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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 22) "Help Your Kids Eat Better" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

	 We took one meal at a time, one day at a time, and we did it together as a family. Our girls were babies back then, but we did it. We decided that we were going to get healthy as a family. We're going to drink more water, and we're not buying juice and pop anymore. 

Points to Ponder:

01:28 Ketones

01:56 Benefits of Ketones

02:09 Winner: Rebecca Rice

03:13 Trial Packs

04:18 Kids and Keto

04:59 Why Make Two Meals A Day?

06:08 My Kids Are Not On A Keto Diet

06:23 Set Kids Up For Success Now

07:10 Try New Meals Together

07:37 Good, Better and Best Option

08:39 Start Implementing Small Things

09:58 Options For Breakfast

11:01 Convenience Stops Us

11:36 Lunch Ideas

11:54 Dinner Ideas

12:13 Snacks

13:53 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

15:25 Do Not Give Your Children A Complex

15:50 Food Affects Our Attitude

16:26 Things You Can Replace

16:53 Keep Junk Out of Your Home

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we're going to dive into our two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. How are you doing? How was your day? We're going to talk about kids and keto, or kids and eating healthy. How do I get my kids to eat healthier? What does that mean, and what does that look like? A lot of questions came in about, "I want my kids to eat better". I'm going to give you some ideas of what we did with our kids, and maybe it'll help you... So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from you? I should really do these live videos in my kitchen, it would be more presentable, but our house is so loud. We've got four girls, and it might sound like there's an elephant above me? They're actually playing volleyball upstairs.

Time for your Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!

I've got four dogs outside, the wind is right over here, and it's coming off our lake. It's just loud all around me. Noises all around, so hopefully we can focus. I just got out of the shower, do you like my wet hair?... Alright! Let's get focused. I often ask what is the weather like where you're at? We're in Minnesota, and it's so windy, and a little chilly. It would be nice if the wind wouldn't be so windy... Now, I am going to shake up my Mom Fuel, and I talk about it every single day. It's ketones, it can look like this (standard packet), it could look like this (trial pack), or it could look like this (liquid ampule). These three versions are the same but just packaged differently.

These two are powder, and this one is a liquid. I've been drinking these for six and a half years, and I call it my Mom Fuel. It's a tool, it puts ketones in my body. The body can make them, or you can drink them. It puts ketones in my system, and then I have better energy, focus, appetite control, fat loss, better mood, and it helps with sleep in the evenings.

The benefits are incredible, if you want to know more about it, just post "Five" in the comments. I do have a winner from yesterday, congratulations to Rebecca Rice! You won one of these trial packs, it's got three packs of ketones in it, with different flavors. You just shake it up with some water and drink it. You will get this in the mail, so I need your address. If you want to put your name into the drawing, all you need to do is press the share button. Sharing is caring, and let me know when you're done sharing this video. Facebook is fun and it won't let me click on the share, so you have to comment "I shared". Congratulations again to Rebecca Rice... Okay! You guys are going to laugh, don't laugh. And yes, I will talk about kids in just a second. But here's the thing, I normally always say "Oh my goodness! This flavor is my favorite, I'm going to shake it up". Then I'll be, this one is actually my favorite, it's so good. Or maybe this one is my favorite, or it's this one, or this one...

This is my favorite flavor for now
They all taste great! And what's amazing is you can try a variety of flavors. You can get a five-pack, or a ten-pack, just to see what you think... I'm going to shake up this flavor, I've been shaking this one up for the last three days because I love it so much.

It's the liquid formula, it works exactly the same. It puts ketones in your body in under an hour. You need to snap it open, put it in your shaker bottle, a glass, or a cup of water. Shake it up and you drink it. I love this! I'm just a little obsessed with it lately. I think I do this with every flavor. Something new comes out and I'm like, "This is my favorite"... Basically I just love how I feel. Remember, it's a tool, not a magic pill, and I love it! So the liquid Ketones are sourer, while these powder ones are sweeter. They're both incredible!.... Alright! We're going to dive into the conversation about "Kids and Keto". Is anybody interested? I need you to hear me on this, very clearly.

The conversation comes up almost every single day, "Are your Kids Keto?", "Why are your kids keto?", "Why are your kids on a diet?", "Are your kids on a diet?"...

I always say this, at the very beginning when we started working on eating healthier as parents. In my mind, I wondered, "Why would I Make two meals a day?"... That doesn't make sense to me. Now I get it if you've got picky eaters, I understand. I don't want to make you feel bad, I'm just going to give you what I was thinking. And so I was going to learn how to eat vegetables, because as an adult six years ago, I was thirty-one when I started. I had not touched anything green, I did not eat vegetables or a salad. I ate a lot of boxed food, lots of mac and cheese, lots of corndogs, and lots of snacks. That's what I lived off of. Now I need you to know something... If I was going to eat a vegetable, try asparagus, or eat a salad, I thought "Why in the world did I not help my four girls learn how to eat better?". There are a couple of things as parents I want you to be aware of if you want your children to eat healthier.

