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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 14) "Q&A part 2" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

  There's a point in your life where you make a decision. You're going to decide "I'm going to get healthier", "I'm going to get stronger", "I'm going to eat keto", "I'm going to eat low carb". Whatever your decision is, here's the secret to that, you actually have to take the action. It's consistent action over time that will move the needle, get you to your goals, and get you to where you want to go. It's consistency in your action. You don't just wish for it. You don't just get to decide, you don't just hope and pray that the weight comes off. You have to work for it.

Points to Ponder:

01:08 Four Birds on the Wire

01:57 Flavor of the Day: Berry Blue

03:05 Consistent Action Over Time

03:49 What Are Ketones?

04:23 Keto NAT a.k.a Mom Fuel

04:52 How to Get Your Body to Make Ketones?

05:33 Everybody's Different

05:36 All About Ketones

06:40 Benefits of Ketones

07:00 Caffeine or Caffeine-free?

07:45 Trial Packs: Different Flavors

08:15 How Many Packs a Day?

08:41 Does Keto Kreme have Ketones?


09:37 Helps You Create a Lifestyle

10:45 Keto Broth

11:39 Keto Protein: Keto OS Pro

12:26 Does Keto Nat Put You Actually in Ketosis?

13:02 Let Me Know When You're Doing the Trials

14:23 Half Pack Ketones for Kids


17:46 "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus

19:55 Take the Action to be Healthy

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we are going to dive into the conversation of what Ketones are. I got a ton of questions about our Q&A. You asking me questions, we did a couple of answers yesterday, and now I'm going to go into straight ketone talk in just a second. We'll do some more Q&A and more questions and more answers later on. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm tuning in from Minnesota, it is quite a dreary day out today because it's raining. What is the weather like where you're at? I'd love to know... So here is a thought for today, and then I'm going to dive into some questions. I actually have a story, I'm going to start with this real quick... You might have heard this before, I think I've said it before in another live video. I need your answer, so you're going to have to participate...

Time for your Keto Tips! I will answer your Questions today!
Alright! There are four birds on a wire, and one decided to fly away. When that bird decided to fly away, how many birds are left on the wire?. Again there are four birds on a telephone wire. One bird decided to fly away. How many birds are left on the wire?

Does anybody have an answer? You might be saying, "Obviously there's three", or "This is a trick question, and I'm not going to answer it because I don't want to get it wrong". So here's what I want you to know... By the way here's for the three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. I already shook up my Ketones, because I'm going to talk about these in a little bit. I'm drinking "Berry Blue", it's one of my favorites. We're going to talk about what ketones are... But going back, I want you to think of the short story really quickly.

So again, there are still four birds on the wire, and one decided to fly away. How many are left? The answer is four. How? Just because it made a decision, does not mean that the bird actually flew away.

You can always decide to do something, but the next step is taking action. Just because you decided you were going to do something doesn't mean you actually did it. So today, I just want to give you a thought, I'm going to call it a Keto thought for the day. And then we're going to dive into some Ketone talk. There's a point in your life where you make a decision. You're going to decide "I'm going to get healthier", "I'm going to get stronger", "I'm going to eat keto", "I'm going to eat low carb", whatever your decision is. Here's the secret to that, you actually have to take the action. It's consistent action over time that will move the needle, get you to your goals, and get you to where you want to go. It's consistency in your action. You don't just wish for it. You don't just get to decide, you don't just hope and pray that the weight comes off. You have to work for it. So it was just kind of funny to make you think "Oh, I've decided to do this, but am I actually taking the steps to make it become a reality?"...

This is the Keto Nat, a.k.a My Mom Fuel

Consistent action over time is the secret, and hard work is the action step to accomplish anything. So I hope you enjoyed that fun little story... Alright! What are ketones? Why do I drink them? I have people ask about the cream and the broth, and how many do I drink? What are these little packets? What is this Mom Fuel?... That's what we're diving into. At any point in time as we are talking, if you post a five in the comments, I'm going to send you a private message. I want to know what are your goals, and what are you hoping for? Let's chat about what you want to accomplish? What are you going after?... You've made a decision, now what are the action steps you need to take to get to where you want to go?...

Alright! So this is what I'm talking about! It is called a Keto NAT. It's my Mom Fuel, or it could be your Dad Fuel, or whatever the case may be. I've been drinking it for six and a half years.

