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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 37) "How To Calculate Carbs" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom Here!

  	Here's the question of the day, "How do I calculate Total carbs and Net carbs?" and "Why would I do that?"... If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight, then you would need to calculate a Net carb versus a Total carb. 

Points To Ponder:

01:14 How To Create A Lifestyle?

02:19 Flavor of The Day: "Hibiscus Lemonade"

03:04 Tools For Your Energy

04:05 Go Further Faster

05:20 Morning Mindset

05:26 "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins

05:41 Own Your Morning, Own Your Day

06:15 My Morning Routine

07:01 The Power Of Five Seconds

07:45 How To Calculate Total carbs and Net carbs

08:12 The "Tip is to Flip"

09:29 How To Calculate

10:39 Why Would You Want A Net carb versus a Total carb?

11:10 You Know Your Own Body

12:06 I Love A Lifestyle Approach

13:00 Everybody Is Different

14:00 Consistency and Time

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. We are going to dive into net carbs, total carbs and I'm going to be shaking up my Mom fuel. I'm going to share with you what we're doing next month for mindset mornings. As you're tuning in, if you hear a whole bunch of giggling, barking, and screaming, I just want to let you know there are ten kids in our home and four dogs. We have some friends that have been staying with us for a couple of weeks. They had a small house fire, and it's getting fixed. The kids have been having a blast, and thankfully we both homeschool. The kids have been learning how to be adaptable. That is our environment currently for two weeks, so it might get loud but I did tell them I was talking to you. My dogs don't listen and they usually bark...

Welcome to another Keto Tasting & Tip for the day

Anyways, how is your day going? I had an interesting conversation with my friend and I often hear people say, "I don't want to be strict keto", "I want it to be more of a lifestyle", "How to create a lifestyle?", "How do I do this long term?"... And I love that! I love to help people understand how to make better decisions, do one percent better every single day, drink more water, measure out your food, take the buns off the burgers, and croutons off the salad.

I can give you little tips and tricks that will help you in your everyday life. I have been thinking about what needs to happen when somebody needs to lose sixty, seventy, eighty, or a hundred pounds? I have a lot of people that say, "I need to lose a significant amount of weight. How do I do that?"...

I will discuss that with you as well... By the way, I would love for you to press the share button. Sharing is caring and it allows other people to have fun and learn. Alright! Before I talk to you about Net carbs and Total carbs, I am going to shake up my Mom Fuel. I shake it up every single day, we're going to do "Hibiscus Lemonade" today. It's a tool and not a magic pill, it's actually a supplement. Somebody said yesterday, "Why are you taking a supplement?" and I asked back, "Why do you drink coffee?", "Why do you drink energy drinks?", "Why are you drinking that collagen for your hair?"...

Flavor of The Day: "Hibiscus Lemonade"

If you were to ask people years ago when our food wasn't as processed. I mean, you can go down a rabbit hole of how our food is made, the things that are sprayed on them, and you can actually do a pretty good job at making better choices and eating healthy foods. There are tools that can help you with your energy.

If you choose to have coffee, then I choose to drink Ketones. If you choose to drink energy drinks, I choose Ketones. And Ketones tastes great! I've been drinking them for six years, I call it my Mom Fuel and it's incredible. Your body can make ketones or you can drink them, but not all ketones are created equal. You can drink one or two a day, it's up to you.

I drink water and Ketones and I feel incredible. If you want to see some videos behind it, or just chat with me one on one about what Ketones are, and why I drink them? If you want to hear more of my story, post "Mom Fuel" in the comments and we will chat. I'll tell you more about it, share some videos and things like that. I'll tell you it's a tool just like your coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills, or those little packets of collagen. Whatever the case may be there are things that you use to help you go further faster...

