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Keto Talk - What will Motivate You to Start? | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

When you plug into a community, like the Keto Mom page, you take something that you've learned, and then you put it into action. The key to anything, the key to urgency, the key to going after your goals is action. Learning one thing and putting it into action. It doesn't have to be the perfect timing or the perfect setup. It means you learn one thing, and then you take action on it.

Points to Ponder:

00:47 "Why are you Waiting?"

02:20 Your Mindset is Important

03:07 Power of Now

03:15 "What are you waiting for?"

04:17 Fueled by Desperation

04:59 Urgency Gives You Passion Deadlines

05:52 Start Today

06:13 We don't do the Things that are Hard

06:34 Passion is the Fuel that brings Urgency

07:01 Your Health is Important for You

07:09 Take Action and Feel Good Now

07:16 Stop Wasting Time

07:47 There are Three Types of People in this World

08:43 A Doer, a Wisher or a Watcher

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning everybody! Happy Monday and welcome to the Keto Mom page. I have not been on in a little while, mainly because I had some head stuff going on. So you might not hear me very well, but I can talk better now. It's awesome and I'm feeling great. How are you doing? I wanted to come on here for a couple of reasons. First of all, we're almost done with August, which means we're diving into a book in September. I'm going to talk about this in a second. But the question I have for you today is, "Why are you waiting?", or "Are you waiting?"... So there's a book that I randomly pick up, and I'll go through the highlights. What I love about going through books is I truly feel like when you're working on your mindset, it helps you in so many different areas of your life. So where are you tuning in from? I have not been on in a week, I've been working on getting my voice back, and it is back.

I am here to encourage you every morning
But my hope is feeling good, and I will be coming back on every single day to encourage you in the morning.

So I'm super sorry, that I was not on for a week, I just needed some rest and all is well. Now, if you're asking "What in the world?"... This page is about keto tips and tricks and our lifestyle and our family has been on this journey for six years. We share lots of stuff on here with you, we've got content, videos and recipes that go back to 2015.

Every morning, as I get back into my normal routine, I will be coming on and sharing something on a book.

We've been going through books since May, and so I will do it at around 7 or 7:30 in the morning. I'm central time, I'm from Minnesota, where are you from? My hope is to help you understand that your mindset is important. Because if you're just shooting for goals, like fat loss, I want to feel better, or I want to start this diet... But your mindset isn't on point and you don't believe you can do it. You don't have people around you that believe that you can do it, and maybe you're not set up for success... Then you might reach your goal, but if you're not recreating systems, it's not going to work.

Maybe some of you have been those who've reached out to me saying "Guess what? I've done this three times. I've done this before, I keep going back to my old habits"... That's what we're working on, your mindset. So this morning, my question to you is... it's really based on the power of now. Do you feel like you're waiting for something to happen, before you start your journey? "What are you waiting for?"... That's really the question. Maybe some of you've started, maybe some of you are waiting for the summer to be over. I consider we're going into a new season. It's almost fall here in Minnesota, and leaves are already falling. So what are you waiting for to get your health journey started? Or maybe to restart, and to take it seriously... Are you waiting for the perfect time, perfect foods, the perfect September first?. So here's a book that I've read, "The Last Arrow" by Erwin Raphael McManus. We have not gone through this book, but I just picked it up because it's incredible. So if you're always looking for new books, here's one.

He says this "There's power in the now. There's power in today. Urgency can be fueled by many things, passion, convictions, even compassion. But often I find that urgency in its rarest form is fueled by desperation"...

Most people start something when they're desperate. When they've hit rock bottom, when they don't want to feel this heavy anymore or they don't want to feel bad. Don't wait! Don't let it get worse. Don't get into desperation.

"The shift that happens is when you refuse to remain or to be defined by the average that comes, when you cross a line others would consider madness. while everyone around you says you can wait. Oh, you know you can't. I find that we often are more comfortable speaking about passions than urgency. But it is urgency that gives you passion deadlines"... What do you want in this new season? And are you going to wait till you feel like garbage to get it?

It's Monday today, let's start today. Drinking more water, making better choices... What fuels you to get your booty out of bed into go? Not to wait, not to make sure it's the perfect timing... Don't mess up good for perfect! The time is right now.

"Passion is about what fuels us, urgency is about how much it matters right now to you"... If you're not willing to work on your health and fitness, it doesn't matter to you. If you're not willing to draw a line in the sand and get something going and get moving, it doesn't matter to you, it doesn't hurt enough. He said "When somebody gets so desperate, they will get going"... And that might mean you gain thirty more pounds. Do you want to do that, or are you willing to start today? "The most important thing in life rarely comes with urgency. It may seem counterintuitive, but the most important things in life are most likely easy things, easily pushed back to the burner"... We have things that are so important to us, but we do the easy things. We don't do the things that are hard because it's hard. "The urgent is rarely the most important, but the most important must always be the most urgent. The most important thing in life requires that you bring your urgency now. Passion is the fuel that brings urgency. Leadership is about bringing urgency to the things that matter most"...

There is no perfect time but the Now

What do you need to do? What matters? What do you need to start today? What do you need to draw a line in the sand? What do you do need to say no to? What things have you been going "I'll do it later, I don't know if I can do it", "The time isn't perfect, I don't have the right foods", "I'm going to go, I've got one more vacation"...

No! Your health is important for you, for your family, for your employees, for your boss. It is important to take action and to feel good now.

This is the book I was reading off of, "The Last Arrow" by Erwin Raphael McManus. Stop wasting time! I will give you lots of different tips and tricks around the keto lifestyle. If you're just here to learn and grab a recipe, awesome. If you're here to work on your mindset, then join me every single morning because that's what we're going to do. We're starting this book in September, it's called "Dream it, Pin it, Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. You can go to, go to her shopping store and you can grab the book.

This is what she says "There are three types of people in this world. Those who make things happen. There are those who watch things happen. And there are those who wonder what happens"...

Are you going to make things happen, are you going to do it? Are you going to watch other people and say I wish that was me? Or are you just going to wonder, that could have been me years ago but it's too late?... No! It's not too late. I want you to be the doer. When you plug into a community, like the Keto Mom page, you take something that you've learned, and then you put it into action. The key to anything, the key to urgency, the key to going after your goals is action. Learning one thing and putting it into action. So you're going to either be a doer, a wisher or a watcher...

I always want to make sure I am a doer, so should you

I hate having a goal and then watching other people do it and knowing that I have everything that it takes, but I didn't take the action to do it. I hate sitting on the sidelines, I'm a doer.

But that means it doesn't have to be the perfect timing or the perfect setup. It means you learn one thing, and then you take action on it.

So if you want to join us, we're going to create a vision board. We're going to start in September, and we're going to go through the book. Grab the book and join us, otherwise just follow along here. I'll give you the guidelines and we'll talk about the book in the morning. It'll be great. That's all I've got for you. Sorry, I haven't been on here in a couple days, but I hope you can hear me all as well. So, have a great day and continue to tune into the Keto Mom page. I'd love for you to press share, because Sharing is caring.

Always reach out with your questions, I'm here to help. Have a wonderful Monday and we'll talk to you soon.

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