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"THE TRAVELER'S GIFT" (Chapter 8): A Forgiving Spirit | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Forgive yourself and get back on track. Today's a new day and you can move forward because you have the power of choice. You have the power of choice every single day, I'm going to do that, I'm not going to eat that. Not because "I have to" but because "I get to"... I get to eat healthy, I get to go to the gym, I get to work out, I get to drink more water, I get to choose to be happy, I get to choose my attitude. I'm going to choose to forgive those people in the past because clearly it's not affecting their life but it's affecting mine.

Points to Ponder

03:25 Power of your mind

05:04 Patience

06:21 The Seven Decisions

07:09 Put it into action

07:27 Happiness is a choice

07:57 Abraham Lincoln

09:13 Personal growth leads to power

10:35 Would you inspire yourself

11:50 A Forgiving Spirit

12:56 Blaming a person from the past

14:02 Forgiveness is a gift to be given

14:59 I will forgive myself

15:32 The power of choice

16:29 Win some Mom Fuel

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Happy Monday, and Welcome to the Keto Mom page. We are diving in to "The Travelers Gift" by Andy Andrews. We have been talking about the "Seven Decisions" to help you have personal success. So through story form, there are seven different decisions that you can make. The author has chosen them, but it would help you on your personal journey. I feel if you've been on the Keto Mom page at any point in time, you know that it's powerful to get your mindset right, to help you on your health, fitness, and fat loss journey. So how's your morning or how was your weekend? We had an incredible weekend, I did not come on here and do the live. I am going to do chapter eight, but if your done with chapter eight on Saturday, you should be doing chapter nine today, and then you'll be done. We're almost done with "The Travelers Gift" , and I'll show you the book what we're going to do in August.

If you're done with "The Travelers Gift", how did you like the book, or if you are not done, share below your biggest takeaway. I'll be doing a drawing tomorrow, I do a drawing for mom fuel.
Welcome to Day 6 of our Book 4 session

So what are you loving about the book and what is your biggest takeaway? I thought we would start off the morning with a joke. Just so you guys know I love to be funny. Okay, it's a knock knock joke. "Knock, knock", and I'm going to say that you said "Who's here?" "A door", "A door who?"... "A door is between you and me, so please open up"... These are so funny, you guys, I'm easily amused, I love jokes... So All right, if you have tuned in at any point in time, we are doing a book in the morning for probably the rest of your life.

The book that we're going to be doing in August, is "Winning the War in your Mind" by Craig Groeschel. This book is written by one of our pastors, my husband used to work at this church.

It's in Oklahoma, they actually have churches all around the United States and online. So if this book is written by a pastor, there is a lot of biblical references to it. It's an incredible book, but I do know that some of you have asked, and yes, he is going to talk about God in this book. For those of you who said I'm out, that's totally your choice, but it was voted to be the next book. It talks about the power of your mind, your mindset and winning the war in your mind.

Something that he said was if you want to change your life, you have to change your thinking. Whether it is biblically based, or not, whether you're reading the book we're doing right now. Whether you read the books that we did earlier this spring, like "Rain or Shine", "Atomic Habits", or "Miracle Morning"... It doesn't matter which book that you're doing to grow yourself, but if you're going to read a book that's going to help you grow as a person, you're going to find that the common theme in all of these books, is the power of your mind and your mindset. Whether you believe you can do something or you can't do something, then you are correct. If you believe that you can do it, then you can do it. If you believe that you can't do it, then you're not going to be able to do it. If you believe you can have the fat loss that you want, then you're going to get there with consistency, patience and action over time. If you believe that you can't do it and you're here, then you're not going to do it. So you can watch the entire page, and you can get recipes, tips and tricks on the Keto lifestyle every single day.

But I truly really believe that if you can get your mindset right then everything else will fall into place. You'll have patience to let it take time, because you did not get to where you are today, overnight and you're not going to get to where you want to go overnight.

So "Winning the War in your Mind" is for August, and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is to be September. This book is incredible, the book that he wrote after "Think and Grow Rich" was not allowed to be published until him and his wife had passed away, it's unbelievable. It's not what you think, by the way, "Think and Grow Rich". I actually didn't read it for a long time, because I hate that title. But our CEO said "Stephanie, you have to read the book"... And so I did read the book, and it's an incredible book. It's written old fashioned, meaning there's a lot of words to it and will take a little bit longer to get through. So let's dive into today's chapter, I wrote down the seven decisions we've already talked about. If you're just tuning in for the first time, post new below. So "The Travelers Gift" is written in story form, and it's different than the books we've read in the past. It gives you things to think about, it's a perspective book. The author is giving you seven decisions that if you choose to make them, they will help you on your personal journey and your health journey.

So the main character, David, was in a car accident. You don't know if he has passed away, if he's dreaming or if he's in a coma. But he's meeting people from the past, like a key figure in history, that gives him something to think about. So the first decision was "The buck stops here". Stop blaming, shaming or justifying the past. Number two is "I will seek wisdom". It's important to know and watch who you surround yourself with, because the people that you are around, will either grow you or pull you down. Number three, "I am a person of action". I'm not going to sit back and just wait for things to happen. I'm going to learn and put it into action. Number four, "I have a decisive heart". I'm going to decide and do it right. I'm not going to say I can't, because I'm focused, and I'm going after it. I don't care how long it's going to take, I'm going to do it. Number five, "I will choose to be happy".

