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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 9) "You Can Always Start Over": | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Your tip is simply this, "You can always start over". You always have another choice. So you didn't choose well for breakfast, then choose better for lunch. If you chose terribly for lunch, then choose better for dinner. Don't just say "I'll start over tomorrow", or "I'll start back on Monday"... You don't have to wait. Your tip is simply , "If you mess up, get your booty back up and keep going".

Points to Ponder:

00:49 A.Q., E.Q. Day

01:35 Respond versus React

01:54 Flavor of the day: Heart Tart

02:12 Why drink Ketones

02:40 Benefits of Drinking Ketones

03:30 What's for Lunch?

04:40 Tip of the day: "You Can Always Start Over"

05:47 You Get to Choose

06:46 Take Ownership

07:43 Choices and Discipline

08:17 Make a Better Choice Next Time

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, it's Keto mom! Welcome to the Keto mom page and to our two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. All right! We are still doing school, Lisa is working on cursives and we got Annie who's doing some math. We're going to do a quick two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip, every single day. Normally, we would be done with school by now, but today is an E.Q., A.Q. day. Okay, here's what we're going to do... Have you ever heard of E.Q. and A.Q.? This is not your tip, this is a bonus.

So you have an I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient), which measures how smart you are, or your intelligence. You have an E.Q. (Emotional Quotient), which is how well you handle your emotions. And your A.Q. (Adaptability Quotient) is your adaptability.
Flavor of the day: Heart Tart

Now, like anything in life, there are things that you have your day planned, and it doesn't always go as planned. So you have to be able to handle your E.Q. Know that you are going to Respond versus React, and have Adaptability to keep going throughout your day. Which is going to tie really well with my Keto tip for you today. So we are not done with school, that's fine, it's not a big deal. But I like to be done school by two... So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from?

I'm going to shake up a very popular flavor, it's probably the number one flavor for for our Ketones. It's not my favorite, but it's most people's and it's called Heart Tart.

So if you've been tuning in all month, I've been shaking up ketones. Why do I drink them every day? I call it my mom fuel because I love it. You do not have to be on a strict Keto diet to drink them. They put Ketones in your system, regardless if you are paleo, some are Keto.

Most people are or low carb, whole thirty or whatever their healthy is, but they're drinking Ketones because it's a fuel source. So I've been drinking it for six years, you take the packet, you shake it up in sixteen to twenty four ounces of water, and it puts you in ketosis and under an hour. It gives you your energy, focus, helps with appetite control. It's incredible!

Today, part of me having to be adaptable, is I scheduled a physical in the middle of my school day. It was the only time I could get in, which is so funny, because I made the appointment back in April and they couldn't get me in until September. So I had to be adaptable, and the nurse was like "Oh my goodness, what are ketones?", "I do the keto diet, but it's really hard so I gave up. Tell me more about these things"... And I said "You sure bet I will, because they're incredible"... So it's as easy as you shake it up in as little or as much water as you want. You've got Ketones in your system in an hour and if you want to know more, I want to just post five in the comments so that we can chat later on today. And in the midst of adaptability.

Pretty simple! Just add it in water and shake it up!

So if you're just tuning in, I want to know what you had for lunch. I'm going to ask you that every time because it gives everybody else ideas of what to eat. We had low carb wraps, some of the girls cheese in them and some had meat and cheese. I actually had some tuna fish in my low carb wrap. That's what we did, because we had to be adaptable and we had to keep going with our life. So I'm going to say adaptability, E.Q. and A.Q.

Here's your tip of the day and it's very important... If you mess up in the morning, let's say that you didn't hear your alarm. Let's say that you accidentally pressed snooze, and you didn't wake up or for whatever reason your morning went terrible. You ate the donut, you yelled at your kid, or whatever happened. But just because your morning didn't go as planned, does not mean that you have to throw the rest of the day out the door. Just because you made one slip up, one mistake or it didn't go how you want it to go, doesn't give you an excuse to not make better choices the rest of your day.

Your tip is simply this, "You can always start over". You always have another choice.

So you didn't choose well for breakfast, then choose better for lunch. If you chose terribly for lunch, then choose better for dinner. Don't just say "I'll start over tomorrow", or "I'll start back on Monday"... You don't have to wait. Your tip is simply this, "If you mess up, get your booty back up and keep going"... I had to have this conversation with somebody the other day. She was so frustrated about her weight, she wants to lose sixty to seventy pounds. And I said "Listen, if you can just look at where you are today, do not live in the past, and do not get frustrated of how you got here"... But you are where you are today, whatever weight you're at, or however you appear today, right now. Everything that's in your life is as it is. You are where you are today, but you get to choose where you're going tomorrow. You get to choose the choices that you make. The sugar that you eat or you don't eat, the water that you drink or you don't drink, the snooze button or getting up, you get to choose.

It's time to Take Ownership of your choices

So accept it! Right now, this is where I'm at. But tomorrow, the next day, and the next day and even for supper, I can choose a better option. I get to choose. And so you can say, "I've got sixty pounds to lose, and I'm going to do it. But if I keep spiraling out of control and making that one percent bad choices, then come next year or January 1st 2022, I might be in a worse place".

So I want you to get that into your head, "Am I going to be in a better place or a worse place?"... I can't get angry where I'm at today, because it all has to do with choices.

We've read a couple books, if you follow me in the book club every single morning. We have gone through a handful of books where it says "You cannot blame where you are today, on anybody else"... No focusing on your past, things like "If they would have done this", "If my parents would have taught me", or "If I wasn't so emotional"... No! Today is your day to own where you're at, and to say "I get to choose", "If I messed up this morning, I get to choose better for lunch", "I get to choose better for dinner", "I'm not going to go through the drive thru", "If I'm bored with eggs, but that's all I have at home because I didn't plan and prepare my meals, then I'm not going to go through the drive thru, but I'm going to eat the eggs", "If I choose not to prepare, then I've got to eat what's in that fridge, and you better hope that there's some frozen vegetables and something in there to eat"...

My goal is to give you tips, tricks and ideas to help you every single day. But ultimately, it comes down to your choices, your discipline and your decisions to do that. Now my tip was simply this, just because you messed up earlier today, during lunch or maybe at supper time. Or you find yourself in a frenzy, and you're living in the car like me. You're taking kids to these amazing, incredible activities. If I did not plan my meals and I went through the drive thru, ate the French fries, and feel guilty. I am not going to go home and eat eighteen bowls of cereal.

You have to own it, change it and then make a better choice next time. Own it! Make a better choice next time! Don't use that as an excuse to keep going down the rabbit hole of not doing good.
Post five and you and I will chat! I am here to help

Got it? So I hope that was helpful. I hope that if anybody made those bad decisions this morning, that you aren't proud of that, you're going to make the rest of the day amazing and not going to wait till tomorrow to do it. And we have Heart Tart! It's quite delicious. The flavor today is "Heart Tart", it tastes like a light sweet tart. It is one of the most popular ones that people drink, and I love them all.

Again, I've been drinking it for six years. Some of you drink pots of coffee, energy drinks or pop those little energy pills, but I drink ketones.

That's it! So if you've got specific questions, I would love to help, just send me a message and I'm always here to help. I need to continue to homeschool my kids because they clearly decided that since I was talking to you, they could go upstairs and play, so now I have to get them back down here. Alright! I appreciate you all! I am always here to help, post five in the comments if you want to learn more about my mom fuel. Otherwise, just send me a message and I'd love to help you on your goals, give you a foods list, some food ideas or show you where to start.

I hope you guys have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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