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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 14) "Q&A part 1" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

  I actually had a lot of questions just on ketones. So what I'll do right now is I'm going to go through a couple of the Keto questions that you had on the diet, or just the lifestyle in general. And then tomorrow, I'll do all the other questions based on the product, and some other questions if you have more...   

Points to Ponder:

01:43 Flavor of the Day: Maui Punch

03:01 First Question: Do Artificial Sweeteners Affect Weight Loss?

04:02 Not every day, All-the-time Snack

05:04 2nd Question: Kid Food Ideas

05:31 Get The Junk Out of the House

05:53 Teach Your Kids Better Option

06:08 More Water, Less Pop, and Sugary Drinks

06:47 Choose Better Snacks at Home

07:33 Write Down Snack Options, Put it on your Refrigerator

08:00 For Meals, Keep it Simple and Basic

08:32 Help Your Kids Be Mindful and Be Aware

08:52 3rd Question: How To Stop Eating After Fasting

09:10 Tips to Minimize Eating

09:37 4th Question: Do I Need To Be Careful Under Ketosis?

10:03 Strict Keto Versus Low Carb

10:57 Everybody's Different

11:14 Strict Keto: Plenty Water & Electrolytes

12:05 5th Question: Is it bad to be in ketosis?

12:48 Benefits of Ketosis

12:55 6th Question: Hair Loss

13:16 The Ketogenic Bible by Dr. Jacob Wilson & Dr. Ryan Lowery

14:26 Hair Loss: Not Eating Enough Protein

15:03 7th Question: Egg Fast

15:51 8th Question: How to Stay on Track on the Weekends

16:33 Lack of Discipline

17:40 Better Food Choices

18:03 Get Back On Track