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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 8) "What Causes a Plateau" | Keto Mom

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Keto Mom here!

	You really can't say you've hit a stall, or a plateau until it's been six weeks. Your body's adjusting to things, so make sure you're paying attention to inches lost and clothes fitting differently. Different mile markers, and not just the scale because the scale will go up and down. So just be aware that there are different ways to measure. 

Points to Ponder:

00:30 Collaboration is Currency

01:22 What Did You Have For Lunch?

02:05 Ketones

04:07 Flavor of the day: Blue Ocean

04:35 Dr. Ryan Lowry

04:50 A Stall or Plateau Takes Six Weeks

05:00 Different Mile Markers

06:25 Light and Airy

07:12 Things That Can Cause A Plateau

07:22 How Much Dairy Are You Eating?

08:24 Over Eating Fat

08:50 Even It Out

09:05 Don't Eat If You're Not Hungry

09:29 Keto Snacks

10:42 Tip Is To Flip

12:23 How To Get Past The Plateau

13:11 Stress

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we're going to dive into our two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. I'm going to try a brand new flavor, it's a brand new packet. Something that you've never seen before for my Mom Fuel, and then I'm going to share with you what might cause a stall. "Why have I hit a stall or a plateau?", "Why am I not seeing the scale move?"... I'm going to give you just some examples that I know of. So as you're learning, you can share some examples of things that you know, because collaboration is currency. It's better to learn from a lot of people, and not just me. There's a lot of people that know more than I do.

Welcome to another Tasting and Keto Tip!
And so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I have my handy dandy fly gun, we keep our doors open because it's so nice out, so the dogs can go in and out of the deck. But the flies like to come in too, so I have to get them. Which by the way, if you do not have a fly salt gun, you should get this for people for Christmas.

These are amazing. Hopefully, Facebook doesn't get mad at me. It's a salt gun, with an orange tip. I promise you, this will be the best gift you get anybody, especially if they live on a farm... All right! I want to know, what did you have for lunch? The reason I ask is that it gives people ideas. So tell us what you had, maybe it's a favorite recipe or something super simple like a lettuce wrap. I think my daughter's made low-carb tortillas, super simple. What did you have for lunch share below and I am going to talk to you about my Mom Fuel, which I'm really excited to share. I actually haven't tried it yet, are you ready?

So the product that I drink is called Ketones, and I've been drinking it for six and a half years. Normally you see me hold up a packet that says NAT on it. It is naturally fermented Ketones, it's the only naturally fermented Ketone in the market. We have something that's a charged version, like an amped-up version, so it's got more Ketones. It's got more caffeine, and there's a whole special formulation behind this. I'm hoping that people can get this in the next day or two. But I'm going to shake it up and try it because I'm super excited. So as I'm shaking this up if you're already a customer of mine or you're already drinking Ketones, what's your favorite flavor? I love them all. I do trial packs of a variety of flavors that you can try.

Brand new Flavor of the day: Blue Ocean

So post five in the comments if you want to learn more about my Mom Fuel. I actually didn't do a live video in the last couple of days because I've been on a virtual event all weekend. And then we were at a volleyball tournament, so I actually don't remember where I left off.

I still need to draw some names, but if you want to have your name put into a drawing for some Mom Fuel, just press the share button. Let me know that you shared it, press the share button. Share the video, so many people need support and accountability on this page.

You're going to have recipes shared throughout the day and great visuals on what are Keto fruits Keto vegetables, and what is a great dessert. What is a net carb versus a total carb? You're going to learn all of the basic fundamentals about Keto, Low Carb things. And then I'll do live videos, I'll do Q and A's and we also do mindset. So if you pressed to share, let me know you shared it, I'll do a drawing tomorrow... So this is the flavor that we're trying, which is not even available yet. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, I'm sure sometime this week. If you already drink Ketones, and you want me to tell you when this new one is available. Post something funny, like tell me when it's available.

Okay! Shaking up blue! Smells like summer to me, it's called "Blue Ocean". It's really great! I know it's going to be really great.

Okay! I'm also going to talk to you while I'm stirring this up. A couple of things that can cause a plateau, and if I miss something, I need you to tell me like this also caused you to hit a plateau or a stall. I'm going to tell you something I learned from Dr. Ryan Lowry who is one of the formulators of Keto NAT. He said oftentimes people think after a week, two, or even three weeks if they're not seeing progress on the scale they've already hit a stall. You really can't say you've hit a stall, or a plateau until it's been six weeks.

This new Flavor tastes so Light and Airy! I Love it!
Your body's adjusting to things, so make sure you're paying attention to inches lost and clothes fitting differently. Different mile markers, and not just the scale because the scale will go up and down. So just be aware that there are different ways to measure.

Also, if there's something that I miss to say or something that helped you get past the stall, share whatever you want below. And if you ask questions as I'm talking, it's hard for me to see them, so I'll get back to you as soon as I'm done... So I'm going to stir this up and I'll taste it in just a second because I'm excited. We had one just like this, so they reformulated it and brought it back. I think the taste is a little different, I remember it tasting more like a pina colada.

But I think it's a little different, I'll let you know now. All right! It's light and airy.

I say that often to my girls. I have four daughters, and we homeschool by choice. I have an incredible husband. And you would think with four daughters they would want to watch movies like Hallmark with me, or Fried green tomatoes and the notebook. But my daughters love to watch movies with their dad, like Avengers. The other day I got outvoted and I had to watch Napoleon Dynamite, those are my girls. So I usually say I would like to watch something "Light and Airy" tonight, that is my saying. This new flavor tastes Light and Airy to me, meaning I love it. The first one that we had a while back was very "coconutty". This is not coconutty, I don't like coconut. But it still tastes a little like a pina colada, but not coconut. I don't know how to explain it, but it's delicious. It's delicious! Some of you have girls, my girls love Avengers and I have to watch all these shooting, and killing movies. Can't we watch something nice and lovey-dovey like Hallmark?...