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THINK and GROW RICH (Chapter 1.1) 50 Cent Lesson in Persistence | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Keto Mom here!

"One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man's familiarity with the word impossible. He knows all of the rules which will not work. He knows all the things that cannot be done. This book is written for those who seek the rules which have made others successful, and are willing to stake everything on those rules. Success comes to those who become Success Conscious. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become Failure Conscious" ~Napoleon Hill

Points to Ponder:

00:56 "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

01:43 Reading is Powerful

02:34 50 Cent Lesson in Persistence

04:11 Following Successful People in Social Media

05:30 Story of the 50 Cents

06:53 The Understanding of Determination

07:43 It's About Mindset

08:28 Riches Can Mean Relationships

08:56 The Word "IMPOSSIBLE"

09:40 Success or Failure Conscious

10:43 Henry Ford and the V8 motor

11:43 Desire: Knowing What You Want

13:37 Your Mind is a Magnet

13:47 R.A.S, Reticular Activating System

15:19 Chapter Two: Desire

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. I just got done working out and just got done reading. Good morning, how are you? Did you wake up in a frenzy? Did you wake up and kind of hit the ground running? or Did you wake up and owned your morning? Either way, it's great! Usually, I get up and I go work out. I read and I get ready to talk to you. Today, I added in a little bit of cardio. If you know me, or if you've been listening to me at all, I love to lift weights. But I don't love cardio, so I'm working on it. I did ab workout this morning. I did! And so we are diving in this book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. We've only talked twice on it so far.

Welcome to Day 2 of our Book 7 session

Usually I don't come on Sundays. Our Sundays are, we go to church and we usually have friends or family over and we just relax. So I will not be doing lives on Sunday. But this weekend, Friday and Saturday, I went to a women's conference with my mom. So we've only gotten through a couple pages, and if you haven't started, it's okay. If you're just tuning in here, I'm going to give you the basic overview.

My hope every morning is to make you think, help you with your mindset and to help you on your journey. Because if you can get your mindset right, then hopefully you can get this right. Meaning the food that goes in your mouth, helping you on your fat loss journey and just your overall health.

Why do we read? Because I think it's powerful. Why do we read? Because it helps your mindset and sets you on a forward motion towards your goals. Whether you agree or not, I just truly believe it's important... Anyways I feel like you can't see my face. It's so dark out today, there's no sun. I'm tuning in from Minnesota and it's super foggy. There's like a pretty good fog over our lake.

Where are you tuning in from and how is your morning? We're diving through "Think and Grow Rich"... We're going to go through this book slowly, because it's not a quick and easy read, like some of the books that we've gone through. So I'm going to start on page 24. It's the fifth page from chapter one. It's labeled the "50 Cent Lesson in Persistence". He tells a lot of stories, and the overview of this book is Napoleon Hill goes and analyzed more than 25,000 people. And he wanted to know, how the wealthiest men in the world become that way? What were their principles, what was their character and what did they do?... You might be asking "Why are we talking about wealth and riches?" Because he'll talk about this later in the book. There's 13 Principles that he learned in 25 years of research. In the 25 years of research and studying super successful men or studying 25,000 successful people, later on he said at least 500 of the most successful people in the world. What were the principles in life that they followed?

We follow Successful people in social media
And you might be saying "What does this have to do with our health?" Everything! Because when you look at somebody's success in life, let's say Instagram, social media or Facebook. When you follow people on social media, you usually follow people that have a lot of followers. You usually follow people with the blue check, and usually ask "What did they do to get that success?"...

Whether it's real or not. Right now, I'm just talking about you following the successful people, as far as you know. And if you look at somebody that has success in their life, maybe you go "Oh my goodness, they are an incredible speaker", or "Wow! They're very wealthy", "What did they do to obtain it?", "Wow! They're super healthy? What did they do to obtain it?"... And all these people, whatever success they have in their life, they've got to have some pretty basic understanding or a line of principles that I bet you they all follow... So what he did was he put together the book after 25 years of research and said "Here's the 13 Principles that I found across the board. Whatever success these people were having, I want to share with you"...

So I want you to tune in, because you might hear "Riches" a lot in this book. But later on as he keeps going, he's going to give you these principles that you can apply anywhere in your life. He tells a simple story of "50 Cents", and we're going to start there. It would have been back during the Civil War or even before the Civil War. It would have been back when there were slaves. He talks about a man... So he had a little girl, it doesn't say how old she was, but it says she was the child of a tenant. She walks in and she might have said "Master". She asked for the 50 cents that the man owed her mother. And he kind of yells at the kid and tells her to get out. The little girl didn't move, and he went to go at her. But the little girl didn't move, and instead she screamed at the top of her lungs in a shrilled voice, "My mama got to have that 50 cents". She wasn't afraid, she stood there in determination to get the 50 cents that the man owed her mom.

With determination and persistence, you will achieve your goal

He tells the story, because in those days that would never happen, it should never happen. She should have been punished for it. And he said, I learned a lesson that day. What made that man stop and give that little girl her 50 cents...

So he talks about the understanding of determination. He talks about when you have the desire to get something, if you stand your ground, you're going to get it.

There's so many stories, that's why it's powerful to have the book. I can't tell you all of it. Here's the deal, we're going to go over 13 Principles, but remember this as you read, "The answer that you may be seeking to the questions which have caused you to ponder over the strangeness of life, may be found in your own mind. Through some idea, plan, purpose, which may spring into your mind as you read this book"...

He says when you begin to Think and Grow Rich... I'm going to tell you something, one of the key words in all of the books that we're reading, and the things that I'm sharing with you is to "Think". It's about mindset, you're not going to get away from it. If your goal is to get healthy, we're going to work on your mindset. If your goal is to run a marathon, you're going to have to work on your mindset. To get stronger, mindset. To be a better mom, mindset. To be a better husband or wife, mindset. To be a better boss or an employee, mindset. It all comes down to what you're thinking and you might be say "Ugh! More mindset". Yes! All right! He says "Beginning with a state of mind with a definition of purpose. With little or no hard work, you will and every other person ought to be interested in knowing how to acquire that state of mind, which attracts riches"...