It's kind of like this, I live in Minnesota and we love to go to Florida. There are two ways to get there, an airplane and by car. If my family decides to take the van? We will get to Florida comfortably, but it takes two days. If you're driving twelve hours and taking a little rest, or if you want to take it slow it will take three days. That's kind of like the Keto diet. If you want to have your body make Ketones and do it faster, then you can drink Ketones. It would be like arriving in Florida within two and a half hours or less, depending on your flight. So Ketones are a clean fuel, and I've never felt better. I joke with people and say that I haven't taken a nap in a really long time. If you want to know more, I would love to chat with you. You can post "Five", or post "Mom Fuel" in the comments and we'll chat. It's not just for moms, by the way, I just like to call it my Mom Fuel...

"The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins

Alright! If anybody listens in the mornings, we talk about the morning mindset. I do live videos in the morning, and currently, we're going through this book, "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. I briefly touched on it today, and we're going through "The 5 Second Rule"... I would love to know if any of you have read it? My hope is that you join the live video or you hop on some time in the morning, just to give you something to think about that will help you through your day.

I truly believe that if you own your morning, you're going to own your day. If you're going to get your mindset right, have a heart of gratitude, believe that you can do it, get up and be more positive, then you're going to make better choices. If you get up and you're not fueling your brain, you're not listening to somebody that's going to lift you up, and you're not listening or reading positive things, then you might fall into the trap of overeating or eating out of emotions.

"If you own your morning, you own your day". My morning routine is to get up, drink water, work out, and drink my ketones. I also read and then do a live video. If somebody gets in the way of my morning, I don't let them. Because I've got stuff that I have to do. That's why I have to get up before my kids get up. I own my morning and then I make better decisions throughout my whole day... I read something this morning, and I want to read it to you because I thought it was great. And then I'm going to go over Net carbs and Total carbs. Listen to this, it's super great, I promise!... Has anybody read "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins? I would love to know if you've read the book.

"One moment of courage can change your day, one day can change your life and one life can change the world"...

She talked about courage and the power of five seconds. Every single day you make choices, "What choice am I going to make?", "I don't have to be reactive, but I'm going to respond", "I'm going to take an extra five seconds", or "I'm going to have the courage to do something I wouldn't normally do"... This isn't just about fat loss, this is about your everyday life, making choices, and having the courage to do it. It's going to help you, I promise! You don't need to have the book, you can just tune in here every single morning and I'm going to go through the book with you. If you have it, then that's awesome, you can just follow along. Tomorrow, I'm going to go through the first five pages, so just continue to tune in. It's an incredible book!...

How To Calculate Total carbs and Net carbs
Okay! Here's the question of the day, "How do I calculate Total carbs and Net carbs?" and "Why would I do that?"... If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight, then you would need to calculate a Net carb versus a Total carb.

If you eat Macadamia Nuts or there are actually a lot of keto snacks these days, you can just go to Costco. Does anybody else love Costco? There are lots of snacks that are labeled keto, so the "Tip is to Flip". Look at the back, not all of these keto-labeled foods are Keto. Even if you go to the freezer section and the label says "Cauliflower pizza". It might make you feel that you can eat it, but if you flip that over, you're going to see that it's not a homemade cauliflower pizza. And that is not going to serve you right if your goal is low carb. The tip is to flip everything over.

I always look at a couple of things, like the serving size. This Macadamia nut is one ounce, which is approximately twelve pieces of nuts or if measured it's about a fourth a cup. Always look at the serving size because that can be deceiving. I usually scroll down to the total carbs if you're just counting in your head. So low carb would be considered between fifty and sixty carbs. It would be like calculating them in your head, taking the buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, not eating if you're not hungry, drinking water and ketones, eating veggies, proteins, and a salad. You're not going to add up the carbs in your broccoli because if you're strict keto, some of that could knock you out of ketosis...