I want to help my girls eat better for their future
My kids are not on a keto diet. My goal is not for my kids to lose weight. My goal was to help our children learn how to eat better, to respect food, to understand when they're hungry. Because I thought, if we can set our kids up for success now, they won't have to deal with what most adults deal with today.

Does this make sense? So if you are constantly saying, "I am fat", "Mommy's on a diet", "Daddy's on a diet", "This is my food", or "I hate this food, but I have to go on vacation"... You're just whining and griping about it... First of all, your children are not going to want to try that because it's mom or dad's diet food. Clearly, it's disgusting because mom's making faces every time she eats it. So I told my girls, "Listen, every time we make a new vegetable, we're all going to try it.", "We're going to try new meals together"... We didn't eat crazy, we just looked at every meal that we had, and we tried to make it better.

I'm going to show you an example. Some of you don't like this, but I think it's great. For example, "Tacos!". I was like, why would we not get the carb balanced, better option Tortillas. You can always make your own anything. There's like a good, better and a best.

The best situation for food would be, you have a garden, and you have a cow in your backyard. You only drink milk from the cow, and you have all of the organic vegetables. You only eat the eggs from your chicken, and you only eat the meat from your butcher. Does that make sense? There's the best option, I get it. But most of us aren't there yet. So there's a good, better, and best in every situation. Whether we were out to eat or at a party. What option do we have here? What should we eat?. For instance, we're having people over this weekend, we're doing an event here. I'm making a huge Taco bar, these are our taco shells, and they are a better option. If you look at the back part, it shows they have four net carbs. If you're doing net carbs, that's great.

There is always a Good, Better and Best option
Why can't a child have peanut butter and jelly sandwich on this? Or meat and cheese, egg salad, or tuna fish, which are a better option. Start implementing small things, that's what we did. We took one meal at a time, one day at a time, and we did it together as a family. Our girls were babies back then, but we did it.

We decided that we were going to get healthy as a family. We're going to drink more water, and we're not buying juice and pop anymore. When we go to a restaurant I sometimes feel bad when we're with other people, and all these kids are ordering lemonade, sweet teas, and cokes. And my kids would always ask for water. I don't even know if we've ever ordered a drink that's not water. It's not that I tell them not to, they just like to drink water. We drink water, some almond milk, and sometimes my girls drink ketones. It's not that they don't ever have a treat, but usually, it's at a birthday party.

I don't need my kids drinking sugar, but they can have it at other places. Is this making sense? This is what we did and if you need help with this, I would encourage you to do the same thing. Take a look at every single meal, and snack separately. We got out a sheet of paper, and I wrote breakfast on the top. I then wrote all of the options for breakfast, like bacon, sausage, keto pancakes, cheese sticks, beef sticks, or hard-boiled egg... We didn't go cold turkey, once the cereal was gone, I stopped buying it. And the hardest thing for me was to not buy goldfish snacks because that was the easiest snack for kids. I remember saying that I was going to do this, my kids don't need this, they can get it in other places. Please don't ever feel like my kids don't have treats, they've got plenty of it... So I wrote breakfast and I wrote down our options. When they asked "What's for breakfast?", I would go look at the sheet of paper that was taped to the fridge. What do you want? If it's not in your house, you can't eat it.

Macadamia and Almonds are great fillers

Some of you said, "I couldn't possibly take my kid's donuts away". Why? What if you had donuts last Saturday?. "I couldn't possibly", Yes you can! It's convenience that stops us because we tend to be lazy. I'm going to be real honest with you, our mornings even till today, which is six and a half years later.

I still have an airfryer, and if you don't have an air fryer, put it on your list for this year. An Air fryer is a must, and I get sausages from Costco. I always say "Good morning girls! Who want eggs, who wants a sausage?", "How many sausages Do you want?".

So I throw that many sausages in the air fryer, and that's it. Usually, they'll have eggs, it just depends. Sometimes it's eggs and sausage, sometimes it's just sausage, mix with bacon, or they'll make a protein shake. That's it! We did the same thing for lunch. I wrote down things like meat, cheese, lettuce wraps, or tuna and egg salad... It was really for me, I was like "What are we going to have if we're not going to have mac and cheese for the eighth day in a row?", "Mac and cheese and hot dogs?", "What are we going to have for dinner?"... So I did the same thing, like tacos, grilling meat, spaghetti, or zoodle.

I would just make things and I put them all taped on the fridge. It was not beautiful, it was not Pinterest-worthy. It was just a marker and paper. That's it! And every time we liked a new meal, or every time we had no idea, we would write it down. For snacks, I wrote it down and it said, cheese sticks, beef sticks, pickles, or hard-boiled eggs. Most of the time when my kids are hungry in between meals, this is what I'll do.

