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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 25): "How to Get Past a Plateau" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

"Are you tracking your food?", "Being more aware", "Eat more protein, it'll help you get past the plateau"... Also pay attention to how much dairy you're eating, because dairy can cause you to bloat. Especially women, if you're eating an excess amount of dairy or heavy cream in your coffee. I bet you if you cut back on that, you're going to see yourself get past that plateau...

Points to Ponder:

00:44 What's for Lunch?

01:46 Trial Packs

02:15 Flavor of the day: Raspberry Lemonade

02:32 Why do I drink Ketones

03:07 Benefits of Ketones

04:57 List of Winners:

Berry Blue: Cheryl Walsh, Teresa Schaefer

Carrot Cake: Jessie Hanson, Marcie Ernst

Trial Pack: Carissa Kahnke

05:21 Tip of the Day: How to Get Past a Plateau

06:18 A Real Plateau: Six weeks and beyond

06:57 Are you Tracking your Food?

08:35 Having an Awareness

09:06 Eat More Protein

10:26 Dairy can cause Bloating

10:45 October Challenge

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, and welcome to your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. Today we're going to talk about how to get past a plateau. So I'm going shake up my Mom Fuel as usual and I'm going to talk about the October challenge. I'm going to do a drawing for some winners from one of my favorite flavors, and one of the carrot cakes. Actually two of those and a trial pack of my Mom Fuel. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Press the share button, because we'll be doing drawings for a long time. If you share, your name goes into a drawing and you could win something fun. So press that share button... Where are you tuning in from and what did you have for lunch today?

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I actually didn't eat lunch. My kids ate, I think everybody ate leftovers. Our kids had deli meat and cheese wraps. My husband had some hamburger and broccoli. I think I just realized I just got hungry and I didn't eat.

You want to know why I didn't eat lunch? Because I wasn't hungry. So my husband was like, "Listen, where's lunch?" And I said "Oh, I didn't make anything. The kids just fended for themselves, and I wasn't hungry". Right honey?...

Now for real. I love to share with you and I want you to share with me, so that you can give other people ideas. We wrapped up homeschooling and we're about to dive into the afternoon of volleyball. It's Wednesday night church... I'm going to shake what I shake up every single day, either at two, three, sometimes four o'clock, depending on our schedule. How's your afternoon going? This is what a trial pack can look like. There's different ways that you can grab my Mom Fuel. I shake it up every single day, but I'm going to actually take one out of the pack today because I want to shake up a flavor I have not tried yet at all. So when you grab a trial pack or you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, just post five in the comments... I have been drinking Ketones for over six years. It's a simple packet and you put it in some water.

Today I'm going to shake up Raspberry Lemonade. I actually have not shaken this one up yet. It could come in a little form like this, or a pack like this. They're the same, different flavors, but just packaged differently. So I am going to shake up Raspberry Lemonade.

Why do I drink Ketones? I drink it because first of all, it's incredible. Second of all, I feel amazing. The other day, I think it was yesterday somebody said "Hey! Can I use this as Dad Fuel?" My husband been drinks it, grandma drinks it, friends drink it. I've got a lot of nurses that drink ketones, so it could be your Nurse Fuel. I just say Mom Fuel because it honestly helps me with homeschooling our girls. Although my husband is the principal, it helps him as well. So the benefits of Ketones! Our energy is incredible, Fat loss, Focus, Better mood, Better sleep, and Appetite control. You put it in as little or as much water as you want, then you drink it in thirty minutes and you've got Ketones in your system in under an hour. You're in Ketosis, it is amazing.

Congratulations to our Winners! Share this video to get a chance to win too

Here's what we're doing for next month. First of all, I do have some winners that are coming up so stay tuned. Just let me shake this up real quick, it's super simple... Okay! So first of all, we're going to be doing an October challenge. This is going to be helpful when hitting a plateau. The tip of the day is how do you get past a plateau? I'm going to talk to you about the October challenge in a second, and today I'm shaking my Ketones. Sometimes I stir it in my cups with a straw, however you want to drink it.