So you take the total carbs, and it says total carbs is four grams in a serving size. But right underneath the carbs, you will see there "Fiber", and underneath that, it might say "Sugar Alcohol". If you're eating a packaged Keto snack, Keto bars, or any of the Keto snacks, it'll say sugar alcohol like erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit. So you take the total carbs, subtract the fiber and the sugar alcohol, and that's going to give you a Net carb. If you don't want to be super strict keto, you might say this has two net carbs per one-fourth (1/4)"... This is why you don't sit on the couch or at your office desk and just snack all day long because you can easily eat half the bag. This is why it's super important, especially for nuts, because while they're great fats for you, you need to keep them in serving size...

Why Would You Want A Net carb versus a Total carb?
Question! "Why would you want Net carbs versus a Total carb?" Everybody is different, and some people's bodies really react to food. They have to go super strict keto if they want to see some fat loss. They would need to do total carbs, which means they wouldn't subtract the fiber or anything else. They would just go count their carbs today.

My husband and I would jokingly say that I can eat the same amount of food that he does. He'll gain ten pounds, while I'll lose ten. That's not actually the truth, but we do joke about it... You know your body more than anybody else does. You eat something and you might go, "I easily get bloated", "I easily can hold on water weight", or "I am not one to lose weight quickly"... I don't know your situation, your body type, or the medications that may have affected you. There are so many factors that play part in fat loss. That's why you can't compare your Keto diet to somebody else's...

I was talking to my friend about this today and I really am leaning on the fact that, as much as people want to do more of a lifestyle approach right away, you do need to go pretty strict for a little bit. At least a couple of weeks, to really get a hold of the food. I think sometimes when we want to lose fifty, sixty, seventy, or one hundred pounds, we go, "I can do this", "I'm just going to do it". I actually love a lifestyle approach, and I believe this can be a lifestyle approach for the rest of your life. But if you need to make a hard change, and you have to lose this weight for whatever reason, then you need to be a bit strict.

You might need to go strict keto for awhile
Why? Because it's going to help you understand that food can't control you. That you're going to have to break some of those habits, some of those cravings, and that control over food... I don't know if that's you, but I would challenge you to give yourself a couple of weeks to a month.

Like "I have to get this under control", "I might have to track my food in a carb counter or my fitness pal", "No sugar for four weeks", and "I'm going to drink more water"... Everybody is different, some people ask if they can do Net carbs. And I would ask them, "What are your goals?", "What are you trying to achieve?", and "How long do you want it to take?"...

If you need to lose a large amount of weight, some of the experts would say do Total carbs for a while. They would even say no nuts and no dairy for a while. I am here to help you, although I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, I can for sure guide you on whatever your goals are. I've learned a lot, I've read a ton of books, I've gotten to sit with lots of doctors and experts in this field.

Even if I didn't go to school for it, I really know a lot of the answers of how to help, and give you some input on how to get started. So if you've got questions, reach out to me, I would love to help you on your journey... Everybody is different, and it's just having an awareness of your body, how you're feeling, the foods and how they affect you.

The Power Of Five Seconds

Consistency and time! I say that a lot and people don't want it to take so much time. I know, but if you can mindfully give yourself a full year of going, "I'm committed", "I'm going to do this", "I might be more strict, but I can ease up a little bit and do more of a lifestyle approach when I reach my goal", "I'm not going to just throw it out the window", "I'm not going to continue to eat the things I did in the past", and "I'm going to make better decisions"... Sometimes you just have to draw a line on the sand and say, "I'm going to take control of my health" and "I'm going to do it".

Do you want to know what will help you? Count 5-4-3-2-1, then walk away from the donut, 5-4-3-2-1 not going to have the birthday cake,5-4-3-2-1 I'm going to join the gym...This will be a great book!

Continue to tune into the page, and we'll talk about this book every single morning. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, reach out. If you look at my stories, we've got a table full of crafts, and so I probably should go to take care of some kids... Remember, I am here to help! Thank you for tuning in, even though you're all a little quiet today, I appreciate you. I hope you have an incredible afternoon, have a great day, I'm always here to help and we'll talk to you soon. Bye!

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