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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 6): "Net Carbs vs. Total Carbs" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Everybody's on their own journey and there's not a one size fits all. You're not going to buy a twenty eight day Keto diet, because you are different than your spouse, your friends or your co workers. But Ketones are a fuel source, and it can help you with your energy, your focus, fat loss, appetite control, cravings, better mood, and better sleep.

Points to Ponder:

00:12 Flavor of the day: Strawberry Peach

01:44 Keto Tips of the Day: Recap

02:07 Net Carbs and Total Carbs

03:01 Strict Keto diet

04:03 Your body will make Ketones

04:26 Benefits of Drinking Ketones

05:14 Low Carb journey

05:43 Total Carbs

06:03 Pay attention to the Serving Size

06:27 The Tip is to Flip

06:48 Subtract Fiber and the Sugar Alcohol

07:25 Do not Eat if you're not Hungry

09:20 Sharing is Caring

10:13 Good, Better, Best

11:49 Be a Little Bit more Strict

12:43 Recap on Flavors

13:29 Caffeine or Caffeine free

14:38 24 Hour Fast and 60 Hour Keto Reboot

14:52 Ongoing LABOR DAY SALE

Full Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Keto Mom page! My name is Stephanie, and we are going to do our two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. We are going to try Strawberry Peach today, and we're going to talk about Net carbs versus Total carbs. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? The conversation is going to hopefully not be super long. I'll try to hopefully explain it the best that I can. Net Carbs versus Total Carbs, and why do we do it that way? So I'll give you an example... Oftentimes, when people are diving into this lifestyle, the question is "I want to do a Keto diet"... and I'll always ask "Okay? Do you want to be Strict Keto or Low Carb?". Some people say Lazy Keto, some people say Dirty Keto.

I'll be sharing with you My mom fuel and Keto tips daily
However you want to say it, everybody's on an own journey. There's not a one size fits all. You're not going to buy a twenty eight day Keto diet, and just hand it to you, because you are different than your spouse, your friend or your co worker.

So we're going to talk about Net Carbs versus Total Carbs and why do we do that? So, I'm going to be shaking up my two o'clock mom fuel. Every day, this month, I have been shaking up Ketones. At around two o'clock, is usually when I grab another packet of mom fuel. I thought I would shake up as many flavors as I have. Then we'll talk about why I drink them, and I'm also going to give you a Keto Tip of the Day.

We've talked about lots of different things. We've talked about drinking water, watching the fluids that you're drinking and not drinking a whole bunch of sugary drinks. We've talked about not eating if you're not hungry, You don't have to eat to fill your macros. We've talked about including your family or your kids and helping everybody have a healthy lifestyle.

Today, it's Net Carbs and Total Carbs. Here's why somebody would want to know that... Let me ask you this question first, "What do you consider your diet to be?"... If you were on a Keto journey, are you low carb? are you on a Strict Keto diet? or are you Low Carb, Lazy Keto or Dirty Keto? It's not a one size fits all, my husband has to be way more strict about food than I do. It's just the way our bodies processed food. It's completely different. By the way, normally I would shake my Ketones up, but I just like to stir it and drink out of a straw. Going back, a Strict Keto diet in general, is approximately 75% to 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs. What that means is you would calculate all of your own stuff. You would calculate like male or female, how active you are, your age, your weight, and your height. All of these things will give you a list of here's what you should be eating.

So on a Strict Ketogenic diet, you are going to have approximately 20 carbs a day or under, and that's total carbs. "Total", meaning if you were to eat something like this Keto snack "Parm Crisps", you could not subtract the net carbs. You would want to be total, why is that? Because your body can make Ketones or you can drink them. I'm drinking them, my body sometimes makes them or sometimes it doesn't. I eat too much protein.

There are Total Carbs and Net Carbs in Keto snacks

So I say all of that, because if your body is a strict Keto diet, your body will make Ketones if you do it for long enough. If you don't cheat and you do the Ketogenic diet for a certain period of time, your body will make Ketones. Not everybody does, but if it does, it's a great fuel source and that's why I drink them.

Once Ketones are present in your system, Ketones help with your energy. For me, I call it my mom fuel, and I always say I haven't taken a nap in six years. So it helps you with your energy, your focus, fat loss, appetite control, cravings, better mood, and better sleep.

