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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 43) "Meal Options For Larger Families" | Keto Mom

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    This Friday, we're going to be having salmon. I actually got that from Costco. Then on Saturday, we're doing a taco bar. For Sunday, we're doing burgers, sliders, or a burger bar. And come Monday, for those who will stay till Monday, we're going to be doing lasagna. I'll be making the lasagna with the "Crepini egg wraps" as the noodles. I will make a video for you, so I can  show you how to do it

Points To Ponder:

00:50 What Your Favorite Keto, Low Carb Snacks?

01:02 Favorite Low Carb Keto Snack

02:08 Disney Theme Online Event

02:45 "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander

03:14 "Crepini Egg Wraps"

03:53 Meal Ideas For A Larger Crowd

04:16 Meal Ideas for This Weekend

06:04 Benefits of Ketones

07:09 New "Text Campaign": 507-204-9866

08:30 New Flavor: A Bit Like Mango Tango

10:21 Share Recipes That Would Fit A Low Carb option

10:46 Zupa Ketofied Soup

11:13 What Do You Do For Hosting?

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie. We are going to chat about a couple of things. We're also trying a new flavor of ketones and then I'm going to give you some different meal options. If you have a big family, if you don't want to be cooking two meals, or maybe you're having people over, hosting a party and you want it to look somewhat on the healthy side. That's what we are going to chat about today.

Welcome to another Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!

So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? What would be a fun question to ask? I asked earlier this morning, "Are you done with shopping, or have you not started?", or "Where are you at?". I did say I was done shopping and everything is wrapped. Anybody else? I usually love to ask what did you have for lunch? But let's mix it up.

How about, "What is one of your favorite keto, low carb snacks?" The reason I'm asking is because my daughter is eating some cottage cheese right now.

I like it in lasagna, which is what I'm going to talk about in just a second. So what is your favorite low carb keto snack? I love Macadamia nuts, beef sticks, or cheese sticks. I'm not a big snacker actually. I mostly just drink ketones, water and then eat my meals. Are you a snacker? Yes or no?.

Also, I was supposed to draw names for two books. We are having people coming to our house for this weekend... You hear me talk about ketones, food, tips, tricks and ideas. But I also have another side of me, where I coach people in business. Those who have joined me on the ketone journey and they want to share with their friends. We are having a virtual event and I think fourteen people are coming to our home. It's going to be amazing, and we're going to learn together. The virtual event is worldwide, so there will be people who will be tuning in from all over the world. It's going to be great.

Part of this virtual event is for us to dress up. We're doing a Disney theme, and the first day is Disney originals. My costume probably won't come till Saturday. This is terrible, we were going to do Dalmatians. The second day is Disney royalty, and the third day is Disney Pixar. So watch my stories for fun pictures.
Book giveaway: "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander

Alright! Here's the deal, when I'm done I will post a story. Watch my stories on the winners. I was not able to pick the winners from yesterday yet, please bear with me. I did say I was going to give books away. This is the book I'm giving away, "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander. I'll be posting on my stories later today, after I pick up my daughter from her tutor. I will come back, and I'll post a story about who the winner is from yesterday. So if you press the share button, "Sharing is caring". Let me know that you press the share button. Just say "I shared", and then your name will go into a drawing for tomorrow. I'll remind myself, and the winners will be announced later today...

Okay! We're going to shake up some new ketones, and I want to chat with you about "Crepini egg wraps". Has anybody tried these before? I use these for lasagna noodles. Okay, so we're shaking up the product, and I'm going to share with you some different meal ideas. Let me know if you have a big family, and you host a lot. What do you make, if you want to keep it low carb?... Not all families are trying to eat better, but more often than not, I hear moms and dads say, "I don't want to cook more than one meal". I don't either, and I never have. My kids have learned to eat salads and veggies right along with me, We don't eat yucky food, we eat great food. Things like tacos, like every time we have people over or I host a big event? You can be sure, there's going to be a taco bar. You can make taco salad, or have low carb wraps. Easy peasy! That is a meal that we have, almost every single week, or a meal that I host with.

For the meals that I have prepared for the weekend. This Friday, we're going to be having salmon. I actually got that from Costco. Then on Saturday, we're doing a taco bar. For Sunday, we're doing burgers, sliders, or a burger bar. And come Monday, for those who will stay till Monday, we're going to be doing lasagna. I'll be making the lasagna with the "Crepini egg wraps" as the noodles. I will make a video for you, so I can show you how to do it... You just make your basic meat and sauce, I use RAO's marinara sauce. You use the meat and then you do a layer. I do the meat, add the egg wraps and add some cottage cheese or whatever cheese you want. Ricotta cheese or no cheese. You just layer it but you use the "Crepini egg wraps" as the pasta. You do not need to cook them, you just take them right out of the package and then you bake it till it's hot...

You can Ketofy things, like using this Crepini egg wraps
Alright! I'm also shaking up a new flavor, I'm hoping to see it very soon. I talk about my Mom Fuel, and it comes in either a powder or liquid form. It comes in a packet or a little ampule, but it does the same thing. Just a tiny bit different for the packaging. You can do sweeter or sourer.

