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Keto Tip (Day 46) Why Should I Track My Food? | Keto Mom

Keto Mom Here!

	You don't have to track your food. Although, it's a pretty good idea to be able to have an awareness of what you're eating. And the longer you do it, then you will be able to just naturally choose better foods. 

Points To Ponder:

00:26 Tracking Your Food

01:27 Press Share To Join The Book Giveaways

02:15 Keto NAT

03:03 The Core 4 challenge

04:14 All About My Mom Fuel

05:20 Think Positively

06:20 Give Yourself Some Credit

07:05 New Books To Read

08:11 The Power of Positive Thinking

09:13 What Do You Want To Change?

10:12 Forgiveness

11:57 Who Do I Need To Forgive?

12:06 Our Pastor's Story

13:42 Mindset

14:26 Do I Need To Track My Food?

15:01 Awareness

16:46 Download A Food Tracker

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and we're diving into a couple of things. I'm going to give you a little bit of understanding of our agenda. After Christmas day hits, what are we going to do? We're going to talk about some books, and then I'm going to give you a very practical tip about your keto-low carb lifestyle.

I have another Keto tip for you today!
We're going to talk about tracking your food, and a whole bunch of other things in a really short period of time... So as you're tuning in, where you're tuning in from? We're just done doing a whole bunch of errands, and it's so cold here as to be expected. I live in Minnesota and it's Friday. If you're watching, Happy Friday! Or whatever day you decide to watch, I hope you'll have an incredible day.

I picked a couple of winners for the book giveaway. So if your names are, Kristen Derby, April Savage, Kimberly Kellerbauer, Jennifer Bruce, Laurie Baker, and Audrey Harris, you all won "The Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander. I need your addresses, so I can send you the book. If you want to win as well, all you have to do is press the share button and let me know that you did, and I will put your name into a drawing. And Congratulations to Emalee Cleveland, you won the book that we're going to be going through in January, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" by John Maxwell. I've already gone through it, and it is an incredible book. So to those of you who won, I need your addresses and Congratulations!..

Congratulations to all book winners!

All right! There are a couple of things I want to talk about. First of all, I'm not shaking up ketones today, because I actually just drank a Keto protein shake. I normally have ketones, but I really just don't want one right now. This is what I usually drink, the Keto NAT, or I call it my Mom Fuel. We're also doing some fun things every single day, or we call it the Twelve Days of Christmas...

If you already tried my Mom Fuel and you like the Black Label flavor, it's like an amped-up version of the regular ketones. It's got thirty percent (30%) more caffeine and thirty percent (30%) more ketones. If you're already drinking it and you loved it, message me and I'll let you know what the fun promo is for today. We have a 12 Days of Christmas trial pack that I'm putting together.

Check the stories or just write, "Trial" below... But if you've never tried ketones before, then these are tools and they're going to help you with your energy, focus, appetite control and it's incredible! It is a tool, not a magic pill. I'm also going to help you eat better. Which reminds me, we're going to be starting something by the beginning of January called, "The Core 4". If you're interested in learning more about on-the-go keto meals delivered to your home, (you don't even have to do the Keto meal system) we're going to have some incredible keto low carb meals that are already prepared and will be sent to your home. I'm not sure if that's something you're interested in, but we're going to be starting something called "The Core 4" in January. It has something to do with movement, your meals, drinking ketones, and plugging into our community.

We will be starting the CORE 4 Challenge very soon
There's a whole little system to it, so if you want to know more about The Core 4 challenge, I want you to post "Core 4" below. Once I get more details and a little bit more understanding of what the challenge is going to be, I will let you know. There are going to be huge prizes as you keep following through with your own transformation.

I'll get you more information on that as soon as I have it. If you just want to try the product, you can. This is where I started six and a half years ago and I call it my Mom Fuel. It puts you in ketosis in under an hour, you just mix it with water, shake it up, and drink it. It gives you energy and focus, ketones are brain fuel. If you're an athlete, it helps you with your oxygen intake and muscle preservation. If you're looking for fat loss, appetite control, and craving control, then you should try it, it's unbelievable! If you've never tried it and you want a trial pack and try the new flavors, post "Trial" in the comments, and we're going to chat...

