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Handling A Cheat day - Keto tips | Keto mom

Keto Mom here!

My name is Stephanie, and we're going to talk about how to handle a cheat day. The biggest thing is this, "What are you going to do the next day?". If you decide to have a cheat day "Do not beat yourself up". Mindset matters, the next day you're going to intermittent fast, drink water, get back on track. Get all the sweets off your counter, make everybody take them home.

Points to Ponder

01:30 How to handle a Cheat day

02:04 My Goals

02:35 Why I don't post my cheat days

03:46 Getting back on track

04:22 What is NOT OKAY

05:15 Cravings can turn into cheat weeks

06:12 Keep meals light and simple

06:26 Cravings, Sugar is like a drug

07:16 Coming out of a cheat day

08:27 You don't need to eat all the time

08:58 Out of Sight Out of Mind

09:53 Be Mindful

11:07 Mindset Matters

11:33 Diet Vs. Lifestyle

12:44 Doing the 24 hours fast challenge

14:01 The 60 hour reboot

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we're going to talk about how to handle a cheat day. The question has arise, the question came to me today a handful of times... And they said, "Hey, we've got a holiday this weekend". Or maybe you would say, "In the future, I've got a birthday coming up, we're going to a wedding, we're going to a party". Whatever the case may be, I want to have some food there, can you tell me how to handle a cheat day?

The million dollar question

This is the question. Does anybody else ever have this question, because I'm gonna give you an answer. I'm gonna give you an answer based on what I think. So welcome, this is what we're talking about. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your day? And what are you doing for Easter? Maybe you watch this after Easter and you're like, "It's not Easter time". So I'm curious, we are going to... if you're watching this currently right now, obviously you are.

We've got Easter in a couple of days, we're having family over, we're getting together with family and friends, different things. And we've got church and it's going to be great. So we're making steak by the way, I love steak, Tri-tip to to be precise. Everybody does a little different... What do you do, do you do Ham or Turkey? I'm just curious. or maybe you're not doing anything, and that's completely fine, too.

So the question was, "How do I handle a cheat day?" and I'm going to tell you from my perspective of what I do, and what most people just need to be aware of.

It's a lot of mindset, so I was talking to one specific girl just a little while ago and I said, "Hey, super great question". And she said, "Do you ever cheat?", and I said, "Yes, of course". We were with some friends, and I was eating some chips, and we were talking back and forth about coaching people and helping them eat better. And she said, "Why don't you ever talk about hey, you're not eating keto right now?". And I said, "Good question, my goal right now is not fat loss, I'm very content on where I'm at. My goal is actually to build muscle". Everybody has different goals in different seasons. After I had my babies and after I was done having our children, and prior to even this lifestyle... My goal was "I needed more energy, I wanted to feel better, and I wanted to lose the last little bit of baby weight". But I'm done with that. So when I have a cheat day, it's not like I take a picture and post it. And I'll tell you why, because everybody's on their own journey.

We all have a different set of goals

And this has happened before, if I'm with a friend or if I'm with a family member, maybe it's my mom or somebody else. And if I go and have a chip, or if I go and have a piece of pizza, that opens the door for somebody else to go, "Oh, it's fine. She's doing it I can do it". But everybody has different goals, somebody else might be a little bit more strict than I am at the moment. Or you might have big goals and I've already reached a lot of them.

My goal right now is just to feel incredible, and if I eat bad, I know I'm not gonna feel good, right?

So I told a friend I said, "I don't post a picture of a slice of pizza, or if I was gonna cheat or maybe have birthday cake because I don't want somebody to go, Oh! if she's doing it I can do it, Oh! it's fine I'll get back on track tomorrow".

I am not perfect at all. I do the best that I can, because I do know that if I don't eat well I feel like garbage. But I'm definitely not perfect, so I'm just letting you know I've had cheat days. And if you have a cheat day, here's what you can do to get back on track. So whether you're doing something this weekend with family or friends, maybe you've got a wedding coming up. There's lots of fun summer holidays, and just barbecues and things coming up. So what do you do the next day?

The biggest thing I said to her is this, "What are you going to do the next day?". You're not going to beat yourself up, you're not going to get frustrated.

You went in to that weekend or to that holiday or to that wedding, knowing you might eat the cake or you're going to enjoy yourself and it's okay. Here's where it's not okay, is when you have these big goals and you're going after them and then all of a sudden, you've got one cheat day and then you wake up the next day and you've got all the leftovers in your fridge. So you're like "It's fine, I'm just going to eat them and then I'll start on Monday". Monday rolls around, and I was just talking to somebody else she sent me a picture and she's like, "Stephanie! look what's in the office at my work".

