, if you are Lazy Keto, Dirty Keto, Low Carb or whatever you call it. I think that's great! That's what our friend Ty is going to do, in that way he doesn't have to sit on his phone and track everything. So I told him "Listen! You can start out really simple. You can make sure that you're drinking water, no sugary drinks, take the buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad or grab a lettuce wrap. You can intermittent fast for breakfast or have some eggs and sausage. You can have a salad, but watch the dressing, or have a lettuce wrap. Get rid of the pasta and potatoes, instead have some protein and veggies"... That's like the easiest Low Carb, which is making better choices without being stressed out.

Do not Eat when You are Not Hungry!

When you're doing Low Carb or you're doing a Lazy version, you can overeat protein and that's fine. Your body might not make Ketones, but you're making a better choice. You can overeat broccoli, yes, that's a thing.

You can overeat some really good Keto foods, which would cause you to not be in Ketosis, and your carbs to get higher. If you're not under twenty carbs a day, and you're eating the eighty percent (80%) Fat, you're eating too much Fat.

Oftentimes people will say "Stephanie! I got to the end of the day and I kept track of my food. But I just can't get that eighty percent (80%) of Fat in". And then I'll ask "Are you hungry?", "No! I feel great"... All right! You don't have to eat to fill in your macros. If you are tracking sometimes, and you didn't get it filled in. Don't go eat to fill them in. You eat when you're hungry. Unless you're Super Strict Keto and are under twenty carbs a day, then that's when you can eat the eighty percent (80%) Fat because that's the majority of your food. If you are low carb, which you're probably teetering around seventy carbs a day, you're not going to eat eighty percent (80%) Fat.

You can still add Fats into your meals , you can snack on some Almonds, you could have some cheese at your lunch, or you can put some avocado on your wrap. But you're not going to just go shove Fat bombs in your mouth. You're not going to eat a pound of bacon for breakfast and you're not going to have four cups of Fat coffee. Fat is good for you! But only Good Fats like Avocados, Egg yolks, Coconut oil, MCT oil, or Olive oil. Good fatty meats, nuts, Salmon and other fish, all of those things are great for you. But not fried Fats. I just want you to be aware! Don't just eat them, because in your head you believe you can eat whatever you want if it's Keto, unless you're strict Keto.

Oftentimes people just overeat! They overeat good food. Like when you go to a party, you go out or you're sitting around and you just want to snack because you're bored. Don't eat if you're not hungry! Don't shove Fat bombs in your face and be aware of how your body's feeling. If you're feeling bloated, you're probably eating too much dairy, so just listen to your body. Listen to your body and that is my tip for you today. Listen to your body and Drink Ketones.

For real! They're pretty incredible. I hope that was helpful. Sorry, my two o'clocks haven't been two o'clock. I'm currently working on my Adaptability which is what I talked about this morning. Alright! A couple things real quick. Thank you for always leaving a comment, it really does help my Lives for sure. My goal is to reach lots and lots of people, so I'd love it if you press the share button. I'd love to help other people on their journey. So ask any questions that you have, reach out and send me a message. I'd love to know your goals! I think that's it.

Remember in the mornings, I focus on mindset and we go through a book. So if you want to hop on in the morning or later in the day, they're all recorded on Facebook. You can go scroll back to this morning, and were going through this book "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. Otherwise I hop on in the afternoons, do a Keto tip and talk about my mom fuel. If you want to know more about my mom fuel, just post five in the comments or just shoot me a message. And in between or during the days, we share recipes and different things with you. So if you want to see more of my family, I share a lot on my stories, you can see homeschool tips and just our family and our girls and what we love to do. So I hope you guys have an incredible day.

I'm always here to help and we'll talk to you soon.

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