Ketones are a fuel source, your body can run off of glucose like sugar and carbs, or it can run on Ketones. So that's why I drink Ketones every day. It's not a magic pill, but it puts your body in Ketosis, so I feel incredible and therefore I make better choices. Sometimes, some of you might live off of pots of coffee, energy drinks, or those five hour energy shots. But I drink Ketones once or twice a day, and I eat the best I can. I'm not always Strict keto, I would say Low Carb. I just eat too much protein, because I choose to, but I'm also on a different journey. I'm not on a fat loss journey anymore. I'll share that on a different video. So anyways, I say all that because if you are on a Low Carb journey, and your goal isn't to lose a hundred pounds, or maybe you want this to be a lifestyle. You can either count Total Carbs or Net Carbs. If you compare my body and my husband's, his body takes longer to process food, mine doesn't. If he really wanted to lose some fat, he would really have to be more Total Carbs. Again, everybody's different. So there are Total Carbs, let's take this snack "Parm Crisps" for instance. It's labeled a Keto snack, which the only reason it's truly labeled a Keto snack is because it meets the macro info.

But if you flip this over, I always love to say "the Tip is to Flip", it's always important to pay attention to the serving size. So one serving is a fourth a cup, not the entire bag. Now if we go down to the carbs, it says six carbs per a fourth a cup. How do you make this a net carb? So here's what you need to look at, anytime you have something, the tip is to flip. Flip it over to be aware of the serving size. Go straight to the carbs, it says "Six carbs", and you can subtract to get a Net Carb. So in order for you to eat Keto snacks, or just extra, or even some of the carbs in an avocado, you can subtract the fiber and the sugar alcohol. Because those should not spike your insulin, or it's not going to raise your insulin levels. Which therefore should not be a reason to not get you in Ketosis, and you should be just fine. Not everybody is that way, but a lot of people can do it that way.

The Tip is to Flip and check the Nutrition Facts

But for somebody who's really trying to have serious fat loss, or trying to be strict for a while, this Keto snack should not be an excuse just to have a snack. If you see something like this keto snack sitting on the counter, and you'll think just because its says Keto, you can eat it? No! It should never be an excuse that I eat Net Carbs so I can eat more.

The number one thing I say is, "Do not eat if you're not hungry". If you choose to have this Keto snack, and you're calculating, because your on a low carb lifestyle. Let's say you're sixty carbs or under, it just gives you an awareness of 1/4 cup is about a handful.

I can subtract the Three dietary fiber from the Six total carbs, which gives me three. And then this says Total Sugar is One, but it does not say sugar replacement, so you would not subtract that. Now, where does the sugar come from? Another thing you need to be aware of, if you're looking is the ingredients. There are great things here, like almonds, the cashews, sunflower oil and pistachios. And then there's this little word down here that says multi dextran, and there's your one gram of sugar.

Is it going to wreck everything? Absolutely not! I love that there are more options for people to snack on, that are more keto options and are better foods. Is it perfect? No! Does it have one gram of sugar that's hidden in this word? Yes! Is it going to knock you out of Ketosis? The average person, probably 50/50. Some people's bodies are knocked out super easily out of Ketosis, and some people are different, me for example.

So there's a couple things I wanted you to be aware... A Net Carb and a Total Carb. Basically, a Total Carb is a Total Carb. You look at it, you take 1/4 cup and you've got six grams, that's Total Carbs. If you wanted to do Net Carbs, then you subtract the fiber and the sugar alcohol, therefore, you've got three grams. So you should never grab these Keto snacks, in the excuse that you can eat whatever you want. It's not how it works. We still pay attention to cues like Am I hungry, or am I'm bored... Is this making sense? Do you calculate Total or Net carbs? I'd love to know. Also I'd love for you to press the share button, because "Sharing is Caring" and other people need to learn with you. So that's how you calculate it, Total carbs, minus Fiber, minus Sugar alcohol. So the tip is to flip everything that you are going to drink or eat, just flip it over and look. Can you understand a majority of what's in the ingredients? Some of you would say "Absolutely!", or "I never eat these Keto snacks because they're not keto".