So along with doing sometimes strict keto, or low carb, the current state where I'm at right now, I eat probably too much protein. I don't physically track very often if I'm in ketosis. I feel it though because I'm drinking ketones. But as far as my body's making ketones... Anyways, I was talking to somebody today and she was like "You know, I'm eating a lot of protein, am I not in ketosis?"... I said "If you're really wanting to track everything and get your body to make Ketones, you've got to do a strict keto diet. You've got to track everything for a certain period of time. You're going to test your ketones with a blood meter. Do not use a piece of the strip, because the longer you do it, those strips become inaccurate"... Some people's bodies make ketones easier than others. It's not like a straight, same formula for everybody... I'd love to know, do you track your ketones? I've done that for years, in the past. You can prick your finger, test your ketones, and it'll say if you're low or if you've got ketones in your system. I sometimes test them with this, because you can. But everybody's different, and everybody's on their own journey.

Your body can make Ketones, or you can drink Ketones
What are these Ketones? I want you to know something... Your body can make ketones, or you can drink them. Not everybody wants to do a strict keto diet. You do not have to be doing a strict keto diet to drink this product. You can be low carb, I've got people that are Paleo and whole 30, or just eating healthy.

They've cut back on the sugar, drinking more water, and they're making better choices. This is their fuel. Like some of you have lots of coffee, energy drinks, or caffeine pills. Whatever you're using, to get you to where you want to go... If you're asking questions below, they're moving too quickly, so I'll get to your questions when I'm done. I'll send you a message and answer those.

If you've got other keto questions as we're talking, post those below and I'll answer them on the next live... But going back, this packet is a Ketone product. It's called Beta-hydroxybutyrate, a long word. I'm a mom, not a scientist, it's just what I've learned.

You put it in some water, you shake it up, you drink it, and you're in ketosis in under an hour. That does not mean your body is making ketones, that just means you've already got the ketones in your system. It's going to help with your energy, your focus, your fat loss, your appetite control, craving control, better mood, better sleep, muscle preservation, it helps with digestion and so much more. I will not answer medical questions because I'm not a doctor. But if you've got medical questions, I can show you some videos that might answer whatever your question is. There was a question about, "Caffeine or Caffeine-free?". The product comes in both. So if you're super sensitive to caffeine, we've got caffeine-free. Caffeine helps with the uptake of ketones. So when you drink it, you've got ketones in your system and your brain is going to turn on because your brain prefers ketones. It's going to help build some incredible muscles too. If you've been here for any point in time, you've probably heard me joke about getting really nice arms.

There are so many benefits to Ketones! Message me!
So this helps with my craving control. I'm not going to have to eat the dessert after every single meal. It helps move my energy, I haven't taken a nap in six years, and all of the benefits that I need. It helps me get up and move my body. It helps me make better choices. I feel incredible!

So Caffeine or Caffeine-free, they come in lots of different flavors. That's why I do trial packs, so you don't have to commit to a box. You can grab a flavor, trial it, and see what you think. You can post five in the comments if you want to know more. I'm not going to strong-arm you, and I'm not going to be rude. I'm just going to go say "Hey! I'm glad you're interested. I want to know what your goals are, how long have you been on keto, low carb, or are you just starting? What are you hoping for?"... We're actually going to have a conversation. They come in different flavors, and you can give them a shot to see what you think.

Another question was, "Is it one or two a day?". I drink one in the morning, right when I wake up. It does not ruin intermittent fasting, and then I drink another one usually anywhere from one to three o'clock in the afternoon, just because I love them. I feel great!

Some people do one a day, some people do two a day. It's completely up to you, and I will help you with that. Another question was, "I need something for my coffee", "Does the Keto Kreme have ketones in it?". This is another product that we have now, but the number one product is the Keto Nat. It puts you in ketosis, and we have some incredible resources. All I need you to do is head to your phone where you can download our apps. We have a free app called PRUVIT TV, it's spelled P-R-U-V-I-T, PRUVIT TV. In that app, there's a ton of research, science, and videos from doctors that talk about this product. I say the Keto Nat is our number one product, I drink every single day no matter what, and I feel incredible. It is not a magic tool, but it is a helper. It puts you in ketosis, and you will have all the benefits. You can then go eat how you choose. If you want to do low carb, keto, or simply eat better, this product will help you on your journey.