Okay! so should I give you the winners first or should we talk about the hitting the plateau? I'm going to give you the winners. Alright! You ready? I probably should take a drink for you. How's your day? All right! We have three categories of winners from the last two days. If you shared the video, your name went into a drawing. I have two names for my favorite flavor "Berry Blue", I love this one. Two names for the brand new Carrot Cake protein that we have, which is amazing. And one name for a trial pack of my mom fuel.

All right! You ready? Here are the names that I wrote in fun little colorful markers. We have Cheryl Walsh and Teresa Schaefer you won the Berry Blue. We have a Jessie Hanson and Marcie Ernst, you won the Carrot Cake. And Carissa Kahnke, you won my Mom Fuel. Here are the winners! Congratulations! So If that's your name, I need your address so I can send you something in the mail.

All right! Here is the Keto Tip of the Day. We have gone through a ridiculous amount of tips all month long. And I'm going to continue doing this all throughout October. I think I should just keep doing the two o'clock tasting and Keto tip. I'll think of something else to share with you. But here's what I want you to know, has anybody hit a plateau ever, in your Low Carb Keto journey? Here's a couple tips for you, I'll go over them each separately... I need you to know something. If you have not lost the inches, or the fat loss that you want. And it's only been two weeks, a week, or even a month, I just want you to know something.

How to Get Past a Plateau???
Something that I've learned from Dr. Ryan Lowery, who is the author of the Ketogenic Bible. He is one of the formulators of my Mom Fuel, and something that he said was "A True Plateau happens only after six weeks of sitting at a standstill"...

So if it's only been a week and you feel you hit a plateau, probably not. Your body might be readjusting, you're just starting, takes patience and that's okay. So a couple tips really quick for you. If you truly feel like you've been here for a long time, like five to seven weeks of being here. No inches lost, nothing moving on the scale, not feeling any different. The number one thing I'm going to say is this. "Are you tracking your food?"...

What I mean by that is, oftentimes when somebody is doing a Keto Low Carb lifestyle, and right now we are diving head in, into all of the holiday seasons. So we've got candy, desserts, more candy, potlucks, family, all of those things. So what happens is people say "Yeah! I'm going to be Low Carb", "I'm still Low Carb and still Keto". But when you dive into different parties, and different special occasions, what happens? People go, "I'm just going to let up a little bit", "It's not a big deal"... And it becomes one party after another.

Or they may have been tracking pretty religiously for a while and then kind of slid off. If they step back for a little bit, and they're like "It's not a big deal, I'm still going to stay focus". But they don't really stay focused, and they kind of let things slip. More and more slips, and then they just didn't even realize it, they started eating a lot of junk.

So what I want you to be aware of, is if you feel like you've hit a plateau, I just want you to recognize what you're eating. How much of the little extra snacks you were eating. Just have an awareness of "Yeah, you're right! I let a lot a lot of things slip in"... Oftentimes people say "You know what, you're right. I do really great from Monday through Friday". And then others let everything go, through the weekend.
Just be aware, track your food, eat more protein

All I want you to do number one, the very first step into getting past a plateau is just having awareness of "Did I let my guard down?", "Have I been eating too much". "I've been making excuses of too many parties and too many weekends. I actually just need to get refocused and track my food for just a little bit or be aware of what I'm eating"...

That's it. It's really an Awareness, so that was first. Number two, I actually learned this from Dr. Ryan Lowery. He said you need to eat more protein.

Now I'm not a doctor, and I'm not a Keto expert or a scientist. I didn't go to school for it, but I've been learning as I go. So he explains how most people are too afraid to eat a lot of protein because it could knock you out of Ketosis. I actually eat more protein, a lot of women don't eat a lot or enough protein.

So that was one of his reasons or one of his tips to get past a plateau. Add in more protein. What does that look like? Track what you've been eating or be aware of what you've been eating and just add a little extra. Maybe add a protein shake, eat an extra egg, or a little bit more meat for dinner, however that looks like for you. But that was one of his suggestions in getting past a plateau... Last one, we're going to talk about our Fasts, our Reboots, and the October challenge...