It takes a lot of Self control and Mindset

It was a massive box of cinnamon rolls and she's like, "But guess what? I'm drinking my Ketones". So she stopped by my house two days ago, she got herself a trial kit of Ketones. She's like "I'm not gonna touch the cinnamon rolls, I'm drinking my Ketones" and I said "Good for you". But let's say you had a cheat day on Saturday, and Sunday rolled around and you were like, "It's fine, I'll start on Monday". Okay, let's say Monday rolled around and you have the cinnamon rolls or the doughnuts or something in front of you, your body is already craving all of that stuff that you ate for 48 hours, right?

So you've got to get yourself back on track, because what happens is a cheat day, can turn into a cheat weekend can turn into a cheat week.

And you're like, "It's fine it's April 1st, so I'm going to start April 1st. Or May's around the corner I'll start in May". And then it turns into a month, and then three months, and then six months, and then a year, and you wind right back up where you started. It does not mean that we're expected to be perfect, but it starts right here. So if you go into this weekend going, "I'm going to enjoy myself with my family, I'm going to have whatever it is"... Guess what, the next day I said "Why don't you work on intermittent fasting, drink a lot of water". I drink Ketones because they are incredible.

And then I said, "Just keep the meals light and super simple". Grab a salad, grab something simple, grab some eggs and sausage, you don't need to eat a whole bunch but just rest your body.

You're probably going to be combating some cravings if you had some sugar. Isn't it crazy? How you can take one bite of pie or a piece of cake and how instantly that sugar goes to your brain and it's legitimately like a drug. It is a drug, because it makes you go "I want another one, I want some more". My kids at the grocery store said "Can we have Oreos" and I was like, "No, those things are not allowed in our home". If you have them at somebody else's house, you're not going to eat the whole bag. If somebody gives you one or two, you're going to say thank you and you're going to be fine. If the entire bag of Oreos sits on my countertop, you can't just eat one Oreo, you eat the whole thing.

Because the sugar goes to your brain, it's a drug you have to eat all of them. Right? Am I right? Or is that just me? Let me tell you, it is a real thing. So coming out of a cheat day, nobody's perfect.

What I want you to do is I want you to think "I am not going to let this spiral me out of control, I'm going to get up the next day, I'm going to go for a walk. I'm going to tell myself guess what, I'm getting back on track. I am going to drink my water".
Drinking Ketones is incredible

If you have Ketones, this is pretty incredible. I'm going to drink my ketones, I'm going to intermittent fast. I'm going to have some bacon and eggs. I'm going to have a salad. I'm going to eat light. I'm going to stay out of the kitchen that day.

If I'm having crazy cravings, you want to know what I'm going to go do? I might brush my teeth 18 times that day.

Because did you know, I have people that messaged me every night "Oh my goodness. Dinner's done, I'm sitting on the couch with my kids. I'm having some cravings. What should I do?" I'm like, "Go brush your teeth. Shut the kitchen light off and go brush your teeth. Go grab a glass of water, go brush your teeth. Go grab some gum, go grab a mint". It is crazy, when you take yourself out of that situation where the cravings are at, where all the food is at.

Go do some jumping jacks, go take a walk around outside, go get some fresh air.

You don't need to eat all the time. You don't need to eat because you're watching TV. You don't need to eat because you're in the kitchen. This is the conversation I just had with you when I was saying my friend and I were eating some chips. I'm not a foodie person, I'm just not a foodie person. So I can even eat a little bit of something and I'm fine.

The bag of chips was sitting on the counter, and I posted something the other day and I said here is a quick Keto tip for you. The tip is "Out of sight out of mind".

If it's not on your counter and you walk in your kitchen, I'm pointing because my kitchens right on the other side. If you walk through your kitchen and there's no food on the counter, it's not going to create this craving in me. I just don't go open up cupboards looking for things usually, if it's on my counter how easy is it to grab a cookie, or to grab some candy or to grab just naturally grab something because you see it and you want it and you grab it.

This happened this last weekend, my friend there was chips sitting on the counter or the table. We were all talking, and then she just started eating the chips. And she looks at me and she's like, "I don't even want these". She rolled them up and then one of the guys grabbed the chips and put them on the counter. And I was like "Out of sight out of mind", it just made me laugh because it's just a habit. Food is around us, we graze, we graze, we talk we graze and so you just have to be mindful.