Alright! Real quick, I just had a really busy morning today. But normally, we also talk about books every single morning. I usually go through a book with you, to give you something to think about, a thought, a question, or something to inspire you... I'm going to give you a very tactical keto tip in just a second, but I can't express enough how important your mindset is. If your mindset isn't right, if you don't believe that you can do it if your words are trash and you keep telling yourself, "I can't do this", "I'll never look that good", "I'll never be healthy", "I'm always going to look this way". Then you will get whatever you think of and what you speak of...

Work on your mindset so it can overflow in your life
And so my number one goal is to help everybody make a little pivot this year. Let's work on your mindset, because if you can work on that, then it's going to overflow into your life, your relationship, your finances, your job, your parenting, your marriage, and your health. It's so important! There's really no shortage of how to do this diet or this lifestyle. But if you don't have your mindset right, or you don't have certain tools to help you on your journey? Then it's not going to work. An example of a tool would be "The 5-Second Rule"...

We'll continue on that topic tomorrow morning. I also posted a screenshot to help you think and be thankful. It said, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think". Give yourself some credit... Alright! So for those of you who won the books, Congratulations! If you press the share button, your name will go into a drawing for tomorrow. I got some incredible books to be given away as gifts. This is all I tell people, "What are you giving people for gifts?". And by the way, I just got a gift in the mail from some friends. It was a surprise, and guess what they gave me? Books! I love them! Somebody also asked me, "Do you have an Amazon wish list?" And I said, "You don't have to send me anything, or you can just send me a book"... I love it, I just really love to learn.

I received some awesome books from friends
Look at these fun books, "Goals" by Zig Ziglar, he is incredible. I don't have any of these books yet! I also received "Born to Win" and "See you at the top". I'm so excited to read these new books. To our friends, Liz, Abbey, and Jhun thank you! You're amazing!

My husband also got me these, "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. My family is also getting books. Do you guys actually want to know what I'm doing for some people that I love so much? I'm going to write a little note in here, saying "As soon as you're done with the book, message me and I'm going to send you a gift. I want to know your biggest takeaway"... They might think, "Yeah! She's going to give me a real gift and not a book!"... So after they read it, they'll send me a message. And then I'm going to send them another book. It's going to be so great. Also, I was listening to this book this morning, "The Power Of Positive Thinking" and it's unbelievable! I'm a visual learner, although I love to listen to books through audible too. But for me to truly take it in, I really need to touch it, see it, highlight and circle it, and I just need to do all those things. I love to have the physical books, and I also like to listen to them when I'm showering, doing my makeup, or cooking. I always am listening to something to grow my mind, and you should do that too. Audible is incredible! You can buy the books there as well.

I feel soo happy when I'm learning new things
You should also be taking some screenshots, I'll post some of them on my stories. I only listened to the first two chapters of this book, "The Power of Positive Thinking", and it's amazing! My husband also got me this book, "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz. My love language is books...

Okay! So this is what I want to talk to you about. I want you to think just for a second and we're going to get a little bit emotional here. Are you ready? I want you to think of your last year. We talked about how you can't go through the rest of your life blaming, shaming, and justifying your past for where you're at today. Everybody has gone through different things. You grew up with different parents, different environments and a lot of you have used food for emotional-support...

You're enjoying your family, you're enjoying the parties, and you might not be where you want to be. But on Christmas, the day after Christmas, or sometime in the next week or two, I want you to seriously think about everything that did not serve you in the past. I want you to forgive them, and I want you to forgive yourself.

Tell yourself, "It's not my fault that they hurt me in the past", "It's not my fault, or my parents, my grandma, my teacher, professor, my boss or my friend"... Unforgiveness causes a root of bitterness and if you have a root of bitterness, that is where you may tend to emotionally eat, or have anger. Maybe you are where you are today because of those people or situations. So I want you to take a minute before the year begins, I want you to forgive those people and forgive yourself.