All right! So we said "Are you tracking your food", "Being more aware", "Eat more protein, it'll help you get past the plateau"... Also pay attention to how much dairy you're eating, because dairy can cause you to bloat. Especially women, if you're eating an excess amount of dairy or heavy cream in your coffee. I bet you if you cut back on that, you're going to see yourself get past that plateau...
Join me and others, in this October Challenge

And also we have the October challenge! Here's what it looks like. Whether you're working on getting past the plateau or you might feel incredible, and you're watching me and you feel really great. This can amplify what you're doing, or if you just need to get started. This will help kickstart your journey, diving into the holiday season. So that you don't gain twenty pounds and then you and I get to chat in January, let's not do that.

Here's what the October challenge looks like, we have an incredible option for you to grab a challenge kit. Which is basically twenty packs of my Mom Fuel, Ten caffeine and Ten caffeine free of five different flavors. We've got a challenge box, you get a Reboot kit, and a 24 hour fast.

We're going to do them all together as a community. We're going to start October 8 and you're going to start with drinking Ketones for a couple days. And then on the 10th, we're going to dive into the 24 hour fast together with coaching. Then we're going to work on some Low Carb meals, while continuing to drink Ketones daily. Then we'll dive into the Reboot together. And that will get you past a plateau, starting your journey, or just help you feel incredible and not eat all of that candy, desserts and treats that are coming up.

So if you want to know more about the October challenge, I'll just send you a visual and we can chat about it. It's available for the next day and a half, just post October in the comments, and we're going to chat. Otherwise, I hope that's helpful. Does that give you awareness of, you should either readjust and make sure you're not overeating. You should probably eat more protein. You're not eating enough because you're too afraid of it, which is really not okay. Especially us women, we should eat more protein. You should probably pay attention to how much dairy you are eating because that could cause you to hit a plateau...

We're going to dive into a Fast and a Reboot to get past that, and to really help you stay focused through the holidays. I'm not saying that you can't enjoy yourself, I'm just going to help you not go crazy every single day from now until December 31st.
Just comment down below if you want to know more

I'm going to give you some really good tips and tricks going into October and November. Some "Either" "Or" options, some better options so that you don't fully blow everything that you've done. To stay on track, but still enjoy yourself with your family. So we'll be talking more around the holiday seasons and all of the special occasions coming up.

Continue to tune into the page, and just know this... You don't have to give in, give up and not do anything until January, because that wouldn't be great. So if you just want to know more about Ketones in general or a trial pack, post five in the comments. If you really are considering joining me for the October challenge, which I will be one of your coaches, post October in the comments. Otherwise continue to tune in, I'm here to help you. Ask all of your questions and press the share button. Sharing is caring, and if you share, your name goes into a drawing. Here are the winners for the last two videos who will get either a Carrot Cake protein, my Mom Fuel or a Trial pack. I'll also be sending you a message, so always reach out. I hope you have a great day and I have to go.

Let me rephrase that, this is something that I do every single morning as we're reading through books. We're helping get you're getting your mindset on track. Do you guys tune in in the mornings? If you don't, you should. Always follow the stories, we're going to be going through the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I talked about it this morning, so you should go check it out. Go to my stories, click on the Facebook link. Go watch this morning's live, you can grab the book and join me starting on Friday. Just tune in on all of my different platforms, ketomomsecrets, I'm also TikTok, ketomomsecrets on this new platform called Gab. I don't even know my husband's working on. Listen, I am I'm just here to talk and my husband should probably come over and say hi. You guys want to see him? Hey, who would like to have my husband on here more to give like a manly perspective? My husband could do it. Yes. I love that. I think that he should talk more. I should turn the camera around so you can see him. Anyways, all right! I appreciate you all. I hope you have an incredible day. He will be tuning in more if I can get him to talk with me on camera, usually he's in his tractor. So okay, for those winners, Congratulations! Have a great afternoon and we'll talk to you soon.

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