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"THE TRAVELER'S GIFT" (Chapter 4): The Second Decision for Success | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

You've got to decide, you've got to take ownership, and figure out what works for you. You're going to have to take some time to put it into your health. Own the past, own your decisions, and own the fact that you are responsible for your health and fitness. You will seek wisdom because in doing that, you're going to make the better decisions. The key to anything, whether it's reading, or taking in all of this wisdom and knowledge from other people, is to put action behind what you've learned.

Points to Ponder

00:31 Tam Crumley, you win some mom fuel

01:57 Seven decisions in life

02:14 "The Young Traveler's Gift"

03:04 Accept responsibility

03:49 Meeting with King Solomon

04:17 Take action

05:30 You hear, but you don't listen

05:50 Listening more and speaking less

06:48 You need to hear the hard thing

07:40 I don't have time

08:40 Seek wisdom

09:32 Change the future

11:39 Choose your friends wisely

11:49 The second decision for success

13:19 Wise counsel

14:22 I own my day

15:25 Your vision is where you want to go

17:22 You can overeat good food

17:52 Learning and implementing

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! How is everybody? I had to draw a winner. So if you pop down earlier, I stopped real quick, grabbed the winner from yesterday, and now we're going to chat. So, Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we are going to dive into "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews, we are on chapter four. If you are brand new here, every single morning I come on here, I do a live about a book that we are going through and the basic overview of the book and that chapter.

So we did a drawing yesterday, it's Tam Crumley, you win some mom fuel. I will need your address, so private message me.
Welcome to Day 2 of our book 4 session

We are going through chapter four today, and if you've been following along and you're reading the book, awesome. I would love to know what you loved about the chapter below, so share with me what you loved about chapter four. Or what you're loving about the book, if you have any takeaways, share below. I'd love for you to press the share button too, so other people can follow along. Even if you're not reading the book, you can tune in and get the basic understanding of what we're going through.

We've already gone through "Atomic Habits", the "Miracle Morning" and, "Rain or Shine". We've got some more books coming up here in August and September, so tune in every single morning, and I will give you the highlights, and I would also encourage you to grab the book.

So right now we're going through "The Traveler's Gift", this is completely different than the books that we've gone through in the past. The other books were pretty focused on systems and habits... I think a majority of people love it, and a couple people believe its not their style. It's completely different, it's a story with a main character.

And it's talking about seven decisions in life, that lead towards success or the opposite.

I love it! I love the different styles of reading and writing. There is a kid version, so if you're loving the book, I'm going to have one of my daughters start this today. It's "The Young Traveler's Gift"... I read the first chapter this morning, and it's pretty small. Maybe I'll have my daughter come on here and share with you, just what she thought of it, after she's done with the book. So if you're looking for books for your kids to read, which we have our kids read almost every single day. I choose books that will help them think, and there is a younger version. I just wanted to share that with you, and I'm going to have her start one of them, today. Anyways, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Tammy Crumley, you won yesterday from sharing below. All you have to do is press the share button, and share below what your takeaway was on the chapter. Yesterday, we talked about the buck stops here... I accept responsibility for my past, I control my thoughts, I control my emotions, I am responsible for my success, the buck stops here. Chapter four, if you're brand new, the character's name is David. He's time traveling, and what he's doing is he's meeting different people from the past or from history. They're giving him a thought provoking question, or what are seven different things that you need to be focused on, to have success in your life. So yesterday he met with President Truman.

The key to Success is to take Action

Today, as we're talking through chapter four, David is meeting with King Solomon.... I'm not going to read the story to you, but halfway through, he says it's up to you to be ready to move at yourself.

So he talks about situations and that different opportunities are going to come your way. But doesn't mean that it's going to work for you, you have to move, and take action.

If you have followed me at any point in time, I can't teach you everything about Keto and then have it work for you. The key to anything, whether it's reading, or taking in all of this wisdom and knowledge from other people, is to put action behind what you've learned. And so our main character says, "You mean I have to prepare for whatever is in store for me?"... because in his life right now, it's not going well. He has a lot of challenges and just wants to give up. He says "How do I prepare for something when I don't know what it is, and when it will happen. How do I prepare for the uncertain future?"... The number two decision, there's seven of them. The advice that he had received was, he needs to seek wisdom... And he's like "What does that mean? What does it mean to seek wisdom?".