I make sure to carry some Almonds with me
I grab my two best handy dandy snacks, the Macadamia Nuts, and Almonds. This small cup is about serving size, and a serving size of any type of Nuts is 1/4 cup. That way you don't eat the entire bag, which is very easy to do. The 1/4 cup is about a Dixie cup.

If my kids are really hungry, and they feel like they're munchy. I would tell them to go get some"Almonds". They would say, but I don't want the almonds, I don't care! If you're hungry go eat some Almonds. It'll fill you up until your next meal, these are great fillers because they make you feel full. I usually have a bag of some type of nut in our car, in case we get stuck in between meals and the kids get crabby. I don't like hungry, crabby kids. It really frustrates me, because I don't like to get "hangry", but I can. So if we can just eliminate that emotion by having a cup of nuts, it's so helpful. You might laugh, but it's very helpful, and that's what we did.

My kids would say "I want a snack", and I tell them "Awesome! Go look at the sheet. Beef sticks, cheese sticks, pickles, hard-boiled egg, or nuts"... When we did this six and a half years ago, there were no Keto treats. Costco did not have Keto labeled snacks, but now, there are so many snacks labeled Keto.

Just find a couple of options, and remember that we don't need a hundred different options. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind. You don't need Debbie Snacks, out of sight, out of mind. Keep it out of your house, your children already have plenty of options everywhere they go. Honestly, in the very beginning of transitioning our whole family into eating more vegetables, more salad, and healthier options, I had some people get mad at me. Like family members, friends, people that would be like, "Nope! We're not eating that!". It was a stressor for a while because we really were working on eating better and we never wanted to be rude. But sometimes I'd be like "Nah! We're not going to eat that dessert", "No, you only need one". And then some people would say "What? I cannot believe that you don't have cereal in your house", "I cannot believe that you don't let your kids eat doughnuts".

I want my kids to understand that Food is Fuel
And I'd be like, "Ugh! Please, they even get cookies at the dentist"... My children are not deprived, I'm teaching my children to expand their palate. Our kids are incredible eaters. They actually like more veggies than I do. They are great eaters, they will eat a salad for lunch, and they will eat a doughnut if they want to have a doughnut.

But oftentimes, I'll even remind my kids that we homeschool, and we're home all the time. And so if I see them in the kitchen, I'll ask, "Are you hungry? You just ate, go drink some water. Are you really hungry?". "No, I don't know what to do". Okay! Let's go find you something to do... It's walking your kids through what you are going through without giving them a complex. Like, "If Mommy is on a diet, does that mean I'm on a diet?", "If that food is for Mom or your dad, I'm not going to eat it"? No! This is about learning how to be healthy, so we can be more athletic. We can take care of our bodies, we can feel good, we can run faster, and play longer. We can think because food affects the way that we think, and food affects our attitude.

Food affects the way we act or treat people, our attitude, the words that come out of our mouths, or our tempers. Sugar feeds into all of that. As a parent, you want to feed your kids brain food that's going to fuel them.
Keto Nat Lite, for my girls. You decide as a parent.

You might be shocked, and if you eliminate some of that sugar, like juice, and snacking all the time, you might get fewer fits thrown. You might get along, nobody's screaming at the top of their lungs, because they're not coming off of a sugar high. Don't think about how it might be exhausting, think about things you can replace instead. I used to make so many Keto meals years ago, and now I'm like, we're going to grill some meat, have some tacos, or a salad, we keep it so simple.

There is probably not a meal that you cannot "ketofy", or have a low carb option for. So one day at a time, one meal at a time, give them different options, keep the things you don't want out of your home. I know some of you might hate me for this, but your kids don't need to be drinking juice or pop. They don't need ice cream after every single meal. Don't be mad, sometimes the truth hurts.
Reach out if you have any more questions, happy to help

All right! I hope that helps. If you have things that have helped you, or your whole family transition to eating healthier, like better tips or tricks, then share them below. I would love to know what you have done. Things that you have implemented. If you were offended, I'm sorry. I'm always here to help... Reach out with questions, and continue to tune in to the page. Sharing is caring, press the share button so other people can learn right along with you. I need to get ready for our guests. Just post "Five" in the comments if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel.

I do have these NAT Lites, and oftentimes the question asked is, "Do my kids drink ketones?". I will say you are the parent, so you get to decide. Ketones are a fuel source.

A lot of people think it's just for fat loss, and I'm like "You have no idea"... Most people that reach their fat loss goals, stay drinking ketones for all of the other benefits. It's mainly brain fuel, I'm the parent and I get to choose for them to drink Ketones or not. It's completely up to you. Alright! I hope you guys have a great day, I'm always here to help. Have a wonderful evening and we'll talk to you soon.

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