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Importance of Electrolytes - Keto Tips | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

So I wanted to hop on here real quick, and I want to just cover a real quick question of the day. "Electrolytes" and so we're gonna dive into it really quick. "Why drink electrolytes, why do you need them when you're Keto or Low carb? What electrolytes should you drink?".

When your body's in ketosis, did you know that you're actually flushing out electrolytes? Electrolytes like potassium sodium, potassium magnesium.

Points to Ponder

00:52 My Family (Homeschool Journey)

02:22 Electrolytes

02:32 What happens during Ketosis

02:59 Flushing

3:03 Keto Headaches / Flu

03:29 Leg cramps

04:39 Sources of electrolytes

04:59 MitoPlex (Pruvit)

Full Episode Transcript

"What are Electrolytes?"

Hey everybody, how are you doing? So happy, Good Friday, Happy Friday! (Lulu). I'm outside and our dogs like to run. So we have two dogs (Lulu) I think she would know she's on a video. So our dogs like to run and not listen and then run across the neighborhood and try to disappear anyways. And they can sneak out of the fence that we're in.

So I wanted to hop on here real quick, and I want to just cover a real quick question of the day. I know sometimes my "Lives" get long and I think it can be super helpful. I've been trying to do shorter "Lives" just to give you keto tips. And so this was asked multiple times today and it was around Electrolytes and so we're gonna dive into really quick...

"Why drink electrolytes, why do you need them when you're Keto or Low carb? What electrolytes should you drink?".

And so if you are brand new to the page, I'd love for you to post "New" below. My name is Stephanie, our family... we have four daughters, we homeschool. So this quarantine for us... we homeschool so we're always home. We're currently in Florida, we've been in Florida for almost a month. This is not our home, we've been staying with friends for... it'll be a month, next week. And then yeah, we've all been together. So we've been homeschooling, kids have friends. It's a lot nicer here than in Kentucky or Minnesota where we usually are at. So as you're tuning in, how are you doing? How was your week? For all the parents who didn't choose to homeschool, but you were blessed to have children and you were blessed to homeschool for a short period of time? How is it going? If anybody has any homeschool questions, shoot the questions below and I can reach out to you and I can give you some tips or tricks or ideas to help you on the homeschool journey. I would love to so we've done this we've got our girls are twelve, ten , eight and six. So I'm by no means a perfect homeschool mom. But I've also been doing it long enough that I have lots of things that work and don't work, so I would love to help.

Second of all, I wanted to hop on here, that wasn't even the reason that I was hopping on here, actually. But I was hopping on here to give you a couple tips around electrolytes. And so what are you doing this Friday night, I'm watching two kids in the pool. Couple are in the shower, we might sit down and watch a movie in a little bit. We just got done making... anybody ever have like a freezer night when you clean out the fridge in the freezer like leftovers? that's what we did for dinner, and we made hot dish earlier.

"What happens during Ketosis?"

So anyways, Electrolytes... just so you all are very well aware of when you're diving into a Keto Low carb lifestyle. When your body's in ketosis, whether you're drinking ketones, or your body's making ketones, and that's a whole another story, right? But when your body's in ketosis, did you know that you're actually flushing out electrolytes? Electrolytes like potassium sodium, potassium magnesium. So oftentimes people will go, "Well wow! I'm eating Keto or Low carb and maybe why do I have to add salt to all of my food, or what's up with this Himalayan salt or sea salt". And so it's because your body's flushing them out, and so they're utilizing them. And so often you'll hear people go, "Oh... I've got a slight headache". Maybe go through the Keto flu, if you're not drinking Ketones, right? It takes your body a couple of days to even a week to get your body to make Ketones if you do, right? And you could go through this feeling like garbage.

You need electrolytes if you get a slight headache, or let's say you went really low, low carb really fast, or let's say you've been doing it for a really long time, and you get leg cramps, anybody get leg cramps? Like when we travel, it's inevitable, when we travel I am not the greatest about drinking water.

So I have to mentally say "Stephanie drink water" and I have to drink electrolytes like almost double what I drink on a regular basis.

Because I will wake up in the middle of the night, like in tears and my husband's like shoving salt on my throat or like making me drink pickle juice. There was one time my husband I traveled overnight to get to our kids the next morning and we got off the airplane, got into the car, we had to drive an hour to get home and my legs It was like I don't know, six, four o'clock in the... four or five, six o'clock in the morning (I'm getting attacked by bugs, mosquitoes) and I my legs spazzed so much I was dehydrated. I needed some electrolytes, and it was so bad. He drove through McDonald's because it was the only thing that was open asked for salt packets we pulled over and I was like shoving salt and water down my throat, my legs cramped up so bad. So electrolytes are important because your body's flushing it out.

"Don't forget your Electrolytes"

So potassium, magnesium, salt, right? You can get it from lots of different ways, and so I would love to know are you taking electrolytes on a regular basis. If you're Low carb, Lazy Keto, dirty Keto, you don't have to take them every single day but they're good, right? It could be as simple as putting a little bit of Himalayan salt in your water or some Himalayan salt or sea salt on your food. Pickle juice works great. I actually have an electrolyte that we drink through the company that I drink Ketones with, it's called MitoPlex. So I just put it in water and drink it every day. There's lots of ways to get it right? You can get a powder potassium, you could get magnesium. My husband drinks CALM every night. It's a quick powder you get on Amazon just type up magnesium calm, C.A.L.M and he throws in some water and he drinks it before bed. So there's lots of ways to get your electrolytes in there's no right or wrong way. There are times where I just drink pickle juice, because I had a slight headache, or I need some waters so those are very important when you're diving into this lifestyle. Water, electrolytes, electrolytes, water, headache, cramps, kind of feel off... water and electrolytes.

I'm for real, anytime somebody messages me a question, I'm like "How's your water intake and how your electrolytes?". Because most of the time when you grab some of those are you add it into your eating or before bed or in the afternoons, it fixes 95% of it. So that is your quick Keto tip of the evening, I hope that was helpful. If you have any other questions, I'd love for you to pop the questions below, and I would love to answer them for you. So I'm gonna get some kids out of the pool because I'm getting eaten alive by these mosquitoes, I've got mosquito bites all over my legs. So again, where are you tuning in from whatever questions you have... asked below, I'll come back on tomorrow and do another Q & A.

Tag a friend below that has joined you on this journey or just press the share button because Sharing is caring. And a lot of people need accountability and support on this lifestyle journey.

So I appreciate you all. Have a wonderful evening and we'll talk to you soon.

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