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Rethinking Life Balance: Why Intention & Alignment Matter More

Hello, Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and we are wrapping up the Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. It's an incredible book and I highly recommend that you get it.


Do you believe that in your life, there should be balance?

That's what this chapter talks about. Oftentimes, people say that it's important to have a well balanced life. You might see balance as your priorities, where you spend your time, or where you're focused. All of that should be balanced.

"No one can argue that it's a good idea to not obsess over work or to neglect your family or to neglect your kids. You will hear from every direction that the key to living a well is to give equal time and energy to your work, your marriage, your family, your health, your faith, and of course your dreams. Not everything in life carries the same weight".

Erwin walks you through different things, like love. Love isn't well balanced, hope isn't well balanced. You can love somebody more than somebody else. Oftentimes, we think that we need to spend equal amount of time in our life so that we don't get out of balance, but he's going to challenge you in this last chapter.

Oftentimes, we think of this balanced life, and therefore we spend our time in spots that we actually might not need to spend our time in.


"We don't need balance, we need intention and alignment. We need to spend the first part of our lives figuring out what we love to do and then the next part of our lives, figuring out how to do it. When you live a life of intention, you need only begin to get rid of things that are not good for you and get rid of the things that are not for you".

Really, what he's going to walk you through is, hey, there's, you're not going to be out of balance. If you're too kind, if you've got too much integrity, if you've, if you love and you've got ambition, like those are things that you're not going to be able to balance.

You cannot have too much too much freedom

You cannot have too much ambition.

You cannot have too much kindness.

You cannot have too much love.

You cannot have too much justice.

You cannot have too much compassion.

You cannot have too much equality.

You cannot treat a person with too much dignity.

You cannot love too much.

You cannot hope too much.

You cannot have too much faith.

"Make room in your soul for the things that make you a better human. But be ruthless in eliminating everything that is not reflecting of your best self".


So the mind shift is spending too much time in a certain areas because of this need to make sure everything has equal amount of time. It's like you find yourself saying yes to too many things, and trying to balance life out. But what you really need is attention and alignment. It's important to understand and have communication with your family, your work, or different aspects that are important to you.

We often find ourselves saying yes to too many things, and we feel bad for saying no. We find ourselves not truly giving our best time and our best intentions to the things that we truly are called to do.

"May the ever expanding universe inside of you become the gift to the world. May everyone who crosses your path be blessed by the person you have become and the world that you have created. May you always be a beacon, pointing to the noble, the honorable, and best of humanity. With every breath, may you be the light in the dark places and proof of life to those holding on with a silent desperation. May your life be the inspiration to all the dreamers yet to come".

I have really enjoyed this book because it helps you understand a lot of things. How often do we think about certain things in our lives...

Why do you have certain thoughts?

Why do you believe certain things?

Why do you do things in your life?

Why do you do that?

Could it be because your mom and your grandma did it? When you go back and truly think about it, there was really no reason. It was just how you did things, it was how you grew up, or somebody told you to do it that way.

My biggest encouragement to you with the Mind Shift is take time to take on personal development or self development books. Maybe you haven't read a book in a long time or you've never really focused on your mindset. But there is a saying from Joseph McClendon III …

As I think, so I feel

As I feel, so I do

As I do, so I have.

So what it means is, you have what you have today, as a result of your actions, which comes from a feeling, which starts in your thoughts. And if you took that to heart, you will realize that your thoughts dictate a lot of the stuff that you have in your life today. It's so powerful, it creates words that come out of your mouth, it creates your actions, which are the results of what you have today.

How do I change what I have?

How do I make a change?

How do I make the mind shift?

How do I get a different result?

How do I get something new?

How do I start going in a different direction?


It all starts with your thoughts...

Do you believe that you can?

Are you speaking life into you and your family?

Are you speaking garbage or what are the words coming out of your mouth?

What are some things you're believing for?

What are some things you're dreaming for?

I know that dreaming is important. I know that a vision board is important. There are a lot of things that our family has put on vision boards, things that we believed for, things that we have accomplished. And right now, I feel like I don't really have a big dream. I probably need to take some time to dream again.

But I really feel like I'm managing life, which isn't bad. I'm managing all the things that we have going on right now. But I do need to get back into settings new goals in life...

Where are we going?

What are the next steps?

Where's our family going?

What are we believing for?


I would encourage you to do the same. So as we dive into the next 60 days before we end this year, my questions are...

"What are you believing for?"

"What are you dreaming about?"

"What are some things that you've been passionate about that and would like to get more involved in?" "What are you believing for?"

"What are you dreaming for?"

"Where do you need to have a little mind shift to believe that you can go after those things?"

And that's it! I'm going to be dreaming, believing, and getting a clearer vision, not just for me, but for my family. I will focus with intention, so that we can go after those things and keep growing. I truly thank you for tuning in, because your presence matters. I need to dream and have a vision of where the Keto Mom page is going. That's something that I need to think about, dream about, and pray about. And hopefully we can add value to your life.

Thank you for tuning in. I hope you have a wonderful day and we'll talk to you guys very soon. Bye everybody.

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