We need to forgive ourselves and others to move forward

Because when you forgive others and you forgive yourself, you are going to have this weight lifted off your shoulders. You will no longer have anger and bitterness. We're going to start the new year with forgiving yourself, forgiving others and we're going to focus on the future. Does anybody feel like they need to forgive anybody in their past? Usually, every Sunday, as I'm sitting in church I would always think, "Who do I need to forgive?".

Even if you physically can't go talk to that person, I'll give you an example. Our pastor is an incredible mother. And she's very outspoken about her father because he was an abusive father and is now in prison. She had to physically visit him in prison to forgive him because she felt like she was supposed to. And she was like, "Why do I have to go forgive him when he did all of the things to our family". But she still went to prison to visit him on his birthday. She told her father, "Dad, I need to forgive you".

She's been holding unforgiveness, which causes a root of bitterness, anger, and a weight on her life. Everybody acts out differently when they're angry. And so after she forgave her father, she felt this weight lifted off her shoulders. She felt like she could move on and continue her life without anger...

We're going to be talking about that for the rest of the year. Whether you have to write it on a piece of paper, burn it in your fireplace, check it over a cliff or tear it up and put it in the garbage, do something to help yourself. Tell yourself, "Okay, I'm done", "No more! I am going to take control of my life, and I'm going to move on"...

Most people ask if they need to track their food

Alright! I also said I would give you a tactical tip. My tactical Keto tip, for those of you who message me regarding how to eat. Although mindset is more important than food, food comes second. Or it could be a relationship with Jesus, mindset, food, and awareness. Coming up, I'm also going to talk about choosing a word for the year. We're not going to talk about it right now, but does anybody do that here? Do you choose a word for the year? We do!...

Anyway, here's your tactical tip, and then I'm going to let you go. If your goal or New Year's resolution is fat loss, or if you just want to do something because you have forgiven your past, and moving on. Oftentimes people ask, "Do I have to track my food?", "I just want to do low carb", or "I want to visibly make better choices". Then you don't have to track your food. Although, it's a pretty good idea to be able to have an awareness of what you're eating.

But if you have gotten through this year, and you still don't have your food under control, you've tried, you've stopped, gained the weight, or even lost the weight. What I want you to do is go download some type of food tracker, but you don't have to track your food forever. The word that's constantly in my head is actually awareness. If you don't have an awareness of what you're eating, and you can't do lazy keto or low carb without truly understanding the food that's going into your body. Then I want you to go download, "My fitness pal" or "Carb counter"...

Track your food for two weeks. You can start after Christmas, at the beginning of the year, or even all of January. We don't mess up good for perfect. Track your food the best that you can, and include your water intake. Because when you track all of your food, even if you're doing low carb, it's going to give you a really quick visual of what and how you're eating. You might realize, "I'm eating too much", "No wonder that I haven't lost the weight that I wanted to", or, "I thought I was doing well, but I could do a little bit better"...

The word for the year is "Awareness"
My husband did this for a long time. He tracked his food for a while, and it gave him an understanding of what he was eating. The longer you do it, you will be able to just naturally choose better foods. Give yourself two to three weeks of tracking. Track your food, until you feel like you've got it, you're good and you just need to work out. If food is a challenge, then your action step is to download a food tracker and track your food for just a day.

You don't even have to make it perfect, because at the end of the day it's going to give you your macros. It's going to tell you how much your proteins, carbs, and fats are. And then it'll give you an idea of where you need to tweak things. You don't have to do it for the entire year, but just until you can have an understanding and an awareness of what you are eating. I feel like I might give the Keto Mom page a word of the year, and I think it's going to be "Awareness". I'm going to touch base on that in lots of different areas, because if you have awareness then you're going to make better choices.

That is my tip for you today, I hope it helps... We covered a lot today, so if you watch this video later then make sure to watch the beginning. We share lots of tips, tricks, recipes, and food ideas here on the page. If you want to know more about the ketones, post "Trial" in the comments. We're also going to be doing some fun Christmas trial packs, and then "The Core 4" challenge that I talked about earlier. I don't have all the details yet, but post "Core 4" in the comments if you want to know more about the food, ketones, the community, and how to get plugged into the contest. It will be so fun. Otherwise, continue to tune into the page. Congratulations to the book winner, and I hope you all have a great day. We'll talk to you soon!

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