Mindful of what you're eating and when you're eating.
Be Mindful of what you are eating

So when You enjoy your weekend, if you have a Cadbury bunny egg or a peep (gross). I am not a candy girl, if there's anything that I'm going to eat that's a sweet treat, it is a chocolate chip cookie and cheesecake. Those two things, everything else... I am a salty girl, meaning I love chips and salsa. Anybody else? Are you sweets or are you salty? Salty. Now, does that make sense? I would love to know, "What are you doing this weekend?".

Are you celebrating, are you not celebrating. Are you having family, are you turkey or ham, steak, or lamb. There's a lot of people that have messaged me on Instagram saying they're having lamb. I've never made lamb before. I'm sure it's great, probably tastes like chicken. Right? Oh, I've had it at the fair, but I've never made it. I don't think you'd want me to make it.

Anyway, so if you decide to have a cheat day "Do not beat yourself up". Mindset matters, the next day you're going to intermittent fast, drink water, get back on track. Get all the sweets off your counter, make everybody take them home.

Or if you go to somebody else's house, don't bring them to your house, keep them out of your house, go for a walk, and know that this is about a lifestyle it's not a diet. Some of you are here because you're like "I'm doing the Keto diet". That's awesome, it's gonna last for about six weeks. A lifestyle is something that you can start today, and you can recreate your meals to be better options and you can do it for the rest of your life. And you don't feel like you're starving, and you're not giving everything up because you are going to treat yourself here and there as long as you can get back on track. And it does not last for weeks and months and years.

So that was our conversation for today, I hope it was helpful. If you have any tips or tricks that you feel works for you, when you decide to cheat... I don't even like that word cheat, when you decide to enjoy yourself with something sweet or enjoy your family or enjoy a wedding or enjoy a party or enjoy a holiday. What do you do to get back on track? I'd love for you to share. Lastly, for those of you who've been asking, because I've actually got a ton of questions. If you're asking me questions I'll come back and answer them, I'll send you a message. For those of you who are doing the 24 hour fast with me. You should already be in my customer group. If you're not in my customer group, and you are a customer of mine, meaning you're drinking Ketones or you're doing the Fast or the Reboot, make sure post "Customer" below so I can get you in my customer group.

Let's do the 24 Hour Reboot together

We are doing this together, so make sure you're in my customer group because we start on Sunday. I realized that's Easter, what this pack says it's a 24 hour fast, you're going to stop eating on Sunday.

It says from three to five, just so you know it can be pushed later. If you decide to stop eating at seven, you're going to go till Monday at seven, it's 24 hours.

And all you're going to do is you're going to follow the kit. I'll walk you through this in the customer group, so we're going to do it together. If you want to know more about the next 24 hour fast, just post "24 hour fast" below.

They're not available right now, but we're trialing it. This is like the beta test, we're testing it out to see how it goes.

But all you're going to do is Sunday night before you go to bed, you're going to grab your Nat light, you're going to grab your PM pill. You're going to go to bed, you're going to wake up on Monday, you're going to grab your Ketones. You've got electrolytes, you've got your AM pills, then you've got your lunch. You can have an extra electrolyte later in the day, and then 24 hours goes in, and then you'll have a light dinner, a protein and a veggie. That's your 24 hour fast.

It's not available, but if you want to join us for the next one just post "24 hour fast" below, and I'll send you some information on it. And then there is the 60 hour Keto reboot, so for those of you who've been doing the reboots with us, we do have a once a month, 60 hour reboots. This is 24 hours, we have a 60 hour kit, just like this so you go for 60 hours of not eating. But we plug you into a private group, it resets your metabolism, really helps you understand the power of food. So whether you think you can do a 24 hour or a 60, if you want the 60 hour reboot, post "Reboot" below because that one's available for the next five days and then we're done. So for the 24 hour ones, I'll let you know when it's back, it's all gone right now. Otherwise, reach out with questions that you have.

So if you've got questions about food, or if you've got questions about how to get started, or if you've got questions about my mom fuel. If you're going "I don't want to do any fast, what are these Ketones that you're drinking?". Go check out my stories because I'm about to answer all of the questions that you've asked me about why I drink Ketones, what they are, how they work and all the benefits. That will be in the stories today on Instagram and on Facebook. So I'll go over there and do that because I was just answering everybody's questions. Otherwise, that's it. If you have a cheat day, don't beat yourself up. I'm here to answer questions. I am here to help you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday.

We'll talk to you soon.

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