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Cheat days and Fasting - Real Talk | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

I just wanted to come on here, be real transparent and say I am not perfect at all. For those of you who are asking, how do you always eat so perfect, your meals look great. Yes, they do. All the recipes that we share are incredible. But we all slip up, and it is what it is. So if you decide to have a cheat weekend or a cheat meal, you have to get back on track.

Points to Ponder

00:12 What happens if you cheat

01:13 Father's Day weekend

01:47 A Fish Fry

03:00 I overdid it

03:41 Get back on track

04:15 Tools to get me back on track

04:35 What do we have to do

04:43 Intermittent fasting

05:18 60 hour Keto reboot

05:42 Ketones

06:31 How I first started this lifestyle

06:54 The 24 HR Fast

09:05 We have the support

09:54 I started with drinking ketones

10:09 Benefits of Ketones

11:01 Drinking more water

11:55 Getting rid of temptation

12:34 Power of creating a new habit

Full Episode Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to the Keto mom page, you get me twice today, maybe three times, we'll have to see. Again welcome to the Keto Mom page, we're gonna dive into talking about what happens if you cheat or have a cheat meal or a cheat weekend. You pay for it, but how do you get back on track... That's what we're going to talk about, so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from?

I'm going to be brutally honest with you and tell you, I had some cheats this weekend and I paid for it. I paid for it specifically today, and I felt like I might die.

I'm not going to, so don't worry, but I felt miserable. So as you're tuning in, how is your day going? I am doing a 24 hour fast. I'm going to walk you through what a cheat meal, a cheat day or a cheat weekend looks like and how do you get back on track...

We had a Fun Father's Day weekend

And if you decide to do it, what you might feel after you do it. So anyways, did everybody have a good Father's Day weekend? We had a great one. We live in a lake, it's our lake. We bought the home and it was an old rock quarry. And so it was filled up with water years and years ago and the people that owned it before stocked it with fish.

We had a friend that came out, and he said we've got to get some of these fish out of our lake. There's too many of them, and if we don't, then they just won't grow and all this fancy verbiage. So we thought, perfect! We'll have a fish fry. So we did, we had some friends out, it was super fun with friends and family. We caught probably a hundred fish and big bass. So we fried up and we were going to grill some of them, but we were just exhausted by the end of the day. So we fried up all the fish, and you could peel some of the outside if you wanted to.

But let me tell you, I'm not a huge fish lover (I love salmon), so for me, it's not a big deal. I think I had one piece of fish that night. But I love when people come and do a potluck, like everybody brings things, and there were a lot of things. So the fish fry was fun, the fish was great, but I don't think that's what set me off. I love chips, I love salty things. And then somebody brought these ridiculously incredible cinnamon rolls. There were salads, and there was all things that could be Keto, but then there were things that were not right. Usually I'm pretty good at not overdoing it or maybe having a bite of something, but I overdid it. And today, I messaged my girlfriends, and I said I can't leave the bathroom. I'm going to be really honest with you, if you decide to cheat, if you decide to have a cheat meal or a cheat weekend, I want you to know something first of all, it will remind you why you eat better.

Tools to get back on track, Ketones

If you like me, react like how my body reacted, you are going to be in the bathroom all morning. I messaged my friends, and told them I might die. My stomach was in knots and it's terrible, and so all of us actually are fasting right now. "How do I really get back on track?" I know how to do this, I coach people on how to do it.

Shame on me for eating the food that I ate. But I know better, and so if you decide to have a cheat weekend or a cheat meal, you have to get back on track.

We had enjoyed our Father's Day weekend, we had a great time with friends and family. So if you don't have something to get you back on track, it can spiral out of control. I'm not saying that I didn't have cravings for other things this morning, but I have tools to get me back on track. So mentally, if you decide to enjoy yourself, or you're going on vacation, whatever it is, first of all you have to get back on track.

So you have to say "No more! I'm done"... I knew I was going to fast today, I just didn't realize how I'd feel this morning. Second of all "How do you do it, like what do we have to do?"... There's lots of different things that you can do. You can do a water fast, but I've never done that.

I've only done three different types of fasts... Intermittent fasting in the morning, which is simply, you stop eating at separate times.

I stopped eating earlier last night, because I'm doing the 24 hr. Fast. So you stop eating around dinner time and you intermittent fast, and you go to about lunchtime the next day. That's around fourteen to sixteen hours, and that's something you can do every day. It's just great to rest your body, it helps with fat loss and so many different things. You can just google intermittent fasting and figure out all the benefits of why to do that. That's the first type of fast that I've done consistently.

You could also do a 60 hour Keto reboot. We have the reboot kits, I don't have one right now, but that's a 60 hour long reboot to where we have a kit for that. That's an option, but I'm not going to talk about that one, because I'm going to tell you what I'm doing right now instead. This is what I'm doing, I've drank Ketones for six years and in my mind, if I'm going to cheat, I have a tool to get me back on track. So I drank Ketones this morning, and it helped with cravings, it also helps with energy. So I felt good in my head, but not good in my stomach. But now I feel great! What's so good about my body is it will tell me as soon as I eat something, and it doesn't go very well, but then I still turned out fine. So then I messaged my girlfriend's and I said I'm fine, don't worry I'm not dying. So this is what I'm doing today, a 24 hour fast. If you want to know more about the fast, we offer it every Sunday and Monday. You can grab a fast and I can help walk you through it, if you want to do it, it's very basic.