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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 18): "The Ketogenic Bible" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

I always say the actual ketogenic diet was made and was used for medical reasons in children. And they found out that Ketones are actually a fuel source. When your body has Ketones in the system, there's many benefits. Ketones are energy, it's a clean source of fuel. Ketones help you with fat loss and it helps your brain focus. Your brain actually uptakes Ketones better than sugar and carbs.

Points to Ponder:

00:53 Revisiting Berry Blue

01:06 Two Different Resources

02:09 "PubMed" (medical website)

03:41 Ketones are a Fuel Source

03:51 Benefits of Ketones

04:19 More do Low carb or Dirty Keto

05:12 Perspective of what Keto is

05:53 Strict Ketogenic Diet

06:34 Mom Fuel a.k.a Ketones


07:49 Dr. Jacob Wilson and Dr. Ryan Lowry

08:42 Supplements and Ketones

09:25 What do Ketones do in your Body

09:50 Ketones: Possibly the Fourth Macronutrient

Full Episode Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to your Three o'clock (suppose to be Two o'clock) Tasting and your Keto tip. We have to improvise today, I know I said I was going to be doing a Two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip every day. And then I became a taxi, which is great! I joke about it on my stories, but I seriously love it. Our girls are involved in sports, all of your children, and it is so much fun. Around 2:15, we got ankles wrapped, and kids to places they have to go for practice today. We have two different volleyball games today, one is out of town and one in town. I'm going to shuffle over to the out of town one and then come back to the in town one, while dropping off the dogs to get their haircut. No, but for real, it's a great day.

Revisiting Berry Blue, my favorite!
Revisiting Berry Blue, my favorite!

I'm going to be shaking up "Berry Blue". I know I've already shaken this flavor before, but I love this one. So I'm doing the Berry Blue today, and I do have a Keto tip for you. I'm going to give you two different resources, there's a lot of different resources to learn from the Keto diet. And a lot of questions that I get usually are "How do I eat keto?", "How do I start?", "Give me some food ideas?", "What are some snacks", "How much water should I be drinking?" I can answer all of those questions. But about medical questions, like for example "I just had this a five minutes ago, can I drink Ketones", "Can I eat Keto if I have this?", "Will Ketones or Keto help me with this?"...

And I always have to say "I am not a doctor". I wish I was but I am not, so therefore I cannot give you medical advice. But I can give you some resources to help you do some research.

If you simply go online and you go to "PubMed", it's like a medical website. You can do some simple basic research on the Keto diet, like the reasons why people do the diet and the medical reasons why they do. I'm going to be real with you, there are a lot of people that don't do the actual diet. Like if you're doing Keto or Low carb, have you ever had somebody say to you "That's bad for you", "I can't believe that diet", "It's never going to sustain you", "It's terrible", "Doesn't work and it's terrible for your body"... Has anybody ever said that to you? This is what I usually tell somebody, let's say Anita came to me and she's going to tell me "Listen girl, I think you are awesome and you're my friend. But this doesn't work. I did it years ago and I heard my friend ended up in the hospital" or "The keto diet doesn't work and it's terrible for your body"...

Are you telling me to go back to eating junk?

I always say the actual ketogenic diet was made and was used for medical reasons in children. And they found out that Ketones are actually a fuel source. When your body has Ketones in the system, whether your body's making them or you're drinking them, there's many benefits.

Ketones are energy, it's a clean source of fuel. Ketones help you with fat loss and it helps your brain focus. Your brain actually uptakes Ketones better than sugar and carbs. I know all of this because I've learned from these doctors for six years...

Most people don't actually do the diet long term. Most people don't have their bodies making Ketones. They do more Low carb or dirty Keto by getting rid of some of the junk but they're still feeling great.

So I have to give other people perspective and say "All right! So what I hear you saying is I should stop eating the veggies, the avocado and the protein? I've just been lowering my carbs and sugars, and I've been taking the buns off the burger"... And then I sarcastically would say "So you want me to go back to how I was eating before? I mean, I was living off of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pizza, corndogs, Debbie snacks, and a lot of fast food. Strawberry pops, a lot of orange juice, cookies and cakes every night. You want me to go back to eating that way?"...

Because if I just simply tell you and I didn't even say I was doing Keto or Low carb. But if I just simply said "You know I'm eating more salad, more protein. I don't eat a lot of the sugar and I don't eat cereal anymore. For breakfast, I eat bacon, eggs or sausage. For lunch, I don't really have the bread for a sandwich. I just eat the meat and cheese or I'll have some veggies"... If I didn't even say Keto, what would you say to me?...

A lot of people have a misconception about Keto
So I just want to give you perspective because most people are misunderstood. Most people aren't doing the Ketogenic diet, because they're actually not under twenty carbs a day. But they're working on it by eating less junk and choosing better foods, less sugary drinks and more water.

