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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 19): "Keto is Not a One Size Fits All" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

"The diet that will work for you is the diet that you stick with long term, therefore, making it a lifestyle". Men and women are different, and the diet or this lifestyle might look different for you. Some of you can eat as much dairy as you want, while others cannot. And so when you dive into this journey, I want you to truly pay attention to how your body's feeling.

Points to Ponder:

01:09 Flavor of the day: Blueberry Acai

01:48 Favorite Keto or Low carb Snack

02:56 Tip of the day: It's not a one size fits all

03:31 Men and Women have Different Body Types

04:28 Pay Attention to How Your Body's Feeling

05:40 Stay in Your Own Lane

07:06 Another Tip: The Diet that's Going to Work for You is the Diet that you Stick with Long Term

07:12 My Friend Carmen

08:28 Benefits of Ketones

08:37 Weight Watchers

09:51 Whatever Lifestyle you're Looking for

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. We are shaking up our Ketones a little bit later than normal. So welcome to the four o'clock tasting and your Keto tip today. We're going to talk about, "There is no perfect Keto diet for everybody", or "It's not a one size fits all"... I heard this little quote or saying, I don't even remember if it was a boy or girl. But the quote was simply this

"The diet that will work for you is the diet that you stick with long term, therefore, making it a lifestyle".

We're going to talk a about that, what it could look like for you and why it's different for everybody. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm going to stir up my mom fuel. I'm stirring a "Blueberry Acai" for today.

We are revisiting Blueberry Acai! Delicious!

For those who asked, Yes it comes in caffeine or caffeine free. But it is four o'clock and caffeine does not keep me awake. So most people at four o'clock might not be drinking caffeine, you would drink it caffeine free, everybody's a little different. Just like the way that food affects your body. I could drink caffeine and go to sleep in thirty minutes if I really wanted to. I'm not tired, but if I had to go to bed, I could go to bed, it would be fine.

So I want to know, how was your day? Why don't you share below your favorite Keto or Low carb snack. If you need a snack during the day and not just because you want to snack, I often say "If you're not hungry, don't eat"... So don't just be snacking on Keto foods just because it's Keto. But what is your favorite Low carb Keto snack, post that below so you can give other people ideas if they need a snack to hold them till dinner. I prefer Macadamia Nuts, those are my favorite.

Just so you know, anytime you're eating a nut, make sure you pay attention to the back of the bag, the box or whatever you're taking your nuts out of. Because the portions are pretty small, it's about 1/4 Cup or about a small handful. Do not sit down on the couch with a bag and constantly eat them because they're Low carb or Keto. No! We don't do that! Yes, Almonds! I snack on those. I love those pepperoni cheese sticks... Alright! Here's why I say the Keto diet is not a one size fits all. I'm sure you've seen it online, people will say "By my 28th day", or "Keto diet, it works for everybody"...

So sometimes people say the keto diet is hard, I get it. Because if you're trying to track everything perfectly, and have all your macros within the first week of your diet perfect and the fridge looks perfect. Then it's going to be stressful.

But I also want you to know that men and women, our bodies are different. Women, we have hormones and the older you get, you will deal with things like menopause. I don't have to tell you what you're dealing with, you know. But if you are on this journey with your spouse, it's going to look different. I can eat differently than my husband.

Men and Women are different! Stop checking the Scale!

For example, maybe you both start at the same time and your husband drops twenty pounds, but you're teetering around six. The wives will message me often and go "I'm so frustrated, my husband's down twenty pounds, and I've barely moved the scale"...

We've talked about the scale in the past, and about paying attention to inches lost, clothes fitting differently and all the different ways of measurements. But men and women are different, and the diet or this lifestyle might look different for you. Some of you can eat as much dairy as you want, while other cannot. And so when you dive into this, I want you to truly pay attention to how your body's feeling.

If you eat a whole bunch of dairy and you're like "This is Keto, it's great!". But you're not feeling great and you're feeling bloated, that is a sign that you probably over ate. You can't eat the same way. If somebody needs to lose a hundred pounds and somebody leaves and loses twenty pounds, and you're doing the Keto diet then it's going to look differently for both of you.