King Solomon says "You hear, but you don't listen"... How many times are you listening to somebody, but you're thinking about your response. How many times are your kids talking, but you don't listen.

I think over the course of the last two years, I have been on a journey of listening more and speaking less. I talk a lot, and sometimes in the past, I used to talk and cut people off. I would think that I wanted to say something and it was super important. Well, one day, I was talking when I was younger, and not very wise. And my husband's grandpa looked at me and I was probably twenty one or twenty two. He says, "Stephanie, do you ever stop talking and just listen, like, do you ever just listen?"... He was very, matter of fact, and that moment always stuck with me. I've got two ears and one mouth. If I want something, I need to listen. If I'm seeking wisdom, I need to listen. Why in the world am I talking so much, I need to listen to people. I just want to share that story with you, that sometimes you need to hear the hard thing. I had somebody message me yesterday, and they said it was such a slap in the face to realize that they are responsible for their past.

Here's the deal, if you listen to yesterday's live, you might seem like "I'm not responsible for my upbringing, or my parents or the the actions my parents did, or the environment they grew I grew up in"... You are correct. But you are responsible as an adult today to make the right choices for your health.
It's time to take responsibility for the future

And so she thought that it hurt, and I said "I know, it does hurt"... It's not fun when somebody tells you "Do you ever listen, or do you even care about your health?"... I had somebody messaged me the other day, and she said just give me the plan. Give me the plan, and I'll do it. I don't have time to watch these videos, or I don't have time to do this.

So I said "If you don't have time to take thirty minutes a day, or an hour a week on a Sunday to plan your meals, then I can't hand you anything that's going to work"...

You've got to decide, you've got to take ownership, you have to figure out what works for you. And you're going to have to take some time to put into your health. I'm saying your health, but anything in your life, where it's not going to work. You can come on here every single day, listen to me, but until you take the action, or until maybe somebody else calls you on what you're doing, and it might hurt. That might be when you might actually take it seriously. I took what my husband's grandpa said seriously, and I'm not perfect. But I would also say I have been more conscious, especially the last two years of listening, rather than speaking. Or at least if I'm going to say something, it's worth saying. Okay, so off on that tangent this was what David was told

"Seek wisdom, wisdom waits to be gathered. She cannot be battered or sold, she is a gift for the diligent. Only the diligent will find her, the lazy man says the stupid man never looks. Though wisdom is available to many, she is found by few. Seek wisdom, find her and you will find success and contentment".

Read the rest of chapter... "Even the present is constantly becoming the past now. The past will never change but you can change the future, by changing your actions today"... It is really very simple, we as humans are always in process of change. Therefore we might as well guide the direction in which we change. You're going to choose, we've talked about this one percent better or one percent worse. Who am I going to hang around, you choose if you go to the gym, you choose to eat the doughnut, you choose to eat salad. You choose to drink more water instead of the Mountain dew, it's ultimately your choice. So you're going to own the past, you're going to own your decisions, you're going to own the fact that you are responsible for your health and fitness, and you're going to make the better choice or not. So then David asks, "What do you mean, what does it mean to find wisdom? What does that actually mean?"...

Choose the people you surround yourself with

Number one "You need to guard your associations carefully". So who in the world are you hanging around with and what are their decisions. Because you become like the top five people that you hang around with. And you might be saying they're your friends.

That's fine, but sometimes we have to choose to find a mentor or choose to find friends that push us and maybe help us become better. He says, if a lazy man isn't irritating you, it is a sign that you have accepted slops, slothfulness as a way of life.

Sometimes you say that hurts, but it is important for a king to be careful who his friends are, and it's also important for you too. King Solomon is walking him through this... "Only a fool refuses to counsel the wise man. There are safety and counsel, sensible instructions is a life giving formula. Find a wise man who has accomplished what you wish for in your own life and listen to them, listen to their wise words. Find somebody that has done what you want to do and follow them"... Wise counsel, choose your friends wisely.

So here's the overview of the chapter... "The second decision for success is I will seek wisdom"...

Yesterday, we said the buck stops here, no more blaming, shaming or justifying. You may have not controlled everything in your past, but it's done. You control your future from today on, you control if you're going to get healthy or not. You control your attitude, if you are going to be happy about it or complain about it and you control the people that you hang around with.

