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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 24): "Power of Sleep and Stress"| Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Something that can hinder your progress that you might underestimate is "The Power of Sleep, and Stress" and what it can do to your body. My husband says this often, "Sleep is a weapon". It is a good weapon, it is a tool. So what does this have to do with your Keto journey? A lot! Because if you're not sleeping well and if you are stressed out, that actually tells your body to hold on to the excess fat.

Points to Ponder:

2:25 Drawing for Mom Fuel

03:16 Tip of the day: "The Power of Sleep, and Stress"

03:42 Excess Fat holds on to your Body

04:28 Things that can help with your sleep

06:48 Ketones help with Sleep

07:05 My Favorite Flavor: Berry Blue

07:30 New Proton: Carrot Cake

08:27 Trial Packs

08:32 Benefits of Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. We are going to dive in right away, because we have sporting events in the evenings. We have a fun, amazing evening coming up. I need my Mom Fuel, so I'm going to get this shaken up. Oh! I forgot to sing to you. All right! It's time for my Three o'clock tasting in my Keto Tip. Some of you actually watch for that. We have four dogs and four daughters, welcome to my home! We're going to shake up my mom fuel, and I do have a Keto tip for you. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your afternoon? My husband is on the tractor this afternoon. Well, it's not really a tractor but it's a skid loader. He's playing skid loader man.

It's a great day for another Keto tip!

Alright! So welcome to our home. It's usually a little crazy, hence why I need my mom fuel. If you have been following for a while, we have been doing a "Two o'clock Tasting and a Keto Tip". Sometimes it's three o'clock, sometimes four o'clock tasting. I've been sharing my Mom Fuel every day and giving you a Keto tip. I've given you lots and lots of Keto tips. So, what I'm going to do is give you a recap by the last day of this month, so you know all of the Keto tips that we have.

So as I'm shaking this up, the tip today is pretty simple. And yet you might not actually think of it as a Keto tip, but it truly is. Maybe you actually don't think about it as a health tip, but I'm going to tell you why it is super helpful. So anyways, we're shaking this up. Honestly, I was thinking today as I was looking at my flavors, this one is one of my favorites. Sometimes I shake it up and sometimes I stir it up. I have been drinking it every day for six years, it is incredible!

Oh! You know what? I was supposed to do a drawing today for Mom Fuel. Yesterday, we gave away three of them. I didn't pick any today, so I'm going to have to pick two for tomorrow. Here's what we did, if you press the share button Your name goes into a drawing, I will pick the people from yesterday and today. So if you press the share button, make sure you tell me that you pressed it... Here's the tip of the day. While a lot of you are working on eating Keto or low carb, are you Keto or are you low carb? or Are you just getting started? How is your journey going. The tip is, Oftentimes I'll say let's pay attention to inches lost more than clothes fitting differently. There are different ways to make sure that you are measuring correctly, not just the scale.

But something that can hinder your progress that you might underestimate is "The Power of Sleep, and Stress" and what it can do to your body.
If you are stressed out, you body holds on to Fat

My husband says this often, "Sleep is a weapon". It is a good weapon, it is a tool. He actually tracks how much sleep he gets. He wears this little thing on his wrist that tells him if he had a good sleep or bad sleep. There's different things that can help you.

So what in the world does this have to do with your Keto journey? A lot, because if you're not sleeping well and if you are stressed out, that actually tells your body to hold on to the excess fat.

It tells your body, if you're stressed, if you're not sleeping, your mindset isn't right. You're going to probably skip a workout, you're going to be too tired to make better choices and you're going to stress eat. It causes emotions, it causes cortisol levels to go up which causes you to hold fat or make more fat. My husband understands the cortisol level stuff, but it's a real thing. And so the Keto tip today is I want you to pay attention to your sleep, and the lack thereof, and your stress levels.

A couple of things that can help you with your sleep, don't be on your phone an hour before bed. There's different things like what are they blue blockers for your phone, not being in front of the TV until you go to bed, or white noise things. There's lots of things you can do to help you sleep better... Things like lavender, listening to a book before bed.

What would your biggest tip be babe? As far as bed goes or sleeping, what's your biggest sleep tip? He's sitting on the other side of me. "I would say you have to find a way to relax, shut your phone off"... If I read before bed, it really helps me fall asleep better. So little things will help you sleep better... And then stress? How do you de stress? Some people meditate, some people read, some people go for a walk. But be mindful of both of those things, because you might feel like you're doing everything right. "I'm tracking all of my food", "I'm drinking my water", "I'm moving my body", "I'm doing all of the things".

I do a certain breathing exercise when I'm Stressed
And then the question I would ask you if you and I were talking one on one is "How's your sleeping?", "How's your stress?". And it's either I'm not sleeping great, I don't sleep well, or I am stressed out.

And so you've got to figure out what it is to help in both of those areas. A lot of it probably has to do with the phone, and the television and not letting your mind rest. I am guilty of that, my husband's looking at me like "That's you". I sleep incredible, and I don't really feel like I'm stressed.

But if I am stressed, my phone has to go away. Or I'll listen to a message or some worship music or read a book. Or I have this breathing technique, it's not my breathing technique, but every time I do it, my kids go "We should probably leave my mom alone for a little bit".

So sleep and stress, it's super important. Have an awareness of where you're at, and then find things to help you make them better or take the stress away. So I hope that's helpful. Do you feel like that's a Keto tip? Let me know. How was your sleep and how is your stress? If you have a tip on either one of those, like "Hey! This has really helped me sleeping"... Did you know ketones help with sleep? There's a lot of people that take a caffeine free before bed, side note. Or if there's something that you do to really help take the stress away. What do you do? I'd love to know. Share below, it gives other people ideas. So otherwise, I'm drinking my Berry Blue, which I think I've decided is probably my favorite flavor. Oftentimes people say what's your favorite? And I say I love all of them. Because all of the flavors are incredible so it's my favorite. I could give the carrot cake away tomorrow.

We have a new protein, it's a proton. I just got it in the mail yesterday, our carrot cake one. Which I was going to offer to my customers, but tomorrow we'll do a drawing. So we'll give away some Mom Fuel for those who shared the video yesterday. If you press the share button below, let me know that you shared and your name will go in for a drawing. We give away a pack of Mom Fuel trial kit, and I'll give away some carrot cake protein, some protons. And maybe some of these, Berry Blue is my favorite.

Comment Five, and you and I will chat

So all right! If you have any specific questions, let me know. You can message me I'd love to help you on your journey. I'll give you a foods list or how we started. I'll just ask you questions to get you thinking and be aware of just getting started. Most people just need to get started. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, why I drink it, or a trial pack, you can post five in the comments. I mail them out every single day. You get a variety of flavors, you get to trial it without committing to a box and see what you think.

So it helps you with your energy, I also joke and say I haven't taken a nap in six and a half years. I don't hit that three o'clock wall. I it helps with muscle preservation, it's not even just about fat loss. Fat Loss is great, and I have a ton of athletes that use Ketones for their fuel. So it helps with your mind, your brain, it helps you focus, and it helps with your appetite and your cravings.

So many incredible benefits. It is a tool to use to help you on your journey. I love it! I'd love to share more with you, so post five down below. Otherwise, whoever shares this video, your name will go into a drawing. I will do the drawing tomorrow for Mom Fuel and Keto carrot protein. I hope you have a great day! Pay attention to your sleep and your stress that holds your fat. So if your goal is to lose some fat and you're doing everything right but you don't have great sleep or you're stressed out. Take a look at those two things and help make those better.

Otherwise, I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon

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