Happiness is a choice, a lot of the things you do in your life are a choice. Which ultimately, is one percent better, or one percent worse. Over time, everything that you do in your life, whether you're choosing one percent better or one percent worse...
We always have a choice everyday

So today, David goes into the past and he meets Abraham Lincoln... Abraham Lincoln talks to our main character David, and gives him perspective on the war and what's going on in the world. He talks about personal growth. He says what we call personal growth and why I want more personal growth, and about having power. He says, "How powerful Does somebody want to be?"... I think sometimes, there's certain words or phrases or triggers, that may have caused a certain feeling in your life, like the word power. So in this case, David asks "Why do I want to be powerful?", "What does personal growth have to do with power?". David says "I'm not interested in power"...

And so here's what Abraham Lincoln says "Personal growth leads to power. There is a certain level of personal growth that will provide the skills necessary to feed your family and to clothe your family. In other words, a level of personal growth that will furnish influence and wisdom and create leadership"... He talks about how personal growth affects your entire life. So how do you get personal growth? The question is "How do other people see you if you could ask yourself this question". "How do people see me if they watch me in general?" or If somebody watches your life, what do they think, what do they see? Are they seeing good habits, are they seeing you pursuing better in your life, are they watching you develop yourself. Or even ask yourself this question, what do they like about me?... If you asked yourself this question, and if you looked from outsider's perspective and watched your life, would people be inspired? Would they see you going after better, would they want to follow you?...

It doesn't mean that you have to be an extrovert, you have to want that influence. Let's say you were going to go follow yourself, would you inspire yourself or would you not? That might be a hard question to answer, and even if you say not right now, then guess what, that can still change.

Because if you're here, you're probably going after better, you probably have some goals and visions for yourself, mainly your health, but I bet you in other areas of your life, you want better as well. Relationships, Finances, Marriage, Spiritually, or whatever that is. Alright, so he says, "To seek the approval of someone who is lazy or jealous is to cast your pearls to the swine"... I love how most books talk about also the people that you're around. The things that you're speaking about, and the power of your words. But like I said, in the beginning, so many books talk about the power of your mind, the people that you're around, and about the things that you hold on from the past. How all of that plays a factor in reaching your goals, good or bad. So Abraham, Lincoln and David go on a long journey, and they talk about a lot of stuff.

Greet each day with a forgiving spirit
Ultimately, Abraham Lincoln's message to David was, you need to greet every day with with a forgiving spirit.

David asks "What does forgiveness have to do with me being effective?"... So Abraham Lincoln's said "You need to have a forgiving spirit"... David says "What in the world is that going to help me with?", and Lincoln says "The secret of forgiveness is, it is a secret that is hidden in plain sight. It costs nothing and is worth millions. It is available to everybody and used by few"... Have you ever known somebody that has such bitterness and unforgiveness that you feel like it oozes over into their entire life? I know people like that. And when you have an unforgiving spirit, it affects the way you live your life. It affects the way that you look at people, it affects the way that you run your your life day to day. Because you might be blaming that person from the past, justifying things, like I'm the way and because of that person.

And basically, what Lincoln is saying is forgive, because it's not doing you any good. Have you guys ever heard this? You might be holding a grudge against somebody. You might have an unforgiveness from the past. It might be affecting your future, it might be affecting the way that you decide your entire life.

Have you ever ever been told it's hurting your heart, but that person has no idea and doesn't even care. The things that you hold on today from the past, those people have no idea that it's affecting your attitude, your mood, the way you live your life, and the food and the emotions that control you. And so today, he says you need to have a forgiving spirit. "The unmistakable truth about forgiveness is that it's not a reward that must be earned. Forgiveness is a gift to be given. When I give forgiveness, I free my own spirit to release the anger and hatred that harbors in my heart. By granting forgiveness, I free my spirit to pursue my future happily and unencumbered by the anchors of my past and forgiveness when granted to others becomes a gift to myself"...

By forgiving, you free yourself from burden

It's true, how often other people's actions make us get angry or caught up in life. So the six decision for personal success is "I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit". "I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit and I will forgive even those who do not ask for forgiveness. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit and I will forgive those who have criticized me unjustly. I will greet today with a forgiving spirit and I will forgive myself"...

That might be something that you have to do today. Forgiving yourself for decisions you've made in the past, because you feel like you've gone backwards.

I have heard that over and over again. This last year and a half or two years, I keep hearing people say I can't believe I did that, I can't, I was doing so great, I fell off the wagon... Forgive yourself, get back on track. Today's a new day and you can move forward because you have the power of choice.

You have the power of choice every single day, like I'm going to do that, I'm not going to eat that. Not because "I have to" but because "I get to"... I get to eat healthy, I get to go to the gym, I get to work out, I get to drink more water, I get to choose to be happy, I get to I choose my attitude. I'm going to choose to forgive those people in the past because clearly it's not affecting their life and it's affecting mine. So with that this is a super great book. We've got one more decision, decision seven is tomorrow. And then he wraps up the book in chapter ten. So we'll be done with this book this week in the next few days, and then I'll probably just do some recap. So I hope that's helpful. I would love to know your biggest takeaways below. I will I will pick a winner for tomorrow to win some Mom Fuel. I do have the reboot going on right now, so for those of you who are joining me in the 60 hour Keto Reboot, it's like a 60 hour fast. Just tune in to the page if you want to know more about that. Otherwise, follow me on my stories, grab the book for August and grab the book for September. It's going to be super great. Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible morning. Reach out with any questions that you have. I'm always here to help.

I hope you have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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