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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 9) "Water Intake" | Keto Mom

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Keto Mom here!

    My first question is "How much water are you drinking?". Drink about half your body weight in ounces of water. You might not always meet the halfway mark, but at least you're drinking some water. 

Points to Ponder:

00:39 Flavor of the day: Blueberry Acai

01:00 Keto Tip: Do You Drink Enough Water?

01:31 Our Keto Journey

01:57 Mom Fuel

03:09 How Much Water Do You Need?

03:39 Flushing Out Your Electrolytes

04:13 Tips To Drink More Water

04:18 Use a Straw

04:41 Put Rubber Bands Around Your Cup

05:16 Set a Reminder In Your Phone

06:00 Determine if You Need More Water

06:41 Add Electrolytes

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto mom page. It is time for your two o'clock tasting and keto tip. All right! We're going to dive in because I'm about to head out the door. We have volleyball, horseback riding, and all the fun things this evening. So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, and what did you have for lunch? The girls had some spaghetti salad, nothing fancy. Alright! So we're going to talk about "Water Intake", and I'm going to shake up my ketones because I need some ketones this afternoon.

I'm shaking up Blueberry Acai, and I'm pretty sure I've shaken up this one before. It is one of my favorites, but I'm pretty sure I say that about every one of these flavors.
Welcome to another Tasting and Keto Tip!

So, as I'm shaking this up, and as you're letting me know where you're tuning in from, I have a question for you... Do you feel like you drink enough water? We're going to talk about water intake today.

So that's your Keto Tip, "Do you drink enough water?"... If you do, then good for you. But if you don't, which most people seem to not, I'm going to give you a couple of tips on how to make sure you're drinking enough water. Or how to make sure you get your water intake in...

I'm shaking up my Mom Fuel, and for those of you who have never tuned in, or if you're brand new, I'd love for you to post new below. If you're brand new, I'd love to get to know you.

Our whole family has been on this journey, and we've been sharing on this page for six and a half years. It's just been a learn as we go, and we have shared everything that we have learned with you. Whether it's recipes, tips, tricks, or how to make this a lifestyle. Not a strict Ketogenic diet, but a lifestyle that you can sustain long term, that is the goal.

And so for me, I drink a packet or two of ketones a day. I call it my Mom Fuel, I just put it in some water. You can do twice as much water to make it less sweet, or less water to make it sweeter. I shake it up, I drink it, and in under an hour I've got ketones in my system. It is incredible! It is a tool, and it helps me with my energy for sure. I love the product, it is a tool.
Flavor of the day: Blueberry Acai

So if you want to know more, just post five in the comments and I would love to help... The tip of the day today is "Water". How much water do you drink? Experts would say... By the who are the experts? Who are "They"?. When somebody tells me "Well they said"... I always ask who's "They?", "Was it a really a study done, or was it just somebody that you saw on Instagram?...

Studies show, that you should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water.

So when somebody comes to me and says "When I started this lifestyle I had headaches, or I don't feel quite right". My first question is "How much water are you drinking?". Because it's easy to get dehydrated, especially when you're doing Keto or Low Carb. Your body is flushing out your electrolytes, and it's easy to get dehydrated.

Especially in the summer when you're under the heat, even going into the wintertime, and also when you're working out. So drink about half your body weight in ounces of water... You might not always meet the halfway mark, but at least you're drinking some water. Some people go all day and I'd ask "How much water have you drank?". And they'll be like "None", "Does the water in my coffee count?", "Does the water in my ketones count?". No! You need to drink some water...

And so here are a couple of tips to help you get your water intake in. I love to drink out of a straw, that is my first tip. I can drink a ton of water throughout the day with that.

And if you looked around my house right now, there are at least five cups just sitting out with water. My kids drink them, and there are always cups and shaker bottles all over my house with water in them. And I love to drink out of a straw, this helps me drink a lot of water. Number two, figure out how many cups that you need, and put rubber bands around your cup. So every time you fill it up, you take one-off. Hopefully, by the end of the day, you will have zero rubber bands left. But don't beat yourself up if you have one or two left, the point is to help you drink more water.

So use a straw, and rubber bands to help remind you

So the tip is to put the right amount of rubber bands that you need around your cup. Take one off every time you fill it up, it's just going to give you a good little reminder to drink your water... So use a straw, and add rubber bands around your cups.

My last tip for you are to set a reminder on your phone. I have lots of alarm clocks that go off all day long. It reminds me to message certain people, to get up in the morning, or to work out. I have alarm clocks that tell me to get my kids up or to do my live videos...

I have so many alarm clocks, and at night I just turn all the alarm clocks on that have to do with my next day... So if you don't drink a lot of water, I know it might sound silly, but have an alarm clock go off every thirty to forty-five minutes that says "Drink your water", or "Stay hydrated"... A very easy, simple awareness is when you go to the bathroom. If you just take a sneak peek after you're done. If it is very yellow, then you need to go drink some water. Sometimes a child forgets to flush in my home, and if I notice that it's very yellow, I'd be like "Who was in my bathroom, who did not flush the toilet? Somebody needs to drink some water"... I know that sounds silly, but just take a sneak peek. If it's super yellow, you need some water, my friend... So those are your Keto Tips of the day. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Use a straw. Find your most favorite shaker bottle, something that you will enjoy drinking water on.

I actually have one more tip... I sometimes add electrolytes to my water.
Reach out if you need help, I'll answer all your questions

I drink electrolytes in general, but we have some yummy flavor packs. So if you just want to split this up for a whole bunch of water bottles, just pour a little bit in and you can flavor your water. Find a good water flavoring, but not something full of sugar, or Kool-Aid.

I know some people say they don't like water. Well, it tastes like nothing so I don't know how you couldn't like it. But if you need to, you can flavor it with some electrolytes.

Sometimes people use those little squirt things, but just make sure there's not a whole bunch of sugar in them... So I gave you a whole bunch of tips. What do you do to make sure you get your water in?. Let me know if that's helpful. Message me with any questions that you have, I'm always here to help every single day I pop on. I wish it was always at two o'clock, but it's not. It just depends on when we're done with homeschooling, right before we dive into life...

So going back, for water flavoring make sure there's no Aspartame or Sucralose in them. Our product (MITO//PLEX) does not have any of that. There are a lot of water enhancements or things that put flavor in water that has a lot of junk in them. So be very aware. You can use just some lemon or some lime, and you can put that in your water instead...

Alright! Let me know if you have any questions. Make sure you get your water intake in. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel that I drink every day, which is truly incredible. Let me know, post five in the comments. I just got some more in the mail because I'm going through them like crazy. I do different trial packs just for you to try a variety of flavors. So give it a shot, and see what you think. Post five in the comments, I'd love to chat with you more about it. I hope you guys have an incredible day, and that's it. I'll come back later this afternoon, and answer all of your questions. I hope you have a great day, we'll talk to you later.

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