The biggest thing that I love about this lifestyle is, it will work long term if you pay attention to your body. You eat better foods, some people are dirty Keto, Low carb, Lazy Keto, clean Keto, everybody has their own name.

I eat more protein than a lot of people who are Keto. So am I in Ketosis? I drink Ketones every day. Is my body always making ketones? No! Am I low carb? 100%. I just eat more protein, because my goal isn't to lose weight. My goal is to actually gain muscle. So the biggest thing I want you to do, here's my focus for you. I want you to focus on yourself when you're on this lifestyle. I want you to stay in your own lane. You hear me? Sometimes I want to tap on people's heads and be like "Stop looking over there", "Stop looking at your best friend", "Stop comparing yourself to your coworker or your husband or whoever"... Stay in your own lane. If you are focusing on what you're drinking, I'm drinking more water than I ever have. Awesome! Celebrate yourself!

Stay in your lane! Do not compare yourself with others
Stop looking at your spouse, your best friend and instead say to yourself "I know what I'm doing is going to work", "I did not get here overnight", "I'm not going to get there overnight". So if you consistently drink more water, make better choices, cut back on the sugar, eat more proteins and veggies, add some fat in there, then it will work.

Because the opposite worked. If you were eating a lot of fast food, eating a lot of junk, drinking your sugar. If you were doing all of those things, it worked the opposite way. But if you cut those things out, it might not go as fast, but it will work. So the tip is simply "The Diet that's going to work for you is the diet that you stick with long term"... Carmen, she is some of our very best friends, she came over the other day because we bought a whole bunch of cow from her, my freezers full. And by the way, if you want to know more about my mom fuel, it's incredible. Post five in the comments, I drink it every day, it puts me in ketosis. I feel incredible!

So I was chatting with Carmen about it. She came over, we were buying a whole bunch of meat, I got a freezer full of meat. And she was talking about the Keto diet, we were just talking about food or eating healthy. And she said she reached a point where she wanted to lose twenty pounds. So she did Weight Watchers and I said "Listen, whatever works for people"... The diet that works for you is the one you stick with long term. For example, you don't have to be eating Strict Keto, to drink this product. I have people that are vegan, whole thirty, people that eat healthy, a lot of people that are Keto, some are low carb, and it just depends... Some people will say "I can just do gluten free, it's totally fine".

Because Ketones will help with your appetite, it helps with your cravings and all those things.
The Diet that's Going to Work for You is the Diet that you Stick with Long Term

But what I loved about what Carmen said the other day was "You know what? I did Weight Watchers with my friend. And I did all the things, till I reached my goal"... Here's what she does, and I love it. She goes "I don't really do it, except I think once a month"... So all she does is show up for her weigh in, because it's her accountability. She has this awareness like every every month she's going to weigh in. And I guess you got to pay like $2 if you go over the weight that you want to be.

The logistics are simply that she has accountability. She met her goal, and she wants to stay where she's at. So she simply weighs in once a month, and it works for her. She said "It keeps me where I'm at"...

So I fail of that because that worked for Carmen and she looks incredible, she feels great, and she's a grandma. She goes biking and she's a super optimistic person. She's great! And she's not doing Keto, but she likes Ketones, and her husband does. Actually I think they both do. Anyways, I say all of that because I want you to know like whatever lifestyle you're looking for. If you can't stick to super Strict Keto, tracking all your macros, or being the perfect Ketogenic dieter, then it's okay. It's okay because most people here are more Low Carb or Lazy Keto. Drop the sugar, drink more water, make better choices and do it forever.

The point is making this journey a Lifestyle
Don't just do it because the vacation is coming up or because the wedding is around the corner. They do it because they want to feel good all the time, and not just for a few months.

So that is your tip of the day, I hope it's helpful. If you were just tuning in, the question I asked earlier was "What is your favorite Keto snack or Low carb snack?". Share below so that everybody can have some ideas. Otherwise, cheers to you! I've got an eventful super jam packed evening and the rest of the week. So continue to tune in, ask questions and I'm here to help. If you want to know more about my mom fuel, it's pretty incredible. I'd love to connect with you, just post five in the comments and we'll chat. Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible day.

We'll talk to you soon.

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