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The power of Choices & our Decisions | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Your choices are going to make or break you, no blaming anybody else. There should be no blame, shame or justify, those are the three things that people easily look into... "It's not my fault, nope it's the way I was grown up, it was the way I was taught". No more! We're all adults which means we have to decide and make the choices that's best for our life right now, which means you have to own your choices.

Points to Ponder

01:16 Taking Action

02:06 What are you thankful for

02:56 Keto Advices

04:01 Book club

04:27 Mindset is important

04:56 Ownership & Discipline

05:42 Making Choices

06:32 Make or Break

07:10 Action will change your life

07:33 Set yourself an alarm

08:23 Make things Happen

09:57 A personal declaration

11:00 One step at a time

11:53 Make a better choice every day

13:04 Saying NO

13:31 Take control of your life and take action

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning. How are you doing? Happy Friday, or if you're watching this on a different day, happy whatever day it is for you. Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are going to talk about the power of choice. So choices and then really knowing what to do next, like your next step. If you know me at all and I kind of joked in the header of this video, I said "Have I told you to read a book lately?"... I'm probably going to tell you to read a book every single day, but I'm going to talk about two different books.

Mindset is the Key to Taking Action
The power of choice and taking action, and every single book that I have been reading lately, the theme has been doing something, taking action.

And so I want you to know, probably 95% of you that are here, you are here for fat loss, you are here to change your health and fitness, you are probably here to feel better. And so I want you to know one phrase, just one thing, as you're going throughout your day, as you are gathering knowledge and information as you were learning and growing is the word Action. It's taking things that you've learned, one little wisdom nugget at a time and taking action.

And so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, a part of your journey and a part of just your every single day should be taking action in the morning and saying one thing that you're thankful for. Because if you can get your mindset right, if you can get yourself on the right track to think positive and filling up your own cup, you are going to find yourself making better choices every single day. So as you're tuning in, I want you to tell me one thing you're thankful for. This is taking action, because when you write it down, it also gets in here (mind) and it gets in here (heart). And so I want you to write it down, share with me what are you thankful for?

I am thankful for the Keto Mom community, I'm thankful that I get to come on here and hopefully inspire you to take action. I'm thankful that it's not snowing, I am thankful that I've got healthy children. I'm just thankful I had a really incredible day yesterday and I'm just thankful.

So here's what I want to talk to you about real quick, I've got a couple little things I'm going to read to you. Two of the books that I've just recently read was the "Travelers Summit", and this is the second book if you have not read this book, which by the way, who would be interested in a book club. I know that sounds crazy, you're like "I'm on a Keto page". I need you to know something, I'm going to tell you to work on things like intermittent fasting, I'm going to say

"Hey, work on intermittent fasting It's super great to rest your body in the morning and work on making better food choices, work on drinking more water". You're going to hear me give you tips like "The tip is to flip over your food and just check how many carbs and sugar are in it". I'm going to say things like, "Hey, buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap, let's make better choices. One day at a time, drink ketones, make sure you grab your electrolytes".

If you are not grabbing these little nuggets and putting them into place and taking action, and you're just learning and learning but you're not doing anything then it's not gonna work.

And if this is not right (mind), nothing else is going to work. So here's what I want to talk to you about today, I'm going to do a book club. What that means is I'm going to put together a whole bunch of books, we're going to choose a book, I got a book, a water bottle, it's going to come with five packets of Ketones, I'm going to put it together we're going to start in May. I think the number one reason to get people on track is if I can get this (mind) right for you and help you understand how your mindset is so important for your health.

We have to stop the Victim & Blame game

You are going to find yourself growing faster, making better choices, sticking with it, creating a lifestyle. If you don't, and if you can't be thankful and you can't get your mindset right and you're not willing to learn and grow, then you're just going to create this cycle of like, "Oh it's not me, it's everybody else"...

The victim mentality, you blame shame and justify it, somebody else's problem why I'm here today. So we're going to start with ownership and discipline, ownership & discipline of your own health. Doesn't matter what happened in the past, today is today and we're going to move forward.

So if you have not read this book (The Traveler's Gift), this will probably be part of the book club, I just need to make sure I order enough. This (The Traveler's Gift) is great, I'm talking about this book (The Traveler's Summit) today, It was like the sequel to that book. I also have a book called "The Lost choice", they all have the same author, Andy Andrews. And here's a couple of things that he said in the book "The Lost choice", I'm going to read a couple of things to you, talk about it and then we're going to have a great day. "So your character is determined by the choices that you make, at some point a person must actually do something".

You have to make a choice, you've got to do something. If you've learned from me, that you should drink more water... Are you drinking more water, are you making a decision to drink more water.
At some point we must do Something

If you have been watching anybody in the Keto space, and we have said "Hey, get rid of the bread, the pasta potatoes, take the buns off the burgers" have you done it? So if you've heard me say, "Take the buns off the burger" 150 times and you have not done it, why have you not made the choice, if you were here to eat better, If you were here to eat low carb, why have you not made the choice to take the Buns off the burger? If you have heard us say, "Let's work on intermittent fasting or let's work on resting your body, let's work on only eating when you're hungry".