Today he talked about seeking wisdom... I will seek wisdom, I will choose my friends carefully. Number two, I will seek wisdom, I will listen to counsel of wise men. Number three, I will seek wisdom and I will be a servant. So at the end of the chapter, he talks about serving others... I will be a servant to others, I will listen to the Council of wise men and I will choose my friends. You will seek wisdom because in doing that, choosing your friends and then choosing the people that you listen to, you're going to make the better decisions because you're going to follow those people. I love Steve's grandpa because he's always giving us wise counsel and advice on life. And I can choose to listen or not, but I would say that I am not a doctor, I am not an expert. Our family's been on this keto journey for over six years, so we can give you some advice. If you have questions about food, or how to get started or any of those things, send me a message and I will give you some advice on how we started.

Every morning I choose to get up & own my day

That would be wise counsel... It's wise to ask people questions that have already done it. We have made this a lifestyle over the last six years and we keep going. It is a wise decision to follow people that have done it for a long period of time and ask them questions.

And if somebody gives you advice, take that advice, because your responsibility is to put it into action.

So for example, we read the "Atomic Habits", and the "Miracle Morning"... We talked about, looking at people who are having success in their life, I'll give an example... Every morning, I get up regardless of how I feel because I want to work out and I want to own my morning. I want to read and to talk to you, so I get up and drink my water, and my ketones. If I do all of that in the morning, I own my day. So I'll give you another example... It doesn't mean that I don't struggle, and I was talking to a friend, Her name is Tisha. I was talking to her yesterday, and I was saying I just have to get motivated. I read every day, I do all of these things every day. Doesn't mean that I'm not motivated. My day didn't go how I wanted it to and I was kind of whiny. But then I told myself, I know better than this.

Either pick myself up off that pity party and go do what I needed to do. Once you have the tools in your head of "I know what I need to do"... I know not to hit the snooze button, I know I need to drink more water, I know I don't need to go through the drive thru. You have to talk to yourself in your head, and I had to give myself a pep talk yesterday.

Stop it! Go do this! Go clean your bathroom!... I didn't want to clean my bathroom, and I was actually whining about it. Go do the things you need to do. So think about what we've talked about, your vision is where you want to go. I think about my "Why"... A "Why" can be two different things, "Why are you doing something, or if I don't do it, I don't want to deal with the repercussions of not doing it". I get up every morning even if I'm tired. Even if I didn't go to bed early, even if I didn't sleep well. Because I hate the feeling of being behind, I hate the feeling of not owning my day. My why back here is, "if you don't get up Stephanie, you're going to feel like garbage"... You're not going to own your morning, you're going to be super crabby. I choose my attitude. So if I were to sleep in, or if I were to hit my snooze button, I'm not perfect. But what I'm just saying is, I don't want to go through the drive thru because I don't want to feel like crap. I want to make sure I clean my bathroom, because I would have regretted it and I would be a day behind.

When you read, it gives you wisdom and knowledge. When you follow certain people, you're going to learn little tips and tricks and then you have to talk yourself through it every day. Yes, I have to get up. Yes, I want to do that. That was my goal. I'm going to get it done...
Learn to control your Mindset

And lastly, I sat down on the couch last night after the softball games. My husband plays softball, and we were sitting down for a couple minutes and just watching thirty minutes of the show. And I almost got up to make a protein shake, but my kids were snacking on some almonds or something. And instinctively, I wanted something to snack on.

So I was like, I'm going to go get a snack, and then I said No! It's nine o'clock at night, and I don't need to eat something, I'm not hungry.

I'm giving you the example because I still have to talk myself into these things. I have the tools to help me walk through which decision I'm going to make. So I often ask "Why are you snacking so much, you can overeat good food"... Most of the time people just overeat, and I could have easily done the same thing. So yesterday at nine o'clock at night, I had to tell myself, am I hungry? No! Do I need a snack? No! I should probably drink some water, Yes! Should I sit my booty back down or go to bed? Yes or go brush my teeth.... I'm just sharing this with you, because I am not perfect, and I have to walk myself through these things too. But as you're learning, implementing and taking action, you will remember these things and you'll ask yourself, "Am I going listen to myself or not?" Seeking wisdom, the buck stops here. I hope that's helpful, please message me with any questions that you have. I hope you guys have an incredible day. Tam Crumley, you won some mom fuel. And this is real life, so if you share your takeaways from the book below, I'm going to grab another winner for tomorrow.

That's all I've got, I hope you guys have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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