You can add Keto Kreme in your coffee

To make it one day at a time, one meal at a time, it's going to help you create a lifestyle, and not like a crazy diet. Now we've got other products that are supportive products to a low carb lifestyle. We've got a Kreme that you can put in your coffee. We have a broth, but I normally just drink this during our fasts or reboots. Some people love Broth, we've got Coconut oil, MCT oil, or some Fasts products. We just got done with this, the 60 HR Reboot. We've got a couple of supportive things that you can throw in there when it works for you. A protein, I don't think I have the protein over here...

By the way, the Keto Kreme does not have ketones in it. Some people are asking if they can take both? A lot of people get up in the morning and have their coffee. You can still have coffee, but you have to remove the sugar from your coffee.

You can put something like this Keto Kreme in it instead. It's got coconut, MCT oil, or four different strands of MCT oil. I can show you a video on this, it's incredible. It's going to replace the sugary stuff you put in your coffee, but you can still have a Ketone Nat later in the day, or even in the morning. It's completely up to you, you're totally fine. Somebody asked about the "Broth". A lot of people like to make their own broth or just drink broth in the afternoon. Especially coming up to the fall and winter season.

We have some great broth products. This one is super spicy, we've got some other ones that you can try that come with the reboot. One of my favorites is the French Onion. You shake it up and drink it like a soup. That's it! It's got some ketones in it, not like the Keto Nat. I think it's like a third of the amount, just to put some more ketones in your system.

It also helps with your low-carb lifestyle. All right! Another question was "Do you take one, or two a day?". It's completely up to you, some days I take one and a lot of days I take two. "Protein", I wish I had a packet here. I normally have a packet, I might have one here. Okay! So we have something called "Keto OS-Pro", I prefer the dark chocolate one that has no dairy in it. We have a couple of flavors that have dairy, and a couple that is dairy-free. And so I drink this usually after a workout, or in the afternoons for a light snack. It's a Keto protein, and I have some incredible videos if you're interested in any of these things.

We also have our Protein, the Keto OS-Pro

Send me a message, I want to send you the actual videos of the doctors talking about the products. If you want to know more about protein, I'll send you some information about that. If you want to know more about Ketones, our Broth, or our Kreme, just send me a message. If you want me to reach out to you, post five below and I would love to have a conversation with you. They're all great!

A couple of last questions I had was "Does it actually put you in ketosis?"... You can actually test this with your blood meter. You can test it. Most of the time I tell people, "I want you to drink the product, I want to work with you on your food. But I want you to pay attention to how you're feeling. How's your energy, your focus, and your appetite control?"...

So when you get one of these trial packs in the mail, whether it's five or ten packs, I'm going to ask you what's your favorite flavor, and how was your energy today?... I just had a conversation right before this live video, and I walked somebody through this. Here's what I want you to message me about if I send you five or the ten trial pack, I want you to tell me what flavor you're trying. How were your energy that day, your appetite control, and your focus?

So you might ask, "Can I really tell the difference in five to ten days?" I would say 90% of the people said yes. They feel the energy, the mental clarity, and they love the flavor. They're just giving it a shot to see what they think. But as far as fat loss goes, that's not going to show up in five days. You might say, "Oh, I lost a pound". But you could gain that back plus water weight... So if your goal is fat loss, we're going to work on your food. We're going to work on moving your body, drinking ketones, and having consistent action over time, that will get you to your fat loss. Remember what I said? Most people make a decision like they decide they want fat loss. But the decision doesn't get you the fat loss, instead, it's the action that gets you to fat loss. So you've got to decide, and take action. I hope that's super helpful. The product is incredible!...

Half packed Ketones are Parent Approved

I also got a lot of questions about kids. I'm not a doctor, so for any medical questions, I would say here's my story, but you can also ask your doctor. Just tell them here's our product, we have the only naturally fermented ketone on the market. So it's naturally fermented, and it puts you in ketosis. It is incredible! We do have this fun little bag, these are half packs of the ketone.

People ask, "Why do you have a half pack of ketones?", and I'll explain why. The bag says it's parents approved. You can decide how you want to choose to take them. People ask if my kids take the ketones. I as a parent can decide if my children take ketones or not, or you can always ask your doctor. My kids love ketones, and so these half-packed ketones are great.

This little baggie comes in four different flavors. You take the half pack of ketones and what would you use these for? Some People love to make their own flavors, sometimes people will just mix and match them to add a few extra ketones into their shaker bottle. They can change up the flavor, or they just have fun with them. I also found out that most people love these in the evenings after dinner.

