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Your Core Values (Your Divine Fingerprint by Pastor Keith Craft)

     "Core values determine your characters, who you are when nobody is watching. I believe there is nothing more important that you can do right now than to make a decision to live a core valued based life. Because your core values that matters most to you are the most critical piece of your 1% factor"  ~ Keith Craft  

Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. We're diving into "Your Divine Fingerprint" by Pastor Keith Craft, this morning.

This is to help you with your mindset, give you something to think about and help you throughout your day.

CORE VALUES (Chapter 5)

What are your core values?

We're talking about core values, and you might feel like it will not help you with your fat loss, but I beg to differ.

"Core values are what matters most that we live by, they're influencing everything that we do in our life. Our core values influence our decisions, our response to people and situations, any organization, or our personal growth. Providing direction throughout our daily habits or our daily behaviors. They influence your life".

Do you guys write down your core values?

Do you have them written down as a family?

As a family, I feel like we need to let our children know what our core values are. In a note, we have our core values written down and we're going to put them on the wall.

"I believe there is nothing more important that you can do right now than to make a decision to live a core value-based life. Because the core values that matter most to you are the most critical piece of your 1% factor".

So this book is about finding your divine fingerprint. It's about your 1% factor, and what makes you, you...

  • Why are you here?

  • What are you called to do?

  • What is in your heart?

  • What are some things you're not doing because you've been making excuses that you truly want to do?

Some of you just want to lose some fat, that's great. The point of the morning mindset and going through books is to realize that your mind and words are important. The people that you surround yourself, with and the things you're reading and watching are important.

And like it or not, it plays a factor in your health. You can choose to ignore it, or you can choose to accept it. You can choose to take action, or just sit back and let life happen to you.

"Your core values influence every aspect of your life. They affect the sphere of influence and determine how you handle life's challenges. What you believe is based on what you value. Who you do life with is based on what you value. How you make money, and what you do with your money is based on what you value".

"Your core values are like the navigational compass of a ship, a GPS of a car, or the computer guidance system of your airplane. They are your internal guidance system, programmed properly. Your core values will guide you to success and keep you on your purpose".

"Your core values are a part of your unique fingerprint, and they empower you to leave your unique imprint everywhere that you go, in any meeting that you're at, in any environment that you are at. They are the foundation of your 1% and the guideposts of your personal greatness".

So we have to make a list of our core values. He's actually going to give you an action step. I'm going to provide you with some words, or you could go Google a core value list.


  1. Core values determine your character, or who you are when nobody is watching.

  2. Core values bring clarity and focus.

  3. Core values communicate what's important.

  4. Core values influence your behavior.

  5. Core values determine your factors in life.

  6. Core values elevate effective leadership.

He gives a whole list, and all you can do is circle the things and write them down that is most important to you.

Peace of mind



Retirement wealth

Knowing the importance of famous people

Good health

Being in business for yourself

Close relationships

Living to old age


Spending time with extended family

Meeting the right person




What are some things that are super important to you? And those would be your core values, just in case you don't know them.

  • "Stewardship" is a core value of our families right now.

  • "Legacy" is also a core value of our family. "Excellence", is not perfection, but doing things with excellence is a core value.

  • "Quality time with our children" is a core value. It's important that we homeschool our kids and we get to work from home.

  • "Honoring our parents and our grandparents". It's a core value in our home.

These are important because your core values determine the "YES" and "NOs" that you say. They determine what you do in life, the jobs you choose, and the people you hang out with. All of these things play a factor in your life.

"Knowing your values, those things that most matter to you, and living them out is choosing to live your 1% to the fullest, bringing your values everywhere that you go".

So, I want you to discover your core values, write them down, prioritize your core values, and implement them into your life. Write them down on your vision board, so that you don't forget.

Usually, if they're not right in front of you, you will often forget, and you'll just let life happen to you, say yes to things that aren't a part of your core values, or don't align with your goals this year.

The power of having a vision board, understanding your values, or having things in front of you, keeps you focused and keeps you on track to get to where you want to go. That is the point of this book. I want you to know who you are, what makes you, and the greatness that you have inside of you.

It's going to help you make the best decisions possible as you go through your daily life.

We're about halfway through this book. I don't know yet what the next book we're going to do. Would you prefer to go through a book that works on core values or your own character? Or would you prefer a book that's more like "Atomic Habits? What is something you would love to learn or read about? Let me know.

You can go to and click on recipes, how to get started, or Book club. Some of you've been asking about ketones, we have a good-better-best bundle. Send me a message or you can go to and check it out. Thank you for tuning in, your presence matters. Have a great day, we'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody!

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