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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day2): "The Tip is to Flip" | Keto Mom

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Welcome to our 2 o’clock Tasting and Daily Keto Tip! "The Tip is to Flip" and be aware of what's in your drink. Watch the sugars that you're drinking and you need to be drinking water, mainly. Especially if you're doing the diet, because you need to keep your body hydrated. There are a lot of healthy drinks out there that seem healthy, but are packed full of sugar.

Points to Ponder:

00:49 Collaboration is Currency

01:09 Mission Wraps for Low Carb Pizza

01:43 NAT Green Genie, or "Kiwi Lime"

02:18 I love Drinking out of a Straw

02:32 Ketones are Incredible

03:00 Not all Ketones are Created Equal

03:06 Benefits of Ketones

04:23 This isn't a Magic Pill, it is a Tool

05:22 What are you Drinking?

05:44 "The Tip is to Flip"

06:31 Versions of Healthy

07:18 Be Aware of What you're Drinking

07:28 Drink more Water

08:24 Keep your Body Hydrated

Full Episode Transcript

How's it going? Welcome to the Keto Mom page. It's time for your two o'clock tasting and your keto tip. It's going to be great and we're going to talk about Ketones. We're trying a new flavor and I'm giving you a Keto Tip of the day. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? What did you have for lunch today? Do you intermittent fast? The reason I want to know what you had for lunch, and the reason I want you to participate is, this shouldn't be all about me. If you share your lunch ideas below, it allows other people to see what you had and give them an idea of what to have tomorrow for lunch. "Collaboration is currency".

I'll be sharing with you My mom fuel and Keto tips daily
I had a low carb pizza and I had the same thing yesterday for lunch and supper. Why? Because I love it, and it's a simple low carb wrap. I think the best wraps to do a low carb pizza on, are the mission wraps.

I'll put a little bit of low carb marinara sauce, you can use the Rao's sauce, pepperonis, whatever toppings you want, cheese and then pop it in the oven at 400 degrees for ten minutes. That Easy! And if I crave anything, I crave salt. I'm not sure what you do, but I love salt and I love pizza, it's one of my favorite foods. And since I needed it, I made it and I had it. It was delicious! I've had it for two days in a row and that's what I had for lunch.

All right, today's tasting is called the NAT Green Genie, or "Kiwi Lime". If you haven't tried this flavor before, my hope is we'll see it again this month. Yesterday, we tried the "Berry Blue", and for those of you who are going to learn about my mom fuel, I normally shake it up in a shaker bottle. My husband uses twenty four ounces, I use twelve to sixteen. I shake one of these up every single morning. This is where my story started six years ago. I took a packet of Ketones, I put it in some water and I like to use a straw.

So that's why I'm using this fun little cup, which by the way, these cups are super cool. I got them from Costco and it came in a pack of sixteen. I love drinking out of a straw. I am shaking up my mom fuel, I took this six years ago. I went away to a homeschool conference and I felt like I was the only mom awake at three o'clock. I called my husband and I said "I don't know what you gave me, but Ketones are incredible. I have incredible energy, my mind is focused, and I'm probably the only mom awake"... And I've been drinking it ever since. So normally I would shake it up, but I love drinking out of a straw, and I don't mind sitting here stirring it. So I drink one of these every single day, sometimes two. I'm drinking two, because I love them, but what Ketones do is, it doesn't have your body make Ketones. Remember your body can make Ketones and you can also drink them. Not all ketones are created equal.

We have the only naturally fermented Ketone which puts Ketones in your system. It's going to help you with energy, focus, fat loss, better mood better , and better sleep. You're going to feel incredible and I call it my mom fuel. I haven't taken a nap in six years and It helps immensely with appetite and craving control.
If you want to know more, post 5 and we are going to chat

So if you want to know more, I have some incredible videos to show you. I want to talk to you one on one, help you on your journey, and help you with your food. So post five in the comments and we're going to chat.

Today's flavor is Kiwi, we are trying Kiwi lime. If you've tried this one, what did you think? Yesterday, we tried Berry Blue, which is actually one of my favorites. They're all great! It comes in caffeine and caffeine free, the product is just incredible. 

We have an incredible app called "pruvittv". P.R.U.V.I.T, PRUVIT and then TV at the end. It's a free app, you can download to learn all of the science, the research, the data on ketones and what they do for your system. A lot of people think of fat loss, I actually wasn't looking for fat loss, although I did lose the last ten pounds of baby weight when I started this journey. But for me, I wanted the energy, the focus, and to feel good. I wanted my mind to not have such brain fog and I wanted to feel healthy. That has been my Keto journey. My husband wanted fat loss, he has had fat loss.