Ketones actually can help with sleep, and you might be asking "You said you haven't taken a nap in six and a half years?" You are correct! The energy is incredible. It's like 30 minutes before bed, or even after dinner, if you take a half pack of caffeine-free, it will help with nighttime cravings, and they taste great. So it just depends on how you want to take them. There's no caffeine, it is a half pack, and it just depends on how you want to utilize them. It's a cute bag, so we have a ton of options. Somebody had said, "Why would I want to take ketones if I'm already keto?". That was one of the last questions... Most people don't want to do a long-term, strict ketogenic diet, or they can't get their bodies into ketosis. They might be tired, they might have cravings, they might not be in ketosis, but they're doing low carb, and that's great. So this is a helper, and it helps give you the energy. You don't have to go through the Keto flu, and you will feel amazing. I don't think there's anybody that I could ask... When somebody says, "I'm already in ketosis", I'd be like "Awesome! It can amplify what you're doing!".

You can mix the flavors or just to get more Ketones

If you fall out of ketosis, the Ketones will help you with your cravings, it'll kickstart you, and get you back into ketosis. It's going to put ketones in your system. So I just tell people, "Listen, you're using something"... I have people that say, "No, I don't". And I'd be like, "How much coffee do you drink?", they'd say "Well, I drink about three or four cups. I go through Starbucks every day and I drink a whole bunch of meal replacements. I'm taking caffeine pills, I'm taking those 500 energy drinks". I get it!

This is my fuel, this is what I love. It's helped me to create a lifestyle for six and a half years, and I feel amazing. So take it for what it's worth. It's an incredible product. If you want to learn more, I would love to chat with you. Post five in the comments, so we can chat.

Otherwise, continue to tune into the page, we share recipes all day long. Go to There's a ton of recipes there for you. You can tune in every single morning, where we do a mindset live video. We've been talking about E.Q. and A.Q., and being in control of your emotions. Because if you're not, it usually leads to overeating. We talked about A.Q., which is being adaptable. We're going to be going through this book very soon, "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. So continue to tune into the page, whether it's in the morning, the afternoons, or you're just looking for some recipes.

Maybe you don't really want to talk to me, and it's okay. The page is here to help you in any way, shape, or form that can help you. So if you've got specific questions about the diet, I like to say lifestyle, like how to track something, just send me a message, and I will respond back to you. I will answer all of my messages before I go to bed at night, and usually throughout the day. I hope that was helpful... I don't think I drew a name from yesterday. So if you press the share button, let me know, and your name from yesterday and today we'll go into a drawing for some of my Mom Fuel. We give these away all the time. I just have to remember to check the names and put them into a little drawing. Let me know that you shared and I will put your name in, for tomorrow.

Our next book: "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus

If you've got other keto questions, ask any questions below. Whether it's about food or how to track something or anything, just ask and I will answer you. I'll either send you a message, or I'll ask you to answer them here on the live video. It usually gives me things to talk about as well, because you can only talk about so many things. Before I would say "Alright everybody, I gave you all of the tips, everything. I've told you all, and now it goes back to the Bird on the Wire"...

So it requires action, the little things like don't eat if you're not hungry, that is an action step. "I'm going to go snack, but I'm not hungry, so I'm going to go drink some water", "Don't mess up good for perfect", "Start today! You don't need to wait until January 1st", "You don't have to be perfect. Take the buns off the burgers, the croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap"... You don't have to be perfect. If you're eating less sugar, less processed junk, you're drinking more water, you're being mindful, and you're eating when you're truly hungry, then you will see the results that you want. But the secret is consistency over time, even if it may take you a year.

I talked about this earlier this month... Have you made the decision that you're going to be healthier? If you did, then get your butt off that wire and take the action to do so. Plan your meals, take the buns off the burgers when you go out to eat, and don't order the french fries. Stop drinking all that pop, drink more water, and if you need something to help you, try ketones. If you find yourself scrolling on social media till midnight, put your phone away and go to bed because that actually helps with fat loss. If you're super stressed, read a book.

There are things that you can do, but you've got to make a pivot. You've got to make a change, there's a decision and then there's an action step. Put what you know, to work. I might start saying that. Stop being the bird that's making the decision, and be the bird that flies away. Take the action, and I'm here to help. I hope you have an incredible day. Thank you for tuning in, your presence matters. It actually really helps me, as I talk live. I love to see your names scroll through, and I do love to answer your questions. So I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.

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