All you need to do is put it in more water or less water. My husband would fill this entire bottle up with water because he likes it less sour or less sweet. I like it sourer or sweeter, so I don't use as much water. This flavor is not available yet, but it's incredible. So stay tuned!...Why do I drink ketones? Because they're a tool. I talk about having tools in your tool belt. This is not a magic pill. Actually, one of our friends came over today and he shared to us that one of his friends asked him, if can lose fat if he drinks the product. And my guy friend answered, "It's not a magic pill". And I was like, "You're listening to me. Good job!"...

I told him it wasn't a magic pill, but it's a tool. Once you drink it, you'll have the energy, the focus the appetite control and you will feel great. My friend was like, "I was just telling him that and I told him to talk to you". Anyways, so this is a new flavor. Look how pretty it is, also the energy and focus is great. It's a tool that can help with your appetite and your cravings.

If you want to know more, you've got two ways to let me know, because we do different trial packs. You can trial the products, I don't have these right now but I will. But if you want to know more about my mom fuel, it's a great tool. For those who are waiting till January, you and I are going to chat now. And for those of you who are getting ahead of the game, let's start now. Post "Trial" in the comments and I'll share with you the trial options, what it looks like, so you can give it a shot.

You will receive quotes, and text inspirations from me
I also have a new "Text campaign" coming. If you text this phone number 507-204-9866, you can text "Trials", "Inspiration", or you can text "Food", and you're going to get a foods List. I'm not going to chat with you on this text service, but this is meant for me to send out inspirational quotes to you every single day.

I haven't started it yet, my goal is to start on Monday. So with this, I'm going to start sending out a thought, a quote or things to keep you motivated or inspired throughout the day. I'm not going to bombard your phone, but I'll be sending out keto tips, or some reminders like, "Hey, drink your water". Also, if there are promos on Ketones, I'll send that out too. You can always opt out of the service, you just need to press stop. But if you want to be on the text message campaign where you get messages, text this phone number.

You can use any one of those code words. If you have serious questions, message me directly here on the Keto Mom page. If you really have questions, you have to private message me. This text camapaign is just to get information to you... Alright! Let's try this new flavor out. I'm going to let you know what this tastes like, you ready? It's a new one, I don't have it for the trials yet, but it will be coming soon. Okay! The tip I forgot to give you were meals, and I actually need your help. But wait, I'm going to try this new flavor first. I'm all over the place today, I'm usually pretty focused with all the things going on in my head. This new flavor is amazing! It's really good! Did any of you try Mango Tango? That product was out this summer, it was like a summer flavor. This one tastes a bit like Mango Tango. It's not super sour, it's just incredible. Why do I drink it? Because I feel incredible. It is a tool, and I drink it every single day. I don't drink energy drinks, or coffee, although you still can...

Share with us your other ideas on Ketofied recipes

Anyways, here are the meals that I usually cook for larger families or hosting parties. First is the Taco bar, we have burgers, and we grill. We always have a salad, like the seven layer salad. It's loved by everybody and super easy to make. You can really think of anything that you love. You can low carb or "Ketofy" it, so that it works for your whole family...

I need your help on this one, "What would you make that would fit a low carb option, for other people to come over?".So we do tacos like I talked about. We do lasagna with the egg wraps, and we do chili. You can visit That is our blog where you can click on so many different recipes.

There are different soups that I would make. Or anybody love Olive Garden? I actually haven't made that in a while and I need to. I love the Zupa soup, and there's a recipe where you use cauliflower crumbles. You won't even be able to taste the cauliflower, I promise. Just like you can't taste anything in these egg wraps, especially when you put them in a lasagna. But the Zupa ketofied soup is incredible, and that would be something that I would make. Again, a seven layer salad, and we love to grill. It's a little bit harder when it's covered in snow, but it's still an option. Otherwise, I usually do tacos or chili, those are the options...

What do you do for hosting? Sometimes we have a veggie tray, we'll have lots of different cheese. Or different things for people to snack on. I actually have an entire snack bar for all of my friends that are coming this weekend. I'll share all this on my stories. I'll give you different tips and ideas, so just continue to tune in... You can make one meal, you don't have to make two. You can make it taste very similar and your kids might not even notice. I want to also know, what are some of your favorite family ketofied low carb meals, that you can do one meal on?...

Message me if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel
Okay! Message me with your questions, tips, tricks, ideas, anything that you have questions about. Pop into the text message, so that when I start sending out some inspirational quotes, you will receive them. The phone number is, 507-204-9866. I'd love to have you there, but if you don't want to listen to me anymore, you can send "Stop"...

If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, post "Trials" in the comments or text "Trials" to the phone number. That's all I have for you. I have to go pick up our daughter and I really need a shower. If you have not noticed, I'm wearing the same shirt yesterday. Don't judge me. I hope you guys have a great day and I truly appreciate you. Thank you for tuning in, your presence matters. I'm always here to help and I hope you have a great day.

We'll talk to you soon!

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