I've had thousands of people I've helped with fat loss. This isn't a magic pill, it is a tool and it is going to help you,

For those of you asking "What happens if I stopped drinking it?"... I'm going to say it's no different than you having coffee or something else that wakes you up in the morning, helps you on your journey or helps you with your appetite control. Same thing, if you cut out something that's helping you, then it's up to you to have the discipline to not eat the garbage it's keeping you from. So this is what it looks like and it tastes like amazing mom fuel that helps me dominate my day, every day. So if you want to know more, post five in the comments, and you and I are going to chat one on one. Now, here is your keto Tip of the Day. My question to you is, every time somebody comes to me in the very beginning of their lifestyle or diet, however you want to say it.

My first question is, "What are you drinking?"... Not just Ketones but I want to know what is in your cup, in your can, and in your shaker bottle. Because most people are drinking a ridiculous amount of sugar. So I want to know what is in your cup, and we're going to look at what you're drinking. I'm going to say the tip is to Flip those drinks over and pay very close attention to what you're drinking. There are a lot of healthy drinks out there that seem healthy, but are packed full of sugar and you end up drinking your calories.

Flip those drinks, and be aware of what's in them
For those of you who say "Calories? But we don't count calories on a Keto diet"... Well you kind of do, because you can't just consume as many calories as you want, even if it's a healthy lifestyle.

What I mean by that is... Somebody brought these drinks over to our house the other day, and these drinks appear very healthy. I found this in a cooler and I was like "What is this?" My girls asked if they can have the drinks but I don't even know what it is. So they look healthy but everybody has their own version of healthy. Let's just say I would look at this and think it was more like a vitamin water. Maybe it would have some natural flavorings. If you take a drink like this, some of you might have seen it on those naked drinks, there's a lot of healthy looking drinks.

But if you flip those drinks over, especially if you are regularly drinking them. Then you should be very well aware that there is twenty seven grams of sugar in it. And do you want to know how many ounces this is? It's one serving. And it's so funny, it says no artificial sugars but then the first ingredient says cane sugar.

Anyways, I want you to be aware of what you're drinking. How much sugar you are putting in your coffee. Or is a little bit of coffee with your sugar?... The first thing I'm going to ask you for a keto tip is "I want you to drink more water". I want you to drink about half your body in ounces of water. If you're drinking coffee, let's try to switch it to fat coffee, either coconut oil or some butter in your coffee. Get some sugar free creamer, put something in your coffee that's not full of sugar. If you're drinking a healthy drink, like Gatorade. Look for the Gatorade Zero, it's better than the full Gatorade. There's a ton of sugar in these drinks, so just be aware. Also some of you asked "Can I have sparkling water?"... I don't love it, but I will drink it. We do have some Sparkling La Croix water, there's some other waters that are sparkling.

But I would just say, on a Keto, Low carb lifestyle...

Don't be deceived by those healthy looking drinks
The Tip is to flip and be aware of what's in your drink. Watch the sugars that you're drinking and you need to be drinking water, mainly. Especially if you're doing the diet, because you need to keep your body hydrated.

Number one... Most people are dehydrated and when your body's in Ketosis, it's actually flushing out all of your electrolytes. So eventually we're going to talk about that, but you just need to make sure you're drinking water. If you think you're hungry, you might be thirsty. If you're snacking all day, drink some water, your body needs water. And if you think "I think I drink enough", calculate it. Half your body weight in ounces of water.

So with that, I hope that tip is great. Let me know what you are drinking and the question of the day was "What did you have for lunch?". Because if you share below what you had for lunch, it gives other people ideas. I love to help everybody else look and have ideas and go "I haven't had that in a while", "Oh! That's awesome, I'd love to have that", "I need a new lunch idea"...

So today was your Two o'clock Tasting and Keto Tip. The tasting was my mom fuel, dad fuel or anybody's fuel, "Kiwi Lime". If you want to know more post 5 in the comments. The tip for the day was to pay attention to what you're drinking. Drink plenty of water and stop being fooled by these healthier looking drinks. Especially those naked drinks that I'm pretty sure have 56 grams of sugar in them. You do not need that, it won't even help you. Just drink your water and you'll be just fine. Alright everybody! I hope you have an incredible day or an incredible afternoon, and thank you for tuning in at two o'clock. I'll be doing these every single day, and tune in the mornings for our mindset. We'll be working on our mindset, and vision boards. And throughout the entire day, we share different tips, tricks and recipes to help you on your journey.

Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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