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A Disney Royalty Day! Why Do We Drink Ketones? | Keto Mom

Keto Mom Here!

	We've been doing an event, called "Epic". We are learning, growing and learning some more. We're celebrating everything from 2021 and giving a vision of where we're going in 2022. I also share information about Ketones, which I also call my Mom Fuel, but today it'll be called Princess fuel. I want you to hear from other people the reason we drink ketones, and what it's done for them.

Points To Ponder:

00:02 Keto Mom Community

00:37 Sharing About Other's Keto Journey

01:18 An EPIC Event

01:50 Why We Drink Ketones?

02:47 Benefits of Ketones

03:40 Are You Strict Keto Or Low Carb?

04:33 You Don't Need to Track Your Food

05:03 Majority Just Simply Overeat

05:33 Other Great Benefits Of Ketones

06:22 The Keto Community Is Great

07:38 The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

07:57 Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

08:21 My Text Campaign

08:59 Your Presence Matter

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Hello, Keto Mom community. How are you doing? We're doing something fun at our house today. We're getting breakfast, and we're making sausage and eggs. I've got a whole crew of princesses that are here with me, there's Bell and we've got Elsa... So as you're tuning in normally I do a little book mindset morning and I was not able to come till now. I thought I would come on here real quick and just say, Good morning! Happy Saturday, where are you tuning in from? I actually wanted to go around and have some of my friends who are in my home, share with you the reason they're drinking ketones... If you're brand new to the page, Welcome! Where are you tuning in from? We're tuning in from Minnesota and we had a huge snowstorm yesterday. To the point where I think we probably had a foot of snow like we had a lot.

Welcome, Keto Mom Community!
Alright! So yesterday, we've been doing an event, called "Epic". We are learning, growing, and learning some more. We're celebrating everything from 2021 and giving a vision of where we're going in 2022. So here on the page, I normally share recipes, tips, and tricks with you all, about the Keto, low carb lifestyle.

I also share information about Ketones, which I also call my Mom Fuel, but today it'll be called Princess fuel. I want you to hear from my friends the reason why we drink ketones, and what it's done for them. You can see some princesses here and it's going to be fun. But I'm going to be real honest with you. The dress didn't fit me very well, so I made it work with a new shirt. We had to work on some E.Q., but we are still dressing up and having fun. I'm going to have you meet some of my friends. Let's talk to Bell first, "Why do you drink ketones, and what has it done for you?"...

"Well, in the beginning, there are a couple of stages for me. I drank them because I was interested in some fat loss. But along my journey of drinking them, I found out that ketones are for many more reasons than just fat loss. Fat loss is just a tool and a result of it. The other thing that is more powerful than just the fat loss, is the energy that I get with it. I go to work every day in an office and about three o'clock in the afternoon, I always find myself thinking of taking my fifteen-minute nap in my car. Or like taking a break inside my car, to do a little nap. But now, I don't need to do that anymore. It's freaking fantastic! The focus that I get is amazing. The patience is huge! I have two kids and being able to have the patience to do that and keep up with travel, hockey, and other stuff. It's just a lot of crazy benefits. It's amazing! So if you're not drinking them, you should be"...

Princess Bell has discovered the power of Ketones

Straight Mom Fuel for sure! Okay, so one last question for you Bell, "Are you strict Keto or low carb?". And the reason why I asked that is because a lot of people always ask me if they have to be strict with Keto to drink ketones?...

Bell is doing intermittent fasting, and we're just making breakfast for those who don't intermittent fast. But Bell is an intermittent faster and she is just drinking her ketones right now. But going back to my question Bell, "Are you strict keto?"...

"No! I couldn't do it at all. I'm aware but I couldn't do it. It's not sustainable on a long-term basis. So I do low carb and try to stay away from the buns like I'm not putting buns on my burgers. And I feel like it tastes a lot better because you actually get to taste all the other amazing greens. I also don't put croutons on my salad. And I don't track either, I don't think I could do the tracking. You actually don't need to, if you just stick with your veggies, your protein, and your salads. It's an amazing life, you won't feel like you're hungry. And you know what the best part is? I still feel like food is delicious and I don't feel like I'm losing out"...

Yes! I totally agree with that. I agree a hundred percent. I always like to say, "If you're not hungry, you don't have to eat", or "You don't have to force yourself to eat". I think a majority of people just simply overeat out of habit, or because they're not very mindful, or just out of boredom...
We also have our friends Elsa and Merida here

All right! Does anybody else want to share? Look at these amazing princesses, we've got Elsa, we've got Merida, we've got our amazing Princess Maddie and then we have Moana. Okay! I think you guys should share really quick, "What are your favorite benefits of ketones, Moana?"...

"I love the focus and energy. I'm a middle school art teacher, and I went through my first year of teaching without ketones and then my second year, and then this year. It's such a game-changer. The energy, the mindset, the conversations I can have with students. The patience I have is really big, so it's really awesome"...

Let's also ask Maddie, "Why are you drinking ketones?"... "For the energy and focus as well. And some of the benefits that I've seen is the patience and appetite control"... I totally agree, let's also ask Merida the same question... "I started drinking ketones for fat loss and I've lost sixty-one pounds. But I stayed because of the community, and the people that I've met. My favorite benefit, obviously is a fat loss but then I also love the mental clarity"... Yes, I love it! Alright! How about you Elsa?...

"Hi! I'm Missy and I've been drinking ketones for a couple of years. I started for fat loss for my son's wedding. I stayed for the community, I stayed for the clarity. I'm a medical practitioner and the community of people I work with is not very patient through this whole COVID-related world and so ketones definitely helped me with my EQ"...

Continue to tune into the mornings for your mindset

I love it! We truly appreciate you, Missy, for helping save lives. Alright everybody, I just really wanted to hop on here and say Good Morning. I hope you're having an incredible day, and an incredible weekend. We have a couple more princes and princesses coming over... I also really wanted to read to you this morning, but I couldn't so please forgive me.

But I want to show you the book that I have been going through, in the mornings. It's called "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. This book is super powerful, it will help get you up, get you going, and change your mindset. For you to stop talking yourself out of doing something, or not believing in yourself. Aside from "The 5 Second Rule", I have another book called "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, which is also an incredible book...

Okay! Just continue to tune into the page, ask questions and reach out. I know I'm hiding in my closet now, but I'll come back and answer all of your questions in just a little bit. I hope that you have an incredible day, remember I'm always here to help. Just watch out for recipes, tips, and tricks. I also have a cool "Text" campaign, and I'm going to be sending out my first messages today. I'll be sending them out, hopefully, every day, just to help inspire, motivate, and encourage you. If you're not on that yet, then I need you to text 507-2049-866. You can just text the word "inspiration", and I'm going to send you some stuff... I hope you have an incredible day! I appreciate you all and your presence matters. Hopefully, it's fun to watch our family but I love that you're on here and asking questions.

The Keto Community is the best, come join us!
This community and these ladies, they're incredible. If you're already drinking ketones and you love them, this community is part of that. It's a group of people, and they're some of my very best friends. We get together, we get to do business together, we get to do life together, we get to learn and grow together...

So if you've ever wanted to know about the business or what it looks like, and what the community is about, just post "Community" in the comments and we will chat. If you've never tried ketones, just post "Five" in the comments and we will chat. Otherwise, tune in and ask questions. I'm always here to help. Text "Trial" to that phone number I gave you.

There are a lot of fun things to watch out for, you can also go watch my stories. I'm going to continue posting my stories so just follow along. I hope you have a great day! We'll talk to you soon!

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