If you are doing a strict Ketogenic diet, and you have been doing the diet for a long period of time, hopefully have done your research. You're drinking plenty of water, you're making sure you're getting your electrolytes in and you're tracking your food. Otherwise a majority of people are doing the best they can and feeling great.

Now I'm going to give you two resources, one on the diet and medical things or you can go to PubMed, which I already gave to you earlier. By the way I'm shaking up my Ketones in a shaker bottle today, because I have to wash all my straw cups. I have to do the dishes, my children usually does the dishes but they're at volleyball. So anyways, Mom fuel in its finest. I've been drinking Ketones for six years. Yes they work! Yes, they are incredible.

And here's a resource for you if you want to do some research. Go to your app store on any phone. Type in PRUVIT TV, spelled P-R-U-V-I-T. PRUVIT TV, it's a free app, download it and I want you to go watch some videos from the doctors and the scientists on Ketones.

This is what I'm drinking "Berry Blue", go watch some research on my Mom Fuel. And if you want to know more about it, or if you want me to send you some videos, ask you personal goals like what your goals are, give you foods lessons and all of those things. Post five in the comments, and I will chat with you about my mom fuel. Otherwise, one of the apps to learn about Ketones is called PRUVIT TV. It's free and it's incredible. It is jam packed full of some incredible expert videos. Let me know if you grabbed it. Or post five in the comments, and I'm going to share more about my mom fuel.

Here is another resource for you, this book "The KETOGENIC BIBLE" I've had for years. Who has this book? I'd love to know. This book is awesome! It is written by Dr. Jacob Wilson and Dr. Ryan Lowry. I've actually met them for the last six years and I've gotten to do interviews with them.

They are incredible doctors, and they love to study Keto and athletes. They study lots of things, but Ketones is one of the main things that they truly give out research for. Dr. Ryan Lowery did a great study with his mom and studying Ketones. They are actually the formulators of KETO NAT and they wrote this Ketogenic Bible. They are the formulators of this product KETO NAT, and they talk about tons of medical questions in this book. About Keto, and whatever you're looking for. I'm not a doctor, so I do not get to talk about those medical things.

On chapter four, they talk about Supplements and Ketones. And they explain it in a very scientific way, about why and what they do, Not all all Ketones are created equal, and they have created the only naturally fermented Ketone on the market. Which matches what your body creates.

So when you drink these Ketones, your body's in Ketosis in under an hour and it matches what your body creates. Your body's not making them, your body can still make Ketones though, it doesn't stop your body from making them. But what it does is like when I drink these Ketones, they get into my system and my body recognizes it's Ketones and it goes "I have my energy", "I have my fuel source"... Then they also use these crazy words like transmitters and molecular things. They also talk about how these Ketones go into your body and your body goes "I need them to help with muscle preservation", "Your brain needs them because it's three o'clock", "Oh, your appetite needs them, so that you're not snacking until supper time"... Your body uses these little Ketones and they do what your body needs. That's how incredible these Ketones are! In chapter four, they said Ketones can possibly be the fourth macronutrient.

You have so many resources, and you can message me anytime
So when you're tracking your macros, we talk about fats, proteins and carbs. They're working on getting Ketones to be the fourth one, because Ketones are so powerful.

They share so many incredible information about using Ketones. Why to use Ketones and a lot of science to back it up. This book is a great resource for you to learn from and also PubMed. Just type in Ketosis or whatever you're looking for, especially for those of you who have medical questions. Otherwise, if you have some medical questions, or just expert doctor information. Go download, PRUVIT TV, It's a free app.

Let me know if you have the Ketogenic Bible, or if you don't, the book is awesome. I'm sure you can get it at any bookstore. It's very popular, and also in the very back, they have tons of different recipes. So it has all medical questions and answers. There's a lot of Keto questions, and then a whole lot of incredible recipes and pretty pictures at the end... So anyways, I hope you guys have a great day! I actually need to shoot over to a volleyball game, I've got two of them today. But let me know if you've got questions about Ketones or mom fuel. Reach out, send me a message if you need a foods list, how to get started, net carbs versus total carbs, or how much water should I be drinking... Ask me, send me a message, I get all of my messages answered before I go to bed. Post five in the comments for some Mom Fuel. Otherwise, I hope you have an incredible day, and for those of you who are playing taxi just like me and having fun. For those of you who are truly blessed with children, and you get to go watch them and cheer for them. Have fun! I love it so much, I'm loving this season of life. Our girls are so much fun. They're fourteen, twelve, ten and eight years old and it's probably my favorite stage.

So I hope you guys have an incredible night and we'll talk to you soon.

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