Always choose the Better option

They actually fall into a keto macro and if you're just counting carbs, they would meet the criteria of the macros but not always the ingredient. So Keto snacks like this are great for parties, or if you're on a road trip. It's a better option, it's not a terrible option but a better option. I love to say "Good, Better, Best". In any situation that you're in, ask yourself "Is there a good option or is there a better one?", "What is the best option that you can have, if you go out to eat?", "What is your best option?"... It might not be organic, it might not be all homegrown, but you're out to eat, so you've got to choose the best option possible in the restaurant. Or do you choose to bring your lunch or go buy it? What is your better option?

So this Keto snacks would be a better option than a Snickers bar, or cheeze its, or a box of goldfish crackers. I just wanted to give you a visual, and I actually brought Macadamia Nuts over too. I was actually really curious on this. So Macadamia Nuts are my favorite snack, if I would become a snacker, which I'm not. But if I do need something to get me to my next meal, I will grab a small handful of Macadamia Nuts. So interesting, because if you look, it says four carbs so you can subtract two from Fiber and it would give you two. I know there's some non carbee foods, but this is kind of calculating in my head. It says one gram of sugar, and I was like "Where's the sugar?". The only ingredients are macadamia nuts and sea salt, so there must be something in the macadamia nut itself that reflects the sugar. It says non added sugar, so it's just interesting. I think all this kind of stuff is interesting. But anyways, I hope it makes sense.

I wanted to share with you the Net Carbs and Total Carbs and that everybody's different. When you're just starting, and if you have a lot of fat loss, I would start by being a little bit more strict. Tracking your food, being aware of what's going on in your body, especially as you're getting closer to your goals. That's where I'll find people may snack on things more often, or have a little bit more carbs.

So they keep it Net Carbs versus Total Carbs, but you have to pay attention to your body. If you eat something and you feel bloated, and you don't feel good, then this might be the trigger. There's a lot of dairy in this kind of stuff, it's still processed. If you are more hungry throughout your day, you might have to add in some more fat or it would be okay to grab something like Macadamia Nuts for a snack so you're not going through the drive thru. I drink Ketones every day, it helps me with so much. This is a flavor that I'm trying for the day, "Strawberry Peach". We have tried Kiwi Lime, Berry Blue, Hibiscus Lemonade, Lime Time and Maui Punch.

Reach out to me if you have questions and we will chat
So if you want to know more about my mom fuel, post five in the comments, and you and I will chat. I want to chat with you about your goals, and I want to know if you're tracking your food.

I'm going to ask you questions like "Are you active, and how much water are you drinking?", "Is your goal low carb or keto and are you going to track it or just eyeball it?"... Here's some things to switch. I'm going to give you a foods list. I'm going to ask you what questions do you have and I will educate you on Ketones. I'll give you a couple of short videos to watch that are not from me, because I'm not a doctor.

I just love Ketones and I've been drinking them for a long time. There's caffeine and caffeine free in the Ketones. The reason there's caffeine is caffeine helps with the uptake of Ketones, just sixty milligrams, about a small cup of coffee. So you can do caffeine you can do caffeine free, and your body uptakes them in less than an hour. So you feel incredible. I'm not a coffee drinker, I don't drink energy drinks, but I drink Ketones and water. That's it, that's all I drink and some electrolytes which I will give that tip tomorrow. So this one is a little bit longer than expected. I'd love to know what questions that you have. If you want to know more about ketones, post five in the comments.

If you want to take advantage of the fun Labor Day Sale, there is a percentage off or if you just want to go check it out you can go to Message me and ask questions, there's lots of ways to save money. There's lots of ways to help you understand what's on the website, because this is our number one product.

I've been drinking this for six years, but we have a whole bunch of supportive products that go towards a low carb lifestyle. We've got protein that I love, we've got electrolytes, we've got two different types of fasts a 24 Hour Fast and a 60 Hour Keto Reboot and we have a coconut oil, MCT oil. I don't want you to get overwhelmed, but if you want to take advantage of the promo, just go to, or just send me a message. Otherwise if you just wanna know more about the trial packs, I want to connect with you on your story and what you're working towards. Just post five in the comments and we're going to chat. So I hope you guys have an incredible day, the strawberry peach is one of my favorites and it also comes in the trial packs. Let me know any questions you have like Keto, Low Carb, How to track, What to do, Where to start food ideas...

Just let me know and I'm here to help. I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you guys soon.

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