I know it's a conscious decision, but are you making those decisions? Your choices are going to make or break you, no blaming anybody else. There should be no blame, shame or justify, those are the three things that people easily look into... "It's not my fault, nope it's the way I was grown up, it was the way I was taught". No more, we're all adults which means we have to decide and make the choices that's best for our life right now, which means you have to own your choices.

"Things inspire, when one is inspired they should be moved to take action. Only action will change your life".

It is taking the things that you know, and putting it into action one day at a time. You should write it on post it notes, write little things that you forget. Write down things like "I have to take action" on your refrigerator, write down the words, "Am I hungry?". Put it on a little sticky note, put it on your refrigerator, the things that you were learning. You need to set yourself an alarm clock every single day.

Set alarms to create Habits
I have to remind myself to get up in the morning, I have little alarm set my phone to drink water, to work out, to fill out some of the apps that I'm filling out. I have to remind myself for today and for me to create a habit.

If you keep forgetting, find reminders, whether it's a little sticky note on your fridge, on your car steering wheel that says "Don't go through the drive thru", on your mirror that says "You are worth it"... What is your why and today you're going to choose great, you're going to make better choices. Whatever it is, it's going to keep you moving forward, you've got to have reminders in front of you, or dinging your phone every hour to drink more water, to be thankful, to make the best choice around lunchtime, all of those things.

The last thing, "Make things happen, don't play defense in your life play offense". Today is a day to play offense and not defense, "I'm not going to blame everybody else. I'm not going to wait until I reach rock bottom before I have to get up and move. I'm going to play offense, which means I'm thankful, I'm grateful, I'm going to take the action to move forward every single day".

The power of your mind is going to ultimately decide how all of this looks and how you feel. So lastly, Andy Andrews is incredible... These are some of the books we're going to go through in our book study. They all have to do with making decisions, right now I'm reading "The seven decisions", and this book is incredible but I just got done into this book "The Noticer" and then I'm gonna read this one soon "The Noticer returns". I know so many of you were like "I'm not a reader", you should become a reader. Even one page a day, could you commit to one page a day?

We're going to do a book club, it's going to come with a Keto mom water bottle, it's going to come with some ketones. I'm going to get on every single day, we're going to read together, I'm going to hold you accountable, it's going to be incredible. Okay the last thing I was gonna say is a personal declaration, this comes from "The summit" and I'm just going to read part of it to you. It says, "Here's a personal declaration for you, knowing that all of those who arrive have to begin where they are today. Today, are you going to choose to start".

I choose to begin right now, I choose to have a good mindset. I choose to not blame, shame or justify anything that I've done in the past or anybody else. But today I'm going to decide, I'm going to have the self discipline and I'm going to have ownership of my life.

"At this moment, I will do something"... This book, everybody in this book, they were searching to the key number one thing that would ultimately change the world or change somebody's life. They were saying wisdom or having mentors, they were going through all of these things, and at the end it came down to one phrase... "You have to do something, it was taking action". And the one thing is one day at a time, one step at a time, but you don't just sit back and wait, you have to take action. "For too long, I have allowed fearful thoughts to dominate my life. Now I recognize that fear as a misuse of creative imagination that has been replaced inside of me. In the past, I have allowed fear to shove all of my hopes aside. No more! Fear no longer has any power to stop me from doing what I know to be right and true. I am no longer afraid, I am courageous, right now I will do something". What are you going to do today? Be thankful, you're going to walk into the office and say, I'm finally not going to have the doughnut, you're going to commit to drinking water, you're going to go for a walk around the block, you're going to make a better choice every day. And all that means is when you're put in a position of saying yes or no, what is your better choice? Before you choose a meal, in any situation take five seconds ago, "What is my best option right now". And I'm talking about food, because that's why most of you are here.

We could talk about finances, relationships, marriage, parenting or homeschooling all of those things but right now, before you eat something, can you take enough discipline to say what is my best choice right now.

And I'm not going to read all this to you, but all it revolves around is there's hardship, there's choices, there is power in your words. And right now you've got to do something, you're not going to sit back anymore and take all the information... You're going to take action. The last book that I'm reading is "Your best Yes" by Lysa Terkeurst. And the only thing I'm going to say about this book is, in any choice that you have to make, sometimes there's a good choice, and there's a better choice.

And sometimes you have to say no to somebody, because your goal is working on better, and I can't put myself in that environment because I won't make the better choice, so I'm going to say no. Here's what I want you to know, your mindset is powerful, The choices that you make are powerful. The lack of choices that you make will ultimately determine where you go in the next month, six months, a year. You have to take control of your life and take action and make a choice, you have to do something.

That's really what all of these books are about, that are sitting on my table every single day... You have to do something or you do nothing and nothing changes.

So I am here to help, continue to tune into the page. Ask question, give yourself five seconds every single day before you put that food in your mouth, before you decide what's the best choice and say, "Am I hungry, do I have a better option, I'm going to drink more water, am I going to take the time for myself, to start prepping, to start thinking, to start reading, to write some post it notes out, to posting them on my house to remind myself to choose better". I'm here to help, reach out with any questions that you have. I hope you guys have an incredible day, we are going to put a book club together because if this is right (mind), everything else is right. And I got some really cute water bottles, so that's all I've got for you.

I hope you have a great morning and we'll talk to you soon.

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